C M Kornbluth Books In Order

Space Merchants Books In Order

  1. The Space Merchants (1952)


  1. Gunner Cade (1952)
  2. The Syndic (1953)
  3. Search the Sky (1954)
  4. Gladiator-at-Law (1955)
  5. Not This August (1955)
  6. A Town Is Drowning (1955)
  7. Wolfbane (1957)


  1. Pollution! (1971)
  2. Spaced Out (2008)


  1. The Marching Morons (1959)
  2. The Wonder Effect (1962)
  3. Thirteen o’Clock and Other Zero Hours (1970)
  4. The Best of C. M. Kornbluth (1976)
  5. Critical Mass (1977)
  6. Before the Universe (1980)
  7. Our Best (1987)
  8. His Share of Glory (1997)
  9. The Cosmic Expense Account (2010)
  10. Eight Worlds of C.M. Kornbluth (2010)
  11. Science Fiction Gems, Volume Two (2011)
  12. Science Fiction Gems, Vol. Three (2012)


  1. With These Hands (1951)
  2. Sea Change (2010)

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C M Kornbluth Books Overview

The Space Merchants

It is the 20th Century, an advertiseme*nt drenched world in which the big ad agencies dominate governments and everything else. Now Schoken Associates, one of the big players, has a new challenge for star copywriter Mitch Courtenay. Volunteers are needed to colonise Venus. It’s a hellhole, and nobody who knew anything about it would dream of signing up. But by the time Mitch has finished, they will be queuing to get on board the spaceships.


The Earth has been ripped from the Sun by a runaway planet, whose inhabitants have their own plans for Earth’s resources. Humankind is dying out, but there are those who defy convention and refuse to give in. Feared by ordinary citizens, these Wolves are preparing to fight back against the aliens.

The Best of C. M. Kornbluth

THE BEST OF C.M. KORNBLUTH contains two stories by science fiction writer C.M. Kornbluth 1923 1958. As a teenager, Kornbluth was a member of the Futurians, an influential group of science fiction fans and writers. While a member of the Futurians, he met and became friends with Isaac Asimov, Frederik Pohl, Donald A. Wollheim, Robert A. W. Lowndes, and his future wife Mary Byers. He also participated in the Fantasy Amateur Press Association. Kornbluth is best known for his dystopian story, THE MARCHING MORONS an inspiration for the film IDIOCRACY and several collaborations with other science fiction writers, notably Frederick Pohl. Kornbluth died of heart attack at age 34. This unexpurgated edition contains the complete text, with minor errors and omissions corrected.

His Share of Glory

His Share of Glory contains all the short science fiction written solely by C. M. Kornbluth. Many of the stories are SF ‘classics’, such as ‘The Marching Morons,’ ‘The Little Black Bag,’ ‘Two Dooms,’ ‘The Mindworm,’ ‘Thirteen O’Clock,’ and, of course, ‘That Share of Glory’. His Share of Glory includes all of Kornbluth’s solo short science fiction, fifty six works of short SF in all, with the original bibliographic details including pseudonymous by line. The introduction is by noted SF writer and life long friend and collaborator of C. M. Kornbluth Frederik Pohl. Hardbound with cover art by Richard Powers.

Eight Worlds of C.M. Kornbluth

Eight Worlds of C.M. Kornbluth assembles 8 classic science fiction stories: ‘The Cosmic Expense Account,’ ‘The Adventurer,’ ‘The Altar at Midnight,’ ‘The Marching Morons,’ ‘The Little Black Bag,’ ‘Theory of Rocketry,’ ‘Make Mine Mars,’ and ‘Time Bum.’ Introduction and bibliography by Bud Webster. A terrific introduction to this Golden Age science fiction author.

Science Fiction Gems, Volume Two

Armchair Fiction presents extra large paperback collections of the best in classic science fiction short stories. ‘Science Fiction Gems, Vol. Two’ features includes the incredible Hugo Awarding winning story, ‘Rat in the Skull’ by Rog Phillips. It also includes other fine works by James Blish, Robert Silverberg, Philip K. Dick, Manly Wade Wellman, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Alan E. Nourse, C. M. Kornbluth, Philip Jose Farmer, and others. This is another great collection of classic science fiction. It’s a guaranteed trip into the far off future and the deepest reaches of outer space.

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