Carolyne Aarsen Books In Order

Sweet Hearts of Sweet Creek Books In Order

  1. Homecoming (1998)
  2. A Bride at Last (1998)
  3. Close to His Heart (2018)
  4. Divided Hearts (2018)
  5. A Hero at Heart (2018)
  6. A Mother’s Heart (2018)
  7. Her Hearts Promise (2019)

Stealing Home Books In Order

  1. A Family Style Christmas (1999)
  2. A Mother at Heart (2000)
  3. A Family at Last (2000)
  4. A Hero for Kelsey (2001)

Holmes Crossing Books In Order

  1. The Only Best Place (2006)
  2. All in One Place (2007)
  3. This Place (2015)
  4. A Silence in the Heart (2005)
  5. Any Man of Mine (2006)
  6. A Place in Her Heart (2019)

Riverbend Books In Order

  1. Yuletide Homecoming (2007)
  2. Finally A Family (2008)
  3. A Family For Luke (2008)

Home to Hartley Creek Books In Order

  1. The Rancher’s Return (2011)
  2. Daddy Lessons (2012)
  3. Healing the Doctor’s Heart (2012)
  4. Homecoming Reunion (2012)
  5. Catching Her Heart (2013)

Hartley Creek Books In Order

  1. A Father’s Promise (2013)
  2. Unexpected Father (2014)
  3. A Father in the Making (2014)

Refuge Ranch Books In Order

  1. Her Cowboy Hero (2014)
  2. Reunited with the Cowboy (2015)
  3. The Cowboy’s Homecoming (2015)

Big Sky Cowboys Books In Order

  1. Wrangling the Cowboy’s Heart (2016)
  2. Trusting the Cowboy (2016)
  3. The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby (2016)

Family Ties Books In Order

  1. A Cowboy’s Reunion (2019)
  2. The Cowboy’s Family (2019)
  3. Taming the Cowboy (2019)
  4. The Cowboy’s Return (2019)

Family Bonds Books In Order

  1. Seeking Home (2019)
  2. Choosing Home (2019)
  3. Coming Home (2020)
  4. Finding Home (2020)

Family Promises Books In Order

  1. Ever Caring (2020)
  2. Ever After (2020)
  3. Ever Loving (2020)

Millars Crossing Books In Order

  1. Country Romance (2020)
  2. Country Courtship (2020)
  3. Country Proposal (2020)
  4. Country Wedding (2020)

Love in Millars Crossing Books In Order

  1. A Family’s Christmas (2020)
  2. A Family’s Blessing (2021)
  3. A Family’s Hope (2021)
  4. A Family’s Promise (2021)

Aspen Valley Homecoming Books In Order

  1. The Way Back Home (2021)
  2. The Way Back to Faith (2021)
  3. The Way Back to Hope (2021)
  4. The Way Back to Love (2021)

Cowboys of Aspen Valley Books In Order

  1. Western Hearts (2021)
  2. Western Wishes (2022)
  3. Western Romance (2022)


  1. Twin Blessings (2001)
  2. Toward Home (2003)
  3. Love Is Patient (2004)
  4. A Heart’s Refuge (2004)
  5. Close to Home (2009)
  6. Cattleman’s Courtship (2010)
  7. Cowboy Daddy (2010)


  1. Pocketful of Blessings (2003)
  2. Bride at Last / Mother at Heart (2006)
  3. Twin Blessings / Toward Home (2009)
  4. Love Is Patient / Heart’s Refuge (2010)
  5. A Family-Style Christmas / Yuletide Homecoming (2012)
  6. Love Inspired September 2014 – Bundle 1 of 2 (2014)
  7. Love Inspired January 2016 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2016)
  8. Love Inspired February 2016 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2016)
  9. Harlequin Love Inspired November 2016 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2016)
  10. Harlequin Love Inspired February 2017 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2017)
  11. Harlequin Love Inspired June 2017 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2017)
  12. Harlequin Love Inspired November 2017 – Box Set 2 of 2 (2017)
  13. Love Inspired February 2018 – Box Set 2 of 2 (2018)
  14. Second-Chance Cowboy / The Texan’s Twins (2019)
  15. Mistletoe Daddy / The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby (2021)


  1. A Recipe for Romance (2014)
  2. Summer Western Romance Sampler (2016)

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Carolyne Aarsen Books Overview

The Only Best Place

Leslie Vandekeere thought her big-city career made her life worthwhile, but a move to small-town Montana shows her how big the world really is.

Leslie had a good life: a happy family, a great career even if it did pull her away from her home, and all the energy of urban living. But she finds herself miles away from the city she knows and loves when her husband moves her and the children back to his boyhood home in Montana to help his mother work the struggling family farm. Being a farmer’s wife was definitely not in Leslie’s plan, and now she finds herself dealing with dirty cows, giant machinery, eccentric neighbors, and an extended family she doesn’t quite fit into. When her husband hints that the move might be permanent, Leslie must decide–can she really handle this much fresh air?

All in One Place

Terra Froese has spent most of her
adult life bouncing from job to job,
man to man, and drink to drink. But
when her latest relationship and
job simultaneously fall apart, she
leaves Seattle for rural Montana to
visit her sister, Leslie VandeKeere,
to whom she hasn’t spoken in over
a year. If anyone can help Terra
sort out her life, it’ll be Leslie, who
has managed success despite family
odds and a recent move from
city to country. With plans to rescue
herself and her sister from the
threat of going nowhere, Terra’s in
for a big surprise–Leslie likes her
new country life. When Terra rebels against her sister’s
conformity, how much wildness can the VandeKeeres
stand in order to keep the family All in One Place?

Yuletide Homecoming

‘I Need To Talk To You.’ Sarah Westerveld had been waiting years to hear those words from her estranged father. But now that he had finally summoned her home at holiday time, his fragile health rendered him unable to speak. What had he wanted to tell her? Sarah’s deepest desire was to be forgiven for the past. Yet part of that past and the future she dreamed of included her father’s sworn enemy, darkly handsome Logan Carleton. A man who knew that when Sarah made things right with her heavenly Father, all her Christmas wishes would come true.

Finally A Family

Arrogant Ethan Westerveld could scream that from the barn roof if he wanted. But half the place was now Hannah Kristoferson’s. Not that she wanted one inch of the farm that reminded her of the only father she’d ever known and his heartbreaking betrayal. Yet according to the terms of his will, she had to spend six months at Riverbend or forfeit the inheritance. Six months butting heads with too handsome Ethan in order to make a quick sale and a new life far away? She’d do it. But Hannah didn’t count on Ethan feeling like family or that she’d want to stay forever.

A Family For Luke

Luke Harris grew up without family. Now, it’s all he wants. More so when he and his friendly dog move next door to widowed mom Janie Corbett and her three kids. For the first time, he can imagine hearing the pitter patter of little feet in his own home. Listening to their bedtime prayers. Having a wife and children to call his own. But once burned/twice shy Janie won’t say yes unless Luke acknowledges his troubled past. With the help of one stubborn woman, three smart kids and a cherished Labrador retriever, there might be A Family For Luke, after all.

Toward Home

All her life, the only place that represented the loving home Melanie Visser always yearned for was a stately, gingerbread Victorian in the town she grew up in. Moving back home, Melanie discovers that her dream house is for sale. And though the long neglected manor needs some loving care, its embittered owner needs God’s healing touch and Melanie’s kindness even more. Available only in Christian Fiction 8.

Love Is Patient

In love with her boss. If Dylan Matheson knew the real reason she had become his secretary, Lisa Sterling suspected his gray eyes would turn to Arctic ice. Always protective of her stepbrother, she now needed to get inside Dylan’s company to clear her sibling’s name. Lisa thought their relationship would be strictly business. Until she accompanied Dylan to a family wedding…
The Mathesons’ closeness and absolute trust in God drew Lisa like a blazing fire on a cold winter’s night. A tower of strength, Dylan was a man she could love unfailingly. But as their attraction blossomed, she feared her secret would jeopardize everything. Unless God made Dylan see that love is all things, including forgiveness…

A Heart’s Refuge

Handsome but restless Rick Ethier had no use for the stuffy family business, but when his grandfather laid an interesting proposition at his door, he found it hard to say no. If Rich could bring a faltering magazine around to profitability within a year, he’d be free to pursue his true interests. But Rick found an unexpected obstacle in Becky Ellison, the previous owner’s daughter and the current editor of the magazine. Had God crossed their paths to give them both a new direction? Available only in Christian Fiction 8.

Close to Home

Jace Scholte used to be the town bad boy, a rebel who thought he had a cause. But when Jace fell for Dodie Westerveld, he changed and became a Christian. Instead of marrying him, though, Dodie ran away without a word, taking his heart with her. Now they’re both back in town. But Dodie still won’t talk about the past. When they’re paired together on a fundraiser for a new crisis center, Jace is reminded of how much she meant to him. Helping Dodie trust him and herself will take all the faith she once helped him find.

Cattleman’s Courtship

Veterinarian Cara Morrison is planning another walk down the aisle with her ex-fiance–except she isn’t the bride and rancher Nicholas Chapman isn’t the groom. With their best friends’ wedding looming, the last thing maid of honor Cara wants is to rekindle a romance with best man Nicholas. But when he needs her help to unravel the illness that’s descending on his herd, she discovers that the sparks between her and Nicholas still burn bright. Is it possible to heal the wounds of the past and start over with the cattleman she never stopped loving?

Cowboy Daddy

Rancher Kip Cosgrove promised his dying brother he’d take care of his motherless young twins. So when the boys’ estranged aunt shows up on the Cosgrove doorstep with a will and the law on her side, Kip digs in his boot heels. Nicole Williams is wonderful with the boys, but Kip is just as much their kin as she is. And until legal issues are settled, she’ll have to abide by his rules. Which means visiting the twins at the ranch. Seeing how much he loves the boys. How much they love him. And maybe…staying forever.

Twin Blessings / Toward Home

Twin Blessings

Straitlaced architect Logan Napier has his hands full with his twin nieces. Then free spirited Sandra Bachman enters the scene. She adores the girls and the twins want to ensure Sandra’s there to stay. Double matchmaking might show just how well these opposites attract.

Toward Home

Work in her dream house? Nurse Melanie Visser couldn’t be happier until her patient’s son decides to sell the building. Adam Engler wants a fresh start. But maybe what he needs is someone to help him find his way back home.

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