Charlene Sands Books In Order

Suite Secrets Books In Publication Order

  1. Five-Star Cowboy (2008)
  2. The Corporate Raider’s Revenge (2008)
  3. Do Not Disturb Until Christmas (2008)
  4. Reserved for the Tycoon (2009)

Napa Valley Vows Books In Publication Order

  1. Million-Dollar Marriage Merger (2010)
  2. Seduction on the CEO’s Terms (2010)
  3. The Billionaire’s Baby Arrangement (2010)

The Worths of Red Ridge Books In Publication Order

  1. Carrying the Rancher’s Heir (2011)
  2. The Cowboy’s Pride (2011)
  3. A Cowboy Worth Claiming (2012)
  4. Worth the Risk (2012)

Slade Books In Publication Order

  1. Sunset Surrender (2013)
  2. Sunset Seduction (2013)

Heart of Stone Books In Publication Order

  1. The Texan’s Wedding Escape (2018)

Home To Texas Books In Publication Order

  1. One-of-a-Kind Bride (2020)
  2. Merry Christmas, Cowboy (2020)
  3. The Texas Hero’s Homecoming (2021)

The Slades of Sunset Ranch Books In Publication Order

  1. The Secret Heir of Sunset Ranch (2013)
  2. Redeeming the CEO Cowboy (2014)

Moonlight Beach Bachelors Books In Publication Order

  1. Her Forbidden Cowboy (2015)
  2. One Secret Night, One Secret Baby (2016)

Montana Born Rodeo Books In Publication Order

  1. Claim Me, Cowboy (2015)
  2. Romance Me, Cowboy (2015)

Billionaires & Babies Books In Publication Order

  1. The Billionaire’s Daddy Test (2015)
  2. Twins for the Texan (2016)
  3. Heart of a Texan (2018)

Bachelor Auction Returns Books In Publication Order

  1. Bachelor for Hire (2016)

Forever Texan Books In Publication Order

  1. Taming the Texas Cowboy (2013)
  2. Loving the Texas Lawman (2017)
  3. Redeeming the Texas Rancher (2017)

Texas Cattleman’s Club: Blackmail Books In Publication Order

  1. The Texan Takes a Wife (2017)

Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Missing Mogul Books In Publication Order

  1. To Tame a Cowboy (By:Jules Bennett) (2013)
  2. Deep in a Texan’s Heart (By:Sara Orwig) (2013)
  3. The Lone Star Cinderella (By:Maureen Child) (2013)
  4. It Happened One Night (By:Kathie DeNosky) (2013)
  5. Deep in a Texan’s Heart (By:Sara Orwig) (2013)
  6. Something about the Boss… (By:Yvonne Lindsay) (2013)
  7. Rumor Has It (By:Maureen Child) (2013)
  8. It Happened One Night (By:Kathie DeNosky) (2013)
  9. The Texas Renegade Returns (2014)
  10. Beneath the Stetson (By:Janice Maynard) (2014)
  11. What a Rancher Wants (By:Sarah M. Anderson) (2014)
  12. A Very Tempting Texan (By:Janice Maynard) (2014)

Texas Cattleman’s Club: Rags to Riches Books In Publication Order

  1. The Price of Passion (By:Maureen Child) (2020)
  2. Black Sheep Heir (By:Yvonne Lindsay) (2020)
  3. The Paternity Pact (By:Cat Schield) (2020)
  4. Trust Fund Fiancé (By:Naima Simone) (2020)
  5. Billionaire Behind The Mask (By:Andrea Laurence) (2020)
  6. In Bed With His Rival (By:Katherine Garbera) (2020)
  7. Tempted by the Boss (By:Jules Bennett) (2020)
  8. One Night in Texas (2021)

Texas Tremaines Books In Publication Order

  1. Craving a Real Texan (2021)
  2. The Fake Engagement Favor (2021)

Western Embrace Books In Publication Order


Boone Brothers of Texas Books In Publication Order

  1. Texan for the Taking (2019)
  2. Stranded and Seduced (2019)
  3. Vegas Vows, Texas Nights (2020)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Lily Gets Her Man (2001)
  2. Chase Wheeler’s Woman (2002)
  3. The Heart Of A Cowboy (2003)
  4. The Law And Kate Malone (2003)
  5. Winning Jenna’s Heart (2003)
  6. Expecting The Cowboy’s Baby (2003)
  7. The Courting of Widow Shaw (2004)
  8. Like Lightning (2005)
  9. Abducted at the Altar (2006)
  10. Renegade Wife (2006)
  11. Bunking Down with the Boss (2006)
  12. Between the Ceo’s Sheets (2007)
  13. Bodine’s Bounty (2007)
  14. Taming The Texan (2008)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. A Girl Like You (2018)

The Highest Bidder Books In Publication Order

  1. Gilded Secrets (By:Maureen Child) (2012)
  2. Exquisite Acquisitions (2012)
  3. A Silken Seduction (By:Yvonne Lindsay) (2012)
  4. The Rogue’s Fortune (By:Cat Schield) (2012)
  5. A Precious Inheritance (By:Paula Roe) (2012)
  6. A Golden Betrayal (By:Barbara Dunlop) (2012)

Dakota Fortunes Books In Publication Order

  1. Fortune’s Vengeful Groom (1999)
  2. Merger of Fortunes (By:Peggy Moreland) (2007)
  3. Back in Fortune’s Bed (By:Bronwyn Jameson) (2007)
  4. Fortune’s Forbidden Woman (By:Heidi Betts) (2007)
  5. Mistress of Fortune (By:Kathie DeNosky) (2007)
  6. Expecting a Fortune (By:Jan Colley) (2007)
  7. Fortunes’ Women (By:Kathie DeNosky) (2012)
  8. Fortune’s Mergers (By:Peggy Moreland) (2012)

Dynasties: The Elliotts Books In Publication Order

  1. Billionaire’s Proposition (By:Leanne Banks) (2006)
  2. The Forbidden Twin (By:Susan Crosby) (2006)
  3. Cause for Scandal (By:Anna DePalo) (2006)
  4. Mr. and Mistress (By:Heidi Betts) (2006)
  5. Heiress Beware (2006)
  6. Under Deepest Cover (By:Kara Lennox) (2006)
  7. The Intern Affair (By:Roxanne St. Claire) (2006)
  8. Beyond the Boardroom (By:Maureen Child) (2006)

Dynasties: The Newports Books In Publication Order

  1. An Heir for the Billionaire (By:Kat Cantrell) (2016)
  2. Claimed by the Cowboy (By:Sarah M. Anderson) (2016)
  3. His Secret Baby Bombshell (By:Jules Bennett) (2016)
  4. The Texan’s One-Night Standoff (2016)

Texas Cattleman’s Club: Maverick County Millionaires Books In Publication Order

  1. Taming the Texas Tycoon (By:Katherine Garbera) (2008)
  2. One Night with the Wealthy Rancher (By:Brenda Jackson) (2009)
  3. Texan’s Wedding-Night Wager (2009)
  4. The Oilman’s Baby Bargain (By:Michelle Celmer) (2009)
  5. The Maverick’s Virgin Mistress (By:Jennifer Lewis) (2009)
  6. Lone Star Seduction (By:Day Leclaire) (2009)

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Charlene Sands Books Overview

Five-Star Cowboy

Texan Trent Tyler had never met a deal he couldn’t conquer or a woman, for that matter. Now the success of his Arizona hotel project required him to do what he did best: seduce a lady into submission. The irony? What Trent needed most from Julia Lowell was her brains. With memories of their torrid weekend affair still fresh in their minds, Trent easily convinced Julia to become an employee with benefits. But when she discovered the truth behind her hire, who would come out on top?

The Corporate Raider’s Revenge

Millionaire hotel magnate Evan Tyler will stop at nothing to get revenge. So when the perfect opportunity arises a chance to have Elena Royal, the daughter of his biggest competitor he doesn’t think twice. Evan plans not only to seduce family secrets from the sexy hotel heiress, he also plans to enjoy every second of it!

But when the affair ends, Evan is forced to choose between payback or more pleasure in Elena’s bed. Could this shrewd businessman negotiate a way to have both

Do Not Disturb Until Christmas

All millionaire businessman Cody Landon wanted for Christmas was sweet payback. Superstar singer Sarah Rose had betrayed him for the limelight and now she’d taste his revenge. He’d seduce her, then leave her forever. But Cody didn’t count on being hungry for more.

Or on the resulting pregnancy. To save her image and career, Sarah Rose would have to marry him. Giving Cody what he’d wanted all along: all access all the time. Once their baby was born, he’d divorce her. Or would his Christmas bride get what she wanted?

Reserved for the Tycoon

This elegant hotel on the lush Hawaiian island of Maui was everything Vanessa Dupree had dreamed of. Working here meant she could take the sweet revenge she had reserved for Brock Tyler, the ruthless tycoon who owned the resort. She’d destroy his business, paying him back for what he’d done to her family. But was this devastatingly handsome and dangerously charming man beginning to suspect his new ‘right hand woman’? And was that the real reason for the sizzling seduction that was making it so hard to keep her mind on sabotage…

Million-Dollar Marriage Merger

He’d kept a promise to marry his best friend’s widow. But even an obligatory marriage could not diminish the hunger vintner Tony Carlino still felt for Rena Montgomery. Foolishly, he’d walked away from her once before…
and she had never forgiven him. As far as she was concerned, no one would be toasting this arrangement anytime soon.

She had married Tony only for the safety his name–and money–would give her, her winery…
and her unborn child. Never could she allow herself to reveal the desire she felt for her new husband. For their marriage was meant to be only about business. Neither dared speak one word about love.

Bunking Down with the Boss

She should have been satisfied with her new hire, for horse rancher Caroline Portman desperately needed the help. But something about Sam Beaumont made her wonder if there was more to him than the wandering wrangler persona. Sam exuded a powerful presence, like a man who was used to getting what he wanted…
or taking what he couldn’t have. And when he set his sights on Caroline, she knew she was out of her league and about to bed down with the real boss.

Between the Ceo’s Sheets

Cool, confident and totally in control. Millionaire businessman Wade Beaumont made a habit of going after what he wanted with focused intensity. And now that Gina Grady had come to him, begging for a job, he’d decided to direct all his energy on one thing seducing his newest employee. After one steamy night together years ago, Gina had run from Wade it was the only way she could save her heart. But now she feared she was falling for her boss all over again. And this time, she knew the powerful CEO wasn’t about to let her go.

Bodine’s Bounty

19th Century American West. A hard bitten bounty hunter has no time for love…

Heiress Emma Marie Rourke is naive, innocent and very, very determined. She’ll find her outlaw father and make it as a singer.
Bodine just Bodine has promises to keep. And looking for some spoiled flibbertigibbet runaway isn’t top of his list. But, dammit, his conscience won’t let him rest until he finds her. And at least there’s a reward for retrieving her.
Protecting Emma isn’t the easy job he expects it to be. Bodine is startled when he can’t get his mind or his hands off Emma’s diminutive figure! He’s sworn to keep her safe but who will save her from him?

Taming The Texan

Clint Hayworth had returned to the Double H to find his father’s too young, too attractive widow in charge. The woman had to be a gold digger so why couldn’t Clint stop thinking about her? Tess Morgan Hayworth couldn’t sit by and watch the ranch be destroyed. It was the only place she’d ever felt safe. So she would have to face up to this stubborn, hardheaded, gorgeous Texan, and tame him…
But Tess wasn’t sure she could hold out against the sexy cowboy for long!

Fortune’s Vengeful Groom

Their wedded bliss had been short lived, but Eliza Fortune never forgot those breathless nights of passion with Reese Parker. When a shattering betrayal detonated the union, the heartbroken heiress hid her secret marriage to spare her family further scandal. But all bets were off now that Reese was back. This tuxedo clad tycoon was nothing like the down to earth wildcatter she once knew. Despite his barely contained anger, the fire in Reese’s eyes suggested he had every intention of tangling between the sheets with Eliza again. Once all their sordid secrets were exposed, would Reese finally exact his revenge or repent by reclaiming his bride?

Merger of Fortunes (By:Peggy Moreland)

Wealthy and powerful CEO Case Fortune was accustomed to getting his way. Now he had his sights set on merging his company, Dakota Fortune, with Reynolds Refining. But when the deal started heading south, the charismatic corporate shark’s only recourse was to sweep Gina Reynolds off her feet to acquire her father’s company. At first the beautiful heiress rebuffed his romantic gestures, though before long Case had her burning for him. By the time the dashing billionaire popped the question, Gina was all his. But when Case actually began to fall for his fianc?e, he realized his foolproof plan could be blown sky high…

Back in Fortune’s Bed (By:Bronwyn Jameson)

Years ago, Max Fortune had a sizzling summer affair with Diana Fielding Young that she’d ended without warning. Now the embittered Australian millionaire was tormented by memories when he returned to South Dakota and locked eyes with Diana at a high society soiree. Realizing his hunger for his former flame had never truly been satisfied, he vowed to get her back into his bed and make her rue the day she’d played him for a fool. But as their spellbinding reunion was reduced to gossip column fodder, would Diana’s shocking confession force this ruthless heartbreaker to change tactics?

Fortune’s Forbidden Woman (By:Heidi Betts)

Creed Fortune had hungered for Maya Blackstone for nearly a decade, but he’d held back to protect his family’s reputation. After all, the press would have a field day if they uncovered a clandestine affair between a Fortune heir and his very own stepsister! Then a heated argument between Creed and Maya turned into a feverish night of lovemaking. Even though the raven haired schoolteacher melted his heart in ways he’d never dreamed possible, Creed had to find a way to douse their dangerous attraction. Otherwise, the sordid truth could topple the Fortune empire!

Mistress of Fortune (By:Kathie DeNosky)

He could turn the head of any female possessing a pulse. But black sheep Blake Fortune only had eyes for Sasha Kilgore. Strikingly beautiful and smart, she was also the key to winning a bitter sibling rivalry. Since Sasha had been seen gallivanting around town with his half brother, Blake set out to seduce her away from his lifelong rival. The casino tycoon thought he could seal the deal with cool headed detachment, but who knew he’d derive such incredible pleasure from playing Casanova or that the scandalous truth would shatter Sasha’s heart?

Expecting a Fortune (By:Jan Colley)

There was a price to pay for her one night stand. Five months ago Skylar Fortune had slept with the man of her dreams. Now worldly horseman Zack Manning had returned, and she was forced to tell him she was expecting his baby. Outraged at being kept in the dark, the domineering New Zealander demanded marriage. His smoldering charm wooed the pregnant plain Jane back into his bed, but Skylar wasn’t about to let him dictate her future. Despite everything, their burgeoning love for their tiny miracle bonded them together…
until Zack’s notorious past exposed his true motives!

Beyond the Boardroom (By:Maureen Child)

Everything changed the night that executive assistant Rachel Adler indulged her fantasy and slept with her boss. Shane Elliott was better than any dream, but having gone to bed with the executive, Rachel knew she could no longer work with Shane. Engaged in a battle to control his family’s empire, Shane would not accept her notice. Rachel was his right hand woman he needed her. And after their incredible night together, he wanted her. The millionaire magazine scion had gotten everything he’d ever wanted. But could he get Rachel in his boardroom…
and his bedroom?

Taming the Texas Tycoon (By:Katherine Garbera)

For Texas Cattleman’s Club member Lance Brody, marriage is about gaining the right connections. But one plain Jane personal assistant is about to change his mind…
For years Kate Thornton had dreamed of becoming Mrs. Lance Brody. Then her boss became engaged strictly for business and Kate had had enough. Giving her two weeks’ notice should have released her, but Lance’s eyes had finally been opened. Kate couldn’t be allowed to walk away from the business, or him. And if it meant taking her to bed to keep her…
well, that was one job he would gladly do himself!

One Night with the Wealthy Rancher (By:Brenda Jackson)

Texas Cattleman’s Club member Darius Foster is tired of women chasing after his millions. But his jaded heart is about to get a jump start. The wealthy rancher never expected to see Summer Martindale in his part of Texas. Darius was still trying to forget that incredible night they’d spent together…
a night that never should have happened. Certain she had relocated just to get close to him and his money the ex lawman vowed to keep his distance. But when danger came calling, Darius knew he was the only one who could protect Summer. And that meant getting closer to her…
in every way!

Texan’s Wedding-Night Wager

No one walked away from this Texas mogul especially not his wife! So when Cara chose to leave rather than play second fiddle to his company, Kevin plotted his revenge. Four years later, she returned, intent on finalizing their divorce. But Cara had no clue that Kevin had constructed the perfect payback plan. It’s a wager she can’t refuse. The divorce would be official if she agreed to one last week of playing house. And nothing would be off limits.

The Oilman’s Baby Bargain (By:Michelle Celmer)

Texas Cattleman’s Club member Wyatt Brody has to marry. The only hitch? His bride to be despises him! He’d seduced Alexis Cavanaugh once…
on his brother’s behalf. So when the powerful Texan’s sibling shockingly married someone else, it was up to Wyatt to wed the jilted heiress. After all, he and Alexis had shared a very real night of passion. But Alexis was done being manipulated. She would have a marriage on her terms, or not at all. Except staying away from Wyatt was not an option. She was carrying the oilman’s baby…
and she would not reveal her secret until she had the billionaire exactly where she wanted him.

The Maverick’s Virgin Mistress (By:Jennifer Lewis)

Texas Cattleman’s Club member Justin Dupree has met the perfect woman…
too bad their relationship is built on a lie. Her life in danger, Alicia Montoya turned to the one man she thought she could trust. Her new boyfriend a tall, dark Texan offered her refuge in his posh penthouse. And she eagerly accepted his proposal of protection…

. until she discovered her lover’s true identity: Justin Dupree, notorious playboy and her beloved brother’s enemy. She had given her virginity to a man who had betrayed her. How could she possibly accept anything this maverick said as truth?

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