Carol Goodman Books In Order

Black Swan Rising Books In Publication Order

  1. Black Swan Rising (2010)
  2. The Watchtower (2011)
  3. The Shape Stealer (2013)

Blythewood Books In Publication Order

  1. Blythewood (2013)
  2. Ravencliffe (2014)
  3. Hawthorn (2015)

Fairwick Trilogy / Fairwick Chronicles Books In Publication Order

  1. The Demon Lover / Incubus (2011)
  2. The Water Witch (2012)
  3. The Angel Stone / Dark Possession (2013)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Lake of Dead Languages (2002)
  2. The Seduction of Water (2003)
  3. The Drowning Tree (2004)
  4. The Ghost Orchid (2006)
  5. The Sonnet Lover (2007)
  6. The Night Villa (2008)
  7. Arcadia Falls (2010)
  8. River Road (2016)
  9. The Widow’s House (2017)
  10. The Metropolitans (2017)
  11. The Other Mother (2018)
  12. The Night Visitors (2019)
  13. The Sea of Lost Girls (2020)
  14. The Stranger Behind You (2021)

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Carol Goodman Books Overview

Black Swan Rising

When New York City jewelry designer Garet James stumbles into a strange antiques shop in her neighborhood, her life is about to be turned upside down. John Dee, the enigmatic shopkeeper, commissions her to open a vintage silver box for a generous sum of money. Oddly, the symbol of a swan on the box exactly matches the ring given to her by her deceased mother. Garet can t believe her luck and this eerie coincidence until she opens the box and otherworldly things start happening…
. That evening, the precious silver box is stolen. When Garet begins to investigate, she learns that she has been pulled into a prophecy that is hundreds of years old, and opening the box has unleashed an evil force onto the streets of Manhattan and the world at large. Gradually, Garet pieces together her true identity one that her deceased mother desperately tried to protect her from. Generations of women in Garet’s family, including her beloved mother, suffered and died at the hands of this prevailing evil. Does Garet possess the power to reclaim the box and defeat this devastating force?On her journey, she will meet the fey folk who walk unnoticed among humans and a sexy vampire who also happens to be a hedge fund manager that she can t stop thinking about. But the fairies reveal a desire to overpower mere humans and the seductive vampire has the power to steal the life from her body. Whom can Garet trust to guide her? Using her newfound powers and sharp wit, Garet will muster everything she s got to shut down the evil taking over her friends, family, New York City, and the world.

The Demon Lover / Incubus

I gasped, or tried to. My mouth opened, but I couldn t draw breath. His lips, pearly wet, parted and he blew into my mouth. My lungs expanded beneath his weight. When I exhaled he sucked my breath in and his weight turned from cold marble into warm living flesh. Since accepting a teaching position at remote Fairwick College in upstate New York, Callie McFay has experienced the same disturbingly erotic dream every night: A mist enters her bedroom, then takes the shape of a virile, seductive stranger who proceeds to ravish her in the most toe curling, wholly satisfying ways possible. Perhaps these dreams are the result of her having written the bestselling book The Sex Lives of Demon Lovers. Callie’s lifelong passion is the intersection of lurid fairy tales and Gothic literature which is why she s found herself at Fairwick s renowned folklore department, living in a once stately Victorian house that, at first sight, seemed to call her name. But Callie soon realizes that her dreams are alarmingly real. She has a demon lover an incubus and he will seduce her, pleasure her, and eventually suck the very life from her. Then Callie makes another startling discovery: Her incubus is not the only mythical creature in Fairwick. As the tenured witches of the college and the resident fairies in the surrounding woods prepare to cast out the demon, Callie must accomplish something infinitely more difficult banishing this supernatural lover from her heart.

The Lake of Dead Languages

In the evocative tradition of Donna Tartt’s first novel, The Secret History, comes this accomplished debut of youthful innocence drowned by dark sins. Twenty years ago, Jane Hudson left the Heart Lake School for Girls in the Adirondacks after a terrible tragedy. Now she has returned to the placid, isolated shores of the lakeside school as a Latin teacher, recently separated and hoping to make a fresh start with her young daughter. But ominous messages from the past dredge up forgotten memories that will become a living nightmare. Since freshmen year, Jane and her two roommates, Lucy Toller and Deirdre Hall, were inseparable studying the classics, performing school girl rituals on the lake, and sneaking out after curfew to meet Lucy s charismatic brother Matt. However, the last winter before graduation, everything changed. For in that sheltered, ice encrusted wonderland, three lives were taken, all victims of senseless suicide. Only Jane was left to carry the burden of a mystery that has stayed hidden for more than two decades in the dark depths of Heart Lake. Now pages from Jane s missing journal, written during that tragic time, have reappeared, revealing shocking, long buried secrets. And suddenly, young, troubled girls are beginning to die again…
as piece by piece the shattering truth slowly floats to the surface. At once compelling, sensuous, and intelligent, The Lake of Dead Languages is an eloquent thriller, an intricate balance of suspense and fine storytelling that proves Carol Goodman is a rare new talent with a brilliant future. From the Hardcover edition.

The Seduction of Water

On the heels of her mesmerizing bestseller, The Lake of Dead Languages, Carol Goodman has written a brooding, captivating novel that skillfully weaves fairy tale themes into a modern web of intrigue. It is a novel about the secrets mothers keep, and the daughters who must live in their shadows. Iris Greenfeder, ABD All But Dissertation has just turned forty, lives in Manhattan, and works three teaching jobs to support herself. Recently she’s felt that the buts are taking over her life: all but published, all but a professor, all but married to Jack, her boyfriend of ten years. Yet the sudden impulse to write a story about her mother leads to a shot at literary success. The piece recounts an eerie Irish fairy tale her mother used to tell her at bedtime and nestled inside is the sad story of her mother s death…
More than fifty years ago, Iris s mother, Katherine Morrissey, arrived at the Catskills grand Hotel Equinox penniless, with almost no belongings. Kay was hired as a maid but refused to speak of her past or her family. One year later, she married Ben Greenfeder, the hotel s manager. During the hotel s off season, Kay wrote the first two fantasy novels of a planned trilogy. There never was a third book. When Iris was nine, her mother left one day for a writer s conference and never came back. Kay died that very night in a hotel fire on Coney Island, registered as another man s wife. Now Hedda Wolfe, Kay s former literary agent, has a proposal: If Iris will return to the Hotel Equinox where she grew up, research her mother s life, and find the third and final manuscript that Hedda is convinced exists, then she can guarantee Iris a huge advance to write her mother s biography. Transfixed by the notion of a third book, Iris believes that it will hold clues to the mysteries of Kay s life and death. But as she begins to peer into the thicket of her mother s hidden world, stinging revelations leave Iris with new questions. When a deadly accident befalls the one man who could shed some light on Kay, it becomes clear that Iris is not alone in her deep interest in her mother s past or in her search for a lost manuscript that might hold more secrets than she ever expected. Humming with tension, awash in atmosphere, and rich in plot, The Seduction of Water is a remarkable and unique combination of lyrical traditions and thrilling suspense marking Carol Goodman as a modern master of gripping fiction.

The Drowning Tree

The secrets of the past never die. But they can kill August Penrose created the stained glass ‘Lady Window’ to adorn the chapel of the university he founded for the daughters of the women who worked in his factory, the Rose Glass Works. Depicting his wife, Eugenie, as the Lady of Shallot, it’s a mesmerising portrait that has come to embody the spirit of the school itself. But now, eighty years after it was created, the Lady Window is due for restoration. The task falls to former alumna Juno McKay. She’s restoring it with the help of her friend, Christine Webb, an art historian who is researching the window for her thesis. Christine seems to have discovered some new evidence that suggests that Clare, not her sister Eugenie, was the subject for the Lady Window. But before Christine can discuss her findings with Juno, she’s found dead in a boating accident that eerily echoes that fate of the Lady of Shallot. But did she drown or was it something more sinister? As June starts to make her own investigations into just how Christine died, she learns more about Augustus Penrose and his family. The Lady Window was not the only thing the Penroses’ bequeathed to the world. Madness and deception also form part of their legacy. Praise for ‘The Lake of Dead Languages’: ‘A highly charged novel of suspense that will have you riveted to your chair’ Woman and Home; ‘Carol Goodman’s first novel is a darkly atmospheric work that is part suspense, part coming of age and all enthralling It is a book that needs the roar of a fire to ward off its psychic chill’ ‘Denver Post’. Praise for ‘The Seduction of Water’: ‘A winning combination of erudition and accessibility makes this second novel a treat’ ‘Publishers’ Weekly’. Carol Goodman graduated from Vassar College where she majored in Latin. After teaching Latin for several years, she studied for an MFA in fiction. Her writing has been published in a number of literary magazines. She currently teaches writing and lives in Long Island, USA.

The Ghost Orchid

In her enthralling novels of literary suspense, Carol Goodman writes stories that resonate with emotion set in lush landscapes that entice the senses. Now, with The Ghost Orchid, a narrative that seamlessly weaves together the past and the present, Goodman creates her most lyrical and haunting work to date. For more than one hundred years, creative souls have traveled to Upstate New York to work under the captivating spell of the Bosco estate. Cradled in silence, inspired by the rough beauty of overgrown gardens and crumbling statuary, these chosen few fashion masterworks and have cemented Bosco’s reputation as a premier artists colony. This season, five talented artists in residence find themselves drawn to the history of Bosco, from the extensive network of fountains that were once its centerpiece but have long since run dry to the story of its enigmatic founder, Aurora Latham, and the series of tragic events that occurred more than a century ago. Ellis Brooks, a first time novelist, has come to Bosco to write a book based on Aurora and the infamous summer of 1893, when wealthy, powerful Milo Latham brought the notorious medium Corinth Blackwell to the estate to help his wife contact three of the couple s children, lost the winter before in a diphtheria epidemic. But when a s ance turned deadly, Corinth and her alleged accomplice, Tom Quinn, disappeared, taking with them the Lathams only surviving child. The more time she spends at Bosco, the more Ellis becomes convinced that there is an even darker, more sinister end to the story. And she s not alone: biographer Bethesda Graham uncovers stunning revelations about Milo and Corinth; landscape architect David Fox discovers a series of hidden tunnels underneath the gardens; poet Zalman Bronsky hears the long dry fountain s waters beckoning him; and novelist Nat Loomis feels something lingering just out of reach. After a bizarre series of accidents befalls them, the group cannot deny the connections between the long ago and now, the living and the dead…
as Ellis realizes that the tangled truth may ensnare them all in its cool embrace. From the Hardcover edition.

The Sonnet Lover

For how thy memory has lingered on In spite of cruelest winter’s drear and howl By inner mirror seen; I ve dwelled upon,I must confess, my treachery most foul. Did Shakespeare pen a series of passionate sonnets, unknown to modern scholarship, ardently praising a mysterious dark haired beauty? This tantalizing question is raised in a letter to literature professor Rose Asher. But the letter s author, Rose s star pupil, is not telling. A troubled, enigmatic young man, he plunged to his death in front of the college s entire faculty, an apparent suicide. Determined to find the truth, Rose journeys from New York to Italy, back to the magnificent Tuscan villa where as an undergraduate she first fell in love. La Civetta is a dreamlike place, resplendent with the heady scent of lemon trees and the sunset s ocher wash across its bricks and cobbles. Once there Rose finds her first love still in residence. Torn between her mission and her rekindled feelings, Rose becomes enmeshed in a treacherous tangle of secrets and scandal. A folio containing what some believe to be one of Shakespeare s lost sonnets has vanished, and literary immortality awaits whoever finds the manuscript as do a vast Italian estate and a Hollywood movie deal. Uncertain whom she can trust and where she can turn, Rose races against time and unseen enemies in a bid to find the missing masterpiece. Lush, lyrical, and enthralling, The Sonnet Lover vividly brings to life the Tuscan countryside and the fascinating world of the Renaissance poets. Unmatched in her ability to evoke atmosphere and intrigue, Carol Goodman delivers her most ambitious and satisfying work to date, a seductive novel that skillfully propels its reader headlong to the final suspenseful page.

The Night Villa

An evocative tale of intrigue, romance, and treachery, Carol Goodman’s spellbinding new novel, The Night Villa, follows the fascinating lives of two remarkable women centuries apart. The eruption of Italy s Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79 buried a city and its people, their treasures and secrets. Centuries later, echoes of this disaster resonate with profound consequences in the life of classics professor Sophie Chase. In the aftermath of a tragic shooting on the University of Texas campus, Sophie seeks sanctuary on the isle of Capri, immersing herself in her latest scholarly project alongside her colleagues, her star pupil, and their benefactor, the compelling yet enigmatic business mogul John Lyros. Beneath layers of volcanic ash lies the Villa della Notte The Night Villa home to first century nobles, as well as to the captivating slave girl at the heart of an ancient controversy. And secreted in a subterranean labyrinth rests a cache of antique documents believed lost to the ages: a prize too tantalizing for Sophie to resist. But suspicion, fear, and danger roam the long untrodden tunnels and chambers beneath the once sumptuous estate especially after Sophie sees the face of her former lover in the darkness, leaving her to wonder if she is chasing shadows or succumbing to the siren song of The Night Villa. Whatever shocking events transpired in the face of Vesuvius s fury have led to deeper, darker machinations that inexorably draw Sophie into their vortex, rich in stunning revelations and laden with unseen menace. Praise for The Night Villa: Visit The Night Villa: Carol Goodman s luminous prose and superb storytelling will keep you entertained into the late hours. Nancy Pickard The pleasure of a Carol Goodman novel is in her enviable command of the classical canon and the deft way she writes a book that s light enough for a weekend on the beach but literary enough for a weekend in the Hamptons. Chicago Tribune

Arcadia Falls

There once was a girl who liked to pretend she was lost…
. Meg Rosenthal is driving toward the next chapter in her life. Winding along a wooded roadway, her car moves through a dense forest setting not unlike one in the bedtime stories Meg used to read to her daughter, Sally. But the girl riding beside Meg is a teenager now, and has exchanged the land of make believe for an iPod and some personal space. Too much space, it seems, as the chasm between them has grown since the sudden, unexpected death of Meg’s husband. Dire financial straits and a desire for a fresh start take Meg and Sally from a comfortable life on Long Island to a tucked away hamlet in upstate New York: Arcadia Falls, where Meg has accepted a teaching position at a boarding school. The creaky, neglected cottage Meg and Sally are to call home feels like an ill portent of things to come, but Meg is determined to make the best of it and to make a good impression on the school s dean, the diminutive, elegant Ivy St. Clare. St. Claire, however, is distracted by a shocking crisis: During Arcadia s First Night bonfire, one of Meg s folklore students, Isabel Cheney, plunges to her death in a campus gorge. Sheriff Callum Reade finds Isabel s death suspicious, but then, he is a man with secrets and a dark past himself. Meg is unnerved by Reade s interest in the girl s death, and as long buried secrets emerge, she must face down her own demons and the danger threatening to envelop Sally. As the past clings tight to the present, the shadows, as if in a terrifying fairy tale, grow longer and deadlier. In Arcadia Falls, award winning author Carol Goodman deftly weaves a mesmerizing narrative of passion: for revenge, for art, for love.

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