C.C. Benison Books In Order

Her Majesty Investigates Books In Publication Order

  1. Death at Buckingham Palace (1996)
  2. Death at Sandringham House (1996)
  3. Death at Windsor Castle (1998)

Father Christmas Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Twelve Drummers Drumming (2011)
  2. Eleven Pipers Piping (2012)
  3. Ten Lords A-Leaping (2013)
  4. The Unpleasantness at the Battle of Thornford (2020)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Death in Cold Type (2005)
  2. Paul Is Dead (2018)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. In Search of Ancient Alberta (2000)

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C.C. Benison Books Overview

Death at Buckingham Palace

Landing a housemaid’s position at Buckingham Palace, Jane Bee is called upon to assist the queen when a dear friend, who has recently announced his engagement, falls dead from an apparent suicide.

Death at Sandringham House

Jane Bee, a housemaid to Her Majesty the Queen, accompanies the Royal family on their annual Christmas jaunt to Sandringham and turns sleuth when the dead body of a woman bearing a striking resemblance to the queen is discovered.

Death at Windsor Castle

Housemaid Jane Bee’s summer duties run to dusting the props for a week of pageantry at Windsor Castle, the Queen’s favorite haunt. But the Investiture of the new Knights of the Garter ends up combining pomp with a extremely unpleasant circumstance…
. Mild mannered art curator Roger Pettibon is found dead, a ceremonial sword in his back and a Royal Garter around his knee. The police are quick to arrest moody Court painter Victor Fabiani, at work on a portrait of the regal face that launched a billion postage stamps. But Fabiani’s confession despite its story of art forgery and blackmail doesn’t ring true to Jane. Nor to Her Majesty, who dispatches her on a discreet inquiry among the cream of society gathered for the Ascot races. And, as Jane traces the twisty lineage of more than one family, Windsor’s ancient battlements witness a second death and their second ordeal in five years, by fire and water…

Death in Cold Type

Newspaper reporter Leo Fabian doesn t think of himself as an opportunist. But when the object of his desire, Stevie Lord, loses the object of her desire to murder, he finds a whole new way to penetrate a woman’s heart. Who would want to kill Michael Rossiter anyway? Scion of an old Winnipeg newspaper family, he may have been rich, but he didn t really seem to have enemies. But as Leo delves deeper into the circumstances surrounding Michael s death, he learns some surprising things about his friend that quite possibly led to his demise. Michael s brutal fate mires Leo in a case that comes to embroil his fellow reporters at the Winnipeg Citizen, including troubled feature writer Liz Elliot, volatile lifestyle editor Guy Clark, and Michael s narcissistic sister Merritt Parrish, whom Michael has tried to help get back on the straight and narrow. One of his oldest friends, Axel Werner, also becomes involved and, of course, Stevie, the woman Leo loves. The past intrudes in new and disturbing ways. Old scandals cast long shadows and long ago deaths take on frightening implications. From old money Crescentwood to a new money mall, from the Citizen s dilapidated newsroom to a peaceful prairie retreat, Leo follows a complex trail of clues, until he not only knows, but knows he has only moments to thwart another brutal murder.

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