Carole Mortimer Books In Order

Alpha Books In Publication Order

  1. Christmas Alpha (2014)
  2. Dark Alpha (2015)
  3. Shadow Alpha (2015)
  4. Midnight Alpha (2015)
  5. Renegade Alpha (2015)
  6. Warrior Alpha (2015)
  7. Rogue Alpha (2015)
  8. Savage Alpha (2016)

Balfour Brides Books In Publication Order

  1. Annie and the Red-Hot Italian (2010)

Balfour Legacy Books In Publication Order

  1. Annie’s Secret (2010)

Bennett Family Books In Publication Order

  1. To Love Again (1988)
  2. The Loving Gift (1988)
  3. One Chance at Love (1988)
  4. A Christmas Affair (1990)

Buenos Aires Nights Books In Publication Order

  1. A Taste of the Forbidden (2013)
  2. A Touch of Notoriety (2013)

Calendar Mistress Books In Publication Order

  1. His Cinderella Mistress (2003)
  2. The Unwilling Mistress (2004)
  3. The Deserving Mistress (2004)

Castonbury Park Books In Publication Order

  1. The Wicked Lord Montague (2012)
  2. The Housemaid’s Scandalous Secret (By:Helen Dickson) (2012)
  3. Scandalous Whispers (2012)
  4. A Stranger at Castonbury (By:Amanda McCabe) (2013)

Christmas Surrender Books In Publication Order

  1. Snowbound Seduction (By:Helen Brooks) (2010)
  2. Just One Last Night (By:Helen Brooks) (2012)
  3. His Christmas Virgin (2012)
  4. A Night in the Palace (2014)

Copeland Sisters Books In Publication Order

  1. The Lady Gambles (2011)
  2. The Lady Forfeits (2011)
  3. The Lady Confesses (2011)

Dance with the Devil Books In Publication Order

  1. Matteo (2020)
  2. Leon (2020)
  3. Killian (2021)
  4. Jericho (2021)
  5. Kieran (2021)

Dangerous Dukes Books In Publication Order

  1. Pleasured by a Duke/Marcus Wilding (2014)
  2. Zachary Black (2014)
  3. Darian Hunter (2014)
  4. Griffin Stone (2015)
  5. Christian Seaton (2015)
  6. Rufus Drake (2015)

Dangerous Liaisons Books In Publication Order

  1. The One and Only (1996)

Daring Duchesses Books In Publication Order

  1. Some Like It Wicked (2012)
  2. Some Like to Shock (2013)

Dark Nights With A Billionaire Books In Publication Order

  1. The Venetian’s Midnight Mistress (2008)

The Devilish D’Angelos Books In Publication Order

  1. A Bargain with the Enemy (2014)
  2. A Prize Beyond Jewels (2014)
  3. A D’Angelo Like No Other (2014)

Dinner At 8 Books In Publication Order

  1. Wife by Contract, Mistress by Demand (2007)

Do Not Disturb Books In Publication Order

  1. Liam’s Secret Son (2001)
  2. An Enigmatic Man (2003)

Dragon Hearts Books In Publication Order

  1. Nathaniel (2017)
  2. Deryk (2017)
  3. Bryn (2017)
  4. Dylan (2018)
  5. Grigor (2018)
  6. Garrett (2018)
  7. Aeran & Rhys (2018)
  8. Dragon Reunion (2019)

Expecting Books In Publication Order

  1. Expectant Mistress (By:Sara Wood) (1998)
  2. The Baby Secret (By:Helen Brooks) (1998)
  3. Accidental Baby (By:Kim Lawrence) (1999)
  4. The Baby Verdict (By:Cathy Williams) (1999)
  5. The Baby Scandal (By:Cathy Williams) (2000)
  6. For the Babies’ Sakes (By:Sara Wood) (2002)
  7. The Italian’s Secret Baby (By:Kim Lawrence) (2004)
  8. The Italian’s Secretary Bride (By:Kim Lawrence) (2004)
  9. Riccardo’s Secret Child (By:Cathy Williams) (2004)
  10. His Pregnancy Bargain (By:Kim Lawrence) (2005)
  11. The Carides Pregnancy (By:Kim Lawrence) (2005)
  12. Pregnant by the Millionaire (2007)
  13. Having Leo’s Child (By:Emma Darcy) (2012)

In Love With Her Boss Books In Publication Order

  1. His Very Personal Assistant (2005)

International Bad Boys Books In Publication Order

  1. Pursued by the Devil (2015)

International Billionaires Books In Publication Order

  1. The Prince’s Waitress Wife (By:Sarah Morgan) (2008)
  2. The Virgin Secretary’s Impossible Boss (2009)

King-Hamilton Books In Publication Order

  1. Trust Summer Madness (1983)
  2. Everlasting Love (1984)

Knight Security Books In Publication Order

  1. Resisting Alexandre (2016)
  2. Defying Asher (2016)
  3. Challenging Gabriel (2016)
  4. Capturing Caleb (2016)
  5. Tempting Zander (2017)
  6. Enticing Ian (2017)
  7. Seducing Ethan (2017)

Latin Lovers Books In Publication Order

  1. The Mediterranean Millionaire’s Reluctant Mistress (2007)

The Lyonedes Legacy Books In Publication Order

  1. Defying Drakon (2012)
  2. His Reputation Precedes Him (2012)

Marriage and Mistletoe Books In Publication Order

  1. The Christmas Night Miracle (2007)

The Marriage Bargain Books In Publication Order

  1. Ruthless Husband, Convenient Wife (By:) (2003)
  2. His Bid for a Bride (2004)
  3. The Millionaire’s Chosen Bride (By:) (2008)
  4. The Spaniard’s Marriage Bargain : The Marriage Bargain (By:Abby Green) (2021)

Modern-Day Knights Books In Publication Order

  1. The Yuletide Engagement (2003)

Nanny Wanted! Books In Publication Order

  1. The Diamond Bride (1998)

9 To 5 Books In Publication Order

  1. Two’s Company (1995)
  2. His Very Personal Assistant (2005)

The Notorious St. Claires Books In Publication Order

  1. At the Duke’s Service (2009)
  2. The Rake’s Wicked Proposal (2009)
  3. The Duke’s Cinderella Bride (2009)
  4. Lady Arabella’s Scandalous Marriage (2010)
  5. The Rogue’s Disgraced Lady (2010)

Prince Brothers Books In Publication Order

  1. Prince’s Passion (2005)
  2. Prince’s Pleasure (2005)
  3. Prince’s Love-Child (2006)

Quinlan/Somerville-Smythe Books In Publication Order

  1. Fated Attraction (1991)
  2. Saving Grace (1992)

Regency Club Venus Books In Publication Order

  1. Bastian’s Surrender (2019)
  2. Gabriel’s Torment (2020)
  3. Benedict’s Challenge (2020)
  4. James’s Lady (2020)

Regency Lovers Books In Publication Order

  1. Indecent (2018)
  2. Obsession (2018)
  3. Craving (2018)
  4. Forbidden (2019)
  5. Surrender (2019)
  6. Scandal (2019)

Regency Scandal Books In Publication Order

  1. Wanton (2020)
  2. Wild (2021)
  3. Wayward (2021)
  4. Sinful (2021)

Regency Sinners Books In Publication Order

  1. Wicked Torment (2017)
  2. Wicked Surrender (2017)
  3. Wicked Scandal (2017)
  4. Wicked Deception (2017)
  5. Wicked Captive (2018)
  6. Wicked Temptation (2018)
  7. Wicked Sinner (2018)
  8. Wicked Christmas (2018)

Regency Unlaced Books In Publication Order

  1. The Duke’s Mistress (2015)
  2. Claimed by the Marquis (2016)
  3. Taken by the Earl (2016)
  4. Pursued by the Viscount (2016)
  5. Desired by a Lord (2016)
  6. Captured by a Gentleman (2016)
  7. Seduced by a Marquis (2016)
  8. Tamed by the Earl (2017)

Russian Dragon Heat Books In Publication Order

  1. Vladimir (2020)
  2. Vaughn (2021)
  3. Viktor (2021)

Ruthless Regency Dukes Books In Publication Order

  1. The Wager (2022)

Scandal In The Spotlight Books In Publication Order

  1. A Game with One Winner (By:Lynn Raye Harris) (2013)
  2. Rumors on the Red Carpet / The Talk of Hollywood (2013)

The Scandalous St. Claires Books In Publication Order

  1. The Reluctant Duke (2011)
  2. Taming the Last St. Claire (2011)
  3. The Return of the Renegade (2012)

Sicilian Gambrellis Saga Books In Publication Order

  1. The Sicilian’s Ruthless Marriage Revenge (2007)
  2. At the Sicilian Count’s Command (2008)
  3. The Sicilian’s Innocent Mistress (2008)

A Season of Secrets Books In Publication Order

  1. Not Just a Governess (0)
  2. Not Just a Wallflower (2013)

Secret Passions Books In Publication Order

  1. A Secret Vengeance (By:Miranda Lee) (2001)
  2. Wolfe’s Temptress (By:Robyn Donald) (2002)
  3. Mistress of La Rioja (By:Sharon Kendrick) (2002)
  4. At Her Boss’s Bidding (By:Miranda Lee) (2002)
  5. The Secret Love-Child (By:Miranda Lee) (2002)
  6. The Unexpected Pregnancy (By:Catherine George) (2004)
  7. The Vengeance Affair (2005)

Steele Protectors Books In Publication Order

  1. Logan (2019)
  2. Atticus (2019)
  3. Bryce (2019)
  4. Rourke (2019)
  5. Haydn (2019)
  6. Lucan (2020)

Tango: It Takes Two… Books In Publication Order

  1. The Fiance Fix (2002)

To Be Bachelor Brothers Books In Publication Order

  1. To Woo a Wife (1988)
  2. To Be a Husband (1998)
  3. To Be a Bridegroom (1999)

To Love Bachelor Sisters Books In Publication Order

  1. To Mend a Marriage (2000)
  2. To Have a Husband (2000)
  3. To Become a Bride (2011)
  4. To Make a Marriage (2011)

To Marry Bachelor Cousins Books In Publication Order

  1. To Marry McKenzie (2002)
  2. To Marry McCloud (2002)
  3. To Marry McAllister (2002)

The Twin Tycoons Books In Publication Order

  1. The Redemption of Darius Sterne (2015)
  2. The Taming of Xander Sterne (2015)

Virgin Brides, Arrogant Husbands Books In Publication Order

  1. Bedded for the Spaniard’s Pleasure (2009)

Wedlocked! Books In Publication Order

  1. Bride by Blackmail (2003)
  2. Claiming His Christmas Bride (2005)
  3. The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain (2007)
  4. Wedded, Bedded, Betrayed (By:Michelle Smart) (2016)
  5. Claimed for the Leonelli Legacy (By:Lynne Graham) (2017)
  6. His Queen by Desert Decree (By:Lynne Graham) (2017)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Passionate Winter (1979)
  2. Only Lover (1979)
  3. Tempted By Desire (1979)
  4. The Tempestuous Flame (1979)
  5. Savage Interlude (1979)
  6. Deceit of a Pagan (1980)
  7. Engaged to Jarrod Stone (1980)
  8. Yesterday’s Scars (1980)
  9. Fear of Love (1980)
  10. Brand of Possession (1980)
  11. Living Together (1980)
  12. The Flame of Desire (1981)
  13. Ice in His Veins (1981)
  14. Satan’s Master (1981)
  15. Devil Lover (1981)
  16. First Love, Last Love (1981)
  17. Freedom to Love (1981)
  18. Point of No Return (1981)
  19. Love’s Duel (1982)
  20. Perfect Partner (1982)
  21. Shadowed Stranger (1982)
  22. Burning Obsession (1982)
  23. Red Rose for Love (1982)
  24. Forgotten Lover (1982)
  25. Captive Loving (1982)
  26. Elusive Lover (1982)
  27. Forbidden Surrender (1982)
  28. Golden Fever (1982)
  29. Passion from the Past (1982)
  30. Hidden Love (1982)
  31. Love’s Only Deception (1983)
  32. Fantasy Girl (1983)
  33. Love Unspoken (1983)
  34. Heaven Here On Earth (1983)
  35. Lifelong Affair (1983)
  36. Subtle Revenge (1983)
  37. Undying Love (1983)
  38. Pagan Enchantment (1983)
  39. The Failed Marriage (1983)
  40. Sensual Encounter (1983)
  41. Hard To Get (1984)
  42. A Lost Love (1984)
  43. Untamed (1984)
  44. An Unwilling Desire (1984)
  45. A Past Revenge (1984)
  46. Lady Surrender (1985)
  47. A No Risk Affair (1985)
  48. Tempestuous Affair (1985)
  49. Cherish Tomorrow (1985)
  50. The Passionate Lover (1985)
  51. Lovers in the Afternoon (1985)
  52. The Devil’s Price (1985)
  53. Darkness Into Light (1985)
  54. Knight’s Possession (1985)
  55. Gypsy (1985)
  56. No Longer a Dream (1986)
  57. The Wade Dynasty (1986)
  58. Glass Slippers and Unicorns (1986)
  59. Hawk’s Prey (1986)
  60. Merlyn’s Magic (1986)
  61. Velvet Promise (1986)
  62. A Rogue and a Pirate (1986)
  63. After the Loving (1987)
  64. Tangled Hearts (1987)
  65. Taggart’s Woman (1987)
  66. Witchchild (1987)
  67. Secret Passion (1987)
  68. Wish for the Moon (1987)
  69. Uncertain Destiny (1987)
  70. Elusive as the Unicorn (1990)
  71. Memories of the Past (1991)
  72. Romance Of A Lifetime (1991)
  73. Mother of the Bride (1992)
  74. The Jilted Bridegroom (1992)
  75. Private Lives (1992)
  76. Elusive Obsession (1993)
  77. Hunter’s Moon (1993)
  78. Gracious Lady (1993)
  79. Return Engagement (1993)
  80. War of Love (1995)
  81. One-Man Woman (1996)
  82. Wildest Dreams (1997)
  83. A Marriage To Remember (1997)
  84. Married by Contract (1998)
  85. Joined By Marriage (1998)
  86. Married By Christmas (1998)
  87. A Yuletide Seduction (1999)
  88. Trials by Marriage (1999)
  89. A Man to Marry (1999)
  90. Their Engagement Is Announced (2000)
  91. Bound by Contract (2000)
  92. The Secret Virgin (2001)
  93. The Man She’ll Marry (2001)
  94. Keeping Luke’s Secret (2002)
  95. In Separate Bedrooms (2003)
  96. The Innocent Virgin (2007)
  97. Pregnant with the Billionaire’s Baby (2009)
  98. The Infamous Italian’s Secret Baby (2009)
  99. The Master’s Mistress (2010)
  100. Surrender to the Past (2011)
  101. The Talk of Hollywood (2012)
  102. Heavenly Angels (2015)
  103. Snowbound with the Billionaire (2015)
  104. At the Ruthless Billionaire’s Command (2017)
  105. Taming the Notorious Billionaire (2020)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. A Wickedly Pleasurable Wager (2011)
  2. Some Like It Scandalous (2012)
  3. His Darling Valentine (2012)
  4. Not Just a Seduction (2013)

Kingston Security Books In Publication Order

  1. Kingston’s Ransom (2021)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Christmas Miracles (1996)
  2. Nearly Weds! (1999)
  3. Romancing the Holidays Bundle 2009 (2009)
  4. Scandalous Regency Nights (2011)
  5. Mistletoe Wishes (2011)
  6. Christmas with a Billionaire (2014)

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Carole Mortimer Books Overview

Annie and the Red-Hot Italian

Annie is a single mother who adores her young son-but as one of the notorious Balfour heiresses, she will have to work hard to give her baby a normal childhood. Then a chance meeting forces her back into the world of Luca de Salvatore, the gorgeous father of her child!

Luca doesn’t know that he has a son. Annie has to tell him, but Luca can’t see past her spoiled and scandalous Balfour reputation. Can Annie find a way to make Luca understand-and let her little boy know his father?

His Cinderella Mistress

January is a bit of a Cinderella, too busy helping her sisters to run their business to spend her life waiting for Prince Charming or so she thinks!

The Deserving Mistress

May has spent most of her life looking after her sisters and helping to run the family business and she’s determined not to let anyone take her home and livelihood! Especially not arrogant property tycoon Jude Marshall! However, deserving May has always been overlooked in the past and now sexy, charming Jude is out to wine and dine her. May can’t afford to let anyone get too close in case her secret is discovered and anyway, surely Jude is the type of man to want a mistress, not a wife?

His Christmas Virgin

Jonas Buchanan is a man renowned for being arrogant and seemingly emotionless, both inbusiness and in his private life. He never combines work and pleasure, and steers clear of any woman who doesn’t play by his rules . Rule 1: He doesn’t bed virgins. Rule 2: He doesn’t do Christmas. Mary ‘Mac’ McGuire loves the festive season, and she’s as pure as the snow falling outside Jonas’s window. But by Christmas Day she might well have Jonas breaking every rule in his book!

The Lady Forfeits

Lady Diana Copeland has hot footed it to London to tell her new guardian, Lord Faulkner, exactly what she thinks of his outrageous marriage demands! Well, with her two flighty sisters having run off, no one else is going to do it . Surely this magnificent man with a naughty glint in his eye can’t be the pompous old fool she was expecting? Inhaling deeply, Diana fights not to get lost in the depths of Lord Faulkner’s intoxicating gaze or to make the worst forfeit by agreeing to be the lord’s new countess!

The Venetian’s Midnight Mistress

Niccolo D’Alessandro has never seen eye to eye with spirited redhead Daniella Bell. So he’s shocked to discover that the mystery woman he’s just made love to after a Venetian style masked party was Dani!

Their night together was the most amazing of Dani’s life, but with a failed marriage behind her she never wants to wed again. But Niccolo has other ideas. When Dani announces she’s pregnant with his baby, the uncompromising Italian has only one demand: she will become his wife!

Wife by Contract, Mistress by Demand

Gabriella Benito fell for wealthy Rufus Gresham the first time she saw him. But Rufus believed Gabriella only wanted a rich husband just like her mother. Five years later, Rufus and Gabriella must marry to obtain their inheritances. On their wedding day, Gabriella is shocked when Rufus kisses her passionately! Will Rufus use their marriage as an excuse to have her in his bed whenever he wants?

Liam’s Secret Son

When Liam O’Reilly insisted on being a part of Laura’s world again, her first instinct was to turn him down. It wasn’t that she didn’t find him attractive. But in the time they’d been apart, Laura had married, had a baby and been widowed. She was older and wiser now. What really bothered her was that if Liam had stayed all those years ago, he would have found out something Laura now felt compelled to keep a secret from him he had a son…

The Baby Verdict (By:Cathy Williams)

Jessica’s boss, Bruno Carr, has assigned her to work closely with him on a major lawsuit. Then a business trip in the Caribbean led to steamy, sensual nights but was it more than an affair? The only verdict Jessica could be certain of was that she was expecting her boss’s baby!

The Italian’s Secret Baby (By:Kim Lawrence)

Scarlet Smith has kept millionaire Roman O’Hagan’s child hidden from him and now the arrogant Italian is determined to discover why a woman he’s never slept with is claiming to have his son! Can she keep the truth behind the baby’s birth a secret?

Not when Roman wants to take his revenge…
by sharing Scarlet’s bed!

The Italian’s Secretary Bride (By:Kim Lawrence)

A quiet evening in Manhattan turns into an electrically charged encounter when billionaire tycoon Luca O’Hagan finds himself alone with his brother’s beautiful assistant. The attraction he feels for Alice cannot be ignored; he has to have her….

Alice can’t help falling for the powerful and sexy Luca. Yet when he proposes a marriage of convenience, she refuses, knowing she doesn’t have his love. But perhaps she’s been too hasty-she’s just discovered she’s having his child!

Riccardo’s Secret Child (By:Cathy Williams)

Millionaire businessman Riccardo Fabbrini was furious that his child had been kept a secret from him! He blamed his daughter’s guardian the very pretty Julia Nash. And he intended to use seduction as his revenge! After all, no woman had immunity against the full force of his charm…
. But with each searing kiss he shared with Julia, Riccardo’s passion drove him to consider a new, more permanent course of action…

His Pregnancy Bargain (By:Kim Lawrence)

It was one night of passion Megan would never forget Luc Patrick had skillfully taken her and used her…
leaving her pregnant with his baby. Nevertheless Megan tracked down the sexy Frenchman and was left breathless by his bargain marry him for the sake of their child. How could Megan live a life of duty when she secretly loved her husband?But if marriage to Luc was an affair of cold convenience by day, then by night it was one of hot desire…

The Carides Pregnancy (By:Kim Lawrence)

Naive Becca Summer is seduced by Greek tycoon Christos Carides. Knowing of the hostility between their families, Christos deliberately conceals his true identity. Their lovemaking is passionate and Becca discovers she’s expecting Christos’s child! Christos is furious that Becca has tried to keep her pregnancy from him, and he’s determined to marry her. What sweeter way to get his revenge?

Pregnant by the Millionaire

Hebe can’t believe she’s ended up in her handsome boss’s bed. But it seems Nick Cavendish just needed to be with someone on the anniversary of his young son’s death. Nick tries to dismiss Hebe in the same way he has all his women. But that’s not so easy when Hebe’s his assistant and she’s got morning sickness! Nick has a change of heart: he’s been sent a second chance at fatherhood! But Hebe’s heart is breaking, being married as she is for the baby’s sake.

Having Leo’s Child (By:Emma Darcy)

Leo was determined to marry Teri, the mother of his child. But Teri couldn’t forget that Leo had never considered marrying her before she fell pregnant and great sex wasn’t love. Would the tie of their child be enough? What price this marriage?

His Very Personal Assistant

When Kit was hired as personal assistant to Marcus Maitland, she was ready to resist him if her sensible suits, glas*ses and severe hairstyle didn’t do it, then her cool, untouchable manner would. However, during a working weekend away, Marcus started getting very personal with his assistant. Without her glas*ses and prim clothes, Kit felt naked which suited Marcus just fine!

The Prince’s Waitress Wife (By:Sarah Morgan)

Bedded for the prince’s pleasure

When virgin waitress Holly is thrown into the playboy prince’s arms, he lives up to his wicked reputation by bedding her then casting her aside!

Expecting the prince’s love child

Holly is pregnant! Casper is furious; Holly’s just a scheming gold digger, but royal protocol demands he make her his bride!

Wedded by royal command

Innocent Holly has the wedding of her dreams and Casper knows her first duty as his convenient wife will be on their wedding night…

The Virgin Secretary’s Impossible Boss

Linus Harrison’s masculinity is a little too much for his sensible, bespectacled assistant, Andrea. He makes her heart beat like crazy! And the last thing Andi expects is to have to spend a weekend alone with her wild, irrepressible boss .

Billionaire Linus loves a challenge and relishes his chance to undo Miss Prim and Proper’s buttoned up exterior. It only takes one snowbound Scottish night to ignite the flames of the devilishly handsome businessman’s desire. With sparks flying, how can Andi resist?

The Mediterranean Millionaire’s Reluctant Mistress

When Alejandro Santiago discovers he has a young son, his money and power mean he easily wins custody from the boy’s aunt, Brynne Sullivan. But he hasn’t counted on Brynne being so feisty, passionate and beautiful. He agrees to her plea for a month’s visit. There’s just one problem for Brynne: the Mediterranean millionaire is not just arrogant he’s also infuriatingly gorgeous! As Brynne reluctantly gives in to the desire simmering between them, she knows that to Alejandro, she’s only a conveniently short lived affair…

The Christmas Night Miracle

The man who brought mistletoe magic to a single mom
Most people dream of a white Christmas. But this particular Yuletide Meg could have done without snow! She’d crashed her car and was forced to seek the kindness of a stranger.
Jed Cole clearly wasn’t delighted to have Meg and her little boy foisted upon him. But they found themselves sharing Christmas together and watching a festive miracle unfold…

Ruthless Husband, Convenient Wife (By:)

Powerful Ryan Wolfe swept Penny off her feet and into his satin sheets. When she fell pregnant, Ryan decided they’d marry at once. But Penny was out of her depth in Ryan’s ultra glamorous world. Knowing she’d never be good enough for him, she fled…
.A year on, Ryan has finally tracked Penny down. He wants his child, and he wants Penny. Whatever it takes, he’ll make her his willing wife!

His Bid for a Bride

When Skye O’Hara’s life is rocked by tragedy, she’s reunited with Falkner Harrington her father’s enigmatic business partner. Needing some time to consider her future, Skye has no other option but to accept when Falkner offers her the sanctuary of his home.

But as the tension and chemistry sizzle between them, living with the dark hearted tycoon becomes a real challenge! Especially when Falkner makes a demand in return for his hospitality his new housemate must become his very convenient wife!

The Millionaire’s Chosen Bride (By:)

When Melody takes a much needed break, the last thing she expects is to have a passionate vacation affair. Shy and modest, she isn’t used to devastatingly handsome millionaires like Adam Carlisle a man clearly accustomed to getting exactly want he wants!

However hard Mel tries to resist, Adam tries twice as hard to seduce the innocent beauty. Before long, Adam decides he must take Mel as his bride, if only to ensure she stays right where he wants her firmly by his side!

The Spaniard’s Marriage Bargain : The Marriage Bargain (By:Abby Green)

Rowan had been Isandro Salazar’s bride of convenience. But knowing that the Spanish billionaire would never love her as she loved him, her choice was to make her unborn child her priority and then, once he was born, make her dark journey by herself .

But in Isandro’s eyes, Rowan’s decision rendered her a gold digger who had committed the worst possible crime. However, he couldn’t stop her seeing her baby son or deny that the passion between them was as raw and intense as ever .

The Yuletide Engagement

Patrick wants Ellie, but is worried that she may be pining after her devious ex boyfriend. Although Ellie’s been hurt, she desperately wants to show Patrick that the only person on her Christmas wish list is him. But when family secrets come to light, can Ellie trust the man she loves?

The Rake’s Wicked Proposal

From Innocent Miss to Libertine’s Lady! Everyone knows Lucian St Claire to be one of the wickedest rakes around. His heart is out of reach, but he certainly knows how to charm a lady Now the time has come for Lucian to produce an heir so first he must choose a wife! Young, vivacious and opinionated, Grace Hetherington is definitely not the kind of woman he s looking for. Yet there s something irresistible about her and when they re caught in a rather compromising situation, he has no choice but to make her his convenient bride! The Notorious St Claires

The Duke’s Cinderella Bride

Brooding Hawk St. Claire, Duke of Stourbridge, believes Jane Smith to be a mere servant girl albeit a remarkably attractive one! So when genteel Miss Jane is wrongly turned out of her home for inappropriate behavior following their encounter, the duke takes her in as his ward.

Although Hawk is the first man to make Jane’s pulse race, she knows she cannot risk falling for his devastating charm. A marriage between them would be forbidden especially if he were to discover the shameful truth about her .

Lady Arabella’s Scandalous Marriage

You are cordially invited to the marriage of Darius Wynter, Duke of Carlyne Dark and dangerous, Darius has a reputation riddled with unsavory rumor toLady Arabella St. ClaireHeadstrong and feisty, yet more innocent than she’ll ever admit What is Lady Arabella letting herself in for? Sinister whispers surround the death of Darius’s first wife could Arabella be in jeopardy? Or will the infamous duke prove all of society wrong?One thing’s for sure after the compromising situation that led to this marriage, Arabella will soon discover the exquisite pleasures of the marriage bed .

The Rogue’s Disgraced Lady

Society gossip has kept Lady Juliet Boyd out of the public eye since the suspicious death of her husband. Although she’s been persuaded to accept an invitation to a summer house party, all she really wants is a quiet life, free from the attentions of any man. But there she meets the scandalous Sebastian St. Claire, who makes her feel things, want things, need things she’s never experienced before. Starved of affection, Juliet finds his lovemaking irresistible. But does he really want her or just the truth behind her disgrace?

The Return of the Renegade

Physiotherapist Stephanie McKinley has always admired handsome actor Jordan Simpson. So she’s shocked when her latest client turns out to be the dark eyed superstar. Except now she’s faced with the man behind the famous facade Jordan St. Claire, wealthy aristocrat!Recuperating from an accident at Mulberry Hall, his extensive family estate, Jordan isn’t suffering in silence. Roaming around the mansion, he’s like a sulky but deadly attractive beast! Albeit one who’s about to unleash Stephanie’s reserved sensuality once and for all .

The Sicilian’s Ruthless Marriage Revenge

For Sicilian billionaire Cesare Gambrelli, the death of his sister was the fault of reckless Simon Ingram. The feud between the two families could only be settled by vengeance!

It was Ingram’s sister Robin who would pay the price. Cesare’s plan of revenge demanded marriage and motherhood. It was the last part Cesare savored with passionate pleasure…

At the Sicilian Count’s Command

Count Wolf Gambrelli annoyed, irritated and aroused her. Angelica tried to hate the Sicilian, but couldn’t get him out of her head! Wolf had been chosen to protect her, and Angelica hoped her body would not betray her under the intense scrutiny of his gaze. It was clear that Wolf wanted Angelica and he’d stop at nothing to bed her .

The Sicilian’s Innocent Mistress

Was Luc short for Lucifer? Darci wondered, because Luc Gambrelli was the most sinfully tempting man she’d ever encountered!

Her plan was simple: she’d teach womanizer Luc a lesson by leading him on then dumping him. But the irresistible Sicilian turned the tables on Darci! Unable to resist Luc’s seduction, Darci feared he’d discover she wasn’t a sophisticated tease, but was an innocent and in way over her head!

Wolfe’s Temptress (By:Robyn Donald)

Wolfe has been looking for Rowan Corbett for five long years. She is the only one who knows the truth about his brother’s death. But the woman he encounters is not the temptress he expected. In fact, Wolfe can hardly resist the lure of Rowan’s innocence…

Mistress of La Rioja (By:Sharon Kendrick)

His mistress but would she ever be his wife?In Spain there had been a searing mutual attraction between Sophie and Don Luis de la Camara and she’d grown to love his motherless little boy, too. But now Luis had come to England to ask her to return to La Rioja as his son’s nanny…
and his mistress…
. It was hardly the declaration of love Sophie had hoped for. Could she really give up her home, her business and her life to be with an aloof Spaniard who’d given up on love? If there was just one tiny chance she could claim his love, then the answer had to be…

The Unexpected Pregnancy (By:Catherine George)

Harriet Verney has come home to claim the house her grandmother has left her, but does not count on bumping into billionaire tycoon James Edward Devereux. She’s friends with James’s younger brother, but has always felt unsettled by the older Devereux’s rugged good looks and powerful confidence. Now James’s presence makes Harriet’s pulse race faster for other reasons, especially one night in Tuscany when she wakes up to find James at the end of her bed! James soon discovers there’s nothing standing in the way of their attraction or of Harriet conceiving their child…

To Woo a Wife

Abbie’s experience of marriage has left her wary of emotional and physical involvement. For Jarrett, dark, handsome and rich, this is the ultimate challenge. Wealth and seduction are not enough for Abbie she needs to be wooed!

To Be a Bridegroom

Jarrett, Jonathan and Jordan are Bachelor BrothersJordan. The youngest Hunter brother, he’s dark and devilishly attractive, and he’s been content to play the field until Stazy takes a lease on the apartment next door. Stazy. At first Jordan finds her teasing, infuriating, because she treats him as casually as the other male admirers who seem constantly to knock at her door. But then Jordan catches glimpses of the warmth and vulnerability that lie beneath Stazy’s beautiful exterior, and he realizes there’s only one way to get to the head of her lineup: be her bridegroom!

To Mend a Marriage

Looking after her sister’s baby for the weekend, Gemini soon fell for little Jessica, but her marriage to Nick Drummond was made even more vulnerable by family obligations. Gemini desired Nick so much, but as theirs was only a marriage in name, she could only look, not touch. Until they were forced to care for this baby together.

To Marry McKenzie

Greek tycoon Demetrios Karas can’t concentrate. He’s tried professional distance and failed! Now he’s in danger of blowing his whole business deal if he doesn’t make his translator, Samantha Brewster, his mistress…
. Satisfaction at last! As Demetrios expected, they are made for each other in the bedroom! Yet Samantha seems willing only to stay until the end of her three month contract. Until a new commitment surprises them both one that will begin in nine months…

Bedded for the Spaniard’s Pleasure

Wealthy, powerful and handsome, Rafe Montero has it all. All except the one thing he really wants: fiery Cairo Vaughn, the woman who abruptly ended their short but intensely passionate affair years before. Now Rafe is determined to have Cairo once more! Forced to live with her for two weeks in his luxurious Mediterranean villa, Rafe will take immense pleasure in seducing her and in making her his willing mistress!

Bride by Blackmail

Georgie is still in love with her ex husband, Jed, but has resigned herself to life without him. She is sure that he can never give her what she yearns for love and that she can never give him what he needs: a baby. But, as heir to the family fortune, Jed Lord always gets what he wants! And right now the only thing on his mind is to kick start his marriage again. It’s been a year since he last saw Georgie, but he’s determined to win her back even if blackmail is the only way!

Claiming His Christmas Bride

When Gideon first meets Molly he wants her badly. But his hopes are dashed when he becomes convinced that she is another man’s mistress…
Three years on, a chance meeting throws Molly back into Gideon’s path, and this time Gideon’s determined to take what he still desires…
With the tension between them simmering, Gideon’s left with only one option: he’ll claim Molly once and for all as his wife!

The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain

Kenzie is determined to walk away from Dominick Masters. He never loved her, or wanted a child. But now she needs a favor from her estranged husband. In return for his help she must spend a weekend at his country mansion at his bidding!

Kenzie has no choice but to agree, but finds being alone with Dominick a delicious temptation though stolen passion has its price. How will Dominick react when he hears Kenzie’s important news?

Deceit of a Pagan

Mass Market Paperback, Harlequin Enterprises, Limited

Brand of Possession

How could she have been so very naive? When Stacy Adams discovered the true identity of Jake Weston, the ‘dreamy’ man she had started seeing, she was furious. He had deliberately misled her! But she found she couldn’t resist the power of his charms for long. And he was intensely honest about his own attraction to her. Then Stacy realized just how foolish she had been to let herself get involved with him. Handling his jealous temper was one difficulty. But suspecting that Jake was a married man set matters in an entirely different dimension.

First Love, Last Love

PB Gift Quality Vintage Harlequin 443, No shelf wear, no scuffs, tight binding, clean pages, no marks, no spine crease, William Biddle Cover Art, smoke/pet free home. Ships anywhere 7 days a week

Fantasy Girl

PB Gift Quality Vintage Harlequin 611, No shelf wear, no scuffs, tight binding, clean pages, no marks, no spine crease, Dick Kohfield Cover Art, Smoke/pet free home. Ships anywhere 7 days a week

Tempestuous Affair

Walking out on Joel Sutherland had not been easy. He’d given Lindsay some of the most wonderful times she’d ever known in London. But they’d also been the most heartwrenching. For the man who held her heart steadfastly refused to believe in love. Right from the start he’d made his position painfully clear offering Lindsay a live in arrangement instead of the loving commitment she longed for. And she’d fooled herself into thinking he would change his mind about love and marriage until she came face to face with the woman from his past who’d tied his heart in knots.

No Longer a Dream

To research her book, author Cat Howard had chased down Caleb Steele, the arrogant owner of a film studio. But when she woke up in his bed one morning, unable to remember how she’d got there, she was horrified! Her only love had died five years earlier, and she had never stopped missing him. Now she was torn between loyalty to the past and a powerful attraction she could not deny. Cat’s genuine innocence and fiery wit captivated Caleb and he was determined to win her. If only her memories would release her.

Uncertain Destiny

1988 Harlequin Presents First Edition 1100 Glossy tight clean paperback/1 faint spine crease/No odors/Ships FAST!!

A Man to Marry

Cat felt she would never trust a man again until she met her new neighbour, Caleb Reynolds. The bachelor was intriguing, his little son adorable. Cat longed to surrender to his passion but that would also mean trusting him with her secret.

Pregnant with the Billionaire’s Baby

Jacob ‘Sin’ Sinclair’s one night with prim Luccy ended with an unexpected twist: she left him in the early hours of the morning, without a word!

Luccy was overawed by the sinful billionaire’s luxury penthouse. Her cheeks still burn when she thinks of how she succumbed to one night of exquisite pleasure. But her shame is only heightened when she discovers she’s expecting Sin’s baby!

Sin wastes no time in tracking her down. The Sinclair heir, inheritor to his billions, will not be illegitimate!

The Infamous Italian’s Secret Baby

Italian millionaire Gabriel Danti was renowned for his prowess in the bedroom and Bella Scott was unable to resist the temptation of the night he was offering…
. Five years on, Bella is living alone, carving out a life for herself and her little boy. She never thought she’d see Gabriel again!Gabriel has changed. His dark, dangerous looks are marred by scars. But his desire for Bella hasn’t waned he wants her more than ever now that he knows he has a son…

The Master’s Mistress

Hired to catalog the Sullivan House library, Elizabeth Brown is in her element. Books she can handle. Men–well, she’s a little less experienced in that department. She’s certainly not at all prepared for the unexpected arrival of the master of the house, Rogan Sullivan!

Rogan is dark, dangerous and wickedly sexy–exactly the kind of man Elizabeth has read she should stay away from. But it’s not long before Rogan is showing his virgin librarian reasons she should let herself be seduced by a masterful rogue…

Surrender to the Past

Mia Burton thinks she’s seen the last of Ethan Black the man who haunts her heart. She’s wanted to forget him, but can you really dismiss from your mind the most magnificent man you’ve ever met? He’s a painful reminder of her troubled past and she needs him to stay just a memory. But Ethan’s returned in all his very real glory! Mia wonders what his motive is, because it’s clear he’ll do whatever it takes to win her back, including whisking her off to his luxury villa in the South of France!

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