Camilla Trinchieri Books In Order

Simona Griffo Mystery Books In Order

  1. The Trouble with a Small Raise (1991)
  2. The Trouble with Moonlighting (1991)
  3. The Trouble with Too Much Sun (1992)
  4. The Trouble with Thin Ice (1994)
  5. The Trouble with Going Home (1995)
  6. The Trouble with a Bad Fit (1996)
  7. The Trouble with a Hot Summer (1997)

Tuscan Mystery Books In Order

  1. Murder in Chianti (2020)
  2. The Bitter Taste of Murder (2021)
  3. Murder on the Vine (2022)


  1. The Price of Silence (2007)
  2. The Breakfast Club Murder (2014)
  3. Seeking Alice (2016)

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Camilla Trinchieri Books Overview

The Trouble with Moonlighting

Simona is using her vacation time from HH&H advertising to moonlight for old friends from Italy on a film called Where Goes the Future? The future of Johanna Gayle, the five million dollar star, seems shaky indeed when she’s almost electrified in the Lincoln Center fountain during a night shoot. Everyone rules it an accident, but is it? Simona knows that anything can happen on a set where the star plays one man against the other, the director treats her actors like scum, and the aging protagonist obsesses about his vanishing sex. The worst does happen. Simona finds Johanna sprawled in the bedroom of her deluxe apartment, a copper wire around her neck. When Simona s detective boyfriend arrests Johanna s lover, the set photographer, Simona is ready to risk her job and boyfriend to exonerate her old Sicilian friend.

A recipe for Sicilian Good Fish Salad is included.

Crespi deserves special congratulations for her characterization of Simona Her writing makes Simona seem very very human the end result is a hero*ine who rings true.
Jennie G. Jacobson, The Drood Review of Mystery

For me, the independence, the insecurity and the introspection set Simona apart from a lot of today s female sleuths.
Joyce Christmas, Mysterious Women

The setup is good and Crespi is acutely perceptive.
Susan Oleksiw, Mystery Scene

Simona is an interesting character. She s smart and inquisitive and still trying to adjust to American ways. Her divorce has left her dependent and emotionally needy a situation her detective boyfriend is trying to deal with.
Oline H. Cogdill, Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

The Trouble with Too Much Sun

It’s January and Simona considers herself lucky to shoot HH&H s ad campaign for a new sun product on the sandy beaches of a Club Med on Guadeloupe where she plans to sneak in the R&R she badly needs. Instead Simona finds a lost two year old boy who instantly wins her heart and later that night, hidden under the sail of a Windsurfer, the body of his mother, Iguana. Who would kill the mother of a small child? The machete wielding coconut seller who had been her lover once? The sexy Club Med aerobics instructor who likes to lie or the island guide who dabbles in guns and voodoo? Simona wants justice for Iguana s son and starts asking questions, but before she can get answers she discovers another corpse. This time one of her own crew is implicated and Simona wastes no time in cooking up a recipe to mollify the police commissioner and risking her life to find the real murderer.

A recipe for Crisis Pasta is included.

Crespi creates a believable inner life for Simona, a transplanted Italian with a keen interest in human nature, lush descriptions of paradise and a whodunit plot that keeps the pages turning.
Publishers Weekly

Crespi successfully conveys the peculiar mix of beauty and the touch of malevolence behind it that is the Caribbean. A sigh of relief to see Greenhouse her detective boyfriend reappear, and to see that Simona s stubbornness and humanity are both intact and able to move the plot ahead.
Joyce Christmas, Mysterious Women

The Trouble with Thin Ice

While attending the Connecticut wedding of her friend with her new lover, Greenhouse, and his recalcitrant teenaged son, Willy, Simona must do some sleuthing when Elizabeth Dobson, the owner of a Frank Lloyd Wright house, is murdered.

The Price of Silence

The Price of Silence is a suspenseful and moving family drama that will leave you wondering where the truth lies.’ Harlan Coben, author of The Woods

‘ Camilla Trinchieri…
shrewdly mixes up forward moving court scenes with flashbacks showing how seemingly simple decisions go terribly awry.’ The Baltimore Sun

The Price of Silence is an absolute jewel a dark tale, intricately woven…
. It’s an intelligent novel written with great skill and ingeniously plotted.’ Linda Fairstein, author of Bad Blood

The Price of Silence is a chilling and memorable tale of hearts in turmoil, rendered with grace and intensity by an author who understands secrets and the devastation they can wreak.’ Richmond Times Dispatch

The Price of Silence is a gripping, deftly told tale of loss, love, longing, and betrayal. The characters are complex and compelling, rendered with an artist’s eye for telling detail, and the story resonates long after one turns the final page.’ Judith Kelman, author of The First Stone

‘Prolific as Trella Crespi and Camilla T. Crespi, Trinchieri here debuts most auspiciously as herself.’ Kirkus Reviews starred

As Emma Perotti’s trial for murder begins, her family recalls how young An ling Huang walked into her classroom and her family’s life, dredging up memories of the daughter they lost years ago. Now An ling is dead. What happened?

Camilla Trinchieri was born in Prague to an Italian diplomat father and American mother. She has an MFA in writing from Columbia University. As Trella Crespi and Camilla T. Crespi, she has published seven mysteries. She lives in New York City.

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