Caroline Cross Books In Order

Men of Steele Books In Order

  1. Trust Me (2005)
  2. Tempt Me (2006)
  3. Tame Me (2007)


  1. Rafferty’s Angel (1994)
  2. Operation Mummy (1995)
  3. Truth or Dare (1995)
  4. The Baby Blizzard (1997)
  5. The Notorious Groom (1998)
  6. The Paternity Factor (1998)
  7. The Rancher and the Nanny (2000)


  1. Child of Mine (2002)
  2. The Sheikh Takes a Bride / The Seal’s Surrender (2003)
  3. The Playboy and Plain Jane AND Sleeping Beauty’s Billionaire (2003)
  4. Bride By Christmas / Trust Me (2006)
  5. Forbidden Affair / Tempt Me (2006)
  6. Tame Me / Ultimate Millionaire (2007)
  7. The Barones: Nicholas, Colleen & Gina (2008)
  8. Dynasties Collection (2020)


  1. An Unexpected Family (2004)

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Caroline Cross Books Overview

Trust Me

She had trusted him wtih her heart and been devestated. Now she had to trust him with her life. Lilah Cantrell: She couldn’t imagine anything worse than being held in a Third World prison. Until she set eyes on Dominic Steele the very first man who’d stirred her desires and broken her heart. Dominic Steele: The ex U.S. Navy Seal turned bodyguard for hire tried to keep his rescue mission strictly professional, but Lilah and the memories of their shared history awakened his long dormant protective instincts…
and passion. Could their newfound trust, born of desperation, sustain them once they reached safety? Or was that when the real danger would begin?

Tempt Me

He was chained to her bed. Ex Army Ranger John Taggert Steele couldn’t believe the pretty little mess he was in. The case should have been easy: Track down runaway murder witness Genevieve Bowen and return her to police custody. But somehow he ended up shackled to the sassy brunette’s bed and rather than thinking how to get out of it, he was sorely tempted to get Genevieve in it so he could teach her a much needed lesson in domination. Because one way or another he’d regain control, and show her what happens when you play with a desperate man’s heart.

Tame Me

He’d ruined her father. And destroyed the only life she’d ever known. How could penniless socialite Mallory Morgan accept Gabriel Steele’s charity? But Gabriel wasn’t used to taking no for an answer. And the infuriatingly arrogant man wasn’t above using his devastating sex appeal to get what he wanted. Gabirel intended to take care of Mallory, leaving her no choice but to succumb to his wishes. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t try to tame her keeper…

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