Catherine Alliott Books In Order

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Old-Girl Network (1994)
  2. Going Too Far (1994)
  3. The Real Thing (1996)
  4. Rosie Meadows Regrets… (1998)
  5. Olivia’s Luck (2000)
  6. A Married Man (2002)
  7. The Wedding Day (2004)
  8. Not That Kind Of Girl (2005)
  9. A Crowded Marriage (2006)
  10. The Secret Life of Evie Hamilton (2009)
  11. One Day in May (2010)
  12. A Rural Affair (2011)
  13. My Husband Next Door (2013)
  14. Wish You Were Here (2015)
  15. About Last Night… (2017)
  16. A Cornish Summer (2019)
  17. Behind Closed Doors (2021)

Standalone Novels Book Covers

Catherine Alliott Books Overview

A Married Man

Widowed four years ago, London antiques dealer Lucy Fellowes was plunged into single motherhood with two growing boys. Since then, she’s had little time or inclination to think straight, much less fall in love again. Now, she s been offered an incredible dream house in the country. Of course, accepting means having to cope with her domineering mother in law, her husband s wacky family, and all their assorted scandals. But suddenly, none of it matters. Because she s met HIM. His name is Charles; he s a famous television writer, gorgeous, witty, charming, and very, very attracted to her. And, he s married. Well, a woman can t have everything. Or can she?In this delightfully sexy, amusing romp through mishap and desire, Catherine Alliott hits the shores of America with a romantic comedy of manners and unexpected passion in which her plucky hero*ine discovers that despite her best intentions, love has a plan all its own!

The Wedding Day

Annie O’Harran is the wrong side of thirty. A harassed single mother of almost teen aged Flora, she’s escaped her faithless first husband with a few shreds of dignity intact, and against all expectations met her hero: David Palmer is a kind and gentle doctor with a private practice in Belgravia, and Annie has a blissful summer ahead to plan their wedding. But first Annie must escape the constant interruptions of her tiny Fulham house, and surround herself with calm in order to meet the horrible deadline set by the only publisher ever to have expressed interest in her writing. Giving mad Aunt to be Gertrude a cameo role in her novel is surely a small price to pay for the loan of a fabulous writer’s retreat on a Cornish cliff with its own private beach? No sooner has she arrived in Cornwall, however, than the doorbell starts ringing. Everyone, it seems, from her competitive sister Clare and her noisy brood, to her louche ex husband Adam and his nubile young girlfriend, has had the same idea for their summer holidays. And then there’s the houseguest who doesn’t even bother to knock…
Just as long as none of them affects her big day at the end of the summer…

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