Charles Kipps Books In Order

Conor Bard Mystery Books In Order

  1. Hell’s Kitchen Homicide (2009)
  2. Crystal Death (2010)
  3. Times Square Trouble (2014)

Harvey Chatham Books In Order

  1. Absolute Threshold (2018)
  2. The Spychiatrist (2020)

Non fiction

  1. Out of Focus (1989)
  2. A Cop Without a Badge (1996)

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Charles Kipps Books Overview

Hell’s Kitchen Homicide

Introducing Conor Bard, the fortysomething New York City homicide detective from precinct One Eight in Hell’s Kitchen who dreams of becoming a rock star and finally finding the right woman, as he travels the streets of Manhattan in search of a cold blooded killer.

When a corpse is discovered at the edge of the Hudson River, homicide detective Conor Bard is called to the scene. The victim is Walter Lawton, a hugely successful criminal defense attorney with rumored ties to the Mafia. Among the prime suspects is Lawton’s chic, sexy wife, who stands to inherit two hundred million dollars and was having an affair with one of her husband’s most dangerous associates.

Did Lawton’s ruthless wife kill him with the help of her mafioso lover? Or was it one of Lawton’s bitter clients who murdered him? Or an elusive Albanian gunman? And how does Monica, the sorrowful, intriguing young Albanian woman Conor meets, fit into the picture?

From the first page to the last, no one is who they seem. Conor quickly becomes enmeshed in a web of secrets, lies, and seduction, and his life may be in jeopardy.

Set on the streets of New York City, this tantalizing blend of authentic fast paced action, crossing plotlines, and complex, multifaceted characters marks the start of an exciting new mystery series.

Crystal Death

Conor Bard the fortysomething year old homicide detective who doesn t always play by the rules is working on the streets of New York City’s Diamond District when he becomes involved in a deadly game of international intrigue. Crystal Death begins as Detective Conor Bard is called off the stage of the Rhythm Bar, where his rock band is performing, to investigate the murder of a beautiful young Israeli diamond dealer in midtown Manhattan. Bard quickly learns that a priceless red diamond yes, there are red diamonds is missing and that the South African government is determined to find it. The list of murder suspects grows quickly as Conor Bard and his new partner, Rosita Rubio, struggle to unravel the conflicting information they uncover. Could the cold, calculating inspector from Johannesburg actually be the killer? Is he inserting himself into the investigation to cover his tracks? Or perhaps the lovesick jeweler, whose persistent advances were met with indifference by the victim, faced one rejection too many? Other suspects include an Indian diamond cutter who may or may not be linked to the red diamond; a billionaire collector from Abu Dhabi who will go to any lengths to own rare gems; a ruthless international smuggler; and a stunning Indian businesswoman whom Conor Bard falls for, of course. Crystal Death gives readers a look inside the international diamond trade and paints an unsentimental, accurate picture of the life of a New York City detective. Fans of Hell s Kitchen Homicide will welcome this second installment in the Conor Bard mystery series. The characters are genuine, the streets are real, and Kipps s TV pedigree is evident once again in the fast pace and gritty reality of the story.

A Cop Without a Badge

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A COP AND KEVIN MAHER? KEVIN DOESN’T HAVE A BADGE. AND HE DOESN’T PLAY BY THE RULES. Cop Without a Badge tracks confidential informant Kevin Maher as he helps the NYPD, the FBI, and many other law enforcement agencies solve cases that range from robbery to extortion to homicide. In the process, Kevin becomes the highest paid CI the DEA ever had. But Kevin’s motives are more complicated than simply money. Having been arrested for Grand Theft Auto at the age of sixteen, his felony conviction prevents him from being what he always wanted to be: a police officer. So now he’s out to prove to himself he truly is what he could’ve been. A cop. Even without a badge.

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