Catherine George Books In Order

Pennington Books In Order

  1. Come Back to Me (1989)
  2. Leader of the Pack (1991)
  3. The Perfect Solution (1992)
  4. After the Ball (1993)
  5. Summer of the Storm (1994)
  6. Evidence of Sin (1994)
  7. Reform of the Rake (1994)
  8. Fallen Hero (1995)
  9. Earthbound Angel (1996)
  10. No More Secrets (1996)
  11. The Second Bride (1997)
  12. Bargaining with the Boss (1997)
  13. The Courting Campaign (1997)
  14. The Forever Affair (1998)
  15. Fiance for Christmas (1998)
  16. An Engagement of Convenience (1999)
  17. Sarah’s Secret (2002)
  18. A Venetian Passion (2005)
  19. An Italian Engagement (2006)

Dysart Dynasty Books In Order

  1. A Vengeful Reunion (2000)
  2. Lorenzo’s Reward (2000)
  3. Restless Nights (2001)
  4. Sweet Surrender (2002)
  5. Tangled Emotions (2003)

Pregnancies by Passion Books In Order

  1. Their Scandalous Affair (2004)


  1. Reluctant Paragon (1982)
  2. Dream of Midsummer (1983)
  3. Gilded Cage (1983)
  4. Imperfect Chaperone (1984)
  5. Devil Within (1984)
  6. Desirable Property (1985)
  7. Prodigal Sister (1985)
  8. Innocent Pawn (1985)
  9. Silent Crescendo (1985)
  10. The Folly of Loving (1986)
  11. The Marriage Bed (1986)
  12. Love Lies Sleeping (1987)
  13. Touch Me in the Morning (1987)
  14. Man of Iron (1987)
  15. This Time Round (1988)
  16. Villain of the Piece (1988)
  17. True Paradise (1988)
  18. Loveknot (1988)
  19. A Civilised Arrangement (1989)
  20. Ever Since Eden (1989)
  21. Consolation Prize (1989)
  22. Arrogant Interloper (1990)
  23. Unlikely Cupid (1991)
  24. Brazilian Enchantment (1991)
  25. Out of the Storm (1991)
  26. Lawful Possession (1993)
  27. Lair of the Dragon (1994)
  28. The Right Choice (1996)
  29. Living Next Door to Alex (1996)
  30. The Temptation Trap (1998)
  31. Luc’s Revenge (1999)
  32. Husband for Real (2001)
  33. The Mistress of His Manor (2009)
  34. Under the Brazilian Sun (2011)
  35. A Wicked Persuasion (2012)
  36. The Enigmatic Greek (2012)


  1. Just Add Children (1995)
  2. Blind to Love (1997)
  3. Jilted (1998)
  4. Twin Trouble (1998)
  5. After Hours (1999)
  6. Mistletoe Miracles (2000)
  7. Taming the Playboy (2001)
  8. Contract Husbands (2003)
  9. Valentine Love Affairs (2006)
  10. Sinful Secrets (2007)
  11. City Heat (2007)
  12. Married by Christmas (2008)
  13. Together by Christmas (2009)
  14. Brides & Tycoons Bundle (2009)
  15. Millionaire’s Woman (2009)
  16. A Venetian Affair (2010)
  17. Happy Mother’s Day! (2010)
  18. Greek Tycoons & City Seductions Bundle (2010)
  19. Presents, Passion & Proposals (2010)
  20. Mills & Boon Christmas Trio Bundle #1 (2010)
  21. Italian Attraction (2011)
  22. Mistletoe Wishes (2011)
  23. Will He Ask Her to Be His Bride? (2012)
  24. His Defiant Mistress (2013)
  25. In the Italian’s Bed (2013)
  26. Eligible Greeks: Tycoon’s Revenge (2014)
  27. 8 Magnificent Millionaires (2014)
  28. Christakis’s Rebellious Wife / Dante’s Unexpected Legacy (2014)
  29. Harlequin Presents July 2014 – Bundle 1 of 2 (2014)
  30. One Kiss in… Rio (2015)
  31. Irresistible Greeks Collection (2016)
  32. Irresistible Greeks: Defiance and Desire (2016)
  33. Around The World (2016)
  34. From Florence With Love (2017)
  35. The Italian Bachelors Collection (2017)
  36. Italian Bachelors: Steamy Seductions (2017)
  37. Latin Lovers: Under The Latino Sun (2021)
  38. Latin Lovers: Under The Latin Sun (2021)
  39. The Latin Lovers And Dangerous Liaisons Collection (2021)


  1. Devil Within / Gilded Cage (1992)
  2. A Forbidden Passion (2016)

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Catherine George Books Overview

Fiance for Christmas

Cassie had good reason to resist Nick Seymour’s rakish good looks and matching charm. But that was easier said than done when it seemed that the only way to calm a family crisis at Christmas was for Cassie and Nick to pretend to be engaged!Well, Nick decided it was, and Cassie knew she must go along with him. If she didn’t, Christmas would be ruined for their two little nieces. If only Nick wasn’t insisting that his mistletoe make believe with Cassie looked as convincing as possible, complete with kisses and a ring…

An Engagement of Convenience

The fake fianc eHarriet had been persuaded to impersonate her friend Rosa. But wealthy Italian Leo Fortinari appeared fooled by Harriet’s pretense, and a powerful attraction now simmered between them. Now he was proposing an engagment of convenience to please his frail grandmother!Harriet didn’t dare confess she was visiting Tuscany in her friend’s place and she had no intention of deceiving an old lady An engagement to Leo would be disastrous. Such desire was dangerous: Leo was bound to realize Harriet was a fake, once he discovered she was a virgin!

Sarah’s Secret

Jake Hogan, millionaire businessman and Pennington success story, knocked Sarah out…
well, almost. But he was gentleman enough to escort her home, and so began an enthralling affair.

Though she was incredibly attracted to Jake, Sarah struggled to keep her emotional distance. To his eyes, she was the proud, pretty single mother of a young child, and she was determined it should continue to appear that way. Getting physically involved with Jake would force her to share her secret that she’d never been made love to by any man–and would hurt the daughter she so adored…

Lorenzo’s Reward

When Lorenzo Forli proposed, Jess thought she understood: to make her his wife was what he ultimately wanted. She had no qualms about letting her husband to be make passionate love to her. But there was a shock in store! Lorenzo had failed to tell Jess something about his past. Could it be that he’d used all the means he possessed to claim the reward he’d really wanted to seduce Jess into his bed?

Restless Nights

Adam Dysart’s charisma and arrogance turn Gabriel’s normally balanced emotions to Jell-O!

Staying alone at her family’s isolated farmhouse, it doesn’t take more than a few Restless Nights to make her long for a strong and reassuring male presence. But Gabriel knows if she lets Adam into her life, he’ll try to tempt her into his bed-and she’s determined not to let that happen. Because she suspects Adam of having his own secret seduction agenda…

Sweet Surrender

He was back and he wanted her!Kate hadn’t planned to settle old scores with Alasdair Drummond. But when he reappeared in her life, she realized that here was her chance! He had been her first love, yet he hadn’t even considered her as more than a friend. This time around, Alasdair made it clear he found Kate desirable, so she was going to make him surrender to passion on her terms. Only, just when she thought she had Alasdair where she wanted him, the tables were turned on her…

Their Scandalous Affair

The beautiful, but fiery, Avery Crawford wants to keep her affair with handsome millionaire Jonas Mercer private. She’s survived a scandal in the past and now likes to keep her secrets quiet. Yet not only does Jonas desire that their relationship go public, he’s determined to claim Avery as his bride! What he doesn’t bargain for is more scandal…
. For when Avery’s secrets are revealed, they come at a cost that even Jonas can’t afford…

A Civilised Arrangement

In Mrs. Warren’s Profession, Arms and the Man, Candida, and Man and Superman, George Bernard Shaw satirizes society, military heroism, marriage, and the pursuit of man by woman. From a social, literary, and theatrical standpoint, these four plays are among the foremost dramas of the age as intellectually stimulating as they are humorous.

The Temptation Trap

The Charmer…
Ewen Fraser’s rakish reputation went before him Rosanna had read the newspapers, and could see with her own eyes his collection of girlfriends, past and present…
The Charmed…
But that didn’t stop her falling for him he was funny, tender, warm and sexy, and working closely with him was a joy…
The Trap…
Rosanna was tempted. Ewen was all that she’d ever wanted, but could she trust her instincts when they told her that Ewen, the infamous lover and leaver, had marriage at heart after all?

Luc’s Revenge

What has driven wealthy Frenchman Luc Brissac to seduce and then propose marriage? Could his motives be fueled by an event that occurred one shocking September in Portia’s past an event so traumatic that she s blotted it out of her memory?Find out why Luc wants revenge, and if Portia will still agree to be his bride, in Catherine George s latest thrilling story

Mistletoe Miracles

Three of your favorite authors have woven wonderfully emotional, brand new stories for your holiday reading pleasure! Mistletoe Miracles Betty Neels Eulalia cannot bear the thought of losing her home, especially at Christmas. But is marriage to handsome surgeon Aderik van der Leurs really the answer? Aderik appears to want Eulalia simply as a convenient bride but she is, in fact, his Dearest Eulalia. Catherine George All Jessica wants is a baby, but her new husband, tycoon Lorenzo Forli, is reluctant to start a family. When he’s delayed coming home on Christmas Eve, Jess wonders if their marriage has a future. But Christmas night brings them both The Extra Special Gift. Marion Lennox When Lia is forced to spend Christmas with Pete Barring, she tries to forget their broken engagement seven years ago. But their attraction is as strong as ever, and it becomes a Christmas to remember when Lia opens her front door to discover The Doorstep Baby.

Together by Christmas

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Your favourite authors make the perfect Mills & Boon registered Mother’s Day! ‘The Magnate’s Mistress’ by Miranda Lee Tara was convinced there was no room for a pregnant mistress in ruthless tycoon Max’s life, but could he surprise her? ‘The Secret Baby Bargain’ by Melanie Milburne Devastatingly handsome Jake had always been clear about the terms of his relationships no marriage, no babies. Until Ashleigh revealed she was pregnant…
‘The Unexpected Pregnancy’ by Catherine George When Harriet claimed her new home, she didn’t count on bumping into breathtaking billionaire James or the precious surprise that would come of their affair! Three classic stories, one truly indulgent treat!

Presents, Passion & Proposals

This the season to be naughty. ‘The Billionaire’s Christmas Gift’ by Carole Mortimer There’s just one thing Nick Steele’s daughter wants for Christmas her teacher to join them! The tycoon isn’t thrilled at having to share the festivities with a grumpy old lady but once he meets Beth and discovers she’s young and lovely, there might be another gift in store a diamond ring! ‘One Christmas Night in Venice’ by Jane Porter When Diane returned to Venice to attend the Christmas masked ball, she was shocked and thrilled to see Domenico Coducci, the husband she’d thought dead, still alive and as magnificent as ever. But Diane needs to know that Domenico still holds her in his heart before she can take her place in his bed again! ‘Snowbound with the Millionaire’ by Catherine George Georgia’s plan to spend Christmas alone nursing her broken heart, and trying to rediscover goodwill to all men, is interrupted by a snow storm and a gorgeous rescuer. Now, snowbound in sexy millionaire Chance’s mansion, things are heating up!

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