Charles G Waugh Books In Order

Anthology series

  1. Wizards (1983)
  2. Atlantis (1988)
  3. Curses (1989)
  4. Faeries (1991)
  5. Intergalactic Empires (1983)
  6. The Science Fictional Olympics (1984)
  7. Supermen (1984)
  8. Comets (1986)
  9. Tin Stars (1986)
  10. Neanderthals (1987)
  11. Space Shuttles (1987)
  12. Robots (1989)
  13. Young Mutants (1984)
  14. Young Monsters (1985)
  15. Young Star Travelers (1986)
  16. Civil War Women (1988)
  17. Civil War Women II (1997)

Anthologies edited

  1. The Science Fictional Solar System (1979)
  2. Space Mail (1980)
  3. The Seven Deadly Sins of Science Fiction (1980)
  4. Future I (1980)
  5. Catastrophes! (1981)
  6. Isaac Asimov Presents the Best Science Fiction of the 19th Century (1981)
  7. Seven Cardinal Virtues of Science Fiction (1981)
  8. Thinking Machines (1981)
  9. Travels Through Time (1981)
  10. Wild Inventions (1981)
  11. Fantastic Creatures (1981)
  12. The Science Fictional Dinosaur (1982)
  13. Tantalizing Locked Room Mysteries (1982)
  14. Dragon Tales (1982)
  15. Arbor House Celebrity Book of Horror Stories (1982)
  16. The Last Man on Earth (1982)
  17. The One That Got Away and Other Tales of the Stream and Sea (1983)
  18. Hallucination Orbit (1983)
  19. Starships (1983)
  20. Arbor House Celebrity Book of the Greatest Stories Ever Told (1983)
  21. Computer Crimes and Capers (1983)
  22. Sci-Fi Private Eye (1984)
  23. Science Fiction 18 (1984)
  24. The Mystery Hall of Fame (1984)
  25. Baker’s Dozen (1984)
  26. Sherlock Holmes Through Time and Space (1984)
  27. Murder in the First Reel (1985)
  28. Mercenaries of Tomorrow (1985)
  29. Barbarians (1986)
  30. Terrorists of Tomorrow (1986)
  31. Uncollected Stars (1986)
  32. Dragons and Dreams (1986)
  33. A Treasury of American Horror Stories (1986)
  34. Alternative Histories (1986)
  35. Strange Maine (1986)
  36. Time Wars (1986)
  37. The Twelve Frights of Christmas (1986)
  38. Spaceships and Spells (1987)
  39. Vamps (1987)
  40. Great Short Stories of the 20th Century (1987)
  41. House Shudders (1987)
  42. Battlefields Beyond Tommorow (1987)
  43. Rod Serling’s Night Gallery Reader (1987)
  44. The Women’s War in the South (1988)
  45. 14 Vicious Valentines (1988)
  46. Barbarians II (1988)
  47. Cinemonsters (1988)
  48. Dixie Ghosts (1988)
  49. Mutants (1988)
  50. Haunted New England (1988)
  51. Space Wars (1988)
  52. Spacefighters (1988)
  53. The Best Crime Stories of the Nineteenth Century (1988)
  54. Mississippi River Tales (1988)
  55. Pirate Ghosts of the American Coast (1988)
  56. Red Jack (1988)
  57. Hound Dunnit (1988)
  58. Space Gladiators (1989)
  59. A Treasury of American Mystery Stories (1989)
  60. Tales of the Occult (1989)
  61. Murder and Mystery in Maine (1989)
  62. East Coast Ghosts (1989)
  63. Space Infantry (1989)
  64. Ghosts of the Heartland (1990)
  65. Western Ghosts (1990)
  66. Devil Worshippers (1990)
  67. Loaded for Bear (1990)
  68. Cults of Horror (1990)
  69. Space Dreadnoughts (1990)
  70. Eastern Ghosts (1990)
  71. New England Ghosts (1990)
  72. The Lighthouse Horrors (1990)
  73. Back from the Dead (1991)
  74. Hollywood Ghosts (1991)
  75. Great Tales of the Golden Age of Science Fiction (1991)
  76. Civil War Ghosts (1991)
  77. Spooky Sea Stories (1991)
  78. Great American Ghost Stories (1991)
  79. A Newbery Christmas (1991)
  80. Robot Warriors (1991)
  81. Confederate Battle Stories (1992)
  82. Bootcamp 3000 (1992)
  83. Yankee Witches (1992)
  84. Great American Ghost Stories, Volume Two (1993)
  85. A Newbery Halloween (1993)
  86. Animal Brigade 3000 (1994)
  87. More Dixie Ghosts (1994)
  88. Commando Brigade 3000 (1994)
  89. A Newbery Zoo (1995)
  90. Monster Brigade 3000 (1996)
  91. Supernatural Sleuths (1996)
  92. Dangerous Vegetables (1998)
  93. Adoniram (2001)
  94. Dancing Tom (2001)
  95. Christmas on the Prairie (2001)
  96. A Knife for Tomaso (2001)
  97. Little Sioux Girl (2001)
  98. Lone Cowboy (2001)
  99. The Wise Soldier of Sellebak (2001)
  100. Lighthouse Hauntings (2002)
  101. Jack the Ripper (2004)
  102. Pirate Ghosts (2007)
  103. Before Black Mask (2013)
  104. The Emerging ‘New Woman’ (2013)
  105. Making Tracks (2013)
  106. Sailing Into Danger (2013)
  107. Survive or Die (2013)
  108. Giant Book of Classic Romance Stories (2014)
  109. Moose Tales (2015)
  110. The Giant Book of Classic Bird Stories (2016)
  111. Wild Mustard (2017)
  112. Killing London (2021)

Anthology series Book Covers

Anthologies edited Book Covers

Charles G Waugh Books Overview

Young Monsters

A collection of stories by a variety of authors about young people with one common characteristic they are all monsters.

Space Mail

A collection of one hundred short science fiction tales features the work of such sci fi masters as Arthur C. Clarke, Larry Niven, Fritz Leiber, Robert Silverberg, Fredric Brown, Harlan Ellison, Lester del Rey, and Isaac Asimov.


Charmingly insidious and satisfyingly devious, these 100 baffling little mysteries selected by such prominent authors as Isaac Asimov are just the thing to suit your most malevolent mood. These tales come from the pen of many well known writers in the field, including Michael Gilbert, Edward Wellen, Edward D. Hack, Bill Bronzini, Lawrence Treat, and Francis Nevins, Jr. Whether it’s The Unfriendly Neighbor, or a Class Reunion, A Recipe for Revenge, or An Exercise in Insurance, these stories are sure to keep you up all night, puzzling over their possible solutions. Each one has its own particular and irresistible appeal: an unexpected twist, a delectable puzzle, a devastating revelation, or perhaps even a refreshing display of pernicious spit

Hallucination Orbit

Twelve science fiction stories which explore the complexities and limitations of the human mind as it responds to unusual situations, bizarre societies, and unorthodox problems. Includes a brief analysis of each story.

Sci-Fi Private Eye

Isaac Asimov, the modern master of science fiction and fact, and Martin H. Greenberg, a leading anthologist of our time, team together to produce an unprecedented collection of science fiction audio books. This landmark series presents their favorite private detective stories from Asimov’s private library, with a personal introduction read by the master himself. Among the classics in this collection are The Adventure of the Metal Murderer by Fred Saberhagen; Mouthpiece by Edward Wellen, and Getting Across by Robert Silverberg.

Science Fiction 18

These fantastic tales are as fresh and relevant today as they were when they first appeared in the 1940s, the Golden Age of Science Fiction. Theodore Sturgeon’s Killdozer! details the liberation of a mutant energy force with intelligence and a will to destroy. With Folded Hands, by Jack Williamson, unfolds a terrifying vision of the future where humanoid mechanisms secure happiness for all human beings. In a corrupt empire to come, The Weapons Shop of A.E. van Vogt s world may be the only source for legal and moral justice. Plus, there s an early Foundation tale by Issac Asimov, and many other brilliant examples by C.L. Moore, Lester del Rey, and more.

The Women’s War in the South

The Women’s War in the South recounts the manner in which women experienced the Civil War and the changes it brought about in their lives. Filled with excerpts from the letters, books, diaries, and postwar writings the women left behind, it reveals the other side of the war the woman’s war. The editors include first person accounts of women running farms, buying and selling goods, working outside the home, serving as spies, and even participating in combat in disguise.

Southern women had particularly strong feelings about this war because, alone and unarmed, they often confronted invading Yankees face to face. For these women the conflict meant coping with severe shortages and extreme sacrifices. The end result for many women, however, was death by disease, starvation, and the fighting that frequently crossed the threshold and entered their homes.

Tales of the Occult

In one volume is the most engrossing and unnerving works of: H.G. Wells; Ray Bradbury; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Edward Bulwer Lytton; Edith Wharton; Nathaniel Hawthorne; Edgar Allan Poe; Rudyard Kipling; and, many others.

Ghosts of the Heartland

What less likely setting for ghosts than the American heartland? Golden wheat fields, azure skies, cool northern woods, wood lined winding rivers, the breadbasket of the world. And yet deeds dark indeed have happened in this sunny region, and here as in other places people have experienced the unexplainable. While we ponder how such things happen, we might remember that it’s the unexpected that sends ghostly chills up and down spines. So prepare to enjoy this delightful medley of ghost stories set in the American Midwest.

New England Ghosts

Bon apparition! Home of the Pilgrims, birthplace of Thanksgiving, pointman for te American revolution, New England has been fertile ground for hundreds of ghost stories. Its weather beaten mountains, covered bridges, isolated lighthouses, lonely locales, and rocky coastlines are ideal settings for flights of the imagination. Or perhaps ghosts are not merely a matter of the imagination. Draw your own conclusions as you feast on the hearty collection of New England ghost stories.

The Lighthouse Horrors

Stormswept, remote light stations and the isolated souls who man the beacons are the perfect subjects for tales of suspense and horror. In the 18 stories in this collection the horrors are sometimes purely psychological, sometimes terrifyingly real. Lighthouse Horrors includes works by well known authors including Ray Bradbury, Edgar Allan Poe, and Rudyard Kipling. Settings range from the Americas to Britain to East India.

Civil War Ghosts

A Union Lieutenant keeps his promise to return to his sweetheart in Brooklyn and waltz to The Blue Danube, even in death. In rural Virginia, a group of privileged pranksters suffer for dismissing the legend of the ghost who guards a Confederate shot tower. In a small town in South Carolina, a washer woman goes mad when she hears an army of the dead march through the streets night after night, at the stroke of midnight.

Great American Ghost Stories

This terrifying anthology contains some of the best in American ghost stories, from some of the best American short fiction writers.

A Newbery Christmas

This Christmas collection, designed to add to the pleasures of the holiday season, contains 22 stories, vignettes, and poems ranging from heart warming to humorous, by 16 Newbery Award winning authors. Among the featured authors are: Rachel Field, E.L. Konigsberg, Madeleine L’Engle, and Katherine Paterson.

Confederate Battle Stories

The ten stories in this fine collection were chosen for their merits as literature by excellent writers, their collective portrayal of every major Civil War battle, and for their depiction of ‘the Confederate soldier at all levels of command’. An ideal Father’s Day gift.

A Newbery Halloween

A collection of short stories with a Halloween theme, by such Newbery Award winning authors as E.L. Konigsburg, Beverly Cleary, Virginia Hamilton, and Paul Fleischman.

Dangerous Vegetables

Do you ever worry about your vegetables eating you? Maybe you should. As those who doted on his ‘Retief’ stories know, Keith Laumer was a man who delighted in his own genuinely twisted sense of humor. Though he left us before he could complete this book, the publisher hopes that he, wherever he is, as well as the audience, like how this novel has been finished for him. Introduction by Ben Bova.

Lighthouse Hauntings

Twelve never before published stories of the supernatural that all feature lighthouses as their setting and focus. Within that framework, however, these contemporary authors bring tremendous variety to their plotlines and their characters. Some stories are just plain creepy, others mystifying or metaphysical or even heartwarming, but all are vividly memorable.

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