C Alexander London Books In Order

Accidental Adventure Books In Order

  1. We Are Not Eaten By Yaks (2011)
  2. We Dine with Cannibals (2011)
  3. We Give a Squid a Wedgie (2012)
  4. We Sled With Dragons (2013)

Dog Tags Books In Order

  1. Semper Fido (2012)
  2. Strays (2012)
  3. Prisoners of War (2013)
  4. Divided We Fall (2013)

Tides of War Books In Order

  1. Blood in the Water (2014)
  2. Honor Bound (2014)

Wild Ones Books In Order

  1. The Wild Ones (2015)
  2. Moonlight Brigade (2016)
  3. Great Escape (2017)

Picture Books

  1. The Adventures of Wrong Man and Power Girl! (2018)

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C Alexander London Books Overview

We Are Not Eaten By Yaks

Unabridged, 5 CDs, 6 1/2 hours

Read by TBA

Lions and yetis and yaks-oh my! Lemony Snicket meets The 39 Clues in this madcap globe-trotting adventure.

We Dine with Cannibals

When we last saw Oliver and Celia Navel, they had fallen into the clutches of Sir Edmund S. Titheltorpe Schmidt III and were doomed to spend their entire summer vacation doing his deadly bidding. In their second unwanted adventure, We Dine with Cannibals, Oliver and Celia will travel from the ruins of ancient temples to the shadowy forests of the Amazon. They’ll need all their reality TV survival skills when they ride a llama, race the rapids, and even fly an airplane! If that’s not enough excitement for you it is decidedly too much excitement for Oliver and Celia Navel, they’ll be forced to learn the proper etiquette for a cannibal feast and confront the strangest and most brutal rite of passage ever devised by human imagination: dodgeball. The second installment of the Accidental Adventures series is just as funny, just as exciting, and just as kid friendly as the first.

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