C L Wilson Books In Order

Tairen Soul Books In Order

  1. Lord of the Fading Lands (2007)
  2. Lady of Light and Shadows (2007)
  3. King of Sword and Sky (2008)
  4. Queen of Song and Souls (2009)
  5. Crown of Crystal Flame (2010)

Mystral Books In Order

  1. The Winter King (2011)
  2. The Sea King (2016)


  1. One Enchanted Season (2013)

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C L Wilson Books Overview

Lord of the Fading Lands

The First Chapter in C. L. Wilson’s Breathtaking Epic Tale of Magic, Passion, and Destiny Once he drove back the darkness. Once he loved with such passion his name was legend. Once, driven wild with grief over the murder of his beloved, the majestic Fey King Rain Tairen Soul had laid waste to the world before vanishing into the Fading Lands. Now, a thousand years later, a new threat draws him back into the world and a new love reawakens the heart he thought long dead. Ellysetta, a woodcarver s daughter, calls to Rain in a way no other ever had. Mysterious and magical, her soul beckons him with a compelling, seductive song and no matter the cost, the wildness in his blood will not be denied. as an ancient, familiar evil regains its strength, causing centuries old alliances to crumble and threatening doom for Rain and his people…
he must claim his truemate to embrace the destiny woven for them both in the mists of time.

Lady of Light and Shadows

The Second Chapter in C. L. Wilson’s Breathtaking Epic Tale of Magic, Passion, and Destiny She feared the dark visions and the magic within her. And she dreamed of the miraculous love that could save her. Like an enchanted fairy tale prince he stepped from the sky to claim her the Fey King, her destiny, her one and true love. But behind the mesmerizing beauty of Rain s violet eyes Ellysetta saw the passionate hunger of the beast…
and a sorrow, deep and ancient, that she alone could heal. Only for him would she embrace the frightening power that dwells within her. Only with him at her side could she confront the shadows that haunt her soul. For an epic battle looms on the horizon and only united can they hope to turn back the armies of the darkness.

Queen of Song and Souls

The Fourth Chapter in C. L. Wilson’s Breathtaking Epic Tale of Magic, Passion, and Destiny Two lovers, two hearts, one soul. Only joined can they be truly complete. Only joined can they survive the darkness. The Fey King Rain and his truemate Ellysetta share a passionate love unrivaled in the history of their world and a forbidden power that made them outcasts from the Fading Lands. As war looms and the evil mages of Eld threaten to rip their world asunder, they must fight to defend the very kingdom and people who reviled them. Only by trusting completely in their love and in themselves can Rain and Ellysetta hope to defeat the gathering forces of Darkness. But it will take more than the strength of their devotion to endure. They must unlock the secrets of the past and find the courage to embrace the dangerous destiny that awaits them. Only they can save their world, but that victory might cost them their lives.

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