Carol Davis Luce Books In Order

Kasey Atwood Books In Order

  1. Night Stalker (1990)
  2. Skin Deep (1990)
  3. Night Prey (1992)
  4. Night Passage (1995)
  5. Night Game (1996)


  1. Night Widow (2011)
  2. Awakening (2012)
  3. Night Cries (2014)


  1. Broken Justice (2011)
  2. For Better, For Worse (2012)
  3. Indie Chicks (2012)
  4. Ms. Adventures in Travel (2012)
  5. WOOL Gathering (2014)

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Carol Davis Luce Books Overview

Night Stalker

Night Stalker a dandy read tense, original…
Add Carol Davis Luce to your list of writers not to be overlooked.’ Tony Hillerman author of Talking GodThings were looking up for Alexandra Carlson. She had finally gotten her life back together again. She’d moved into a wonderful secluded house on a mountainside in Reno, her paintings were beginning to sell, and there was even a hint of romance on the horizon. Then things began to happen. Little things. Anonymous phone calls full of heavy breathing. A broken tree branch outside her bedroom window. Her cat, Winnie gone without a trace. A moving shadow above the skylight. Surely it was all her imagination…
Then one day she picked up the phone and there was someboby somebody who knew her childhood nickname. In the background she could hear a scratchy record an old song that brought dark memories out of the shadows. That night something woke Alexandra out of a sound sleep. This time, the heavy breathing wasn’t coming from the telephone. Someone was in house with her. And she was at his mercy. RAVE REVIEWS ‘Night Stalker‘ is a spine tingling thriller with Alex and Justin’s steamy relationship adding spice to the electrifying plot. Tops in thrilling suspense. DROOD REVIEW ‘Night Stalker‘ From the first page to the last, there is no escape for the reader this book must be competed before any peace of mind can return; tension increases rapidly. Gripping!

Night Prey

Roberta Paxton’s worst premonitions may be realized as a killer with a perverse desire to kidnap two sisters killing one and loving the other stalks her and her sister Tobie.

Night Passage

Puzzling secrets, eerie atmosphere, vicious murders, these surround the Nevada town of Eagleton, where Roni Mayfield is trapped, compelled to investigate the brutal slaughter of her mentor Caroline Holt. While rumored a suicide, Roni knows that Caroline’s death is a result of sinister foul play. As a reporter who needs to investigate all happenings exhaustively and as a friend who demands revenge, she seeks to restore balance to the scales of justice. With only the rotting corpse, John Glazer, as an ally, Roni must evade the shadow like murderer who follows her almost undetectably and get the answers she needs. What she doesn’t know is that she has a larger mission: SURVIVE.

Night Game

When a serial killer begins targeting the high stakes players at Navada’s King’s Club resort casino, undercover investigator Kasey Atwood is hired by and enters into a passionate relationship with casino owner Jay King.

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