Catherine Storr Books In Order

Marianne Books In Order

  1. Marianne Dreams (1968)
  2. Marianne and Mark (1960)

People of the Bible Books In Order

  1. The Birth of Jesus (1982)
  2. Jesus Begins His Work (1982)
  3. Noah and His Ark (1982)
  4. Joseph and His Brothers (1982)
  5. Adam and Eve (1983)
  6. Jonah and the Whale (1983)
  7. Miracles By the Sea (1983)
  8. The Prodigal Son (1983)
  9. The First Easter (1983)
  10. Joseph the Dream Teller (1984)
  11. Moses of the Bullrushes (1984)
  12. Abraham and Isaac (1985)
  13. David and Goliath (1985)
  14. Moses and the Plagues (1985)
  15. St. Peter and St. Paul (1985)
  16. Joseph Helps His Family (1985)
  17. The Trials of Daniel (1985)
  18. Jesus and John the Baptist (1985)
  19. Moses in the Wilderness (1985)
  20. Joseph and the Famine (1985)
  21. Joseph the Long Lost Brother (1985)
  22. Moses Leads His People (1985)
  23. Jesus the Healer (1986)
  24. King David (1986)
  25. Ruth’s Story (1986)
  26. Samson and Delilah (1986)


  1. The Adventures of Polly and the Wolf (1957)
  2. Lucy (1961)
  3. Lucy Runs Away (1962)
  4. Robin (1962)
  5. Catchpole Story (1965)
  6. Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf (1967)
  7. Merciful Jew (1968)
  8. Puss and Cat (1969)
  9. Rufus (1969)
  10. Polly and the Wolf Again (1970)
  11. Thursday (1971)
  12. Black God, White God (1972)
  13. Kate and the Island (1972)
  14. Painter and the Fish (1975)
  15. The Chinese Egg (1975)
  16. Unnatural Fathers (1976)
  17. The Story of the Terrible Scar (1976)
  18. Who’s Bill? (1976)
  19. Tales from a Psychiatrist’s Couch (1977)
  20. Winter’s End (1978)
  21. Pebble (1979)
  22. The Bugbear (1981)
  23. Vicky (1981)
  24. February Yowler (1982)
  25. The Castle Boy (1983)
  26. Two’s Company (1984)
  27. It Shouldn’t Happen to a Frog (1984)
  28. The Boy and the Swan (1987)
  29. The Underground Conspiracy (1987)
  30. Daljit and the Unqualified Wizard (1989)
  31. The Spy Before Yesterday (1990)
  32. Finn’s Animal (1992)
  33. The Mirror Image Ghost (1994)
  34. The If Game (2001)


  1. Tales of Polly and the Hungry Wolf (1980)
  2. Cold Marble and Other Ghost Stories (1985)
  3. Last Stories of Polly and the Wolf (1990)
  4. The Complete Polly and the Wolf (2016)

Picture Books

  1. Androcles and the Lion (1963)
  2. Hugo and His Grandma’s Washing Day (1977)
  3. Penfriends (1980)
  4. It Couldn’t Happen to Me (1982)
  5. Feasts and Festivals (1983)
  6. The Good Samaritan (1983)
  7. The Pied Piper of Hamelin (1984)
  8. Rip Van Winkle (1984)
  9. Robin Hood (1984)
  10. Enter Wagga (1984)
  11. Lost and Found Wagga (1984)
  12. Wagga’s Magic Ears (1984)
  13. Joan of Arc (1985)
  14. King Arthur’s Sword (1985)
  15. King Midas and His Gold (1985)
  16. The Wooden Horse (1985)
  17. The Sword in the Stone (1985)
  18. The Trojan Horse (1985)
  19. Odysseus and the Enchanters (1985)
  20. Dick Whittington (1985)
  21. The Flying Dutchman (1985)
  22. Vikings in Vinland (1985)
  23. Davy Crockett (1986)
  24. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (1986)
  25. Theseus and the Minotaur (1986)
  26. Ballad of Davy Crockett (1986)
  27. A Fast Move (1987)
  28. Grandpa’s Birthday (1987)
  29. Find the Specs (1987)
  30. Gran Builds a House (1987)
  31. Hansel and Gretel (1987)
  32. Swan Lake (1987)
  33. Nutcracker (1988)
  34. Richard the Lion-Hearted (1988)
  35. Sleeping Beauty (1989)
  36. Mrs. Circumference (1989)
  37. We Didn’t Think of Ostriches (1990)
  38. The Donkey’s Christmas Story (1990)
  39. Peter and the Wolf (1991)
  40. Babybug (1992)

Non fiction

  1. Growing Up (1975)

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Catherine Storr Books Overview

Marianne Dreams

Ill, and bored with having to stay in bed, Marianne picks up a pencil and starts doodling a house, a garden, a boy at the window. That night she has an extraordinary dream. She is transported into her own picture, and as she explores further she soon realises she is not alone. This powerful and eerie classic about a girl haunted by her own dreams has been made into a TV series and a feature film.

The Birth of Jesus

A simple retelling of The Birth of Jesus; the visits by the shepherds and wise men; and the return of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus to Nazareth to live.

The First Easter

Retells the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Abraham and Isaac

Relates the story of Abraham’s fidelity to God and love for his son Isaac.

Moses and the Plagues

God sends plagues upon the Egyptians for not allowing the Israelites to leave Egypt under the leadership of Moses.

Jesus and John the Baptist

Retells the story of John the Baptist, who prepared the way for Jesus, and recounts the early teachings of Jesus.

King David

David serves as a brave warrior in Saul’s armies against the Philistines, and after Saul’s death becomes King of Israel.

Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf

It’s not every little girl who finds a great black wolf at her front door saying he’s going to eat her up. But clever Polly isn’t frightened. She has a plan that’s bound to foil the stupid wolf.

Polly and the Wolf Again

The wolf is determined to eat Polly by disguising himself as Father Christmas.

February Yowler

The new boy at school seems mysteriously secretive about his home life and his new friend Rorey determines to find out why.

The Castle Boy

The new boy at school seems mysteriously secretive about his home life and his new friend Rorey determines to find out why.

The Mirror Image Ghost

Lisa is sure she has seen a ghost in her mother’s bedroom mirror, but who can she tell? Her grandparents are oddly secretive about ghosts and the past.

The If Game

Stephen is desperate to find out what happened to his mother. She disappeared and his father won’t tell him the truth. Then Stephen finds his way into a strange world where he doesn’t recognize anyone, but everyone seems to know him. Perhaps he can find what he wants to know in this parallel existence. But the truth Stephen discovers is shocking. His mother killed the stepfather that abused her as a child, and is now in prison. Eventually Stephen finds it is possible to like his mother, if not to love her.

Last Stories of Polly and the Wolf

A stupid wolf decides to go to school to develop his brains so he can outsmart Polly and gobble her up.

Androcles and the Lion

A retelling of the consequences following the meeting of Androcles, the slave, and a wounded lion.

The Wooden Horse

Part of a series based on original sources of traditional stories and legends of the world, this tale of The Wooden Horse of Troy is retold and illustrated in a style appropriate to the atmosphere of the story.

Davy Crockett

Recounts the story of the renowned American frontiersman.

Grandpa’s Birthday

This story about Grandpa’s Birthday is intended to be read together with a child. The simple text and bright illustrations encourage the child through the story and stimulate discussion. The title is part of a series sharing common themes and characters, with the same author and illustrator.

Swan Lake

Beautifully illustrated, this famous ballet is told in story and pictures, and is depicted in Tchaikovsky’s beloved music great for the advanced beginner or intermediate student. Contents: Dance of Little Swans Mazurka Neapolitan Dance Song Pas de Deux Spanish Dance Swan Lake Waltz.

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