Cara Summers Books In Order

Wainwright Books In Order

  1. Intent to Seduce (2002)
  2. Game for Anything (2003)

Risking It All Books In Order

  1. The Proposition (2005)
  2. The Dare (2005)
  3. The Favor (2005)

Tall, Dark… and Dangerously Hot Books In Order

  1. The P.I. (2007)
  2. The Cop (2007)
  3. The Defender (2007)


  1. Come Toy with Me (2008)


  1. Mistletoe and Mayhem / Santa’s Sexy Secret (2000)
  2. The Life of Riley / Naked in New England (2001)
  3. Stolen Kisses / Early to Bed (2004)
  4. Forbidden Fantasies Bundle (2006)
  5. Dare / Kiss and Run (2006)
  6. Favour / Good Night, Gracie (2006)
  7. 24 Hours Bundle (2006)
  8. Tall, Tanned & Texan / When She Was Bad … (2006)
  9. Snowbound (2008)
  10. Tex Appeal (2008)
  11. No Rules / The P.I. (2008)
  12. Bad Influence / Cop (2008)
  13. Defender/ Shock Waves (2008)
  14. Lie with Me / Destiny’s Hand (2009)
  15. Drop Dead Gorgeous / Come Toy with Me (2009)
  16. Snowbound Together (2009)
  17. Twin Temptation / Twin Seduction (2010)
  18. Intent to Seduce / Glimpse of Fire (2010)
  19. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing / Tell Me Your Secrets… (2011)
  20. Take My Breath Away / Not Another Blind Date (2012)
  21. Tall, Dark & Reckless / No Holds Barred (2012)
  22. No Desire Denied / Driving Her Wild (2013)
  23. Wicked Christmas Nights (2013)
  24. Harlequin Blaze November 2013 Bundle (2013)
  25. Hot Summer Nights! (2014)
  26. Risking It All (2014)
  27. A Wicked Persuasion (2016)
  28. By Request Collection April-June 2016 (2016)
  29. Bound By Passion (2017)


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Cara Summers Books Overview

The P.I.

Private investigator slash crime writer Kit Angelis is closing up shop when trouble walks in. Blond, as usual the sexy sleuth’s favorite flavor. But this damsel really is in distress: covered in blood, she’s carrying a wedding dress, a bagful of cash, a recently fired handgun and Kit’s card. And she can’t remember a thing . Suddenly Kit is embroiled in a deadly mystery and the key is this sultry stranger. She might be a killer. Or she might be totally innocent. All Kit is sure of is that this woman is going to be the hottest thing that ever happened to him .

The Cop

Off duty detective Nik Angelis is the first on the scene at a wedding gone very, very wrong. The only witness is the caterer, a fiery redhead named J. C. Riley, who’s eager to make her statement. So eager, in fact, Nik can’t help thinking of other things she could do with her mouth Sassy, smart mouthed J.C. is in serious danger, and she knows it. She needs Nik’s protection. But what she wants is his rock hard body. Nik aims to be professional, but ‘Bodyguard with Benefits’? A man can take only so much…

The Defender

Theo Angelis definitely puts the ‘hot’ in ‘hotshot lawyer.’ Or at least, that’s attorney Sadie Oliver’s opinion. Even a simple handshake has her weak in the knees. If only there was time to explore the barely contained chemistry simmering between them…
. But there isn’t. Because Sadie desperately needs Theo’s help. Her brother lies in hospital facing a murder charge, and their sister is missing. And even Sadie herself is being followed by unsavory looking characters. But Sadie’s not about to take it lying down unless Theo asks, of course. Her solution? To play an active role in the case, disguised as a law student. To anyone looking, Sadie will simply be another of Theo’s male interns. But the heat in Theo’s eyes never lets her forget she’s all woman…

Come Toy with Me

Rugged Dino Angelis, navy captain and special ops agent, has the family Sight. But even that couldn’t have prepared him for his hungry reaction to Cat McGuire toy store owner, smuggling ring suspect and his new charge. Only, Dino can’t believe the sexy woman under his protection is a crook. Not when she can plant a kiss hot enough to melt all his good intentions For Cat, Christmas is always a hectic season. But this year she’s agreed to a fake engagement, too, just to keep the family peace. It wouldn’t be so bad, if only Cat could keep her hands off her new fianc . After all, he’s strong, he’s sexy he’s the perfect boy toy. Or he is until Cat discovers she’s just another one of his assignments .


‘A Healing Spirit’ by Lindsay McKenna Medicine man Storm Black Horse is the only one who can help Lieutenant Tahcha Grant recover from the nightmares of post traumatic stress disorder…
provided he can keep the healer patient relationship strictly platonic!
‘Aunt Delia’s Legacy’ by Cara Summers Medical resident Carly Waring returns home after nine years to hear her aunt’s will, only to discover she must share her inheritance with Ren Maxwell the guy who completely shattered her heart! Let the battle begin…
‘Caught by Surprise’ by Laura Marie Altom Once the town ‘It Girl,’ Tabby Summerwell has never felt more like a failure. And now she has a broken leg, to boot. But when her former high school sweetheart Brodie Kimball comes to her rescue, Tabby doesn’t know if fate is mocking her…
or giving her a second chance.

Tex Appeal

Ride ’em, cowgirls!
What do you get when you take a hunky former rodeo star, a real good old boy and a randy Ranger and pair them with three women who desperately need to get some action between the sheets? A Valentine’s Day with tons of Tex Appeal!
Real Good Man by Kimberly Raye
Cheryl Anne Cash is now an official ‘carnal’ coach! And she can’t wait to show her former lover exactly what he’s been missing…

Unbroken by Alison Kent

Dr. Tess Autrey is no buckle bunny. But a certain wickedly sexy rancher may change her mind!

I Can Still Feel You…
by Cara Summers

Months ago, Macy’s Texas Ranger lover disappeared in the night. Now he’s back and she has some very naughty ideas about evening the score…

Lie with Me / Destiny’s Hand

Lie With Me Cara Summers When Philly fled to Greece to soak in its sultry magic she didn t expect childhood crush Roman to follow her. Or for him to take her outrageous sexual proposition seriously. Yet now Roman’s ready to unleash some deliciously hot fantasies of his own Destiny s Hand Lori Wilde It s been ten years since Morgan said, I do to Adam, her powerful and super sexy husband. But rather than days of champagne and flowers, the decade has buried their passion. Now Adam plans to bring back their spark in daring, explosive ways!

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