Carolyn Keene Books In Order

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories Books In Publication Order

  1. The Secret of the Old Clock (1930)
  2. The Hidden Staircase (1930)
  3. The Bungalow Mystery (1930)
  4. The Mystery at Lilac Inn (1930)
  5. The Secret of Shadow Ranch (1931)
  6. The Secret of Red Gate Farm (1931)
  7. The Clue in the Diary (1932)
  8. Nancy’s Mysterious Letter (1932)
  9. The Sign of the Twisted Candles (1933)
  10. Password to Larkspur Lane (1933)
  11. The Clue of the Broken Locket (1934)
  12. The Message in the Hollow Oak (1935)
  13. Mystery of the Ivory Charm (1936)
  14. The Whispering Statue (1937)
  15. The Haunted Bridge (1937)
  16. The Clue of the Tapping Heels (1939)
  17. Mystery of the Brass-Bound Trunk (1940)
  18. Mystery of the Moss-Covered Mansion (1941)
  19. The Quest of the Missing Map (1942)
  20. The Clue in the Jewel Box (1943)
  21. The Secret in the Old Attic (1944)
  22. The Clue in the Crumbling Wall (1945)
  23. Mystery of the Tolling Bell (1946)
  24. The Clue in the Old Album (1947)
  25. The Ghost of Blackwood Hall (1948)
  26. The Clue of the Leaning Chimney (1949)
  27. The Secret of the Wooden Lady (1950)
  28. The Clue of the Black Keys (1951)
  29. Mystery at the Ski Jump (1952)
  30. The Clue of the Velvet Mask (1953)
  31. The Ringmaster’s Secret (1953)
  32. The Scarlet Slipper Mystery (1954)
  33. The Witch Tree Symbol (1955)
  34. The Hidden Window Mystery (1956)
  35. The Haunted Showboat (1957)
  36. The Secret of the Golden Pavilion (1959)
  37. The Clue in the Old Stagecoach (1960)
  38. The Mystery of the Fire Dragon (1961)
  39. The Clue of the Dancing Puppet (1962)
  40. The Moonstone Castle Mystery (1963)
  41. The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes (1964)
  42. The Phantom of Pine Hill (1965)
  43. The Mystery of the 99 Steps (1966)
  44. The Clue in the Crossword Cipher (1967)
  45. The Spider Sapphire Mystery (1968)
  46. The Invisible Intruder (1969)
  47. The Mysterious Mannequin (1970)
  48. The Crooked Banister (1971)
  49. The Secret of Mirror Bay (1972)
  50. The Double Jinx Mystery (1973)
  51. Mystery of the Glowing Eye (1974)
  52. The Secret of the Forgotten City (1975)
  53. The Sky Phantom (1976)
  54. The Strange Message in the Parchment (1977)
  55. Mystery of Crocodile Island (1978)
  56. The Thirteenth Pearl (1979)
  57. The Triple Hoax (1979)
  58. The Flying Saucer Mystery (1980)
  59. The Secret in the Old Lace (1980)
  60. The Greek Symbol Mystery (1980)
  61. The Swami’s Ring (1981)
  62. The Kachina Doll Mystery (1981)
  63. The Twin Dilemma (1981)
  64. Captive Witness (1981)
  65. Mystery of the Winged Lion (1982)
  66. Race Against Time (1982)
  67. The Sinister Omen (1982)
  68. The Elusive Heiress (1982)
  69. Clue in the Ancient Disguise (1982)
  70. The Broken Anchor (1983)
  71. The Silver Cobweb (1983)
  72. The Haunted Carousel (1983)
  73. Enemy Match (1984)
  74. The Mysterious Image (1984)
  75. The Emerald-Eyed Cat Mystery (1984)
  76. The Eskimo’s Secret (1985)
  77. The Bluebeard Room (1985)
  78. The Phantom of Venice (1985)
  79. The Double Horror of Fenley Place (1987)
  80. The Case of the Disappearing Diamonds (1987)
  81. The Mardi Gras Mystery (1988)
  82. The Clue in the Camera (1988)
  83. The Case of the Vanishing Veil (1988)
  84. The Joker’s Revenge (1988)
  85. The Secret of Shady Glen (1988)
  86. The Mystery of Misty Canyon (1988)
  87. The Case of the Rising Star (1989)
  88. The Search for Cindy Austin (1989)
  89. The Case of the Disappearing Deejay (1989)
  90. The Puzzle at Pineview School (1989)
  91. The Girl Who Couldn’t Remember (1989)
  92. The Ghost of Craven Cove (1989)
  93. The Case of the Safecracker’s Secret (1990)
  94. The Picture Perfect Mystery (1990)
  95. The Silent Suspect (1990)
  96. The Case of the Photo Finish (1990)
  97. The Mystery at Magnolia Mansion (1990)
  98. The Haunting of Horse Island (1990)
  99. The Secret at Seven Rocks (1991)
  100. A Secret in Time (1991)
  101. The Mystery of the Missing Millionairess (1991)
  102. The Secret in the Dark (1991)
  103. The Stranger in the Shadows (1991)
  104. The Mystery of the Jade Tiger (1991)
  105. The Clue in the Antique Trunk (1992)
  106. The Case of the Artful Crime (1992)
  107. The Legend of Miner’s Creek (1992)
  108. The Secret of the Tibetan Treasure (1992)
  109. The Mystery of the Masked Rider (1992)
  110. The Nutcracker Ballet Mystery (1992)
  111. The Secret at Solaire (1993)
  112. Crime in the Queen’s Court (1993)
  113. The Secret Lost at Sea (1993)
  114. The Search for the Silver Persian (1993)
  115. The Suspect in the Smoke (1993)
  116. The Case of the Twin Teddy Bears (1993)
  117. Mystery on the Menu (1994)
  118. Trouble at Lake Tahoe (1994)
  119. The Mystery of the Missing Mascot (1994)
  120. The Case of the Floating Crime (1994)
  121. The Fortune Teller’s Secret (1994)
  122. The Message in the Haunted Mansion (1994)
  123. The Clue on the Silver Screen (1995)
  124. The Secret of the Scarlet Hand (1995)
  125. The Teen Model Mystery (1995)
  126. The Riddle in the Rare Book (1995)
  127. The Case of the Dangerous Solution (1995)
  128. The Treasure in the Royal Tower (1995)
  129. The Baby-Sitter Burglaries (1996)
  130. The Sign of the Falcon (1996)
  131. The Hidden Inheritance (1996)
  132. The Fox Hunt Mystery (1996)
  133. The Mystery at the Crystal Palace (1996)
  134. The Secret of the Forgotten Cave (1996)
  135. The Riddle of the Ruby Gazelle (1997)
  136. The Wedding Day Mystery (1997)
  137. In Search of the Black Rose (1997)
  138. The Legend of the Lost Gold (1997)
  139. The Secret of Candlelight Inn (1997)
  140. The Door-to-Door Deception (1997)
  141. The Wild Cat Crime (1998)
  142. The Case of Capital Intrigue (1998)
  143. Mystery on Maui (1998)
  144. The E-Mail Mystery (1998)
  145. The Missing Horse Mystery (1998)
  146. The Ghost of the Lantern Lady (1998)
  147. The Case of the Captured Queen (1999)
  148. On the Trail of Trouble (1999)
  149. The Clue of the Gold Doubloons (1999)
  150. Mystery at Moorsea Manor (1999)
  151. The Chocolate-Covered Contest (1999)
  152. The Key in the Satin Pocket (2000)
  153. Whispers in the Fog (2000)
  154. The Legend of the Emerald Lady (2000)
  155. The Mystery in Tornado Alley (2000)
  156. The Secret in the Stars (2000)
  157. The Music Festival Mystery (2000)
  158. The Curse of the Black Cat (2001)
  159. The Secret of the Fiery Chamber (2001)
  160. The Clue on the Crystal Dove (2001)
  161. Lost in the Everglades (2001)
  162. The Case of the Lost Song (2001)
  163. The Clues Challenge (2001)
  164. The Mystery of the Mother Wolf (2002)
  165. The Crime Lab Case (2002)
  166. The Case of the Creative Crime (2002)
  167. Mystery by Moonlight (2002)
  168. The Bike Tour Mystery (2002)
  169. The Mistletoe Mystery (2002)
  170. No Strings Attached (2003)
  171. Intrigue at the Grand Opera (2003)
  172. The Riding Club Crime (2003)
  173. Danger on the Great Lakes (2003)
  174. A Taste of Danger (2003)
  175. Werewolf in a Winter Wonderland (2003)

Dana Girls Mystery Stories Books In Publication Order

  1. The Secret at the Hermitage (1936)
  2. The Circle of Footprints (1937)
  3. Mystery of the Locked Room (1938)
  4. The Clue in the Cobweb (1939)
  5. The Secret at the Gatehouse (1940)
  6. The Mysterious Fireplace (1941)
  7. The Clue of the Rusty Key (1942)
  8. The Portrait in the Sand (1943)
  9. The Secret in the Old Well (1944)
  10. The Clue in the Ivy (1952)
  11. The Secret of the Jade Ring (1953)
  12. Mystery at the crossroads (1954)
  13. The Ghost in the Gallery (1955)
  14. The Clue of the Black flower (1956)
  15. The Winking Ruby Mystery (1957)
  16. The Secret of the Swiss Chalet (1958)
  17. The Haunted Lagoon (1959)
  18. Mystery of the Bamboo Bird (1960)
  19. The Sierra Gold Mystery (1961)
  20. The Secret of the Lost Lake (1962)
  21. Mystery of the Stone Tiger (1963)
  22. The Riddle of the Frozen Fountain (1964)
  23. The Secret of the Silver Dolphin (1965)
  24. Mystery of the Wax Queen (1966)
  25. The Secret of the Minstrela s Guitar (1967)
  26. The Phantom Surfer (1968)
  27. The Curious Coronation (1976)
  28. The Hundred Year Mystery (1977)
  29. Mountain-Peak Mystery (1978)
  30. The Witch’s Omen (1979)

Nancy Drew Files Books In Publication Order

  1. Secrets Can Kill (1986)
  2. Deadly Intent (1986)
  3. Murder On Ice (1986)
  4. Smile and Say Murder (1986)
  5. Hit and Run Holiday (1986)
  6. White Water Terror (1986)
  7. Buried Secrets (1987)
  8. Heart of Danger (1987)
  9. Fatal Ransom (1987)
  10. Wings of Fear (1987)
  11. This Side of Evil (1987)
  12. Trial by Fire (1987)
  13. Never Say Die (1987)
  14. Stay Tuned for Danger (1987)
  15. Circle of Evil (1987)
  16. Deadly Doubles (1987)
  17. Two Points To Murder (1987)
  18. False Moves (1987)
  19. Recipe for Murder (1988)
  20. Fatal Attraction (1988)
  21. Sinister Paradise (1988)
  22. Till Death Do Us Part (1988)
  23. Rich and Dangerous (1988)
  24. Playing with Fire (1988)
  25. Most Likely to Die (1988)
  26. The Black Widow (1988)
  27. Pure Poison (1988)
  28. Death by Design (1988)
  29. Sisters in Crime (1988)
  30. Very Deadly Yours (1988)
  31. Danger in Disguise (1989)
  32. Vanishing Act (1989)
  33. Bad Medicine (1989)
  34. Over the Edge (1989)
  35. Last Dance (1989)
  36. The Final Scene (1989)
  37. The Suspect Next Door (1989)
  38. Shadow of a Doubt (1989)
  39. Something to Hide (1989)
  40. The Wrong Chemistry (1989)
  41. False Impressions (1989)
  42. Trouble in Tahiti (1989)
  43. High Marks for Malice (1989)
  44. Scent of Danger (1990)
  45. Win, Place or Die (1990)
  46. Flirting with Danger (1990)
  47. Date With Deception (1990)
  48. Deep Secrets (1990)
  49. A Model Crime (1990)
  50. Danger For Hire (1990)
  51. Trail of Lies (1990)
  52. Cold As Ice (1990)
  53. Out of Bounds (1990)
  54. Portrait in Crime (1990)
  55. Hot Pursuit (1991)
  56. High Risk (1991)
  57. Poison Pen (1991)
  58. Sweet Revenge (1991)
  59. Easy Marks (1991)
  60. Mixed Signals (1991)
  61. Wrong Track (1991)
  62. Final Notes (1991)
  63. Tall, Dark and Deadly (1991)
  64. Don’t Look Twice (1991)
  65. Make No Mistake (1991)
  66. Into Thin Air (1991)
  67. Running Scared (1992)
  68. Cutting Edge (1992)
  69. Hot Tracks (1992)
  70. Swiss Secrets (1992)
  71. Rendezvous in Rome (1992)
  72. Greek Odyssey (1992)
  73. A Talent For Murder (1992)
  74. The Perfect Plot (1992)
  75. Nobody’s Business (1992)
  76. Crosscurrents (1992)
  77. Danger on Parade (1992)
  78. Update on Crime (1992)
  79. Dangerous Relations (1993)
  80. Diamond Deceit (1993)
  81. Choosing Sides (1993)
  82. Sea of Suspicion (1993)
  83. Let’s Talk Terror (1993)
  84. Moving Target (1993)
  85. False Pretenses (1993)
  86. Designs in Crime (1993)
  87. No Laughing Matter (1993)
  88. Power of Suggestion (1993)
  89. Making Waves (1993)
  90. Stage Fright (1993)
  91. An Instinct for Trouble (1994)
  92. The Runaway Bride (1994)
  93. Squeeze Play (1994)
  94. Island of Secrets (1994)
  95. The Cheating Heart (1994)
  96. Dance Till You Die (1994)
  97. The Picture of Guilt (1994)
  98. Counterfeit Christmas (1994)
  99. If Looks Could Kill (1994)
  100. My Deadly Valentine (1994)
  101. Hotline to Danger (1994)
  102. Illusions of Evil (1994)
  103. Love Notes (1995)
  104. Hidden Meanings (1995)
  105. The Stolen Kiss (1995)
  106. For Love or Money (1995)
  107. Heart of Ice (1995)
  108. Kiss and Tell (1995)
  109. Stolen Affections (1995)
  110. Flying Too High (1995)
  111. Anything for Love (1995)
  112. Captive Heart (1995)
  113. Rehearsing for Romance (1996)
  114. Running Into Trouble (1996)
  115. Under His Spell (1996)
  116. Skipping a Beat (1996)
  117. Wicked Ways (1996)
  118. Betrayed by Love (1996)
  119. Against the Rules (1997)
  120. Dangerous Loves (1997)
  121. Natural Enemies (1997)
  122. Strange Memories (1997)
  123. Wicked for the Weekend (1997)
  124. Crime at the Chat CafA (1997)

Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys: Super Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Double Crossing (1988)
  2. A Crime for Christmas (1988)
  3. Dangerous Games (1989)
  4. Shock Waves (1989)
  5. The Last Resort (1989)
  6. The Paris Connection (1990)
  7. Buried in Time (1990)
  8. Mystery Train (1990)
  9. Best of Enemies (1991)
  10. High Survival (1991)
  11. New Year’s Evil (1991)
  12. Tour of Danger (1992)
  13. Spies and Lies (1992)
  14. Tropic of Fear (1992)
  15. Courting Disaster (1993)
  16. Hits and Misses (1993)
  17. Evil in Amsterdam (1993)
  18. Desperate Measures (1994)
  19. Passport to Danger (1994)
  20. Danger Down Under (1994)
  21. Hollywood Horror (1994)
  22. Copper Canyon Conspiracy (1994)
  23. Dead on Arrival (1995)
  24. Target for Terror (1995)
  25. Secrets of the Nile (1995)
  26. A Question of Guilt (1996)
  27. Islands of Intrigue (1996)
  28. Murder on the Fourth of July (1996)
  29. High Stakes (1996)
  30. Nightmare in New Orleans (1997)
  31. Royal Revenge (1997)
  32. Out of Control (1997)
  33. Exhibition of Evil (1997)
  34. At All Costs (1997)
  35. Process of Elimination (1998)
  36. Operation Titanic (1998)

River Heights Books In Publication Order

  1. Love Times Three (1989)
  2. Guilty Secrets (1989)
  3. Going Too Far (1990)
  4. Stolen Kisses (1990)
  5. Between the Lines (1990)
  6. Lessons in Love (1990)
  7. Cheating Hearts (1990)
  8. The Trouble with Love (1990)
  9. Lies and Whispers (1991)
  10. Mixed Emotions (1991)
  11. Broken Hearts (1991)
  12. Hard to Handle (1991)
  13. Junior Class Trip (1991)
  14. A Mind of Her Own (1991)
  15. Love and Games (1992)
  16. Friends And Rivals (1992)
  17. The Jealousy Trap (1992)

Nancy Drew: Notebooks Books In Publication Order

  1. The Slumber Party Secret (1994)
  2. The Lost Locket (1994)
  3. The Secret Santa (1994)
  4. Bad Day for Ballet (1995)
  5. The Soccer Shoe Clue (1995)
  6. The Ice Cream Scoop (1995)
  7. Trouble at Camp Treehouse (1995)
  8. The Best Detective (1995)
  9. The Thanksgiving Surprise (1995)
  10. Not Nice on Ice (1996)
  11. The Pen Pal Puzzle (1996)
  12. The Puppy Problem (1996)
  13. The Wedding Gift Goof (1996)
  14. The Funny Face Fight (1996)
  15. The Crazy Key Clue (1996)
  16. The Ski Slope Mystery (1997)
  17. Whose Pet Is Best? (1997)
  18. The Stolen Unicorn (1997)
  19. The Lemonade Raid (1997)
  20. Hannah’s Secret (1997)
  21. Princess on Parade (1997)
  22. The Clue in the Glue (1998)
  23. Alien in the Classroom (1998)
  24. The Hidden Treasures (1998)
  25. Dare at the Fair (1998)
  26. The Lucky Horseshoes (1998)
  27. Trouble Takes the Cake (1998)
  28. Thrill on the Hill (1998)
  29. Lights! Camera! Clues! (1999)
  30. It’s No Joke! (1999)
  31. The Fine-Feathered Mystery (1999)
  32. The Black Velvet Mystery (1999)
  33. The Gumdrop Ghost (1999)
  34. Trash or Treasure? (2000)
  35. Third-Grade Reporter (2000)
  36. The Make-Believe Mystery (2000)
  37. Dude Ranch Detective (2000)
  38. Candy Is Dandy (2000)
  39. The Chinese New Year Mystery (2000)
  40. Dinosaur Alert! (2001)
  41. Flower Power (2001)
  42. Circus Act (2001)
  43. The Walkie Talkie Mystery (2001)
  44. The Purple Fingerprint (2001)
  45. The Dashing Dog Mystery (2001)
  46. The Snow Queen’s Surprise (2002)
  47. The Crook Who Took the Book (2002)
  48. The Crazy Carnival Case (2002)
  49. The Sand Castle Mystery (2002)
  50. The Scarytales Sleepover (2002)
  51. The Old-Fashioned Mystery (2002)
  52. Big Worry In Wonderland (2003)
  53. Recipe for Trouble (2003)
  54. The Stinky Cheese Surprise (2003)
  55. The Day Camp Disaster (2003)
  56. Turkey Trouble (2003)
  57. The Carousel Mystery (2003)
  58. The Dollhouse Mystery (2004)
  59. The Bike Race Mystery (2004)
  60. The Lighthouse Mystery (2004)
  61. Space Case (2004)
  62. The Secret in the Spooky Woods (2004)
  63. The Snowman Surprise (2004)
  64. The Bunny-Hop Hoax (2005)
  65. Strike-Out Scare (2005)
  66. Zoo Clue (2005)
  67. The Singing Suspects (2005)
  68. The Apple Bandit (2005)
  69. The Kitten Caper (2005)

Nancy Drew on Campus Books In Publication Order

  1. New Lives, New Loves (1995)
  2. On Her Own (1995)
  3. Don’t Look Back (1995)
  4. Tell Me the Truth (1995)
  5. Secret Rules (1996)
  6. It’s Your Move (1996)
  7. False Friends (1996)
  8. Getting Closer (1996)
  9. Broken Promises (1996)
  10. Party Weekend (1996)
  11. In the Name of Love (1996)
  12. Just the Two of Us (1996)
  13. Campus Exposures (1996)
  14. Hard to Get (1996)
  15. Loving and Losing (1996)
  16. Going Home (1996)
  17. New Beginnings (1997)
  18. Keeping Secrets (1997)
  19. Love On-Line (1997)
  20. Jealous Feelings (1997)
  21. Love and Betrayal (1997)
  22. In and Out of Love (1997)
  23. Otherwise Engaged (1997)
  24. In the Spotlight (1997)
  25. Snowbound (1998)

Nancy Drew: Girl Detective Books In Publication Order

  1. Without a Trace (2004)
  2. A Race Against Time (2004)
  3. False Notes (2004)
  4. High Risk (2004)
  5. Lights, Camera… (2004)
  6. Action! (2004)
  7. The Stolen Relic (2004)
  8. The Scarlet Macaw Scandal (2004)
  9. Stop the Clock (2005)
  10. Secret of the Spa (2005)
  11. Uncivil Acts (2005)
  12. Riverboat Ruse (2005)
  13. Trade Wind Danger (2005)
  14. Bad Times, Big Crimes (2005)
  15. Framed (2005)
  16. Dangerous Plays (2006)
  17. En Garde (2006)
  18. Pit of Vipers (2006)
  19. The Orchid Thief (2006)
  20. Getting Burned (2006)
  21. Close Encounters (2006)
  22. Dressed to Steal (2007)
  23. Troubled Waters (2007)
  24. Murder on the Set (2007)
  25. Trails of Treachery (2007)
  26. Fishing for Clues (2007)
  27. Intruder! (2007)
  28. Mardi Gras Masquerade (2008)
  29. The Stolen Bones (2008)
  30. Identity Revealed (2009)

Nancy Drew: Girl Detective Super Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Where’s Nancy? (2005)
  2. Once Upon a Crime (2006)
  3. Real Fake (2007)

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew Books In Publication Order

  1. Sleepover Sleuths (2006)
  2. Scream for Ice Cream (2006)
  3. Pony Problems (2006)
  4. The Cinderella Ballet Mystery (2006)
  5. Case of the Sneaky Snowman (2006)
  6. The Fashion Disaster (2007)
  7. The Circus Scare (2007)
  8. Lights, Camera . . . Cats! (2007)
  9. The Halloween Hoax (2007)
  10. Ticket Trouble (2007)
  11. Ski School Sneak (2007)
  12. Valentine’s Day Secret (2007)
  13. Chick-napped! (2008)
  14. The Zoo Crew (2008)
  15. Mall Madness (2008)
  16. Thanksgiving Thief (2008)
  17. Wedding Day Disaster (2008)
  18. Earth Day Escapade (2009)
  19. April Fool’s Day (2009)
  20. Treasure Trouble (2009)
  21. Double Take (2009)
  22. Unicorn Uproar (2009)
  23. Babysitting Bandit (2009)
  24. Princess Mix-up Mystery (2009)
  25. Buggy Breakout (2010)
  26. Camp Creepy (2010)
  27. Cat Burglar Caper (2010)
  28. Time Thief (2011)
  29. Designed for Disaster (2011)
  30. Dance Off (2011)
  31. The Make-a-Pet Mystery (2012)
  32. Cape Mermaid Mystery (2012)
  33. The Pumpkin Patch Puzzle (2012)
  34. Cupcake Chaos (2013)
  35. Cooking Camp Disaster (2013)
  36. The Secret of the Scarecrow (2013)
  37. The Flower Show Fiasco (2014)
  38. A Musical Mess (2014)
  39. Museum Mayhem (2014)
  40. Butterfly Blues (2015)

Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Super Mystery (II) Books In Publication Order

  1. Terror on Tour (With: Franklin W. Dixon) (2007)
  2. Danger Overseas (With: Franklin W. Dixon) (2008)
  3. Club Dread (With: Franklin W. Dixon) (2009)
  4. Gold Medal Murder (With: Franklin W. Dixon) (2010)
  5. Bonfire Masquerade (With: Franklin W. Dixon) (2011)
  6. Stage Fright (With: Franklin W. Dixon) (2012)

Nancy Drew: Girl Mystery Perfect Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Pageant Perfect Crime (2008)
  2. Perfect Cover (2008)
  3. The Perfect Escape (2008)

Nancy Drew: Girl Mystery Identity Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Secret Identity (2008)
  2. Identity Theft (2009)
  3. Identity Revealed (2009)

Nancy Drew: Girl Mystery Model Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Model Crime (2009)
  2. Model Menace (2009)
  3. Model Suspect (2009)

Nancy Drew: Girl Mystery Eco Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Green-Eyed Monster (2009)
  2. Green with Envy (2010)
  3. Seeing Green (2010)

Nancy Drew: Girl Mystery Sabotage Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Secret Sabotage (2010)
  2. Serial Sabotage (2010)
  3. Sabotage Surrender (2011)

Nancy Drew: Girl Mystery Malibu Mayhem Books In Publication Order

  1. California Schemin’ (2011)
  2. Mystery at Malachite Mansion (2011)
  3. Stalk, Don’t Run (2012)

Nancy Drew Diaries Books In Publication Order

  1. Curse of the Arctic Star (2013)
  2. Strangers on a Train (2013)
  3. Mystery of the Midnight Rider (2013)
  4. Once Upon a Thriller (2013)
  5. Sabotage at Willow Woods (2014)
  6. Secret at Mystic Lake (2014)
  7. The Phantom of Nantucket (2014)
  8. The Magician’s Secret (2015)
  9. The Clue at Black Creek Farm (2015)
  10. A Script for Danger (2015)
  11. The Red Slippers (2015)
  12. The Sign in the Smoke (2016)
  13. Nancy Drew Diaries Supersleuth Collection (2016)
  14. The Ghost of Grey Fox Inn (2016)
  15. Riverboat Roulette (2017)
  16. The Professor and the Puzzle (2017)
  17. The Haunting on Heliotrope Lane (2018)
  18. Famous Mistakes (2018)
  19. A Nancy Drew Christmas (2018)
  20. The Stolen Show (2019)
  21. Hidden Pictures (2020)
  22. The Vanishing Statue (2020)
  23. Danger at the Iron Dragon (2021)
  24. A Capitol Crime (2021)

Nancy Drew Clue Chapter Books In Publication Order

  1. Pool Party Puzzler (2015)
  2. Last Lemonade Standing (2015)
  3. A Star Witness (2015)
  4. Big Top Flop (2016)
  5. Movie Madness (2016)
  6. Pets on Parade (2016)
  7. Candy Kingdom Chaos (2017)
  8. World Record Mystery (2017)
  9. Springtime Crime (2018)
  10. Boo Crew (2018)

Nancy Drew Graphic Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Demon of River Heights (2005)
  2. Writ in Stone (2005)
  3. The Haunted Dollhouse (2005)
  4. The Girl Who Wasn’t There (2006)
  5. The Fake Heir (2006)
  6. Mr. Cheeters Is Missing (2006)
  7. The Charmed Bracelet (2006)
  8. Global Warning (2007)
  9. Ghost in the Machinery (2007)
  10. The Disoriented Express (2007)
  11. Monkey-Wrench Blues (2007)
  12. Dress Reversal (2008)
  13. Doggone Town (2008)
  14. Sleight of Dan (2008)
  15. Tiger Counter (2008)
  16. What Goes Up… (2009)
  17. Night of the Living Chatchke (2009)
  18. City under the Baseme*nt (2009)
  19. Cliffhanger (2009)
  20. High School Musical Mystery (2010)
  21. High School Musical Mystery II (2010)

Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Super Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Terror on Tour (2007)
  2. Danger Overseas (2008)
  3. Club Dread (2009)
  4. Gold Medal Murder (2010)
  5. Bonfire Masquerade (2011)
  6. Stage Fright (2012)

Nancy Drew Files Books In Publication Order

  1. Nancy Drew Files Vol. I: Secrets Can Kill; Deadly Intent; Murder on Ice (2019)
  2. Nancy Drew Files Vol. II: Smile and Say Murder; Hit and Run Holiday; White Water Terror (2019)

Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys: Be A Detective Books In Publication Order

  1. The Secret of the Knight’s Sword (1984)
  2. Danger on Ice (1984)
  3. The Feathered Serpent (1984)
  4. Secret Cargo (1984)
  5. The Alaskan Mystery (1984)
  6. The Missing Money Mystery (1985)

Nancy Drew: Picture Book Books In Publication Order

  1. Mystery of the Lost Dogs (1977)

The Dana Girls Mystery Stories, Second Set Books In Publication Order

  1. The Curious Coronation (1976)
  2. The Hundred Year Mystery (1977)

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, Super Sleuths! Books In Publication Order

  1. Super Sleuths! (With: ,Franklin W. Dixon) (1981)
  2. Super Sleuths! Vol. 2 (With: ,Franklin W. Dixon) (1981)

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Book Series in Order Carolyn Keene Books Overview

The Secret of the Old Clock

A special treat for Nancy Drew fans! Out just in time for Nancy’s 80th anniversary, we’re releasing a limited number of copies of The Secret of the Old Clock, the first book in the series. It’s the exciting mystery that readers have fallen in love with for 80 years, with a terrific new look and bonus material! Collectors won’t want to miss this.

The Hidden Staircase

For the first time ever, the first three books of the famed Nancy Drew series are available in one volume. This unique, three in one volume is offered at an incredible price. The exciting NANCY DREW MYSTERY STORIESr compilation includes The Secret of the Old Clock, The Hidden Staircase, and The Bungalow Mystery. Full of action, intrigue, and adventure, these three stories were the first Nancy Drew books ever published, initiating generations of readers into the wonderful world of the intrepid ‘girl detective’ for whom no mystery was too puzzling to solve.

The Bungalow Mystery

The Bungalow Mystery: While trying to help a friend out of a difficulty, Nancy has a perilous experience in and around a deserted bungalow, from which only her bravery and quick thinking save her. The Mystery At Lilac Inn: Nancy finds herself in danger when she tries to solve the mystery of the old inn, believed to be jinxed.

The Mystery at Lilac Inn

Read by Laura Linneyapprox. 3 hours2 cassettesNancy finds herself in danger when she tries to solve the mystery of the old inn, believed to be jinxed.

The Secret of Shadow Ranch

This cool paperback blank journal features one of the most memorable cover images from the classic Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series. TM & 2006 Simon & Schuster, Inc.

The Secret of Red Gate Farm

Nancy becomes suspicious of a secret society and is drawn to investigate.

The Clue in the Diary

Nancy uses a lost diary to exonerate an innocent prisoner.

Nancy’s Mysterious Letter

Nancy receives a letter informing her that she is heir to a fortune. This story tells of her search for another Nancy Drew.

The Sign of the Twisted Candles

A reproduction of the first edition of THE SIGN OF THE TWISTED CANDLE, as it was originally published in 1933. For readers who met Nancy Drew before 1959, this is the book they remember.

Password to Larkspur Lane

A carrier pigeon furnishes Nancy with a clue to a mysterious retreat.

The Clue of the Broken Locket

Nancy Drew’s sympathy for adopted twin babies leads her into a surprising mystery. Here is a reproduction of the original book, just as it was originally published in 1934.

The Message in the Hollow Oak

Nancy Drew tackles a mystery professional detectives failed to solve finding a valuable centuries old message in a hollow oak tree in Illinois.

Mystery of the Ivory Charm

Nancy Drew determines whether an ivory elephant charm really protects its wearer from harm when she investigates the involvement of a member of the Bengleton Wild Animal Show in a mysterious scheme.

The Whispering Statue

Nancy and her friends establish headquarters in a seaside yacht club to investigate strange happenings in a book store and the disappearance of a marble statue.

The Haunted Bridge

Nancy Drew becomes involved in a double mystery concerning a haunted bridge and jewel thieves.

The Clue of the Tapping Heels

Originally published in 1939, Nancy solves the mystery of a lost love.

Mystery of the Brass-Bound Trunk

A brass bound trunk mistakenly delivered to Nancy’s cabin on a New York bound ocean liner becomes the first clue leading her to suspect that international jewel thieves are aboard.

Mystery of the Moss-Covered Mansion

Nancy Drew sets out to prove that her father’s client was unjustly accused of trying to sabotage the United States space program.

The Quest of the Missing Map

The 19th in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series, this is a facsimile reproduction of the original book, which was first published in 1942.

The Clue in the Jewel Box

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the first appearance of Nancy Drew, Applewood Books is pleased to release the 20th volume in its reproductions of the Original Nancy Drew Just as You Remember Her. The Clue in the Jewel Box was ghostwritten by Mildred Wirt. It was first issued in January 1943. Its nostalgic dust jacket art and frontispiece were illustrated by Russell Tandy. In The Clue in the Jewel Box Nancy and her friends help Queen Madame Alexandra search for her missing grandson. With only an old photograph of the prince at four years of age, Nancy begins her search. She discovers a secret in a jewel box that helps reunite the royal family.

The Clue in the Crumbling Wall

The original Nancy Drew Just as You Remember Her! Number 22 in the series. It was first published in 1945, with its text written by the original ghostwriter of the series, Mildred Wirt Benson. The cover was illustrated by Russell Tandy. The book was rewritten in 1962. The Applewood edition includes the 1945 original text and art.

Mystery of the Tolling Bell

Nancy Drew and her two friends help uncover a gang of swindlers while vacationing in a seaside town.

The Clue in the Old Album

At a doll collector’s request for help, a young sleuth searches for an old album, a lost doll, and a missing gypsy violinist.

The Ghost of Blackwood Hall

A search for stolen jewelry takes Nancy to New Orleans where she uncovers a swindling racket in which a medium uses her trade to relieve victims of their valuables.

The Clue of the Leaning Chimney

A rare Chinese vase is stolen from a pottery shop. Nancy and the owner of the shop feel that locating ‘the leaning chimney’ will provide the clue to the vase and other stolen articles.

The Secret of the Wooden Lady

For cliffhanging suspense and thrilling action read THE NANCY DREW MYSTERY STORIES the worlds most popular mystery series for young readers! Millions of fans have matched wits with Nancy Drew, helping her solve more than fifty baffling cases.

The Clue of the Black Keys

Terry Scott, a young archaeology professor, seeks Nancy’s help in unearthing a secret of antiquity which can be unlocked by three black keys. While on an archaeological expedition in Mexico, terry and Dr. Joshua Pitt came across a clue to the buried treasure. The clue was a cipher carved on a stone tablet.

Mystery at the Ski Jump

When Nancy learns that the Drews’ housekeeper has been duped by an elegantly dressed woman into buying a stolen fur piece, the young detective starts a search for the clever swindler. To Nancy’s astonishment, she discovers that the woman is using the name Nancy Drew. The dishonest acts of the impostor point the finger of suspicion at Nancy herself and result in her being questioned by the police. Nancy’s determination to capture the elusive, dangerous Mitzi Channing takes her to northern New York State and Canada. At a gala winter event Nancy meets this situation and turns the tables on Mitzi Channing and her fellow thieves makes another thrilling Carolyn Keene mystery.

The Clue of the Velvet Mask

When a gang that uses parties as a cover for robberies victimizes a masquerade party Nancy is attending, the teen age detective switches identity with her girl friend to solve the case.

The Ringmaster’s Secret

Nancy Drew joins the circus in order to investigate the mystery surrounding a gold charm bracelet and a young orphaned aerialist.

The Scarlet Slipper Mystery

Nancy Drew comes to the aid of the owners of a local dancing school when they receive an anonymous note threatening their lives.

The Witch Tree Symbol

An unusual hex sign leads Nancy Drew to Pennsylvania Dutch country in pursuit of a thief who stops at nothing to get rid of her.

The Hidden Window Mystery

A magazine article offering a large reward to anyone who can find a missing medieval stained glass window intrigues Nancy Drew. She asks Bess and George to join her on a search in Charlottesville, Virginia. Before the three friends leave River Heights, their adversary tries to get them to postpone the trip. But no luck. Nancy is determined to carry through her plans.

The Haunted Showboat

For cliffhanging suspense and thrilling action read THE NANCY DREW MYSTERY STORIES the worlds most popular mystery series for young readers! Millions of fans have matched wits with Nancy Drew, helping her solve more than fifty baffling cases.

The Secret of the Golden Pavilion

Nancy Drew, her lovely blue eyes sparkling with excitement, stared in fascination from the cabin of a private helicopter. The craft was headed for the River Heights airport, a few miles beyond. Below, the rooftops of the town stood out clearly in the moonlight. Chapter 1, The Secret of the Golden Pavilion.

The Clue in the Old Stagecoach

For cliffhanging suspense and thrilling action read THE NANCY DREW MYSTERY STORIES the worlds most popular mystery series for young readers! Millions of fans have matched wits with Nancy Drew, helping her solve more than fifty baffling cases.

The Mystery of the Fire Dragon

For cliffhanging suspense and thrilling action read THE NANCY DREW MYSTERY STORIES the worlds most popular mystery series for young readers! Millions of fans have matched wits with Nancy Drew, helping her solve more than fifty baffling cases.

The Clue of the Dancing Puppet

When the eerie performances of a life size puppet begin to haunt the old Van Pelt estate, where and amateur acting group The Footlighters have their theater, Nancy Drew is called upon to unravel the mystery.

The Moonstone Castle Mystery

When Nancy Drew receives a valuable moonstone as a gift from an unknown person, she is amazed and puzzled. But it is only the first of several startling events in this complex mystery that challenge the ingenuity of the pretty sleuth. Why are the Bowens a missionary couple who recently returned to the United States having so much trouble finding their missing seventeen year old granddaughter?

The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes

Nancy travels with her father and two close friends to visit her great grandmother in Scotland and discovers the mystery of a missing family hierloom.

The Phantom of Pine Hill

When Nancy Drew, together with her two close friends, arrive for the Emerson University June Week celebration and learn there has been a mix up in their motel reservations, the confusion leads to a baffling mystery. Uncle John Rorick, a descendant of the early settlers of the town of Emerson, invites the three girls to be his guests at his historic mansion on Pine Hill. Shortly after their arrival, he tells them about the phantom who haunts the mansion’s library.

The Mystery of the 99 Steps

For cliffhanging suspense and thrilling action read THE NANCY DREW MYSTERY STORIES the worlds most popular mystery series for young readers! Millions of fans have matched wits with Nancy Drew, helping her solve more than fifty baffling cases.

The Clue in the Crossword Cipher

For cliffhanging suspense and thrilling action read THE NANCY DREW MYSTERY STORIES the worlds most popular mystery series for young readers! Millions of fans have matched wits with Nancy Drew, helping her solve more than fifty baffling cases.

The Spider Sapphire Mystery

Nancy Drew’s latest involvement in a mystery begins in her home town and concerns a synthetic sapphire with a spider embedded in it, and the strange disappearance of Ned Nickerson.

The Invisible Intruder

Nancy Drew and her friends go on a ghost hunting expedition and become involved with a gang of thieves who concentrate their activities on collectors of valuable shells.

The Mysterious Mannequin

The gift of an oriental rug with a coded message woven into its border and the disappearance of a Turkish client start Nancy Drew on a new search for a missing mannequin.

The Crooked Banister

While helping the police find the owner of a mysterious house with a crooked staircase and an unpredictable robot, Nancy Drew, girl detective, also helps capture a swindler.

The Secret of Mirror Bay

When Nancy Drew and her friends go to a lake in New York to investigate reports of a woman gliding over water, they discover a treasure underwater.

The Double Jinx Mystery

Nancy and her friends find they have to overcome people’s superstitions and fears in solving the case of a ‘jinxed’ and threatened bird farm.

Mystery of the Glowing Eye

A fiery glowing eye in a museum, the abduction of Ned, the code name Cyclops, and a pilotless helicopter draw Nancy and her friends into a dangerous investigation.

The Secret of the Forgotten City

Nancy and her friends become involved in a search for lost treasure.

The Sky Phantom

While vacationing in the Midwest with her friends, Nancy Drew investigates a mysterious magnetic cloud, searches for a hijacked plane, and hunts a horse thief.

The Strange Message in the Parchment

While trying to recover a set of stolen parchment paintings, Nancy Drew becomes involved in tracking a kidnapper and extortionist.

Mystery of Crocodile Island

A young detective’s attempts to uncover a group of poachers on Crocodile Island in Florida involve her with kidnapping, reptiles, enemy boats, and a sinister racket.

The Thirteenth Pearl

Asked to locate a stolen necklace of unusual value, Nancy soon discovers that strange and dangerous people are responsible for the theft.

The Triple Hoax

Aunt Eloise invites Nancy, Bess, and George to New York to help a friend who has been swindled out of a sizable sum of money. There, the girls see a performance of a magicians’ group who stun their audiences with clever sleight of hand tricks. Because the magicians temporarily remove people’s wallets and handbags, Nancy feels the actors aren’t above suspicion. Her hunch is borne out and a whirlwind chase ensues.

The Flying Saucer Mystery

When Nancy and her friends ride deep into the Sawniegunk Forest in search of a flying saucer, they find themselves in the middle of more than one mystery. Wildcats, runaway horses, deadly snakes, and a disappearing Indian keep the sleuths tangled in danger and suspense.

The Secret in the Old Lace

Nancy Drew has entered a contest to solve an old mystery the disappearance of a Flemish nobleman, a pair of lace cuffs, and a priceless treasure. In a thrilling story shadowed by a romance of the past, Nancy solves a mystery over a hundred years in the making.

The Greek Symbol Mystery

When she is told that a large inheritance from a Greek tycoon, meant for her friend Helen Nicholas, was stolen, Nancy agrees to find the culprit. A poisonous snake in a basket of apples and a strange symbol stamped on a rare Byzantine mask are clues in this mystery set in the beautiful and exotic country of Greece. These clues lead Nancy and her friends to a ring of art smugglers and to the secret of the Greek symbol.

The Swami’s Ring

When Nancy searches through the knapsack of an amnesia victim, she finds an unusual ring. Before long, she is caught up in a second assignment from a beautiful harpist. Nancy’s discoveries reveal an important connection between the hospital patient, the harpist, and enemies from abroad.

The Kachina Doll Mystery

When Nancy arrives at the McGuire’s fitness ranch in Arizona, she discovers that the future of the ranch is being threatened by unexplained accidents. Teaming up with a ghost, Nancy begins her search for a precious collection of ancient Kachina dolls and hunts for her elusive adversary, who is determined to prevent the ranch from operating.

The Twin Dilemma

When a star model disappears, Aunt Eloise insists that Nancy replace the model in a fashion show. Nancy reluctantly accepts the invitation, only to discover that several of the clothes for the show have been stolen! Once on the trail of her elusive enemies, Nancy discovers clue after clue pointing to a diabolical scheme that she must stop at all costs!

Captive Witness

On a student tour through Europe, Nancy discovers that their leader is on a secret mission to transfer ten refugee children from an iron curtain country to freedom! Before the mission is completed, Nancy receives an urgent message from her father concerning a missing entry in a foreign film festival. Undaunted and clever, Nancy pursues an intriguing clue found in a student’s wheelchair and finds herself in great danger.

Mystery of the Winged Lion

Nancy and her friends’ vacation in Venice involves them with kidnappers and a secret glass making formula.

The Broken Anchor

A quest for pirate treasure takes clever detective Nancy Drew and her friends to a small island in the Bahamas.

The Silver Cobweb

Nancy’s latest mystery involves golf pros, opera stars, jewelry designers, and webs and spiders.

The Bluebeard Room

The young sleuth travels to Cornwall, England to uncover a mysterious coven of witches plaguing an old friend.

The Phantom of Venice

Nancy travels to Venice to investigate the kidnapping of a famous glassblower and the disappearance of an artist.

The Double Horror of Fenley Place

Nancy visits a movie set and finds terror on location! World famous director Hank Steinberg is filming a horror flick in Nancy’s hometown of River Heights. The movie tells a spine tingling story about a haunted house. Most shocking of all, though, is what’s going on across the street at an old Victorian mansion called Fenley Place. Whatever happens on the movie set is mysteriously duplicated in the mansion: red smoke billows from the chimney, a ghostly figure appears in the window, and blood oozes from the walls. The special effects are a real scream, but Nancy must find out who is behind them before the movie and the mansion reach the final, horrifying climax!

The Case of the Vanishing Veil

A Boston Wedding…
A Veiled Threat…
A Dangerous Environment…
When Nancy attends a wedding in Boston, she encounters a marriage marred by mischief. The groom may have stolen the bride’s heart, but a thief has made off with her antique lace veil! From a mansion in Cape Cod to a museum of witchcraft in Salem, Nancy, Bess, and George follow a trail of intrigue and deceit across the New England countryside. They uncover the shocking story behind the wedding day prank and a $60 million mystery behind the vanishing veil!

The Secret of Shady Glen

A cemetery of dark secrets…
and Nancy’s in the middle of it! Shady Glen was no different from any other cemetery maybe a little spooky, but harmless nonetheless. At least that’s what Nancy thought until she stumbled onto a treasure map…
and stumbled into a world of trouble. The map leads Nancy into a network of underground passageways, where she uncovers a series of clues to a recent outbreak of robberies and the location of a long lost fortune in gold. She follows the hidden tunnels into the cold, dark heart of the cemetery and comes face to face with the chilling secret of Shady Glen!

The Mystery at Magnolia Mansion

/MEGA BOOKS Someone is trying to drive famed author Amelia Beaufort craze and Nancy and Bess have traveled to her moss covered estate to help her out. As the two teens search the mansion for clues, they find themselves trapped in a real life gothic tale on.

The Secret at Seven Rocks

/MEGA BOOKS Nancy Drew Mystery Stories is the ever popular series featuring the world’s best loved girl detective. There are more than five million copies of the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories in print! Nancy and her friends must find out who is sabotaging the wi.

The Mystery of the Missing Millionairess

/MEGA BOOKS Nancy goes undercover at a girls’ prep school to find a movie star’s missing daughter. Nancy finally locates Veronica, but the kidnappers aren’t about to let the one mi.

The Mystery of the Jade Tiger

Nancy’s in California to investigate a series of break ins at the home of her father’s friend Terry Kirkland. A Vietnam vet, Terry came away from the conflict with a trunk full of memories. But unknown to him, the trunk also holds a mystery an exotic secret that now threatens to destroy his family A twisted trail of intrigue and corruption leads Nancy to a shocking revelation. The truth behind the burglaries rests with a soldier who vanished on a top secret mission. But the trail of the tiger doesn’t end in the jungle it leads right to Terry’s door.

The Clue in the Antique Trunk

In a town as pretty as a picture postcard, Nancy seeks the key to a picture perfect crime! Nancy has come to White Falls, Massachusetts, to visit her former neighbor, Vera Alexander. The town is rich in history, and Vera wants to preserve a piece of its past. But her plan to convert the old Caulder Cutlery factory into a museum turns suddenly ominous when someone threatens her life. Why was Vera’s antique trunk stolen? What dark secrets has she unwittingly disturbed? The answers are hidden in the past. Fifty years ago the owner of Caulder Cutlery was killed by his own knife and Nancy knows that before she can solve the present day case, she must first uncover the haunting truth behind an old fashioned murder.

The Nutcracker Ballet Mystery

An evening of ballet leads Nancy into a dance with danger! Madame Dugrand’s Dance Academy is in rehearsal for The Nutcracker Ballet, and it could be a huge hit this year. Shana Edwards, a recent graduate who has made a big splash in New York, is returning to River Heights to star in the show. But the closer the dancers get to show time, the clearer it becomes that the stage is set for disaster. Someone is determined to bring the production down before the curtain goes up. Theft and arson threaten to darken the theater and doom the dance. But Nancy will have to conduct her investigation with extreme precision and agility. One false step, one wrong move, and The Nutcracker could come to a swift and bitter end.

Crime in the Queen’s Court

When Nancy Drew joins the troupe of an Elizabethan festival that comes to River Heights, she discovers that the entire festival is a target for sabotage, and she must uncover a devious plot.

The Case of the Twin Teddy Bears

On the trail of a teddy bear thief, nancy unwraps double dealing and double crosses! Bess is working during the Christmas rush at Beary Wonderful, a toy and teddy bear shop, when the holiday season takes a sudden scary turn. The owner’s prized collection of antique teddy bears cute, cuddly, and worth a bundle has been ripped off. But the break in is only the beginning of a much bigger and more brazen teddy bear caper. The attempted theft of Bess’s own bear a replica of one of the antiques leads Nancy to believe that more is at stake than a couple of burgled bears. For Nancy knows that even something as innocent as a teddy bear can be stuffed with intrigue!

The Case of the Floating Crime

Volunteering on a hospital ship that brings medical care to South America, Nancy begins to suspect that someone is using the ship to transport illegal cargo, and must track down the clues before her own health is risked.

The Message in the Haunted Mansion

Nancy Finds Mischief, Mystery, and Danger All Under One Roof! Nancy, Bess, and George have joined the Drews’ housekeeper, Hannah Gruen, on a trip to San Francisco. They have come at the invitation of Hannah’s friend Rose Green, who has asked their help in renovating a charming old Victorian mansion. But there may be other, uninvited guests as well: visitors from the past…
spirits who want the place all to themselves. Nancy suspects that there is another force at work greed. According to legend, a fortune in long lost gold is hidden on the property, and someone is determined to take it. But in a house full of trapdoors and secret tunnels, falling glass and suspicious fires, finding the truth won’t be easy. One misstep, and Nancy won’t stand a ghost of a chance!

The Teen Model Mystery

Traveling to the site of a commercial shoot, where her model friend Cindy will star, Nancy is alarmed by Cindy’s disappearance and launches an investigation that takes her into the shady side of teen fashion.

The Riddle in the Rare Book

When a series of rare book thefts strikes the Bloom’s Bookstore & Coffeehouse in River Heights, Nancy Drew finds her only clue in the handwriting of a dead woman.

The Case of the Dangerous Solution

When George takes a delivery job for a local pharmacy, three customers fall prey to lethal poisons that are substituted for medicine, and Nancy must solve the case before George is named a prime suspect.

The Treasure in the Royal Tower

Anticipating a fun filled winter skiing vacation in Wisconsin, Nancy Drew and her friends soon learn that the lodge harbors scary secrets and a hidden treasure, and the teen sleuth is out to discover the truth.

The Baby-Sitter Burglaries

Three houses have been burgled in River Heights and the police can find only one connection Juanita Puentes has baby sat in all three. Nancy’s convinced that Juanita is being set up for the crimes, and she’s determined to prove it by catching the true burglar in the act.

The Mystery at the Crystal Palace

Investigating the theft of a friend’s inheritance, Nancy travels to a state of the art skating arena in Minneapolis and finds suspects in a group of Olympic class skaters who soon put Nancy on thin ice.

The Wedding Day Mystery

Helping her wedding planner friends during a four wedding weekend, Nancy is surprised when one of the weddings, which is being held at an old mansion, is targeted by someone who is trying to impersonate a ghost.

In Search of the Black Rose

A trip with her father to Oxford University sends Nancy on a strange journey through the medieval corridors of a college. The mystery begins when an arrow shoots out of the shadows. It bears a riddle and a clue as beautiful as it is sinister. What is the meaning of the black rose?

The Legend of the Lost Gold

When her vacation cottage is ransacked, Nancy discovers that her vacation spot is riddled with crime and investigates the site of an alleged treasure, while an unknown assailant makes her search increasingly perilous.’

The Secret of Candlelight Inn

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Twenty five years ago a ring of counterfeiters flooded River Heights with fake $20 bills. Now the funny money has resurfaced, and Nancy’s found the source a hidden room at the Candlelight Inn. But to get at the truth behind the money, Nancy risks puttin

The Wild Cat Crime

Working as an intern on the Channel 9 investigative news teams gives Nancy a chance to watch breaking stories unfold. The most exciting news comes from the zoo: A cougar, belonging to one of the world’s endangered species, has given birth to four cubs. But the wondrous news takes a wicked turn when the priceless baby cats are stolen.

The Case of Capital Intrigue

Nancy’s going to the White House, where George is interning as a photographer’s assistant. On the day of her arrival, a photo session of a priceless solid gold statue is under way. But something is wrong with this picture Nancy gets knocked out cold and now the statue is missing.

Mystery on Maui

Nancy, Bess, and George are on Maui to check out a major international surfing competition. But there’s trouble in paradise big money is at stake in the contest, and someone’s playing a dirty game.

The E-Mail Mystery

Someone is using email to sabotage Nancy’s father’s law firm and Nancy’s searching cyberspace to put an end to this web of greed, deception and betrayal.

The Missing Horse Mystery


Nancy’s attending the Midwest Grand Prix Dressage Championships, where many of the world’s best riders and finest horses compete. But more than blue ribbons is at stake. As Nancy quickly learns, these horses generate big money, turning a friendly competition into a very nasty business.

Discovering a fire in the stables, Nancy barely averts a terrible tragedy. But now she faces a new danger: a valuable horse has vanished, and it’s up to Nancy to save it. She pursues the truth down a trail of greed, deception, and sinister secrets…
only to find herself in jeopardy!

The Ghost of the Lantern Lady

AT A HAUNTED HISTORIC VILLAGE, NANCY SEES THE GHOSTLY SIGNS OF FOUL PLAY Nancy loves a good mystery. That’s why she, Bess, and George are volunteering at Persimmon Woods Pioneer Village, a living history museum of the 1830s. Nancy’s heard that a lot of weird things have been happening there, like the eerie sightings of the Lantern Lady the ghost of an original settler. But as soon as Nancy starts investigating, she learns that even though the workers at Persimmon Woods are in costume, the danger isn’t an act. Someone has concocted a cunning scheme to destroy the village, and if Nancy doesn’t find the culprit, she could become history, too.

The Clue of the Gold Doubloons

MOVIE MAKING SETS THE SCENE FOR DANGER Nancy and George are thrilled to take part in the filming of a pirate movie onboard the Swift Adventure, a reproduction of a centuries old sailing ship. Twin brothers Andrew and Daniel Wagner are producing the low budget film, and they’ve asked their friends to help out. With Nancy as assistant director and George set to play a notorious female pirate, the girls can’t wait to jump in. But a series of robberies at the hotel where the cast and crew are staying, plus the discovery of gold doubloons at the crime scenes, has almost everyone in the production under suspicion. Could the robberies be a publicity stunt staged by one of the brothers? An angry crew member trying to sabotage the film? With her own safety in jeopardy, Nancy needs to figure out who, in a big cast of characters, is masterminding this criminal production.

Mystery at Moorsea Manor

‘No room at the inn’ means someone wants Nancy to check out permanently! There’s nothing like riding a horse across the beautiful English countryside, and Nancy has been looking forward to this vacation. But the danger begins even before she arrives at stately Moorsea Manor. Someone steals a road sign, sending Nancy down a dark, twisting road to nowhere. When she finally finds the inn, she’s almost killed by a bronze statue dropped from a second story window! The owners tell her that there have been other ‘pranks’ as well. But someone’s going to get hurt and that means Moorsea Manor will be out of business. Now it’s up to Nancy to find the culprit, before the guest list becomes a casualty list!

The Chocolate-Covered Contest

Nancy is about to learn the real meaning of ‘Death by Chocolate’ Nancy can hardly believe it. While visiting an amuseme*nt park owned by the world famous Royal Chocolates Company, her friend Bess tears open a million dollar candy wrapper in a contest. But when they go to collect, they’re told that someone else has won. And then they’re accused of tampering with the winning wrapper! Something is rotten in chocolatetown. The proof comes when Nancy and her friends are treated to a near death experience in the park’s animal safari. Someone’s pulling a million dollar swindle, and getting Nancy and her friends out of the way seems to be the icing on the cake.

The Key in the Satin Pocket

When Nancy finds a brass key and a safe deposit receipt in the pocket of the blue satin jacket she bought at a vintage clothing store, she decides to investigate the mystery behind the key.

Whispers in the Fog

Nancy investigates when one of Katie Firestone’s boats is vandalized in an apparent attempt to put her whale watching tours out of business.

The Legend of the Emerald Lady

ON THE EXOTIC ISLAND OF ST. ANN, NANCY SEARCHES FOR SECRETS BURIED IN THE PAST! Swimming, sailing, and snorkeling are all that Nancy, Bess, and Ned expect when they visit old friends at their nineteenth century plantation, Sugar Moon. But when a strange man appears, brandishing a cutlass, and Nancy discovers traces of intruders, her curiosity is aroused. Soon she comes across a faded love letter with clues to the hiding place of a long dead pirate’s precious gift a fabulous emerald necklace. Many colorful island characters have a serious stake in finding the treasure, and Nancy barely escapes from their traps, on land and at sea. Then, just as Nancy locates the necklace, it’s about to slip from her grasp forever!

The Mystery in Tornado Alley

DREAM TRIP? OR A NIGHTMARE OF TROUBLE? When Hannah Gruen inherits a farm from a distant cousin, the Drews, with Bess and George, drive off for a scenic Oklahoma vacation. The plan is to sell the property and pack up whatever mementos Hannah wants to keep. But a terrifying encounter with a tornado is just the beginning of trouble. In a duffel bag Nancy discovers what looks like a ransom note and a gruff intruder appears, insisting that the bag is his! Is he planning a kidnapping? Nancy contacts the local police, but they think it’s a prank. When charming Derek Owens, a tornado chaser at the local university, offers to help, Nancy accepts faster than a lightning flash. But the clues she discovers lead her deeper into peril and Nancy’s soon fighting for her life in the eye of a monster storm!

The Secret in the Stars

WHEN NANCY GOES STARGAZING, SHE CATCHES A COMET OF AN ADVENTURE BY THE TAIL! Nancy and George are thrilled when Bob ‘Dr. Stars’ Steller, a cool astronomer with a popular radio program, comes to River Heights for the Perseid meteor shower. Bess goes into orbit when she learns that a Hollywood heartthrob and his girlfriend are also in town secretly. But when Nancy finds Steller’s van deserted and runs into a hostile rival of the astronomer, she senses a dangerous black hole in the event. Then Dr. Steller finally appears or is he an optical illusion? As Nancy uncovers more evidence, her suspicions lead her into a sinister scheme moving faster than the speed of light!

The Music Festival Mystery

THE INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP CLUB IS SPONSORING A FUN WEEKEND BUT NANCY FINDS A MELTING POT OF SABOTAGE! For Nancy and her friends, Worldbeat Weekend at Emerson College is supposed to be fun. Nancy gets to spend time with her boyfriend, Ned, and everyone plans to enjoy music and food from around the world. But the two candidates running to be the next president of IFC, both from rival countries, accuse each other of smearing their campaigns with dirty tricks and the chaos begins. Missing money and collapsing tents are just the start of the trouble. As tensions rise, the weekend spirals toward disaster. The local press is sniffing around. A public scandal would ruin IFC, and only Nancy can uncover the clues to track down the culprit in time!

The Curse of the Black Cat

When the prestigious Waverly Academy begins having trouble with mysterious occurences, Nancy and George are asked to go undercover as teaching interns and investigate the Black Cat that seems to be responsible for the mayhem.

The Secret of the Fiery Chamber

Making it? Or faking it? The ancient Japanese art of raku pottery is highly dramatic the colorful one of a kind pots are pulled from the kiln, glowing and red hot. But when Nancy and her friends visit a local crafts village, Bess is the one who nearly goes up in flames when she’s showered with sparks! And that’s only the beginning. Nancy’s been alerted by Theresa Kim, a rising young artist at the village, that someone is producing brilliantly made fakes and selling them as antiques for lots of money. Now the pressure is on for others to join the illegal operation. When Nancy starts to investigate, she discovers that amid the beautiful treasures lurks a very clever and dangerous counterfeiter. If Nancy doesn’t watch her step, she may be the one going up in smoke!

The Clue on the Crystal Dove

A cunning thief is desperate to wreck the opening of a historic landmark and Nancy is his target! On Gramercy Park in New York City, the magnificent Van Hoogstraten mansion with its priceless collection of glass birds is about to open to the public. Nancy, Bess, and George are invited, but a series of sinister events puts everything in chaos. When the centerpiece of the collection, a beautiful crystal bird, is stolen, Nancy gets on the case. From family members with motives to keep the house, to an antiques dealer with a personal grudge, suspects abound. And when Nancy goes to the family’s abandoned camp in the Adirondack forest, she zeroes in on the truth. In a violent nighttime thunderstorm on a solitary lake, Nancy confronts the culprit. The case is solved if she can get to shore alive!

Lost in the Everglades

When Nancy and her friends visit the Florida Everglades, they join in the search for a missing park volunteer, Jade Romero, and for the sculpture of a panther said to be hidden in the backwoods.

The Case of the Lost Song

After taking some items to an appraisal show, George discovers that inside his old recorder is a tape containing Lou Knight’s last song, and when it is stolen, Nancy and Bess discover that other visitors to the show have been robbed also.

The Clues Challenge

Dangerous pranks ice over an outdoor treasure hunt and Nancy has to melt down the culprit!

Nancy and her friend George are visiting Emerson College, courtesy of Nancy’s boyfriend, Ned. His fraternity is eager to win The Clues Challenge, an athletic treasure hunt sponsored by a local sporting goods store, so the girls join Ned’s team. But accidents, dirty tricks, and computer warnings threaten to shut down the whole event.

Nancy suspects that someone has cheated by giving out the answers to the clues. Now she’s investigating a pushy reporter, a jealous star athlete, a nervous store owner, and a snooty sorority president. Someone’s got a secret agenda to win at any cost and Nancy’s skiing right into an avalanche of trouble!

The Mystery of the Mother Wolf

In A Winter Wonderland, Nancy Takes A Walk On The Wild Side! Nancy, Bess, and George are staying at a rustic lodge in Wyoming, looking forward to fun winter sports like skiing and dogsledding. But their vacation plunges into mystery when Rainbow, the lodge’s pet tame wolf, suddenly disappears, leaving her five newborn pups motherless. Then Nancy learns that the lodge owners are creating a wolf sanctuary on their land and not everybody is happy. Was stealing Rainbow meant to be a warning? As Nancy investigates, her suspects include a hostile neighbor, a young wolf expert, and a handsome ranch hand. But if she’s not careful, someone in the white wilderness will snow her under for good!

The Crime Lab Case

While Nancy and her friends are helping with a high school ‘chemystery’ camp that teaches how science is used to solve crimes, a real mystery involving the professor in charge begins, and Nancy takes over the made up case and the real one.

The Case of the Creative Crime

AT RIVER ARTS, NANCY’S PERFECTING HER PERFORMANCE UNDER COVER!Set high above the river, the grand old Pennington estate is the perfect place for an arts colony. College students can work with established artists; and the owner, elderly Marianna Pennington, gets to keep her home. But when Rhoda Benton, the colony’s director, gets a disturbing threat, Nancy and Bess start hunting for an elusive suspect. From the owner’s nephew, who wants to build condos on the property, to a handsome young artist determined to break all the rules, there’s no lack of candidates. But Nancy’s best lead comes from someone who wants to remain anonymous someone she’ll have to meet at midnight at the edge of a cliff.

Mystery by Moonlight

A MOUNTAIN LAKE HARBORS A HIDDEN PAST! A charming lakeside cottage should be the perfect vacation spot for Nancy and her friends until Bess becomes convinced that they’re sharing the place with ghosts. Strange thumps in the attic put them all on edge except there is no attic. Even worse, their living neighbors are giving them grief. A pair of bird watching photographers sets dangerous traps in the woods, a summer camp director chases Nancy and Ned off his property, and the assistant curator of a nearby Native American museum warns them to stay away from an ancient burial ground. Then a surprising discovery reveals a long lost mystery and a family secret as black as night.

The Bike Tour Mystery

Riding uphill is hard but going down can send you over the edge! Nancy, Bass, and George are all geared up for a bike tour in Ireland. They’re looking forward to spectacular scenery, romantic ruins, local entertainment, and, at the end of the day, cozy inns to welcome them. But it isn’t long before the three friends realize that they’re riding with danger. From the moment they arrive at the airport, someone seems to be targeting the tour members, especially the two teen sisters from Australia. Even worse, not all the cyclists are what they appear to be. As the group bikes along sheep filled roads and steep seaside cliffs, the menace mounts. Nancy knows that if she makes one wrong turn she’ll be on a detour to disaster!

The Mistletoe Mystery


Nancy’s friend Bess has been hired by Special Effects, a River Heights company, to decorate Albemarle’s department store for the holidays. When Bess discovers that her friend Ali Marie is now working at the store, she’s thrilled the two of them can have lunch and try on clothes for fun! But when some dresses are swiped, Ali is accused of stealing, and the party’s over.

Sure of her friend’s innocence, Bess calls in Nancy to help find the real thief. With all the suspects and misleading clues, Nancy and her friends are running in circles and the holiday shopping rush isn’t helping! Can they figure out the identity of a clothes hungry kleptomaniac before the holiday season turns sour?

No Strings Attached

How Many Strings Will Fray Before A Family Business Falls Apart? Nancy, George, and Bess are going on a vacation to Paris, and Nancy’s father pulled a few strings to get the girls some quaint accommodations: a tiny top floor flat in a small three story house on the Ile Saint Louis. The first floor of the building is a puppet theater, museum, and shop, owned by twenty seven year old Mimi Loiseau, who lives on the second floor. Mimi’s great grandmother had always hinted at a unique family treasure. She died before she could tell Mimi what, or where, it was. Now someone is stealing puppets and vandalizing apartments. Could this someone be looking for the long lost treasure? Nancy’s on the scene just in time to help save Mimi’s business and to make sure they all get home in one piece!

Intrigue at the Grand Opera

WHEN THE CURTAIN GOES DOWN, THE REAL DRAMA BEGINS The American Grand Opera has come to River Heights to perform Tosca, Aida, and The Marriage of Figaro, and Nancy’s friend Bess is going to be a chorus extra. It’s all so exciting for the girls; the costumes, the music, the glamor! Little do they expect, though, the drama that will take place backstage. When a falling sandbag from the scenery catwalk nearly misses the two female stars of the opera during a dress rehearsal, Nancy begins to suspect foul play. As it turns out, the falling sandbag isn’t the first incident of the tour. In the dressing room, Nancy finds out that rival singers Rosacrucia Alba, the hot new soprano, and Marta Willentz, an older member of the company, have been involved in a few scary situations. As rehearsals continue and the threat to these singers increases, Nancy scrambles to determine why someone is trying to ensure that only one singer will be the star of these shows.

The Riding Club Crime

This Summer, Nothing’s Safe At Green Spring Not Even The Camp ItselfElsa, a friend of Nancy and George’s and a counselor at Green Spring Pony Club’s summer camp, invites the girls for a ride one afternoon. Along the way, Elsa gushes about how a team of campers will compete in a regional pony club rally. If they win, they’ll go to the national competition! But Elsa’s excitement quickly fades when Nancy’s horse falls into a ditch, and it’s clearly a case of sabotage. This prompts Elsa to tell Nancy about some sinister happenings on the camp’s grounds. Is someone trying to hurt the campers or the camp?Disguised as a counselor, Nancy tries to figure out who’s behind the vicious accidents. And as they become more devastating, Nancy realizes she needs to move quickly. Will her sleuthing skills be enough to keep this camp’s horses and their riders on track?

Danger on the Great Lakes

THERE’S MORE EXCITEMENT ON THIS CRUISE SHIP THAN NANCY BARGAINED FOR! Nancy, Bess, and George are going on a cruise around the Great Lakes for a fantastic end of summer vacation! As soon as the girls set foot on the ship, though, they smell something fishy. Their new friend Amber is upset because her boyfriend, Craig, is neglecting her. After a little investigating on her friend’s behalf, Nancy learns that Craig is really a detective. He’s been busy hunting for a mastermind diamond thief who may well be on the ship. And it turns out Craig can use some help. Soon Nancy’s hunting for clues on land and offshore. Where there’s stolen diamonds, though, there’s danger and Nancy and her friends are soon caught in the thick of it. Will Nancy be able to crack this case before her ship is sunk?

A Taste of Danger

This Resort Has The Recipe For Disaster! Nancy’s thrilled that she, Bess, George, and Hannah will be attending the grand opening of the newly renovated Gourmet Getaway. Not only will they be able to eat four star meals prepared by master chefs, they’ll get to take cooking clas*ses with them, too. But before the table’s even set, problems start plaguing the resort, both in and out of the kitchen. Nancy can’t believe it’s just bad luck, but who’s causing all the problems? Nancy puts her cooking on the back burner so she can devote her attention to solving the mystery. Can she manage to find out who’s behind the trouble before more sabotage is served?

Werewolf in a Winter Wonderland

Things are hairy in River Heights this holiday season. Two wolves have disappeared from WildWolf, the federal wolf preserve just outside of town. Local farmers think the missing wolves are killing their sheep, but there are also rumors of werewolf sightings nearby. At the same time, the annual River Heights Winter Carnival is set to begin. When the first two days of the outdoor festival are full of tragic disasters, Nancy can’t help but wonder is there a link between the carnival’s trouble and the missing wolves? After the carnival’s beautiful ice palace is destroyed, Nancy’s sure there’s a wolf at River Heights’s door. But is the leader of this pack of crimes human, or beast?

The Ghost in the Gallery

Rehearsing for a musical and writing songs prove to be frightening experiences for the two Dana sisters, as there are ghosts in the theater, or are there?

The Secret of the Swiss Chalet

While vacationing in Europe, the Dana sisters agree to help a former Austrian prince locate his family’s long lost heirlooms, a search that takes them into the dangerous snow covered Swiss Alps.

The Haunted Lagoon

The Dana girls and their friends try to locate a missing sea captain last seen on Chincoteague Island off the Virginia Coast.

The Sierra Gold Mystery

The search for a stolen sapphire ring, a missing grandfather, and a lost chest of gold nuggets leads the Dana sisters to California’s gold country in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The Secret of the Lost Lake

While attempting to locate a lost dog, the Dana sisters become involved in the mystery surrounding a reclusive mountain woman.

The Riddle of the Frozen Fountain

When asked to trace the writer of a threatening note, the Dana sisters become enmeshed in a mystery concerning a bronze fountain.

The Secret of the Silver Dolphin

Two girls’ search for a silver dolphin mentioned in a will is hindered by a hostile fortune teller and an elusive thief.

Mystery of the Wax Queen

The Dana sisters spend their spring vacation solving a mystery involving a phony automobile raffle, a wax bust of Queen Victoria, a stolen diamond, and a sculptress.

The Phantom Surfer

While spending spring vacation at an ocean resort, the Dana girls encounter the mystery of the nocturnal surfer who disappears into the sea.

The Curious Coronation

The Dana girls turn their attention to the thefts, kidnapping, and other mysterious events which surround a teenage pageant.

Mountain-Peak Mystery

Two teenagers searching for a duplicate manuscript containing the secret disclosure of an orphan’s grandfather realize dangers from unknown enemies who are also hunting for the document.

Secrets Can Kill

Nancy poses as a student and goes undercover to investigate a series of thefts at Bedford High.

Deadly Intent

Nancy Drew is looking for a kidnapped rock star but she finds a lethal conspiracy. Soon her list of suspects reads like the Who’s Who of the New York rock scene. Then Nancy’s boyfriend Ned shows up, eager for romance. Nancy feels she can’t spend the time until, through Ned, she uncovers a conspiracy that could blow the lid off the music industry.

Murder On Ice

A weekend on the ski slopes is just what Nancy and Ned need to rekindle their romance. Joined by Bess and George, they head for the mountains and run straight into deadly peril. First Nancy’s towline breaks, then she and Ned careen toward a cliff’s edge in a jeep gone out of control. Nancy’s got to move fast before an avalanche of murder buries them all. Case 3.

Smile and Say Murder

Nancy Drew tries to find out who’s spreading terror through the offices of Flash, the hottest new teen magazine in the country.

White Water Terror

Nancy sets out to have a fun and exciting white water rafting trip, but when someone starts sabotaging the trip, her life is in danger, so she needs to investigate.

Buried Secrets

Nancy investigates a thirty year old mystery involving the bizarre death of Mayor John Harrington.

Heart of Danger

Nancy investigates the kidnapping of Caterina Reigert by posing as the writer of the girl’s father’s autobiography.

Stay Tuned for Danger

In this case, Nancy has to track down the person stalking handsome TV actor, Rick Arlen.

False Moves

Nancy tracks down the thief responsible for stealing the million dollar Raja diamond during a gala ballet performance.

Bad Medicine

Ned’s friend Trevor Callahan is a promising young doctor but his patients keep disappearing. As Nancy unravels the mystery, the bodysnatcher stalks her. Could this be Nancy’s final operation?

Scent of Danger


Portrait in Crime

When the nephew of a reclusive local artist drowns under strange circumstances, Nancy has a full fledged mystery to solve during her summer at the Hamptons.

High Risk

It looks like Evaline Waters, a River Heights resident, is knee deep in trouble. A huge corporation is suing her for her land; they want to tear down her house and put up a warehouse. And documentation of the zoning law that would protect Evaline’s right to keep her land is missing. Figures! I’ve got to find that document, but it’s hard to focus on the land when I’m cruising at ten thousand feet. See, Ned and I are taking flying lessons, him with Colonel Lang, a friend of his family, and me with Frank Beltrano, an instructor at our local airport. It’s a good thing I’m good at juggling more than two balls at once. Too bad I’m not the only one.

Tall, Dark and Deadly

Is Jonathan a dream guy…
or a monster?When Jonathan Cain moves to Sweet Valley, Jessica Wakefield feels an attraction so strong it’s almost supernatural. Jonathan is interesting, intelligent, and gorgeous in a dark, brooding sort of way no wonder SVH students are following him around! But Jonathan won’t even meet Jessica’s eyes. Will Jessica find a way to capture this mystery man’s heart…
or has she lost her touch?Elizabeth Wakefield doesn’t trust Jonathan for a single minute. She can’t believe her friends and her twin sister are so taken with such an arrogant guy. And when a body, drained of blood, is discovered behind the Dairi Burger, Elizabeth’s mistrust explodes into a fear. Jonathan might be far more dangerous than she ever imagined.

Don’t Look Twice

Nancy deals with deception and forgery while visiting a friend in Chicago.

Into Thin Air

Nancy must help Mark Rubin, a bumbling young private investigator working on an embezzling case, before he makes any more mistakes.

Swiss Secrets

Nancy’s European summer is getting hot. First stop: Romance. Destination: Danger! Nancy, Bess, and George are off on a continental adventure into the gorgeous heart of Europe: Switzerland. And gorgeous is just the word for jet setter Franz Haussman, who invites the girls out for a night of dancing at a chic club on the shores of Lake Geneva. But before the music ends, the mystery begins . and Franz’s life hangs in the balance! Soon after Franz receives a death threat, Nancy finds herself in the eye of an Alpine storm of romantic intrigue, family scandal, and big business blackmail. Nancy’s summer abroad is just getting started, but Franz draws her into a world of jealousy, ambition, and greed as dark and twisting as the medieval streets of old town Geneva.

The Perfect Plot

This set includes The Leader in You, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living and How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Danger on Parade

Nancy and Bess are thrilled to be invited behind the scenes of the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, until Nancy learns that there is a plot to sabotage the entire event.

Choosing Sides

Nancy lends a hand in a local election where issue 1 is murder. River Heights is about to elect a new mayor and every candidate will have to take a stand on crime. But Nancy’s choice, District Attorney Caroline Hill, apparently doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Small time hoodlum Bobby Rouse has implicated the DA in a bribery scandal, threatening her integrity and her chances for victory. Nancy’s convinced that Caroline is the victim of a frame up, but before finding the proof, she has another victim on her hands Bobby Rouse, victim of murder. Politics can be a dirty business, and it’s up to Nancy to root out the corruption. Fearing that the election will be decided not by ballots but by bullets, Nancy knows this is one race she can’t afford to lose.

Sea of Suspicion

When a crew member of the Lady Jane is murdered during a search for sunken treasure, ship’s captain Sean Mahoney is arrested for the crime, but Nancy is certain that he has been set up.

Moving Target

A bike trip in the country leads to a dangerous twist as Nancy’s ride takes a sudden, nasty turn. After catching a jewel thief in the act, Nancy hopes to steal a little time for herself. A three day bike ride with Ned, George, and a group of Emerson College students seems the perfect escape until a series of ‘accidents’ puts them all on a definite downhill course. And to add insult to injury, the rider most at risk is Nancy’s friend George! But why would someone want to harm George a girl who has never hurt anyone? Nancy knows she’ll have to find answers quickly before the trip takes a dangerous detour and her friend’s ten speed spins out of control. A deadly secret has come along for the ride, and getting it out in the open may be the only way to save George’s life!

Designs in Crime

In a world of lace, silk, and chiffon, Nancy finds that murder is made to order! Beau Winston is a hot name in fashion, and he’s invited Nancy Drew into his New York studio to find out who is stealing his original designs. But now he has suffered an even greater loss one that threatens to destroy his reputation. Someone has made off with his most prized creation: a wedding gown custom made for heiress Joanna Rockwell. Nancy’s investigation draws her into a web of hidden motives and twisted ambitions. She uncovers a pattern of intrigue, betrayal, and revenge stretching from Manhattan’s Garment District to the Fifth Avenue triplex of the billionaire Rockwell family. And every new thread in the case leads to an increase in danger: for the thief of fashions is now dressed to kill!

No Laughing Matter

When the accountant of Riverview’s hot new comedy club is sent to jail for embezzlement, Nancy is convinced that he has been framed, and she goes undercover at the club to catch the real crook.

Island of Secrets

Helping her friend with summer fieldwork at Block Island, Nancy comes across the murdered body of hustler Tom Haines, whose seedy dealings stir up a whole island of suspicion for Nancy to dig through.

The Stolen Kiss

Preparing for an exciting weekend when Ned’s fraternity throws a party at the same time a gala art opening debuts the work of a handsome aspiring artist, Nancy is drawn into another mystery when a crown painting is stolen.

Stolen Affections

Teaming up with River Heights detective Sam Fanelli after an eight year old boy is kidnapped, Nancy learns that young Jeremy Wright may be the victim of a custody dispute between his movie star mother and paternal grandparents.

Rehearsing for Romance

The stage is set for disaster and Nancy’s in the spotlight! Bess has landed a small part in a promising new Chicago play, and she’s seeing stars for the hot young featured actor, Jordan McCabe. Nancy, however, sees only trouble. The play is a mystery, the theme is murder, and it soon becomes apparent that Nancy and Bess may both have starring roles in a deadly real life drama. A mysterious fire backstage, a prop gun loaded with real bullets, and an anonymous threat on Bess’s life put Nancy on notice that danger is waiting in the wings. Nancy’s investigation turns up a whole cast of suspects…
one of whom is determined to turn the final act into a major tragedy!

Against the Rules

WHEN A MURDERER BREAKS RANKS, IT’S UP TO NANCY TO TAKE COMMAND Nancy, Bess, and George have been invited to the Stafford Military Academy’s gala centennial celebration, a weekend of dining and dancing with good looking guys in uniform. But the festivities take an ugly and tragic turn when one good soldier Sergeant Stephanie Grindle becomes a casualty…
of murder! Nancy’s escort, Captain Nicholas Dufont, has the potential to be a major distraction. But this case requires all of her attention. Behind the military facade, Stafford is a hotbed of hidden rage and secret scandals. And someone at the academy is on a personal mission: Do anything to stop Nancy Drew from uncovering the truth!

Natural Enemies

Amid The Brightest Wonders Of The Sea, Nancy Plunges To The Darkest Depths of Danger. When Ned’s invited to study at the Rocky Isle Marine Institute in Maine, Nancy joins him as a volunteer at the facility’s aquarium. But Ned fears that a handsome tour guide is creating serious waves in their relationship. Nancy, however, has to deal with a different kind of storm one threatening to destroy the entire institute. Already in dire financial straits, the aquarium has lost its prized baby dolphin, and someone’s demanding a million dollar ransom. Is it Matt Folton, animal rights activist and major TV star? Nancy suspects that a deadlier human shark is on the prowl, and she’ll take any risk even act as bait to ensure the dolphin’s safe return!

Double Crossing

Nancy Drew is enjoying a luxury cruise aboard the ship where her friend George is the new social director. It seems like great fun until Nancy overhears a plan to sell CIA secrets to another country. Meanwhile…
the Hardy Boys are working undercover on the same cruise ship trying to track down a dangerous group of thieves who prey on rich passengers.

A Crime for Christmas

Nancy Drew teams up with the Hardy boys in New York to find a pair of big time cat burglars who are expected to hit a museum next.

The Last Resort

/Carolyn Keene Mischief turns to murder in a thrilling new mystery. Somebody at Mt. Mirage, the super ritzy winter playground for the rich and famous, is playing dastardly pranks. Then Lampley is murdered, and it is up to the teen detectives to track down the ve.

Buried in Time

/Carolyn Keene /Carolyn Keene Nancy Drew investigates sabotage and murder at a local archaeological dig, while the Hardy Boys trace an unmarked shipment of uranium, and their paths cross in Oklahoma, to discover.

Mystery Train

AMERICA’S TOP TEEN DETECTIVES TEAM UP TRACK DOWN A CRIMINAL MASTERMIND NANCY DREW joins some of the best minds in the mystery field to help crack a famous unsolved case: the theft of the Comstock diamond. A private train will take the elite group from Chicago to San Francisco, the same route taken by the jewel thief fifteen years before. But someone is out to derail the search for clues and send Nancy on a chilling cross country ride to terror. Meanwhile…
FRANK AND JOE HARDY climb on board, lured by the promise of a $25,000 reward for whoever finds the diamond. Instead they find trouble: an open air fist fight atop the speeding train, a runaway locomotive, and a beautiful gem of a different kind actress Kate Harkins. Joe is dazzled by her entrance and stunned by her exit. The teen detectives suspect she’s been kidnapped, and it soon becomes clear they’ve all been ticketed for disaster…
on the Mystery Train

Best of Enemies

AMERICA’S HOTTEST TEEN DETECTIVES TEAM UP TO BRING AN AMERICAN SUPERSPY TO SAFETY The Berlin Wall has come tumbling down, and a major American agent code named the Swallow wants to come home. On a top secret mission for the Network, THE HARDY BOYS head to Memphis, where a mystery man named Pritchiff has promised to turn the agent over for a price. But a ruthless German spymaster, known only as Klaus, has vowed to beat Frank and Joe to the punch and shoot the Swallow out of the sky. Meanwhile…
NANCY DREW comes to the aid of Beau Davis, a guy with a bad case of the Memphis blues. Accused of stealing a guitar once belonging to Elvis, he is now a prime suspect in a more ominous matter the murder of Pritchitt! In a case as twisty and treacherous as a Mississippi River current, Frank and Joe and Nancy are headed for a stunning rendezvous and revelation . . in Best of Enemies

Tour of Danger

The teen sleuths team up in Tokyo, Nancy investigating the smuggling frame up of an elderly lady, the boys looking into the counterfeiting of Amsa electronic devices, and the young detectives soon realize the cases are linked.

Spies and Lies

Working undercover at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, Nancy, Frank, and Joe find their separate missions taking a sinister turn when a Bureau trainee is murdered.

Tropic of Fear

While on vacation in Hawaii, Nancy Drew meets up with Frank and Joe Hardy, who are working undercover in the islands, and together they investigate a murder with sinister implications for the Honolulu’s legendary Grand Hawaiian Hotel.

Courting Disaster

While Nancy races to protect her video jockey friend, Terry, from a masked intruder, Frank and Joe Hardy try to keep tennis superstar Pat Flynn from falling prey to an unknown assailant.

Desperate Measures

When an old friend summons Nancy Drew to Arlington, Virginia, to help her locate her missing father, a top scientist, Nancy teams up with Frank and Joe Hardy to solve the perplexing mystery.

Passport to Danger

While Nancy investigates a plot to produce counterfeit green cards, the Hardys are also in Mexico searching for the thief who stole a priceless Mayan mask from an art gallery, and the young sleuths soon discover a link between their separate cases.

Danger Down Under

Trying to determine who has stolen a sacred ancient artifact belonging to an Australian Aborigine tribe, Nancy, Frank, and Joe become entangled in a land dispute feud between the tribe and the owners of an opal mine.

Hollywood Horror

Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys find unexpected mystery and terror in Hollywood as they cope with deadly sabotage, crazed fans, and an obsessed stalker targeting television star Marla Devereaux.

Copper Canyon Conspiracy

When Tasio Humada receives death threats while running the Cactus Marathon with some of their friends, Nancy and the Hardys investigate his people’s dispute with lumber mills in Mexico and expose a maze of greed, bribery, and corruption.

Dead on Arrival

Nancy is called upon to investigate the disappearance of an ace reporter, but is unable to prevent the missing girl’s murder, while the Hardy Boys go undercover to find out who has been holding up ambulances and stealing bodies.

Secrets of the Nile

Posing as the newlywed sons of a wealthy Egyptian banker, Frank and Joe hope to undermine a terrorist group, while Nancy and her friend Bess, posing as the brother’s wives, are involved in a kidnapping investigation.

A Question of Guilt

America’s top teen detectives team up to find the bottom line in a murderous financial dispute. Nancy Drew and her father, Carson, have come to Philadelphia to attend a meeting of the Vidocq Society, a group dedicated to the investigation of unsolved crimes. One of Carson’s clients, Buff Bellamy, was recently tried for the slaying of Laurel Kenway, the ward of his uncle, real estate king Stafford Bellamy. Carson managed to get his client off on a technicality, but everyone except the Drews believes Buff got away with murder. Nancy’s out to prove his innocence…
beyond a question of a doubt. Meanwhile…
Frank and Joe Hardy, and their father, Fenton, have come to the same meeting. Why? To prove beyond a doubt that Buff is guilty. Fenton investigated the crime, and the brothers found the evidence that convinced the district attorney to bring Buff to trial. It’s a high profile case in which Nancy, Frank, and Joe all have something to lose. But they all want the same thing. To find the real killer…

Islands of Intrigue

America’s hottest teen detectives team up to defuse an explosive scheme. Nancy Drew and her friend Bess are vacationing in Greece, land of romance, history, and mystery. They befriend Alexis Constantine, daughter of a famous shipping magnate, and are invited to sail on the family’s yacht in the Greek islands. But Nancy and Bess soon discover that they are headed into some dangerous waters. Alexis is kidnapped, and after a caller threatens to kill her if the police are notified, Nancy realizes that the young woman’s fate is in her hands. Meanwhile…
Frank and Joe Hardy have come to Greece at the behest of the ultrasecret Network. Their mission: Pursue a renegade American operative suspected of stealing a dozen superpowerful Phoenix missiles from a U.S. military base. Together with Nancy, the Hardys set off on a spine tingling Greek odyssey across a sea of duplicity, danger, and imminent destruction…

High Stakes

Nancy’s visit to Eileen’s posh horse farm is interrupted when Eileen’s fiance a7, who has been accused of theft, suddenly disappears, and the Hardy boys’ horse sitting job is disrupted by a murder.

Nightmare in New Orleans

Celebrating the opening of her friend’s restaurant in New Orleans, Nancy struggles to outwit a saboteur, while Frank and Joe investigate the theft of half a million dollars from a riverboat casino.

Out of Control

America’s Top Teen Detectives Team Up To Stop Crime In Its Tracks! Indianapolis is the place to be in the week preceding the Indy 500 race, and NANCY DREW is eager to join in the excitement. First stop: the racetrack fashion shoot featuring sportswear designer Kate Cordova and supermodel Miranda Marott. And when Nancy steps in to save the shoot from major disaster, she earns the designer’s gratitude and an invitation to a cool party. But a shocking twist threatens to cut the new friendship short when a federal agent steps in to arrest Kate! Meanwhile…
FRANK and JOE HARDY are working undercover on an Indy 500 pit crew. Their assignment: find out who’s sabotaging driver Robbie McDonnell’s racing team. They quickly discover that there’s no room for error on the track or off. A sniper’s bullet, a flash fire, and finally a deadly discovery bring Nancy, Frank, and Joe together in an investigation that leads to a million dollar mystery and to murder, as crime spins…
Fast And Dangerous

At All Costs

While Nancy visits a friend at the University of Utah, Frank and Joe Hardy are working undercover just outside Salt Lake City at the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Together, they team up to investigate acts of sabotage by ecoterrorists, and are led into a tangled web of financial intrigue, political corruption, and explosive action.

Process of Elimination

Nancy Drew has come to Los Angeles with her friend Bess to attend an international conference of environmentalists. But Nancy soon finds that there are even more urgent issues to address, such as the apparent murder of one of the conference coordinators, Carl Dubchek. And when Nancy starts asking questions, she ends up putting both herself and Bess in the line of fire! Meanwhile…
One hundred miles to the south, Frank and Joe Hardy experience a bizarre encounter of their own. Visiting the San Diego Zoo, they witness a commando like operation to steal a truckload of bamboo. Even stranger, a quick investigation on the Internet reveals a connection between the bamboo heist and an ex CIA agent Carl Dubchek! The Hardys hook up with Nancy in L.A., where they unravel a web of greed, deception, and international intrigue in…
Process of Elimination.

Operation Titanic

Together with Bess, Nancy Drew is on a cruise to adventure a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the raising of the Titanic. But she has uncovered evidence that their ship may be under threat from a rogue CIA agent! As they follow the Titanic’s fateful course into the icy waters of the Northern Atlantic, Nancy suspects that they too are on a voyage to disaster. Meanwhile…
A helicopter swoops down onto the deck of Nancy’s ship. On board are Frank and Joe Hardy! Posing as journalists, they are in fact working undercover for the Network, the ultrasecret U.S. intelligence agency. Their mission: Unmask a master of disguise who is planning to use the ship to pull off a chilling terrorist act. For Nancy Drew and the Hardys, uncovering the explosive truth about what lies a the bottom of the ocean is just the tip of the iceberg in…
Operation Titanic.

Stolen Kisses

This is book 4 from the ‘Nancy Drew Hometown’ series for teenagers which explores fun, friendship, secrets and romance.

The Jealousy Trap

Lacey becomes concerned when Katie steals Lacey’s boyfriend and then begins hanging out with Lacey’s best friend, and Brittany tries to save shy, overweight Phyllis Bouchard from becoming the victim of a cruel joke.

The Slumber Party Secret

Two days prior to her slumber party, Rebecca Ramirez’s handmade invitations are stolen, and it is up to eight year old Nancy Drew to solve her very first mystery and save the party.

The Lost Locket

Trying to stop a feud between her two best friends when a locket disappears, Nancy investigates the origins of her only clue a messy peanut butter, mustard, ketchup, and relish sandwich.

The Secret Santa

It’s a Ho! Ho! Ho rrible trick!

Christmas is coming, and Nancy’s third grade class is having a Secret Santa exchange. That means cards, candy, and a special gift for everyone. Everyone except Nancy Drew!

Is it a mistake? Is somebody just being silly or mean? Or is someone hiding something and afraid to tell the truth? One thing’s for sure. Nancy’s presents are gone, and all she has to unwrap is one big mystery!

Bad Day for Ballet

Nancy must find the missing music tape before 3:00 on Sunday or else the ballet recital will be cancelled.

The Soccer Shoe Clue

Kick! Splat! Yuck! Who let the air out of the soccer ball? WHo added salt to the water on the sidelines? Who put the red glop in the goalie’s soccer shoes? It’s gooey. It’s gross. It’s not fair. Soccer is supposed to be a kick. But somebody’s being a drag. Nancy Drew wants to know who’s playing the silly games with her third grade soccer team!

The Ice Cream Scoop

Best friends Nancy, Bess, and George choose ice cream as the subject of their group project, and when the best parlor in town starts serving yucky flavors, the young sleuth decides to save the day and her grade.

Trouble at Camp Treehouse

Nancy’s treehouse plans with her best friends are spoiled when Lauren’s camera is stolen, and Nancy must find the camera in order to keep a reluctant Lauren from giving up on Camp Treehouse altogether.

The Best Detective

‘I’m the best!’ ‘No, I’m the best!’ Who is The Best Detective of all? Nancy Drew’s special detective notebook is gone! And, boy, is she in trouble. Inside were three pas*ses for her, Bess, and George to the most spectacular movie of all time, Star Quest 2. Sure, Nancy’s friends will forgive her…
maybe in a million years. Even worse, Jason Hutchings is looking for the notebook just to prove how easy it is to be a detective. One thing’s for sure: these days, it’s not easy being Nancy Drew!

Not Nice on Ice

Signing up extra early so that she can participate in the Champions on Ice show as a flower skater, Nancy Drew is crushed when her name is erased from the list and must figure out who did it in order to get back in.

The Puppy Problem

A little puppy is turning into a big problem!

Nancy’s wish has finally come true: she has a dog of her own. She’s a chocolate colored Labrador retriever, and she’s fun and friendly and loves to play. But the pup’s also in a sticky situation and its up to Nancy to save her.

Hannah’s fresh baked muffins have vanished, and a food thief is loose in the neighborhood. And guess who’s getting blamed? Nancy’s new puppy. It’s so unfair, and she’s going to prove it…
by finding the real thief!

The Wedding Gift Goof

A SAD STORY FOR A HAPPY DAY Nancy’s teacher is getting married, and the whole class has chipped in to get her a gift. Bess was put in charge of the money, and now she’s horrified. The money has just disappeared! It’s almost time to say, ‘I do.’ But who took the money? Everyone is saying: ‘I didn’t. I didn’t.’ And Nancy doesn’t have a clue. Not yet. But she will…
and what a surprise it will be!

The Funny Face Fight

A FUNNY FACE IS NO JOKE!The race is on for president of Nancy’s class, and three kids are in the running: Vicki Wolf, Jessie Shapiro, and Mike Minelli. But taking sides seems to mean making enemies, and now someone’s playing dirty. Who put the silly mustache on the campaign poster? Nancy has to find out before election day because everybody’s getting upset…
and if everybody’s mad, nobody wins!

The Crazy Key Clue

Nancy’s puppy finds an old key in Bess’s backyard, and after Bess puts the key in the house, it disappears! Who took it? What’s the big secret? Nancy’s asking the questions, and the answer could be a real surprise.

The Clue in the Glue

The Green Pastures, a 1936 black folk classic film, has long captured the attentions of audiences both black and white. It is a picture to be appreciated not merely for its entertainment value or cinematic techniques but also for its place in the history of American social change. We are now offered the best guide to our understanding of both, with Thomas Cripps’s substantial introduction and learned annotations of the script, along with the accompanying shooting script itself, never before published.

Alien in the Classroom

According to the ‘National Snooper’, the queen of planet Zagon is on earth. It seems pretty silly until Nancy and her friends have a new substitute teacher, Ms. Zagon. Kate Zaleski says Ms. Zagon is an alien. Nancy says she’s not, and she’s going to prove it along with the aid of a talking parrot who’s helping her solve the whole mystery. Digest .

The Hidden Treasures

When Nancy stumbles on an old diary full of secret clues in her own house, she finds a mystery that begins with one little old book and ends with one big surprise! .

Trouble Takes the Cake

. At Haunted Harriet’s restaurant you can have Boo Burgers, Franken furters, and Monster Mash Potatoes. But for Nancy, the real trouble is the creepy, crawly cake that goes ker plooey!When a snooty birthday girl gets cake slimed, Nancy may get the blame. But make no mistake, Nancy will find out who really put the glop in the cake no matter who’s cooking up trouble!

Thrill on the Hill

A DAY OF SLEDDING SNOWBALLS INTO A BAFFLING MYSTERY!Hurray! The ground is covered with thick snow and that means no school. As soon as Nancy gets the news, she, George, and Bess head straight for the park to go sledding. Everybody is there, including Molly Angelo with her brand new sled. Molly’s sled is really fast, and everyone wants to borrow it. But after the girls take a hot chocolate break, they return to find it’s gone! So who took it? Just like snowflakes, no two mysteries are alike and Nancy better figure this one out before the snow melts!

Lights! Camera! Clues!

NANCY MEETS A FAMOUS ACTRESS AND LOSES A FAMOUS TURTLE!Nine year old actress Lucy Webb is starring in Totally Tina, a movie that’s being filmed right in River Heights and Nancy and her friends are chosen as extras for the movie! Not only do the girls get to meet their favorite actress, but they get to take care of Lucy’s pet turtle, Harry, while she’s filming. But when they look away for a second, Harry gets turtle napped! Now Lucy is really mad and won’t visit Nancy’s school as she promised. The girls had better find Lucy’s favorite pet before Nancy’s in the doghouse with her whole school!

The Gumdrop Ghost

Now you see her, now you don’t…
She does headstands, she does cartwheels, she can even do a split! Lizzie Benson gives such an amazing performance in a River Heights talent show that she wins a shopping spree at Tremendous Toys. But is Lizzie for real? She looks an awful lot like the actress in a very old movie poster whose name was Elizabeth Benson. And Lizzie says she lives at 10 Tide Street a haunted house. Nancy’s friends are convinced that Lizzie is a ghost. Nancy says she’ll prove them wrong but does she have a ghost of a chance?

Third-Grade Reporter

WHO IS GIVING NANCY’S SCHOOL A BAD NAME? Reporter Alice Stone is visiting her old school, Carl Sandburg Elementary. She’ll sit next to Nancy and become a third grader again. Then she’ll write an article for her newspaper. But right away mysterious things start happening to Alice. First someone messes with her macaroni and cheese. Then her jump rope with the sparkly handles disappears. Snooty Brenda Carlton is pushing Nancy to solve the case. She gave Alice the idea to write the story. Now the school’s good name is at stake. If Nancy can’t come up with a solution, it will be bad news for Carl Sandburg Elementary.

Dude Ranch Detective

While visiting a dude ranch, Nancy Drew investigates the disappearance of her favorite pony, Star.

Candy Is Dandy

SUGAR, COCOA, CARAMEL, CHOCOLATE A MISSING CANDY FORMULA MAKES A STICKY MESS! What could be sweeter than a visit to Zuckerman’s Zonked Candy Factory? Nancy and her class will see how their favorite candy is made, and even get free samples. Mr. Zuckerman himself gives the grand tour past the sparkling machines that spit out Sticky Gummy Goo, Karamel Krunchettes, Frostee Jewels, and more. Then Mr. Zuckerman tells the kids he has dreamed up the perfect candy. He even shows them the paper with the secret recipe. But when the visit is over, the recipe has disappeared and no one can find it! Is the greatest candy lost for good?

The Chinese New Year Mystery

WHAT’S CHINESE NEW YEAR WITHOUT A DRAGON? The third grade clas*ses at Nancy’s school are learning about Chinese culture, and they’ll celebrate the Chinese New Year with a special parade. The highlight of the parade will be a dragon costume. Nancy’s class is making it out of feathers, sequins, gold tassels, and red silk. But right before the big day, the dragon disappears! Nancy, Bess, and George are in the New Year’s spirit. They’ve enjoyed a delicious feast at the home of their classmate Mari Cheng. She’s even lent the girls special Chinese outfits to wear. But without the dragon, there will be no parade. And that makes Nancy roaring mad!

Dinosaur Alert!


The most annoying boys in Nancy’s class offer her a deal. If she can prove that a giant footprint they’ve found on the school grounds was really made by a dinosaur, they’ll stop teasing her and her friends forever!

Always ready to take on a case, Nancy agrees, though she thinks the boys are wrong. Dinosaurs never roamed River Heights or did they? But then she gets a mean note: ‘Don’t go where you don’t belong!’ When Nancy finds huge footprints in her own backyard, she’s hunting everywhere for answers. It’s a monster of a mystery, and she doesn’t have a zillion years to solve it!

Flower Power

It’s a blooming mystery! Nancy and her friends agree that the Pink Princess daisies they’ve grown from seed are the prettiest flowers ever. They’re sure to win a prize at the spring flower show. But shortly before the event, the daisies disappear! Snobby fourth grader Viola Van Hall told the girls that her flowers were going to take first prize. Classmate Orson Wong wanted the daisies for a horrible science experiment. Belle Bridges sprinkles flower petals all over her salads she might have eaten the daisies. Have the girls lost the chance to win the contest, or is the answer to the mystery right under their noses?

Circus Act

Come one, come all, to the greatest show in town! Nancy, Bess, and George are attending Little Big Top circus day camp, and now they’re preparing for the big show. Bess will help Splatter the elephant make a painting, George will be an acrobat, and Nancy will perform with Celeste the Hopscotch Poodle. Then Celeste disappears while Nancy is taking care of her. Was Celeste dognapped by the Flying Tremendoes, the kid aerialists? Or by Orson Wong, who claimed the poodle made him sneeze? Or maybe by Katie Zaleski, who wanted Celeste for the TV program she’s taping in her baseme*nt? One thing’s for sure there’s big, big trouble at Little Big Top!

The Walkie Talkie Mystery

Mystery mouth’s voice is Nancy’s first clue! Nancy has a new set of hot green walkie talkies to use in busy places like the mail. But when Bess and George try them out, one of the walkie talkies disappears. Nancy thinks a bratty boy they know may have taken it. Then Mystery Mouth starts sending Nancy messages on the remaining walkie talkie. Each message contains a clue. Soon Nancy and her friends are on a crazy chase all over town. Mystery Mouth is talking, but it’s Nancy who’s doing the walking to find out who walked off with the walkie talkie!

The Purple Fingerprint

Nancy gets the big picture from a really tiny clue! Nancy and her friends love ‘Mr. Lizard’s Funhouse it’s their favorite TV show. But now Mr. Lizard is going to be replaced by a cooking show! Nancy gets the kids in school to sign a petition to save the Show, but when she brings it to the TV station, it says in big purple letters, ‘Get rid of Mr. Lizard!’ From the lunch lady to a science whiz kid, anyone in school Could have written the nasty note. Then Nancy’s father gives her a special gift a magnifying glass. It’s just the thing for an upclose look at her best clue a distinctive purple fingerprint!

The Dashing Dog Mystery

Nancy Wins A Holiday Party Raffle but Loses The Prize! Nancy and her Labrador puppy, Chocolate Chip, are enjoying the holiday party at the Dashing Dog salon. They even win the raffle prize a one of a kind doggie collar with rhinestones shaped like bones. But then the collar vanishes! Now Nancy is digging up suspects. There’s Petra, a girl from her school. She really, really wanted the collar for her dog, Prince Fabian. And what about Alice Cahill, who writes about pets for the local newspaper? She was crazy for the collar, too. Then there’s Mrs. Vanderpool and her two yipping Yorkies the collar is just their style. To solve this case, Nancy has to be sure she’s barking up the right tree!

The Snow Queen’s Surprise

‘SUGAR IS SWEET, SNOW IS NICE. TURN THIS PESTY DOG INTO ICE!’ Nancy’s friend Rebecca Ramirez wants to be an actress when she grows up. Now that she has the part of the Snow Queen in a play, she claims that with a wave of her magic wand she really can turn things into ice. Bess and George believe her, but Nancy doesn’t. Then a dog that put his muddy paws on Rebecca’s white coat vanishes, and in his place is a snow statue that looks exactly like him. Then three bratty boys from school disappear, and in their place are three snowmen wearing the boys’ hats! Could Rebecca really be a snow queen after all?

The Crook Who Took the Book

NANCY’S FAVORITE MYSTERY WRITER NEEDS A DETECTIVE TO FIND HIS OWN BOOK! Morton Sandback is coming to River Heights to read from his new mystery at his daughter’s bookstore. Then she’s going to surprise him with a rare copy of his very first book. Nancy, Bess, and George can’t wait for the fun but when Mr. Sandback opens the box, the book is gone! The bookstore is in a very old house full of creepy nooks and hiding places. But Nancy’s not afraid, and soon she has some interesting suspects. This time she’s solving a real life mystery and it’s a page turning adventure!

The Crazy Carnival Case

NANCY’S LOOKING FOR THE TRICKSTER WHO’S SPOILING ALL THE FUN! Nancy, Bess, and George are having a blast at the River Heights Carnival, sampling yummy snacks and trying to win prizes. Most of all, the girls can’t wait for their favorite local singing star, Isabelle Santoro, to perform. But Isabelle may cancel if she finds out that someone’s ruining all the fun with really annoying pranks. Snooty Brenda Carlton, annoying Orson Wong, and Chloe ‘Cruncher’ Mondesky, the pie contest queen, all make good suspects. Nancy’s clue book is filling up, and she’s got to solve this puzzle fast so the fun, and the show, can go on!

The Sand Castle Mystery

IS THIS CONTEST BEILDING UP TO A BIG LETDOWN? While vacationing at a lake, Nancy, Bess, and George have their eyes on first prize in the annual sand castle contest. They use special colored sand and carefully build the castle to look like the ones they researched at the library. If the girls win, they’ll get their picture in the local paper and all the ice cream they can eat. But before judging begins, someone wrecks the girls’ castle and writes a mean message in the sand. Nancy and her friends will have to dig deep to get back into the contest before it’s too late!

The Scarytales Sleepover

THRILLS AND CHILLS THIS IS GOING TO BE THE COOLEST BIRTHDAY EVER! Adventure is brewing at Scarytales, a creepy old house where story, book villains like the Big Bad Wolf, Captain Hook, and the mean stepsisters from ‘Cinderella’ come to life. So when Nancy, Bess, George, Katie Zaleski, and her parrot, Lester, go to their friend Amara’s Scarytales sleepover party, they’re sure to have a great time. But the fun really turns scary when strange things start to happen and Lester disappears from his cage. Even the villains of Scarytales are spooked! Could the troublemaker be Amara’s pesky little cousin Ernest, the grouchy troll with a plan tip his sleeve, or the wicked witch who threatens to pop Lester into her bubbling brew? Can Nancy solve this creepy case before Amara’s birthday is ruined?

The Old-Fashioned Mystery

THE KEY MAY BE LOST, BUT THERE ARE STILL LOTS OF CLUES! It’s time for the Holiday Streetwalk in River Heights. That’s when the stores serve cider and cookies, carolers sing on street corners, and there’s face painting, clowns, and costumes for everyone to enjoy. But the best part is when the mayor turns on the Christmas tree lights and Mr. and Mrs. Claus arrive in a horse drawn sleigh. One lucky child will get to present Mr. and Mrs. Claus with the key to River Heights, and this year it’s Bess Marvin! There will be reporters and TV cameras on the big day, but Bess’s chance to be a star is ruined when the key to the city disappears. Can Nancy, Bess, and George unlock the secret of the missing key before Bess’s special day is spoiled?

Big Worry In Wonderland

THERE’S TROUBLE IN WONDERLAND THE MAD HATTER’S HAT IS MISSING! Nancy’s class is performing Alice in Wonderland and everyone is busy practicing for the big day. Rehearsals are running smoothly until the Mad Hatter, pesky Orson Wong, discovers that his ‘magic’ hat has vanished. How will the Mad Hatter remember his lines without it? Sounds like a case for Nancy Drew. But Nancy’s not so sure she wants to solve this one Orson is such a pest! Even worse, Orson wants to help Nancy solve his own case, and Nancy’s friends won’t even investigate the case if he’s around. Will a new partner mean saying good bye to old friends? And can Nancy and Orson uncover the Hatter’s hat before curtain time?

Recipe for Trouble

Who is cooking up trouble at Le Gourmet and why? Nancy, George, and Bess are taking a cooking class at Le Gourmet. And they are learning to make desserts! Nancy can’t think of a sweeter way to spend her spring break than whipping up tasty concoctions with her two best friends. Then at the end of the week, Monsieur Jadot will name one student ‘Top Chef’ at a special ceremony. Nancy can’t help but wonder, will her dessert take the cake? But this sugary sweet class turns sour when whacky things start happening, and Nancy discovers that someone is tinkering with the recipes! Smells like a mystery and one Nancy must solve before dessert is served!

The Stinky Cheese Surprise

Nancy, George, and Bess smell trouble and their noses don’t lie! Nancy, George, and Bess love Hamburger Herbie’s after all, they know a good hamburger when they taste one! But when Regal Burger opens across the street with its games and flashy giveaways, Herbie is scared that his business will be ruined. Nancy, George, and Bess know they can’t let Herbie’s close down. They have to do something, but what? The girls decide to make goodie bags that Herbie can give away at his restaurant. But when someone fills the bags with stinky cheese, Nancy smells trouble! She knows someone is up to no good, and Herbie is counting on her to sniff out the clues. Can Nancy crack the case and save Herbie’s?

The Day Camp Disaster

Can Nancy catch the prankster, or will the campers call it quits?

It’s summer vacation and Nancy, George, and Bess have signed up for a two week long nature day camp on the outskirts of River Heights. The girls can’t wait to get out and enjoy nature, and are thrilled to be spending their days making butterfly feeders, planting sunflowers, and taking hikes.

But things at Camp Northwoods start going haywire right from the start. The projects the campers work so hard on during the day keep getting ruined at night! Nancy is suspicious these don’t look like natural disasters. Just who is wrecking all of the campers’ hard work? And can camp continue with a culprit on the loose?

Turkey Trouble

NO TURKEY ON THANKSGIVING? NO WAY! It’s the week before Thanksgiving in River Heights time for turkey! but this year it looks less like turkey time and more like Turkey Trouble! When new girl riley MacArthur brings a real live turkey in for show and tell, Nancy’s class is excited. Nancy has never seen a live turkey before and she’s never heard of one named Martin. But when Martin ends up missing, Riley needs Nancy to track him down. Who would steal a turkey? And will Nancy be able to catch the turkey snatcher with no clues or feathers in sight?

The Carousel Mystery

River Heights is getting a carousel! And the town is having a special ceremony to unveil it. Nancy, Bess, and George are dizzy with excitement for their first ride on the beautiful antique horses. All the kids who ride the carousel can also try to grab a brass ring that hangs on a pole next to the carousel. Whoever captures the ring wins a special prize! But suddenly the brass ring is gone, and without it the contest will be ruined. Nancy is on the case, but her head is swirling with too many clues. Can she solve this carousel mystery before it spins out of control?

The Dollhouse Mystery

Is Nancy a dollhouse thief?

It’s volunteer week at Carl Sandburg Elementary School, and Nancy is very excited about her job. She will be walking Mrs. Rutledge’s dog, Baby. Mrs. Rutledge owns the biggest, fanciest house in River Heights. And she also owns the smallest one a beautiful antique dollhouse.

Nancy loves the tiny furniture and little windows of the dollhouse almost as much as she loves walking Baby. But one day, five pieces of doll furniture are missing, and Mrs. Rutledge thinks Nancy took them! But Nancy is a detective, not a thief…
right? This time Nancy must use her very best detective skills to get herself out of trouble!

The Lighthouse Mystery

This is one spooky spotlight! Nancy and her friends are on a fun filled trip to the coast of Maine. But when they find out that the historic town lighthouse might be haunted, the girls are spooked! And when they find mysterious clues that seem to lead them on a treasure hunt, Nancy knows she has a mystery on her hands. Who wrote the clues? And where could they lead? Maybe this lighthouse really is haunted like everyone thinks. One thing’s for sure it’s up to Nancy to shed some light on this case before they are all left in the dark!

The Snowman Surprise

Freeze! This is Nancy’s coldest mystery yet!

It’s winter break, and Nancy, George, and Bess can hardly wait for Sunday. That’s the day of the big snow festival in town. This year the girls are entering the snow sculpture contest. They already know what they are making, too: They are going to build swans from the ballet Swan Lake!

Nancy and her friends only have three days to make the most fantastic sculpture they can. But when someone begins wrecking their statues each night, the girls worry that they’ll never finish in time. Will Nancy and her friends put the freeze on this sneak in the snow, or will their chances of winning the competition melt away?

The Bunny-Hop Hoax


Nancy’s friends are sad because the class hamster has gone missing. Poor Nibbles. But then Katie brings in a bunny named Bun Franklin to be the new class pet! Everyone is thrilled, and now they can began preparing for the Spring Fair.

But soon enough somone starts wrecking the class’s Spring Fair projects, and everyone thinks it must be Bun Franklin! Mrs. Reynolds is afraid he can’t stay. But Nancy is sure it’s not Bun — how can she prove it? It takes a lot of clue hunting and sleuthing for Nancy to realize that what she’s uncovered just may solve two mysteries at once!

The Singing Suspects

ROCK STAR REWARD? OR ROCK STAR REGRET? There’s nothing better than tickets to an Eric Stanley concert at least that’s what Nancy, George, and Bess think. That’s why they enter the River Heights Singing Contest! First prize is a set of front row seats to Eric’s next show! Nancy and her friends practice hard for their performance and pick the perfect name for their gropu The Spy Girlz. For a final touch, Riley McArthur even lets them borrow a pair of sunglas*ses that once belonged to Eric Stanley himself! But when the glas*ses go missing, the Spy Girlz might be out of the competition without even singing a note. This is one mega mystery that only a rock star detective has a chance of cracking.

The Apple Bandit

Vanishing Fruit? No Way! Nancy and her friends are off on an apple picking adventure! They are headed to the Kids Apple Festival, where they will pick apples, go on a hayride, and work their way through a cornstalk maze. Bess is excited about the applesauce eating contest after all, apples are her favorite food! And the winner gets a whole basket of River Heights Reds a brand new type of apple! But when the basket and all the apples in it vanishes, Nancy knows she has to get to the core of this mystery. Can she figure out who the bad apple is, or is this festival on the verge of an apple emergency?

The Kitten Caper

For a class project Nancy and her friends must interview a neighbor with an interesting hobby. So they pick Terry Smith, who takes stray cats and kittens into her barn and finds them new homes. The girls have fun visiting with the cats, and Bess falls in love with two kittens, Cottonball and Coco. But when Bess’s new furry friends go missing, she is devastated. Nancy must discover who let these cats out of the bag before Bess’s heart is broken!

New Lives, New Loves

Beginning her first semester at a coed dorm at Wilder University, Nancy Drew finds adventure in a series of dorm thefts, a handsome pre med student, and her changing relationship with Ned.

On Her Own

Nancy’s breaking the story…
and it’s sure to break some hearts. Life at Wilder University is proving to be full of surprises and scandals. Bess is beginning to think that Brian Daglian is different from all the guys she’s gone out with before…
and she’s about to find out why. And George has been asked out by the most popular guy around quarterback Scooter Berenson only to end up the most hated person on campus! Nancy, meanwhile, has signed on with Wilder Times, the university paper, and she may soon break a story about Scooter that could leave him in disgrace or even in danger. But first she must deal with Ned, who’s coming up for the weekend. And the way she’s feeling about her new life, his visit could mark the biggest break of all.

Don’t Look Back

Interviewing a teen television star who has enrolled at Wilder University, Nancy Drew learns that the young actress is fearing for her life, and Bess is reluctant to share an ugly truth about a guy on campus.

False Friends

Sometimes getting what you want isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…
In training for the upcoming 10K race, George is working up a heavy sweat, determined to do well and ensure qualification for the track and field team. But at times winning can be deceiving, and Nancy’s beginning to wonder if her promotion at Wilder Times is on the up and up…
or if Jake’s been pulling strings. Speaking of deception, what’s the deal with REACH? Dawn Steiger has already joined the group, which promises to work for peace and understanding, but Nancy suspects REACH has a different goal and she’s out to get the story. Bess, meanwhile, wants to know Paul Cody’s story: Is he for real…
or just another guy out for a good time?

Party Weekend

Volunteering to help run a weekly charity event that features music, dancing, and games, Nancy is called upon to prevent Charley Stern from ruining the evening with his antics, and then Nancy must find the thief who has stolen the first night’s proceeds.

Otherwise Engaged

Running WWST’s news hour, Nancy must overcome the impossible ego of Michael Giannelli, who believes he is the one in charge of the campus television station.’

In the Spotlight

Nancy’s co host on the campus cable TV show is driving her crazy. Michael is ambitious, stubborn, and so competitive. A bit like Nancy Drew? Maybe there’s more going on between her and Michael than either cares to admit. Crazier things have happened.

Without a Trace

Hi, I’m Nancy Drew, and I’ve got a case to crack. Actually make that two cases. First a gorgeous Faberg egg has been stolen. Who would have the heart to snatch such a precious family heirloom from someone new to town? Some housewarming that is!

And if this isn’t enough to keep me busy, someone’s running through gardens and stomping on all the zucchinis. Needless to say, it’s a big mess in more ways than one. Especially for Mr. Safer, who is suspected of squishing the squash. I’m pretty sure Mr. Safer’s innocent. But who’s the real vegetable vandal?

A Race Against Time

If I’m in the game, I play to win. So as captain of my team in the River Heights Biking for Bucks charity road race, my goals are to bring my team over the finish line first and to catch a thief along the way! See, all of the money we raised before the race has been stolen and I know I can find it. With two days, practically no clues, and a bike race to win, I’ve got my work cut out for me. But with Bess, George, and Ned on my team, what could stand between us and the gold?

False Notes

I’m always up for a good mystery, but when the big question is what I should get Dad for his birthday, I don’t have a clue! And then another mystery comes my way one that involves Heather Simmons, a leading candidate in the upcoming election for mayor of River Heights. My friends and I are pretty sure that her daughter Leslie, musician extraordinaire, has been kidnapped. But the thing is, nobody is saying a word about it! It’s hard to crack a case like this when no one will even admit that one exists. But I won’t let a little thing like that stop me when I smell trouble…

High Risk

It looks like Evaline Waters, a River Heights resident, is knee deep in trouble. A huge corporation is suing her for her land; they want to tear down her house and put up a warehouse. And documentation of the zoning law that would protect Evaline’s right to keep her land is missing. Figures! I’ve got to find that document, but it’s hard to focus on the land when I’m cruising at ten thousand feet. See, Ned and I are taking flying lessons, him with Colonel Lang, a friend of his family, and me with Frank Beltrano, an instructor at our local airport. It’s a good thing I’m good at juggling more than two balls at once. Too bad I’m not the only one.

Lights, Camera…

Nancy becomes involved in a big River Heights crime both on screen and off. When a movie producer comes to shoot a re enactment of the heist that gave the town its name, he meets Nancy and thinks she’s perfect for the part of Esther, sister of the thieving Rackham boys! Nancy accepts, the cameras start rolling and the trouble starts. People on the set get food poisoning. A crucial generator breaks. And to top it off, a lion who’s meant to star in the movie breaks out of his cage and lunges straight towards Nancy! Can Nancy sniff out the suspect before the lion sniffs her out or worse?


So I agreed to play the part of Esther Rackham in a film about the heist that gave River Heights its name, and there was all this trouble on the set, and I figured out who was behind it. Case closed, right?


Once the camera starts rolling, a huge fire breaks out on the set, setting back production again. We’re running out of time and funds. At least the fire turns up a key clue about who started it, but I’ll have to continue juggling acting and sleuthing. Because it might be up to me to save this film from going up in flames…

The Stolen Relic

My friends and I knew before we got to Arches National Park that it’s full of red cliffs arches, and rock formations plenty of places for hiking, biking, and getting lost. It’s a good thing there are park rangers and guides to help tourist like us find our way. Or at east that’s what we thought, until of the guilds left for a second to investigate some noise, and never came back. It seems unlikely that a respected tour guide who knows the area like the back of her hand could just get lose. Something’s fishy. And you can bet I’m going to get to the bottom of this before I find my way home.

The Scarlet Macaw Scandal

Bess, George, and I volunteered to go to Costa Rica for some R&R: rest and research. See, Corcovado Ecologica, a popular resort and preserve, isn’t only a beautiful getaway; it’s also a great place to study three species of monkeys. Or so we thought. When we arrived on the scene, we found the place in a shambles, and the monkeys were few and far between. And if the problem gets worse, the resort’s going to be in trouble. Clearly my friends and I won’t have much time for ‘monkeying around’ on this trip we’ve got a case to crack! Catch my next case: Secret of the Spa

Stop the Clock

Just as I’m gearing up to help plan the Mahoney Library’s seventy fifth anniversary celebration, the beautiful old clock, the very centerpiece of the library, is stolen. There’s nothing like a good theft to stop a party!

Naturally, I throw down the streamers and get to work. Turns out lots of people wanted that clock and what’s inside. If I don’t hustle, this might become two crimes instead of one…

Secret of the Spa

When I scored tickets to the grand opening of a new spa in town, I knew I had to take Bess. George came along, too, but she’s been acting so weird. I knew this wouldn’t be her idea of a total blast, but she’s just been no fun at all. It’s unlike her to be such a grouch!

But then, this new spa isn’t turning out to be much fun, either. Deirdre’s here, for starters. And someone’s tampering with the food, and trying to take the ‘luxury’ out of this otherwise luxurious place. Something stinks in this spa, and if I can’t sniff it out, my name’s not Nancy…

Uncivil Acts

A Civil War reenactment should be fun, right? Not in our town! It feels like war fever’s taken over. The tension started to build when we all chose sides. Confederate and Union sympathizers never did mix. And if that wasn’t enough to heat things up, someone started to secretly dig large holes in the battlefield. Pretty odd and very suspicious. Is someone waging a little war of their own, and trying to cheat? And if so, the bigger question is why?

Riverboat Ruse

How about a seat at a mystery dinner on a riverboat? Yes, please! I jumped at the invitation to go along with Bess, George, and George’s mom, who was hired to cater the dinner. It’s all fun until there’s an actual theft, and there’s nothing like a good crime to stop a party. Since I’ve got the magnifying glass, it’s up to me to catch ‘sticky fingers’ before this dinner’s sunk.

Trade Wind Danger

San Francisco has tons to offer tourists like Bess, George, and me. Fresh crabs, cable cars, hikes and stalkers! Well, maybe stalkers! is a little harsh, but this older couple, Ed and Harriet, keeps popping up everywhere.

Coincidental or not, Ed and Harriet’s appearances are smelling fishier than San Francisco Bay to me. So the investigation begins. But who knew it’d lead to more sleuthing in Hawaii?

Bad Times, Big Crimes

So I was sitting with Ned in a lecture, and then bam, Ned’s in a three piece suit, and I’m in a city hall meeting on how to get through the beginning of the Great Depression. As in the Depression, in the 1930s. What’s more, there’s a thief to track down. Someone’s robbing local banks of what little money they have. Everyone’s panicked about their money, so the thief could be just about anyone. But after spending just a little time in this odd place, I have a hunch there’s more to it…
Bad Times, Big Crimes


A prince is in River Heights. A prince! Granted, he’s from a relatively minor royal family, but still. This is big news.

The headlines get even bigger once the prince is found toting a painting for his family’s good friend Mrs. Mahoney because within hours of his arrival, the federal authorities arrest him. They suspect he stole the painting from his family.

Dad and I aren’t buying it. We have a hunch there’s more to this ahem picture. But can we save the prince before he’s wrongfully crowned ‘criminal’?

Dangerous Plays

Dad, Bess, and I are all set for London when Ned’s Shakespeare professor asks us to do a simple favor: to take a look at his townhouse while we’re there, since he can’t seem to locate the housekeeper and fears something’s wrong. Sounds easy enough, so I take the key.

Eager to cross the favor off our list, we stop by 53 Banbury Square shortly after we land. And let’s just say things in the townhouse aren’t quite tip top. And the key? Well, it unlocks a Pandora’s box of serious trouble.

En Garde

If I told you I was worried about George’s health because she’s taken up fencing, you’s laugh. Foils today are totally safe, and the gear is padded besides. Right?

Well, if so, why did I see blood at George’s first meet? Skewering isn’t in the legal fencing repertoire but it soon becomes apparent to me that someone’s too fired up to care…

Pit of Vipers

There’s been a snake napping at the River Heights Zoo, and all clues about the thief seem to point in my good friend Charlie’s direction. But why would Charlie want to steal a snake? I’m not convinced he’s the perpetrator, but with all the circumstantial evidence that keeps popping up, the cops are on the other side of the fence. Speaking of snakes, George’s younger brother, Scott, has been slithering around a lot lately, all sneaky like. He’s not acting like himself, but his lips are sealed about what’s wrong. Do these mysteries have anything to do with each other? Stick around. I’m about to find out!

The Orchid Thief

Bess, George, and I are heading down to Key Largo, Florida, to enjoy some fun in the sun with my old friend, marine biologist Delia Duke. But it seems that Delia’s state park is clouded over with mystery: Someone has been poaching the park’s rare butterfly orchids. Their future depends on us!

George seems more interested in searching for treasure in the Catalina, an old sunken Spanish galleon, than in hunting for an orchid thief. My hope is that George, Bess, Delia, and I can save two priceless treasures in one fell swoop.

Close Encounters

When George, Bess and I headed to Brody’s Junction, Vermont, to help George’s cousin with her caf ‘s website and enjoy a brief vacation, we were looking forward to some downtime not to landing in the middle of a media circus.

Hundreds of tourists have invaded the town to watch purported UFO sightings. Odder still are reports of townspeople being abducted, and the strange clues that seem to point to little green men as the culprits. All this speculation has the town going wild, and I hope to have a close encounter with some hard facts before things spin entirely out of control…

Dressed to Steal

I don’t normally care about clothes, but when my friend Charlie Adams’s sister Alicia opened a boutique right here in River Heights, of course I wanted to be at the opening.

Turns out it was a pretty popular event. Way more people than expected showed up, and then the store window was smashed, and people were injured! Later I found out that Alicia’s most expensive dress was destroyed and her store had been vandalized.

Sounds like more than one day sale damage to me. I may not be a fashion expert, but this is one case I’m ready to size up.

Troubled Waters

When heavy rains washed out the low lying towns around River Heights, my friends and I knew we had to help. That’s when we hooked up with Helping Homes to build apartments. Then the two time state champion basketball team, the Lowell University Bullets, showed up and the waters, so to speak, turned murky.

While George couldn’t be happier about working close to J. C. Valdez, the Bullets’ star forward, not everyone around us is a fan. Take the person who is destroying our work and spray painting threats to J. C. on the walls, for starters. Is this the product of some basketball feud, or something much larger? I may be up to my elbows in sheet rock, but that won’t slow my sleuthing…

Murder on the Set

To my friend Bess, the major Hollywood production coming to River Heights is her chance for fame as an extra. To me it’s a chance to get involved in a big mystery. Looks like the drama on this set really kicks up when the camera’s not rolling.

Since Chief McGinnis wanted to hire a ‘professional’ in other words, not me to look into the problems that have been plaguing this production, I’ll be working undercover as a stand-in. I have no idea who this detective will be, and fortunately, I’m not in this for the credit. But I am determined to crack this case faster than any professional can say ‘Cut!’

Trails of Treachery

My friend George is competing in a grueling three day mountain bike race in Costa Rica, and her cousin Bess and I will be there as her support team. But when I find out someone’s taking dangerous steps to make sure top U.S. cyclist Derek Woodhall doesn’t win, I realize George may not be the only rider I need to help. Could last year’s winner be the culprit? He was freaking out when Derek took an early lead. Or maybe Derek’s publicist? She seems a little too psyched about the press her client’s misfortune is generating. I’ve got a lot on my plate, and not much time to sort it all out. But I know how to keep my eye on the prize. Whoever the culprit is, they picked the wrong race to sabotage!

Fishing for Clues

Something fishy is going on in River heights and this time I really mean it! First a burglar breaks into the Nickersons’ home and snatches Ned’s digital camera, and then a few days later his laptop is stolen. Ned is super bummed there’s no replacing the hilarious photos he snapped of his dad falling out of the boat on their fishing trip. I have a hunch this is more than a run of bad luck and I’m determined to reel in the crook hook, line, and sinker.


When George’s mom asks Bess, George, and me to help her cater a benefit for the library, we’re all on board. The event is a Jane Austen themed party, and George even agrees to wear a dress for the occasion. It seems like the party isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The bed and breakfast where the event is being held has been plagued by vandalism. Someone is breaking teapots, making a mess, booby trapping the staircase, and generally terrorizing the old couple that runs the place. No one can figure out how the mysterious intruder is getting in and out of the house and that’s where I come in. I plan on solving this faster than I can get to the bottom of a cup of Darjeeling.

Mardi Gras Masquerade

What could be more fun than a masked Mardi Gras ball at a so called haunted mansion? George brings her digital camera, insisting that she’s going to bust some ghosts. I’m just looking forward to a night of dressing up and dancing with Ned and my friends.

Soon the fun turns freaking, though things go haywire and everyone starts to wonder if the ghost stories could actually be true. But when Deirdre Shannon’s antique tiara is snatched, I’m certain the crook is a guest, not a ghoul.

The Stolen Bones

I’m hunting for something other than clues for a change: dinosaur bones! Bess, George, and I travel out to the desert to join a paleontology dig. The other volunteers are a pretty quirky bunch, but we’re all having a great time…
until an important find goes missing. It turns out fossils can be worth millions. I’m making no bones about it the thief is going down.

Identity Revealed

Identity Revealed

My online sleuthing has led my friends and me down the Internet rabbit hole. After joining BetterLife, an online community, to try to stop a case of cyberbullying from the inside, the bullies turned on me. And now I’m close to revealing their true identities in real, off line life.

All the clues I’ve found have pointed me in one direction, but is it a false trail? Before I can expose the madmen behind the mayhem, I need to be absolutely sure that they’re the ones wreaking havoc all over BetterLife. But how can I be sure when nothing on the Internet is as it seems? Catching this crook might be more difficult than even I anticipated!

Where’s Nancy?

Where’s Nancy??

Nancy was going to tell you about this big mystery, but she disappeared. Poof. Just like that.

So now Bess, Ned, and me, George, have the Case of the Missing Detective on our hands. We’ve got to find Nancy!

Let me tell you, this sleuthing thing is no joke. We’ve worked with Nancy on lots of cases, but we’ve never had to do it ourselves and the stakes have never been so high. We think this might have to do with that possible museum theft Nancy was talking about we’re just not sure yet. But we’re woking on it.

Wish us luck!

Once Upon a Crime

Once Upon a Crime, in a faraway land know as River Heights…
Hi, it’s me, Nancy Drew. I thought meeting my hero, mystery writer Hazel Perrault, would be a dream come true. As soon as I found out she was joining forces with a local charity to build a community center for wayward teen girls, I knew I wanted to help. But instead of building and decorating, I’m, stuck doing all the cooking and cleaning for all the other volunteers! Yuck! Worse yet, I have a hunch that someone is trying to sabotage the project and the big fund raising gala at the end of it. My fairy tale adventure is turning into a nightmare, and if I can’t solve this mystery, I’m not sure any of us will be able to live happily ever after…

Real Fake

When Bess and George dared me to try out for the new reality TV show Mystery Solved!, I never thought I’d actually get picked. But the next thing I knew, I was off to Paris for the shoot.

I was all set for a fun filled adventure in the City of Lights…
until I started getting creepy e mails from a strange address. It looks like the real mystery is going on behind the scenes.

The other contestants are so eager to win, I wonder how far they’re willing to go. There’s Chen, a video game designer and master hacker; Tyler, a businessman who will do anything to make a buck; Wendy, an aspiring actress who seems smarter than she’s letting on; and that’s only the beginning.

I just hope I can separate fact from fiction and avoid these obnoxious cameras long enough to figure out what’s up.

Sleepover Sleuths

Eight year old Nancy Drew has her first case to crack! Can you help?

Nancy and her two best friends, George and Bess, are so excited! They have been invited to Deirdre’s sleepover party! There will be pizza, cake, and even a pajama fashion show. But the most exciting thing is that the party has a City Girls doll theme. All of the guests are bringing their dolls with them!

But then Deirdre’s City Girls doll Hollywood Heather goes missing. Is her sleepover ruined? Or is there a detective in the room who can make sense of this mystery?

Scream for Ice Cream

How can a contest this sweet turn so sticky?

Nancy and her friends think there is nothing more fun than ice cream in the summer. So when they find out that the owners of the local ice cream factory are hosting a contest, the Clue Crew can’t wait to enter! Contestants must come up with brand new flavors. And they can use whatever ingredients they want! Nancy is sure that her entry Clue Berry will win!

But when a friend’s secret recipe goes missing, Nancy suspects that someone not so sweet is up to no good.

Pony Problems

This pony knows quite a few tricks! A new petting zoo has opened in River Heights. Nancy, George, and Bess can’t wait to check it out the zoo has the cutest shetland pony named Buttons. And it looks like the Clue Crew won’t have to wait very long to get a glimpse of Buttons he keeps escaping from his pen and showing up all over town! He’s getting pretty famous for eating the flowers in everyone’s front lawns. As much as Nancy secretly wishes Buttons would turn up on her lawn, she knows it’s important to make sure he stays put. The only trouble is, no one knows how he’s getting out. Sounds like it’s time for the Clue Crew to saddle up and settle this pony problem!

The Cinderella Ballet Mystery

Can Nancy follow the trail of this fairy tale? Nancy and her friends are going to be in a ballet! After months of taking dance clas*ses, Nancy, George, and Bess will perform in a ballet version of Cinderella! The Clue Crew is excited to wear fancy costumes and dance on a real stage! Nancy’s friend Andrea is going to play the part of Cinderella. And she’ll wear special glass slippers just like in the fairy tale! But when the glass slippers disappear, Nancy is determined to help. Can the Clue Crew uncover Cinderella’s slippers before the clock strikes show time?

Case of the Sneaky Snowman

Can Nancy solve this chilling mystery? Who wears a blue scarf and old rubber boots, and has broccoli for a nose? It’s Sherlock Nancy, Bess, and George’s snowman! The girls are thrilled to be on winter vacation and take part in all of the season’s activities! Nancy’s friend Deirdre has even transformed herself into Madame Chocolata, a fortune teller who predicts the future by reading hot cocoa marshmallows! But the wintry days get a little too chilly after many of Deirdre’s visions come true. Sherlock even goes missing just as predicted! Can the Clue Crew put a freeze on this mystery before it snowballs out of control?

The Fashion Disaster

Paws on parade!

River Heights is hosting its first fashion show for dogs! Proceeds will go to the Rollover Rescue animal shelter. The Clue Crew is excited because not only will the day be filled with tons of cute pooches, but Nancy’s own puppy, Chocolate Chip, will be a model in the show! But of course, there are some bumps along this fashion show’s runway when someone steals a special basket of gourmet dog biscuits. They belong to doggy diva Lola, a fancy poodle who’s the star of the show! Can the Clue Crew sniff out this doggy biscuit burglar?

The Circus Scare

Come one, come all! The circus is coming to River Heights! The flyers claim this circus will be the biggest and best show around, with the funniest clowns, the cutest animals, and the most daring acrobats. Nancy and the Clue Crew can’t wait to see it! But when the performers are forced to go on without some very important props, Nancy begins to wonder, Is someone clowning around with this circus? She’s not sure, but one thing is certain what Nancy and the Clue Crew discover proves that the circus really is the greatest show on Earth!

Lights, Camera . . . Cats!


The Clue Crew is seeing stars!

Look out the Clue Crew is headed to Hollywood! Carson Drew’s client invited him to the set of a new movie starring the most famous cat in Hollywood, Fluffington! The girls are thrilled when Mr. Drew asks them to come along. They get their first taste of a real movie set and are even cast as extras in the film. Plus they get to pet Fluffington as much as they want. But then Fluffington vanishes. When no one can find the famous feline, the Clue Crew springs into action because a movie is not a movie without its star!

The Halloween Hoax

Boo! The Clue Crew is in for a fright! It’s Halloween in River Heights! The girls can’t wait to go trick or treating and are busy getting their costumes ready. They also can’t wait for the Halloween special of their favorite TV show. They even get the chance to visit the TV studio while the show is being taped! But soon after they arrive, Nancy is spooked. With all the scary noises the Clue Crew keeps hearing and the creepy shadows that seem to be lurking, it seems like the studio is haunted! Is it just Halloween jitters…
or are there really such things as ghosts?

Ticket Trouble

What fun is a fair with no tickets? River Heights Elementary is throwing a fall festival! It promises to be full of fun games, great food, and amazing amuseme*nt park rides even a roller coaster! All of the kids in River Heights, including Nancy, George, and Bess, are very excited and have been working hard to earn extra money for festival tickets. So when Nancy’s friend Ned claims someone stole his hard earned tickets, the Clue Crew jumps into action. The girls are in a race against time to find Ned’s tickets. And it turns out the culprit might have a very different reason for needing them…

Ski School Sneak

Snowy situation!

Nancy, George, and Bess are on a ski trip! They are having tons of fun, and Bess proves a natural for the slopes. She even wins a special award! But when the ski supply room is suddenly trashed, all eyes turn to Bess. It looks like she’s a suspect this time around.

Nancy is sure Bess is innocent, but how can she prove it? And just when it seems things can’t get any worse, a snowstorm closes the road home. The Clue Crew is trapped at the ski lodge! Can Nancy find a way to clear Bess’s name…
and will they ever get home?

Valentine’s Day Secret

Bess and George are fighting and Nancy’s caught in the middle! It’s Valentine’s Day, but things are not all hearts and flowers for Nancy! While she and her best friends, Bess and George, are making their own stuffed animals at Farmer Fran’s Barnyard Buddies, someone slips a mean valentine into Bess’ animal’s pocket. What’s worse than a mean valentine? Bess thinks it came from George! Now the two are in their worst fight ever and Nancy’s caught in the middle! How can she sew Bess and George’s friendship not to mention the Clue Crew back together?


Chickens on the loose! Spring has sprung in River Heights! Nancy’s class is hatching chickens to celebrate. Some of Nancy’s classmates are excited, especially Tommy Maron. Tommy has even named all the eggs! But other classmates are less thrilled about the arrival of the little birds. Catherine Spangler is peeved because the chicks are due to arrive on HER birthday the nerve! But when the chicks vanish from the classroom, everyone is upset. Who would steal helpless chick eggs? Nancy knows she has a real egg of a mystery to crack this time!

The Zoo Crew

This camp is WILD! Nancy, George, and Bess are attending a three day overnight camp at the local zoo. They’ll get to spend lots of time with all of the animals and learn about them too. The best part is, they will be helping the zookeeper make toys for the animals just like real staffers! But when the toys the girls make by day are disappearing at night, it looks like everyone is a suspect! Can Nancy tame this wild case, or will the zoo animals be without anything fun to do?

Mall Madness

Back to school shopping spree!
The Clue Crew is headed to the mall! They are ready to shop till they drop for new school supplies. First stop: the Pencil Box for glittery notebooks. But right away it looks like the girls have a back to school mystery on their hands. Money is missing from the Pencil Box’s cash register, and all fingers point to the clerk, Rodger. Rodger is Nancy’s neighbor, and she doesn’t believe he’s a thief. But she’ll need to examine the facts first. Good thing she bought a new notebook!

Thanksgiving Thief

River Heights Elementary School is having a Thanksgiving pageant, and Nancy, Bess, and George want to dress up as Native Americans! But when the town starts preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, the girls end up smelling a mystery instead of turkey. As Thanksgiving food around town starts to disappear, the Clue Crew realizes that someone is trying to destroy the holiday! Can the Crew catch these birdbrained bandits? Or will Thanksgiving dinner be a recipe for disaster?

Wedding Day Disaster

Piece of cake! Nancy’s cousin is getting married, and Nancy is the flower girl. She can’t wait to see the butter cr me de le cr me wedding cake! Bess and George have the special job of rolling out the cake. But a Wedding Day Disaster strikes when Bess and George bring out the cake and Nancy notices that a slice is missing. Who would want to ruin it? The crew begins to wonder if the culprit is Kendall, the bride’s neighbor. But when the clues point to another guest, Nancy is worried. Will this culprit get to have his cake and eat it too?

Earth Day Escapade


Who rained on the parade?

River Heights Elementary School is putting on an Earth Day parade, and Nancy’s class has a special honor: They get to build the float! Nancy, Bess, George, and all the kids in Mrs. Ramirez’s class have worked hard to make the ‘greenest’ float they can, collecting recycled materials to use for decoration.

But someone’s spoiled all the fun and sabotaged the float days before the parade. Who could’ve done something like this and why? Sounds like another case for the Clue Crew!

April Fool’s Day

Nancy, George, and Bess have been invited to an April Fool’s Day party at their new schoolmate’s house. It sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun each guest is bringing a gag to the party, and the best prank will win a special prize.

When two of the guests’ fancy new electronics go missing, Nancy knows something’s up. Is this someone’s idea of a joke? The Clue Crew certainly isn’t laughing, and they’re on the case to find the missing gadgets.

Treasure Trouble

Nancy, George, and Bess are headed to beautiful Barnacle Beach for a pirate themed birthday party. They’ve planned every detail, from nautical party games to a real chest of buried treasure. This is going to be the most fun party ever!

Until none of the guests show up. Perhaps they’ve been scared off by mythical beach monster Lonny the Lake Lizard. But that’s just silly monsters aren’t real, right?

And now the treasure is gone! This looks like another case for the Clue Crew time to find the missing treasure, and the missing friends, too!

Double Take

In Treasure Trouble, Nancy, George, and Bess are headed to Barnacle Beach for a pirate themed birthday party. But when the treasure chest filled with party favors disappears, playtime is over. With the help of a mysterious treasure map, the Clue Crew needs to reclaim the missing loot before the party’s completely ruined. In Double Take, the Clue Crew has competition one of their classmates has started a rival sleuthing club! Can Nancy and the girls solve the latest case before the phony detectives do?

Unicorn Uproar

The Great Unicorn Caper! Sparkle the unicorn has gone missing from the town’s medieval festival. Did third grade diva Destiny Delgado or the mischievous Toby Leo steal Sparkle? Or did the wand Nancy bought from the fortune teller make Sparkle disappear? Once again it’s up to Nancy, Bess, and George to look for clues and find the culprit. Follow the Clue Crew as they solve this magical mystery!

Babysitting Bandit

Whoa, baby! When a neighbor hires Nancy, Bess, and George to take care of her eighteen month old identical twins, the girls are happy to help. After all, the Clue Crew has stopped would be thieves, uncovered scams, and recovered stolen objects how hard can watching a couple of babies be? But being a mother’s helper is trickier than they thought, especially when the twins’ toys start disappearing. Can the Clue Crew look after the babies and figure out who’s taking the toys, or are they in too far over their heads this time?

Princess Mix-up Mystery

In Princess Mix up Mystery, Nancy Drew and her friends must uncover a stinky plot at the local princess makeover beauty parlor. Who switched out the delicious smelling Strawberry Spritz spray for one that smells like rotten eggs and turns the girls hair blue?

Buggy Breakout

In Buggy Breakout, spring has sprung, bringing…
bugs? The Clue Crew must use their best detective skills to recover the Bug Club’s prize insect.

Camp Creepy

In Camp Creepy, the girls take a school trip to Taos, New Mexico! A classmate’s uncle has opened a new camp and the kids of River Heights Elementary are invited to come test it out. But when a series of mysterious incidents ruin Nancy s art project, Nancy thinks something eerie is at work. Could she have upset the Taos Indian spirits?

Cat Burglar Caper

In Cat Burglar Caper, someone is stealing kittens from the local pet store! Fortunately for the cats, Nancy and her friends are on the case .

Time Thief

A mystery for the history books! River Heights Elementary School has been waiting a generation for this day to come. All the kids in Mrs. Ramirez’s class, including Nancy Drew and her friends Bess and George, have gathered to watch Principal Newman dig up the time capsule that was buried over 30 years ago. But, when it s unearthed, a very important vintage doll is missing from the capsule. How is that possible? It s been buried this whole time. Did a classmate steal it before the dig? Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew are on the case!

Designed for Disaster

Nancy Drew and her classmates have the chance to submit their own fashion designs to a big-time competition–and the chance to model their designs in a fashion show. On a team with her best friends George and Bess, Nancy comes up with some truly original clothing ideas and her team is chosen! But someone keeps sabotaging the contest along the way — stealing designs, hiding sample pieces, and tripping up the models. Can the Clue Crew find the culprit before the River Heights fashion show is canceled?

Terror on Tour (With: Franklin W. Dixon)

‘So, Joe, what do you make of ATAC sending us on a mission without telling us what we’re supposed to be looking for?’ ‘Frank, it’s Rockapazooma! Who cares? We can handle this.’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘So, George, are you coming to Rockapazooma with me, or what?’ ‘How could I miss a chance to see my fave band, Lethal Injection, live? Even Bess wants in. But we’re only going on one condition: If a case crops up, you’ll leave it to one of the security guards. Just this once, Nancy? So we can actually listen to the music?’ ‘Where’s the mystery in that?’ One rock concert. One big crime. Three of the best teen detectives of all time. Terror On Tour

Danger Overseas (With: Franklin W. Dixon)

‘Wow, Joe, I can’t believe there are actually people out there who would mess around with all these awesome ancient ruins.’ ‘Yeah, but Frank, it’s because of them that ATAC sent us here to Rome, and nothing beats this Italian food!’ ‘Nancy, I can’t believe it. When Aunt Estelle invited you to come on this trip to Italy with Bess and me, I figured it would give you a break from mysteries, and you’ve still managed to find one!’ ‘I know, George, but isn’t it strange to find an American girl in the middle of Rome with no memory of how she got here?’ ‘Something tells me you’ll get to the bottom of it all soon…
.’ One foreign city. One big crime. Three of the best teen detectives of all time.

Club Dread (With: Franklin W. Dixon)


One paradise resort. One big crime.

Three of the best teen detectives of all time.


Pageant Perfect Crime

Ned’s classmate Portia Leoni won last year’s Miss Pretty Face River Heights Beauty Pageant. But after Portia was accused of shoplifting dresses from a local boutique, her crown was taken away from her. Portia claims that she’s innocent, but why would someone want to frame her?

To find out more, I’m going undercover as a pageant contestant! But going undercover in Miss Pretty Face may be my toughest challenge yet. Everyone seems to have a motive!

Who knew it was so hard to walk, smile, and wave? I have to find out the truth before someone finds out that I’m anything but a beauty queen!

Perfect Cover

My friends and I are headed to the Big Apple!

George, Bess, and I continue our investigation of the Miss Pretty Face Beauty Pageant in New York City, where the next round of competition is being held. When I get there, Pretty Face Cosmetics seems creepier than ever!

Suspicious security men, animal rights protesters, and a mysterious scientist make this the craziest case I’ve ever investigated. And when someone suddenly goes missing, I realize it just might be the most dangerous!

The Perfect Escape

This time, I may be in way over my head. What started out as a simple undercover mission at a beauty pageant in New York City has turned into complete chaos! The pageant’s sponsor, Pretty Face Cosmetics, knows that I’ve uncovered a big secret about their product, and now I’m in serious trouble. They want to keep me quiet no matter what it takes.

Now I’m being held hostage by two supercreepy bad guys, without a phone, and worse, without my friends! I know that Bess and George are doing everything they can to find me, but time is running out. I have to figure out a way to get back to that pageant so I can reveal Pretty Face’s secret…
before it’s too late for the next Miss Pretty Face, and millions of other girls!

Secret Identity

Everyone knows about the online group BetterLife. But what starts out as a fun virtual reality site turns into a living nightmare for Bess’s twelve year old sister and her friends when one of them becomes a target of cyberbullying!

I create my own BetterLife profile to investigate how the program works and find out who could be targeting the girl and why. But nothing online is what it seems everyone is hiding behind their virtual identities. It’s almost impossible to track down who is behind anything!

Is this a simple case of middle school girls being mean to each other, or could it be something scarier? It’s up to my friends and me to do some cyberdigging and unmask the secret identities of the BetterLife bullies!

Identity Theft

With George and Bess’s help, I joined the online group BetterLife to unmask the identities of some nasty cyberbullies who were harassing a friend of Bess’s sister online. Little did I know that my sleuthing would lead me into even more trouble! Now the cyberbullies are after me. Someone has hacked into my BetterLife account and manipulated my avatar to do things I would never do in real life. Now this case is personal. My friends and I need to do some major cybersleuthing to identify the bullies before it’s too late!

Model Crime

In Model Crime, the first book in the exciting new Model Mystery Trilogy, Nancy’s friend Sydney is getting married, but things keep going horribly wrong at the wedding. Who would want to ruin someone s special day? In Model Menace, just as things seem to be settling down, a mysterious menace has sabotaged Sydney s reception. Can Nancy stop the troublemaker before it s too late?

Model Menace

I thought I had cracked the case when I found out who was trying to sabotage Sydney’s wedding out of jealousy. It’s easy to be envious of a gorgeous model betrothed to the hottest reality star on television. But even after I uncovered the villain, things did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. Could Sydney be sabotaging her own wedding due to cold feet?

I know that seems ridiculous, but it also seems ridiculous that someone would want to hurt the kind Sydney in any way. And it seems unlikely that my suspect could have acted alone to ruin the shower. Is it possible that the crook is working with someone else to bring Sydney and her fianc , Vic, down? I’ll need to act fast to catch whoever is up to no good.

Model Suspect

I’m beginning to think Sydney and Vic’s marriage was doomed from the start. First Sydney’s best friend, Candy, tried to sabotage the wedding. Then Vic’s onscreen beau brought a knife to the ceremony and it wasn’t just for cutting the cake. Luckily, we caught her before any damage was done…
. But is she the real culprit? Or does someone else have it in for these two newlyweds?

Strange things kept happening on the happiest day of Sydney and Vic’s lives and now trouble has followed them on their honeymoon! Some things just don’t add up, and I need to get to the bottom of it before Sydney or Vic is seriously hurt.

Green-Eyed Monster

Nancy Drew’s cases are more mysterious than ever with three book arcs!

Green with Envy

Carolyn Keene’s iconic girl detective’s, Nancy Drew, cases are more mysterious than ever with three book arcs, this time with an eco theme!

Seeing Green

Seeing Green What was supposed to be a blissed out vacation at a pristine eco resort has turned into one of the biggest cases of my life. And just as we were getting into it, Bess, George, and I had to return to River Heights. But, it looks like the case has followed us home. Now that I’m back on my home turf, I can investigate Cristobal’s mysterious American girlfriend further I’m sure she has more to do with the sabotaging of the Casa Verde resort than her boyfriend and resort owner, Cristobal, would let on. But as I’ve so often come to find out, this case goes much deeper the more I scratch the surface. Who are these mysterious people Cristobal and his girlfriend are involved with? And what is their plan? I’m on the case and determined to find out!

Serial Sabotage

Carolyn Keene’s iconic girl detective Nany Drew’s cases are more mysterious than ever with three-book arcs.

Sabotage Surrender

At the River Heights Celebration, arson, theft and threatening notes all combine to provide a stunning conclusion to the Sabotage Mystery Trilogy.

The Demon of River Heights

Everyone’s favorite girl detective makes her dazzling graphic novel debut! An all new series of full color Nancy Drew graphic novels, with all new comics stories based on the series by Carolyn Keene, starts right here! Join Nancy, along with Bess and George, as they search for missing student filmmakers and discover the deadly secret behind the local urban legend known as ‘The Demon of River Heights.’ Ages 8 to 12. Papercutz is the exciting new graphic novel publisher that’s building a huge following among the next generation of comics fans. Even the most reluctant readers are becoming addicted to the Papercutz approach of giving classic characters a modern makeover! Each Papercutz graphic novel features comics stories drawn in the style of the popular Japanese comics known as manga, and beautifully rendered with state of the art color. While educators rave about the high quality of the Papercutz writing and artwork, readers 8 and up are simply enjoying the great adventures found in each fun filled volume. Be sure to check out other Papercutz titles such as The Hardy Boys, Zorro and Totally Spies.

Writ in Stone

It’s double trouble for Nancy and her friends, when an ancient artifact and a little boy are both suddenly missing. The artifact is a piece of an old stone marker that may prove that the Chinese were in America eighty years before Columbus. The little boy is Owen Zucker, a sweetie who Nancy sometimes baby sits. Nancy’s determined to recover both the artifact and little Owen, but someone’s out to stop her permanently! Ages 8 to 12. Papercutz is the exciting new graphic novel publisher that’s building a huge following among the next generation of comics fans. Even the most reluctant readers are becoming addicted to the Papercutz approach of giving classic characters a modern makeover! Each Papercutz graphic novel features comics stories drawn in the style of the popular Japanese comics known as manga, and beautifully rendered with state of the art color. While educators rave about the high quality of the Papercutz writing and artwork, readers 8 and up are simply enjoying the great adventures found in each fun filled volume. Be sure to check out other Papercutz titles such as The Hardy Boys, Zorro and Totally Spies

The Haunted Dollhouse

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Nancy Drew, this graphic novel features many subtle tributes to classic Nancy Drew adventures. River Heights is celebrating ‘Nostalgia Week’ and everyone in town is dressing up and acting like it was 1930 including Nancy, Bess, and George! Wait till you see Nancy in her roadster! But when scenes of crimes displayed in Emma Blavatsky’s antique dollhouse start coming true, Nancy has a full blown mystery on her hands! Nancy’s shocked when she stakes out the dollhouse, and witnesses a doll version of herself murdered! Will that scene become reality too?! Plus a preview of the next Nancy Drew graphic novel, ‘The Girl Who Wasn’t There.’ Ages 8 to 12.
Papercutz is the exciting new graphic novel publisher that’s building a huge following among the next generation of comics fans. Even the most reluctant readers are becoming addicted to the Papercutz approach of giving classic characters a modern makeover! Each Papercutz graphic novel features comics stories drawn in the style of the popular Japanese comics known as manga, and beautifully rendered with state of the art color. While educators rave about the high quality of the Papercutz writing and artwork, readers 8 and up are simply enjoying the great adventures found in each fun filled volume. Be sure to check out other Papercutz titles such as The Hardy Boys, Zorro and Totally Spies

The Girl Who Wasn’t There

Nancy gets a call for help late one night from a girl she befriended over
the phone when getting technical support to help fix her computer. When the
line goes dead, Nancy is determined to get to the bottom of things. Soon,
Nancy, her Dad, and friends George and Bess are on their way to India to
find Kalpana, The Girl Who Wasn’t There! It’s only a matter of time before
Nancy is captured by Sahadev the crime lord and is being sacrificed to Kali! Ages 8 to 12. Papercutz is the exciting new graphic novel publisher that’s building a huge following among the next generation of comics fans. Even the most reluctant readers are becoming addicted to the Papercutz approach of giving classic characters a modern makeover! Each Papercutz graphic novel features comics stories drawn in the style of the popular Japanese comics known as manga, and beautifully rendered with state of the art color. While educators rave about the high quality of the Papercutz writing and artwork, readers 8 and up are simply enjoying the great adventures found in each fun filled volume. Be sure to check out other Papercutz titles such as The Hardy Boys, Zorro and Totally Spies

The Fake Heir

Nancy, along with Bess and George, find the wreck of an old yacht with a safe inside full of jewelry worth a small fortune. Cousins of the Druthers, who are clients of Nancy’s dad Carson Drew, owned the yacht. Their will leaves everything to Mr. Druthers, specifically excluding his spouse, whom the cousins hated, but no one s seen him for ten years and the rumor is that Mrs. Druthers murdered him! Things take a surprising turn when suddenly Mr. Druthers reappears! But then Mrs. Druthers disappears! Join Nancy Drew as she solves the mystery of The Fake Heir! Ages 8 to 12. Papercutz is the exciting new graphic novel publisher that’s building a huge following among the next generation of comics fans. Even the most reluctant readers are becoming addicted to the Papercutz approach of giving classic characters a modern makeover! Each Papercutz graphic novel features comics stories drawn in the style of the popular Japanese comics known as manga, and beautifully rendered with state of the art color. While educators rave about the high quality of the Papercutz writing and artwork, readers 8 and up are simply enjoying the great adventures found in each fun filled volume. Be sure to check out other Papercutz titles such as The Hardy Boys, Zorro and Totally Spies

Mr. Cheeters Is Missing

When the eccentric Blanche Porter reports that her beloved Mr. Cheeters has vanished, it isn’t your standard missing persons case. As Nancy Drew soon discovers, Mr. Cheeters, is a pet chimp. Or is he? Based on a preliminary investigation and information obtained from Blanche’s brother, Lawrence, the River Heights police dismiss the case as bogus doubting that there ever was a Mr. Cheeters to begin with. But when Nancy Drew discovers there’s a missing diamond necklace as well she’s on the case! Can Nancy, along with Bess and George, recover the great ape and the necklace, or has Blanche Porter made a monkey out of Nancy Drew? Ages 8 to 12.

The Charmed Bracelet

Ned Nickerson arrested for shoplifting! Nancy Drew threatened with a lawsuit! A rare computer chip stolen from Rackham Industries! It all gets even more exciting when Nancy receives a mysterious charm bracelet in the mail and soon a crime is committed for each charm! Will Nancy, even with the help of Bess and George, be able to find the real culprit before Ned is convicted? Ages 8 to 12.

Global Warning

Nancy Drew battles the Abominable Snowman! It happens at a new Bio Dome facility in River Heights, where Nancy, Bess, and George get swept up in a mystery involving five different world environments encased within giant domes, animals and all. It’s founded and funded by famed environmentalist billionaire, Cheri Goale. But before the Bio Dome officially opens, Sasquatch appears within the Arctic dome creating havoc and endangering the future of the facility. Nancy Drew investigates, but is soon trapped within the dome with the legendary Bigfoot. Note This storyline is tied into characters and events appearing in an all new, best selling Nancy Drew PC game from Her Interactive.

Ghost in the Machinery

Has Nancy Drew solved the world’s energy crisis? On a mission, sponsored by young, rich, and handsome Ralph Credo, Nancy teams up with eccentric scientist Roy Hinkley, to find an amazing high efficiency engine able to operate at an amazing 200 miles per gallon! The experimental engine, mounted on a tank, was part of an experiment during the final days of World War II. There s just one problem, the engine and the tank are haunted. Ghost in the Machinery is the first in a series of three Nancy Drew adventures entitled The High Miles Mystery.

The Disoriented Express

On its journey to Professor Hinkley’s research facility, Nancy Drew must protect an amazing creation that could possibly end the world s energy crisis. Unstable and dangerous, the super fuel efficient engine must be transported by a private train. But dark forces are at work, attempting to shanghai the miracle machine literally at every turn by using computers to jam the switches! But while Nancy, and her friend George, attempt to determine which sinister suspect is behind these despicable acts, they soon realize that if their adversaries can t succeed at stealing this miraculous machine, they ll destroy the train, along with everything, and everyone on it! The Disoriented Express is the second in a series of three Nancy Drew adventures entitled The High Miles Mystery.

Monkey-Wrench Blues

Papercutz presents the conclusion to the biggest Nancy Drew graphic novel adventure ever. ‘The High Miles Mystery,’ winds up with a race that could spell life or death for the girl detective! Hinkley is able to build a prototype for a new high efficiency car based on a recently recovered engine. After seeing Nancy drive a tank and stop a speeding train, he wants her and mechanic Bess to drive the prototype in a government sponsored race. The car with the best fuel efficiency wins a government development contract, money Hinkley and Credo would need to bring the car to production. But someone is determined that Nancy and Bess lose at any cost!

Dress Reversal

When Bess and George help Nancy pick out a dress for Deirdre’s big party, little do they suspect it’s the identical dress Deirdre will be wearing. After a minor altercation with the perturbed hostess, Nancy leaves the party only to be grabbed by a dark figure, tossed into a van and kidnapped! That leaves Bess and George, with some help from Ned, to try and solve the mystery of exactly what just happened to Nancy. Things get complicated further when Bess and George’s number one suspect, Deirdre, is kidnapped too!

Doggone Town

When Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson attempt to return a lost dog named Togo to its owner in the small town of Nevershare, they stumble onto a much bigger mystery where did all the people go? The entire population of Nevershare is missing, except for one person, and she’s mean and not very helpful. Will Nancy solve this mystery before she and Ned also disappear?

Sleight of Dan

Nancy, Ned, and George attend magician Dan Devil’s show, and witness his assistant s magical disappearance except she doesn t reappear! Seems Nancy can t even go on a date without stumbling upon a mystery. In searching for the missing assistant, Nancy goes on a magical mystery tour of Dan Evil s home and runs into a very hungry anaconda! Rather than become snake food, she agrees to become Dan s new assistant but what if she vanishes too?

Tiger Counter

This is a Manga style mystery and suspense with everyone’s favorite Girl Detective! Nancy, and her BFFs Bess and George, encounter lions, tigers, and scares oh, my! when they investigate a missing cat mystery. But when the authorities learn exactly how many cats eccentric old Mrs. Eartha keeps in her house, they are forced to remove most of them because of the health code violations. But Hell hath no fury as a cat woman scorned! That’s when Nancy, Bess, and George run into escaped lions and tigers in the woods and a deadly cat and mouse game ensues.

What Goes Up…

After Stealing a million in investment cash, a desperate robber commandeers a hot air balloon at the local exposition, only to be lost in a raging storm. The balloon was tracked to a high mountain area before going down. When Police Chief McGinnis refuses to take Nancy on the recovery effort, she and the girls stowaway with the investment bankers, also climbing the mountain, in an effort to recover their funds. Unfortunately, once the balloon is found, they learn that they’ve hung out with the wrong group – the bankers were in on it with the robbers!

Night of the Living Chatchke

Nancy Drew travels to Turkey with her father, attorney Carson Drew, who plans to negotiate the sale of an ancestral estate belonging to one of his clients. When Nancy finds that mysterious artifacts have been disappearing from the estate, she turns her suspicions to Harland Severino, a rich man who desperately wants to purchase it. Nancy does some sleuthing that leads her beneath the property into an environment no one could ve guessed what lay there: the ancient ruins of a city long forgotten by time, filled with priceless ancient artifacts that grave robbers will do anything to get at!

City under the Baseme*nt

Nancy and her father Carson find themselves in an ancient city long buried below a luxurious estate, the sale of which has brought them to Turkey. Thieves led by a mysterious rich man named Harold Severino search frantically for a priceless artifact somewhere in the city as Nancy and her father are taken prisoner. Severino, who previously attempted to purchase the estate with suspicious motives, has been led to the archeological treasure by none other than Professor David Sever, the crooked archeologist from Nancy Drew 2: Writ in Stone! It’s up to Nancy to halt the plundering of this living museum and somehow make it out in one piece!


Nancy Drew is in a tight spot! It all starts when Nancy trails a masked jewel thief in the woodlands around River Heights. After running into a group of hikers, Nancy asks if they ve seen anyone, only to find that one of the hikers is also the thief! When Nancy breaks off from the group to make a phone call, she is pushed from behind and ends up dangling from a tree root, afraid to call for help lest the crook find her. This time, its up to Bess and George to help their dear friend Nancy Drew.

High School Musical Mystery

Carolyn Keene’s teen sleuth sisters The Dana Girls meet Nancy Drew for the first time ever in part one if this two part story!

Nancy and pals Bess and George meet Louise and Jean Dana on a trip to the town of Penfield, where they visit the Starhurst School for Girls. Once students hear that Nancy has arrived, a contest is developed to see who can solve a concocted mystery first. Their pals plant clues throughout the school, each one in the form of a song! See Nancy Drew and the Dana Girls compete for the title of Top Girl Detective!

The Feathered Serpent

The reader has a number of choices in directing the plot as Nancy Drew and Joe and Frank Hardy unravel a mystery involving smuggled artifacts from Mexico.

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