Camille Minichino Books In Order

Periodic Table Books In Order

  1. The Hydrogen Murder (1997)
  2. The Helium Murder (1998)
  3. The Lithium Murder (1999)
  4. The Beryllium Murder (2000)
  5. The Boric Acid Murder (2002)
  6. The Carbon Murder (2004)
  7. The Nitrogen Murder (2005)
  8. The Oxygen Murder (2006)
  9. The Magnesium Murder (2017)

Sophie Knowles Mystery Books In Order

  1. The Square Root of Murder (2011)
  2. The Probability of Murder (2012)
  3. A Function of Murder (2012)
  4. The Quotient of Murder (2013)

Sister Francesca Mystery Books In Order

  1. Killer in the Cloister (2014)

Books In Order

  1. Mourning in Miniatures (2021)
  2. Mix-Up in Miniature (2021)
  3. Madness in Miniature (2021)
  4. Manhattan in Miniature (2021)
  5. Matrimony in Miniature (2021)


  1. Six Scattered Stories (2015)


  1. The Cyclone (2015)
  2. The Neon Ornaments (2015)
  3. The Sodium Arrow (2016)
  4. Majesty In Miniature (2016)

Non fiction

  1. How to Live with an Engineer (2013)

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Camille Minichino Books Overview

The Hydrogen Murder

Science and Murder Why physicist Eric Bensen is murdered in his suburban Boston laboratory, scientist turned crime consultant Gloria Lamerino is called in to investigate. A former colleague of the victim, her understanding of Bensen’s breakthrough research on hydrogen and superconductivity convinces police detective and almost beau Matt Gennaro that this is a high stakes crime with no shortage of suspects. Bensen’s research is a other lode with enormous potential for utilities and big business. But even nasty threats and the ransacking of her apartment don’t deter Gloria from exposing large scale tampering, deception and fraud by the members of Bensen’s team. When the person with the most to gain from Bensen’s death is murdered, as well, it takes her most brilliant analytical skills to identify a killer equally determined to make sure this case is Gloria’s last.

The Helium Murder

This is the second book in the Periodic Table Mystery Series.

The Lithium Murder

Element of Murder When a janitor from a Massachusetts physics laboratory involved in lithium research is garroted on a dark street hours after he agreed to accept a huge payoff for overhearing something he shouldn’t have homicide turns to their prime consultant: feisty Gloria Lamerino, a former physicist from Berkeley. Evidently the university physics lab was having some problems with the processing of elemental lithium for use in the four Cs: computers, cell phones, camcorders and cordless tools. With her natural ability to snoop and befriend, Gloria skillfully maneuvers her way through the upper and lower ranks of the facility and uncovers a hornet’s nest of technical, political, and environmental problems just dying to be covered up. Unfortunately, that’s a killer idea, as well.

The Beryllium Murder

Hard Science and Homicide. As spunky as she is shrewd, physicist sleuth Gloria Lamerino heads back to her old stomping grounds in Berkeley, California, to look into the death of former colleague Gary Larkin, dead of beryllium poisoning. Though his death has been ruled accidental, Gloria is suspicious: Gary was much too aware of the hazards of this dangerous element to be so reckless in his handling of it. She never imagined Larkin’s death would be connected to the disappearance of a teenage boy. Or that the ambitious high school student had discovered some transgressions by Larkin and his colleagues, and had been profiting from some clever, computerized ‘hackmail.’ The pieces of the puzzle come together like a new molecular formula for homicide: Internet po*rnography, hacking, extortion, jealousy and revenge and a killer making murder into a science.

The Carbon Murder

Gloria Lamerino’s goddaughter, Mary Catherine Galigani ‘MC’ to her friends, needs a change in her life. She decides to move back to her hometown of Revere, Massachusetts, thereby ridding herself of both an abusive relationship and an unfulfilling job in Houston, Texas. At least that’s the plan. When two homicides disrupt MC’s peaceful return to Revere, Gloria applies her not inconsiderable detecting skills to help the police solve the crimes. At the same time, Gloria must face the medical problems of her partner, Detective Matt Gennaro, and the next steps in their relationship. In this sixth periodic table mystery, Gloria delves behind the scenes into the worlds of nanotechnology and show horses, and unwittingly uncovers a crime ring larger than the distance between Texas and Massachusetts.

The Nitrogen Murder

In the latest installment of this fun, fast paced series, retired physicist Gloria Lamerino and her fianc , homicide detective Matt Gennaro, attend the wedding of Gloria’s best friend in California. Unfortunately, the groom has disappeared along with some top secret research on nitrogen. As Gloria and Matt try to figure out a connection between the missing groom and the absent classified nitrogen research, the body count rises.

The Oxygen Murder

New York City welcomes Gloria Lamerino and her husband, homicide detective Matt Gennaro, in The Oxygen Murder, the eighth installment in Camille Minichino’s acclaimed Periodic Table Mystery series. Gloria and her best friends, Rose and Frank Galigani, are on vacation in the Big Apple. They plan to visit Matt’s niece Lori Pizzano, a documentary filmmaker, and enjoy the holiday sights together: shopping on Fifth Avenue, dining in Little Italy, and honoring ancestors at Ellis Island, while Matt attends a conference with the NYPD. Unfortunately, Lori’s documentary on ozone and environmental issues has deadly fallout. Gloria stumbles over the body of Lori’s scheming camerawoman in a Times Square loft, and, once again, she is thrust into some dangerous sleuthing. With suspects ranging from a disapproving brother to a smooth talking PR administrator to a self protecting private eye, Gloria tracks a killer through an intricate landscape of colorful neighborhoods and famous landmarks. Taking us on a trip from the city’s tallest building to its grand park, from its crowded ice rinks to a lonely corner of its two million square foot museum, The Oxygen Murder is as exciting as a ride over New York City in a helium balloon.

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