Cara Putman Books In Order

Cornhusker Dreams Books In Order

  1. Canteen Dreams (2007)
  2. Sandhill Dreams (2012)
  3. Captive Dreams (2012)

Hometown Heroes Books In Order

  1. Deadly Exposure (2008)
  2. Trial by Fire (2009)

Buckeye Promises Books In Order

  1. A Promise Forged (2010)
  2. A Promise Born (2012)
  3. A Promise Kept (2012)

Hidden Justice Books In Order

  1. Beyond Justice (2017)
  2. Imperfect Justice (2017)
  3. Delayed Justice (2018)
  4. Dying for Love (2017)


  1. Stars in the Night (2010)
  2. A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island (2012)
  3. Shadowed by Grace (2014)
  4. Flight Risk (2020)
  5. Lethal Intent (2021)


  1. Ohio Brides (2011)
  2. Cherry Blossom Capers (2012)
  3. Rainbow’s End (2012)
  4. Waterfront Weddings (2013)


  1. Christmas in Mistletoe Square (2021)
  2. Dangerous Pursuits (2021)


  1. Hidden Love (2017)

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Cara Putman Books Overview

Canteen Dreams

In the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, Audrey Stone wants to help in the war effort. But what’s a young schoolteacher from Nebraska to do? When her community start a canteen at the train station, Audrey finds her place. She spends nearly every spare moment there, offering food and kidness to the soldiers passing through. Despite her busyness, Audrey does allow some time to get to know a handsome rancher. Willard Johnson worries about his brother who joined the navy to get off the ranch and see the world. When Willard’s worst fear is confirmed, he feels he must avenge by enlisting himself. But will his budding relationship with Audrey weather the storms of war? Or will one of the many soldiers at the canteen steal her away from him?

Deadly Exposure

How could a killer have struck in a crowded theater? That was the question plaguing TV news reporter Dani Richards. She’d been in the box next to the victim and hadn’t heard or seen a thing. Now the very man who had broken Dani’s heart years ago was investigating the murder. And when her coverage of the story led the killer to stalk her, police officer and former flame Caleb Jamison insisted on protecting her. Dani was afraid to let Caleb close again. Yet she had no choice. The killer’s sinister phone calls left no doubt that he’d come for Dani next.

Trial by Fire

Her mother’s house was first. Then her brother’s. County prosecutor Tricia Jamison is sure she’s next on the arsonist’s list. But who is after her family? And why does every fire throw her in Noah Brust’s path?

Noah can’t forgive Tricia. Her failure to protect him on the stand the previous year meant his father’s reputation was ruined. Yet every time the firefighter is near her, he’s drawn to her again. The vulnerability she hides under her confident veneer surprises and moves him. Torn between Tricia’s safety and his own bitterness, Noah belatedly remembers the first rule of firefighting: don’t get burned.

A Promise Kept

Can new love endure such heartbreaking trials? Josie begins her newlywed life with excitement and love. Art Wilson is everything shes hoped for in a husband. It seems her prayers have been answered as many dreams come true. But when one dream dies, Josie not sure her wounded heart will ever heal. Art Wilson adores his bride and cant spend enough time with her. But he never anticipated how challenging marriage could be, especially with the distraction of a new job in a strange city coupled with the arrival of a distant cousin seeking refuge from the bombings in London. Josie and Art both wonder where God is when one dream dies and another is blessed. Can they keep the promises they vowed and build a love that will last a lifetime? Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book? When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for God is for me. Psalm 56:8 9

Ohio Brides

Step into 1940s Ohio when dreams are challenged by a climate of war. Newlyweds, Josie and Art are struggling to begin their life in a new city where war refugees are seeking shelter. Evelyn joins the WAVES to be of assistance, but Mark, an engineer, feels she is a distraction. Kat makes the All American Girls Professional Softball League, but Jack, a reporter who wasn t physically qualified to serve his country in war, takes his bitterness out on her. Where are God’s promises of peace and love during World War II?

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