Charles Harness Books In Order

Rings Books In Order

  1. Flight into Yesterday (1953)
  2. The Ring of Ritornel (1968)
  3. Firebird (1980)


  1. Wolfhead (1978)
  2. The Catalyst (1980)
  3. The Venetian Court (1982)
  4. Redworld (1986)
  5. Krono (1988)
  6. Lurid Dreams (1990)
  7. Lunar Justice (1991)
  8. Cybele, with Bluebonnets (2002)


  1. The Rose (1966)
  2. An Ornament to His Profession (1997)
  3. Rings (1998)

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Charles Harness Books Overview


From the distant dipoles of the universe, two telepathic computers, Largo and Czandra, known as control, rule over life on all civilized planets. And now, with Project Cancelar, Control has formulated a plan for achieving immortality…
a plan which requires as fodder the collapsing of the universe and the destruction of all life. And there is nothing the humans can do. But there is another force in the universe…
hidden i the abyss of the Silent Quarter…
plotting destruction of Control. A force that is about to be demolished! But before it expires, it launches from its depths a magic ring, an elixir, and a man and a woman in love riding within the living spirit of a remarkable spaceship to do battle against the cumulative technology of the entire universe.

An Ornament to His Profession

This collection brings back into print stories covering Harness’ repertoire from alternate history, SF about the legal profession, and lyrical and witty stories of science and the arts, including the short novel The Rose and sixteen other works of short fiction. It also contains introductions by David Hartwell and the editor, Priscilla Olson, an afterward by George Zebrowski, a bibliography, and cover art by James Stanley Daugherty.

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