Bruce Coville Books In Order

Magic Shop Books In Publication Order

  1. Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher (1991)
  2. Jennifer Murdley’s Toad (1992)
  3. Goblins in the Castle (1992)
  4. The Monster’s Ring/Russell Troy, Monster Boy (1992)
  5. The Skull of Truth (1997)
  6. Juliet Dove, Queen of Love (2003)
  7. Charlie Eggleston’s Talking Skull (2003)
  8. The Vampire’s Tooth (2010)
  9. The Mask of Eamonn Tiyado (2011)
  10. Goblins on the Prowl (2015)

Chamber of Horrors Books In Publication Order

  1. Amulet of Doom (1985)
  2. Spirits and Spells (1985)

Nina Tanleven Books In Publication Order

  1. The Ghost in the Third Row (1987)
  2. The Ghost Wore Gray (1988)
  3. The Ghost in the Big Brass Bed (1991)
  4. The Ghost Let Go (2011)

Camp Haunted Hills Books In Publication Order

  1. How I Survived My Summer Vacation (1988)
  2. Some of My Best Friends Are Monsters (1988)
  3. The Dinosaur That Followed Me Home (1990)

My Teacher Is an Alien Books In Publication Order

  1. My Teacher is an Alien (1989)
  2. My Teacher Glows in the Dark (1991)
  3. My Teacher Fried My Brains (1991)
  4. My Teacher Flunked the Planet (1992)

Space Brat Books In Publication Order

  1. Space Brat (1992)
  2. Blork’s Evil Twin (1993)
  3. The Wrath of Squat (1994)
  4. Planet of the Dips (1995)
  5. The Saber Toothed Poodnoobie (1997)

Alien Adventures Books In Publication Order

  1. Aliens Ate My Homework (1993)
  2. I Left My Sneakers in Dimension X (1994)
  3. The Search for Snout (1995)
  4. Aliens Stole My Body (1998)

The Unicorn Chronicles Books In Publication Order

  1. Into the Land of the Unicorns (1994)
  2. A Glory of Unicorns (1998)
  3. Song of the Wanderer (1999)
  4. Dark Whispers (2008)
  5. The Last Hunt (2010)
  6. The Boy with Silver Eyes (2011)
  7. The Guardian of Memory (2012)
  8. Unicorn Chronicles Collection (2016)

William Shakespeare’s Books In Publication Order

  1. The Tempest (1994)
  2. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1996)

Odd Books In Publication Order

  1. Oddly Enough (1994)
  2. Odder Than Ever (1999)
  3. Odds Are Good (2006)
  4. Oddest of All (2008)
  5. A Blaze of Glory (2011)
  6. The Box (2011)
  7. Clean As a Whistle (2011)
  8. Homeward Bound (2011)
  9. The Language of Blood (2011)
  10. Old Glory (2011)
  11. The Passing of the Pack (2011)
  12. With His Head Tucked Underneath His Arm (2011)

I Was a 6th Grade Alien Books In Publication Order

  1. I Was A Sixth Grade Alien (1999)
  2. The Attack of the Two-Inch Teacher (1999)
  3. I Lost My Grandfather’s Brain (1999)
  4. Peanut Butter Lover Boy (2000)
  5. Don’t Fry My Veeblax! (2000)
  6. There’s an Alien in My Underwear (2001)

My Alien Classmate Books In Publication Order

  1. Thereas an Alien in My Classroom (1999)
  2. Alien Kiss Chase (1999)
  3. The Science Project Of Doom! (2000)
  4. The Alien Who Came to Dinner (2000)

Moongobble and Me Books In Publication Order

  1. The Dragon of Doom (2003)
  2. The Weeping Werewolf (2004)
  3. The Evil Elves (2004)
  4. The Mischief Monster (2006)
  5. The Naughty Nork (2008)

Amber Brown Books In Publication Order

  1. Amber Brown Is Tickled Pink (2012)
  2. Amber Brown Is on the Move (2013)
  3. Amber Brown Horses Around (2014)

The Enchanted Files Books In Publication Order

  1. Diary of a Mad Brownie (2015)
  2. Hatched (2016)
  3. Cursed (2016)
  4. Trolled (2017)

Sixth-Grade Alien Books In Publication Order

  1. Zombies of the Science Fair (2000)
  2. Too Many Aliens (2000)
  3. Snatched from Earth! (2000)
  4. There’s An Alien In My Backpack (2000)
  5. The Revolt Of The Miniature Mutants (2000)
  6. Farewell to Earth (2001)
  7. Sixth-Grade Alien (2020)
  8. I Shrank My Teacher (2020)
  9. Lunch Swap Disaster (2020)
  10. Missing—One Brain! (2020)
  11. Class Pet Catastrophe (2021)
  12. Aliens, Underwear, and Monsters (With: ) (2022)

A.I. Gang Books In Publication Order

  1. Forever Begins Tomorrow (1986)
  2. Operation Sherlock (1986)
  3. Robot Trouble (1986)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Foolish Giant (1978)
  2. Sarah’s Unicorn (1979)
  3. Sarah and the Dragon (1984)
  4. Monster of the Year (1989)
  5. Prehistoric People (1990)
  6. The Dragonslayers (1994)
  7. Fortune’s Journey (1995)
  8. My Grandfather’s House (1996)
  9. Aliens Stole My Dad (1996)
  10. The World’s Worst Fairy Godmother (1996)
  11. Lapsnatcher (1997)
  12. Armageddon Summer (With: Jane Yolen) (1998)
  13. Creature of Fire (1998)
  14. The Ghost Saw Red (2000)
  15. The Monsters of Morley Manor (2001)
  16. Thor’s Wedding Day (2005)
  17. Always October (2012)
  18. The Thief of Worlds (2021)

Picture Books In Publication Order

  1. The Prince of Butterflies (2002)
  2. Hamlet (2004)
  3. William Shakespeare’s: The Winter’s Tale (2007)
  4. Hans Brinker (2007)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. My Little Brother is a Monster (2011)
  2. I, Earthling (2011)
  3. Herbert Hutchison in the Underworld (2011)
  4. In Our Own Hands (2011)
  5. A Life in Miniature (2011)
  6. The Giant’s Tooth (2011)
  7. The Stinky Princess (2011)
  8. After the Third Kiss (2012)
  9. Biscuits of Glory (2012)
  10. What’s the Worst That Could Happen? (2012)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Ribbiting Tales (2000)

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Bruce Coville Books Overview

Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

Read by the author and the Words Take Wing TM Repertory Co. Two cassettes / approx. 2 hours 30 mins.’To quicken the egg, take it outside at midnight on the night of the next full moon. Lift it to the moonlight and wisper:Full moon’s light to wake the eggFull moon’s light to hatch it;Midsummer Night will crack the world,But St. John’s day will patch it.’When Jeremy Thatcher follows the strange instructions given to him by the weird old man who runs Elives’ Magic Shop, he finds himself raising a tiny, mischief loving dragon names Tiamat. But as Jeremy soon learns, even a tiny dragon can mean big trouble. And Tiamat isn’t going to stay tiny for long…
Here is a tale filled with laughter, and a few tears, that will make your heart take wing.

Jennifer Murdley’s Toad

Read by the author and the Words Take Wing TM Repertory CompanyTwo cassettes / 2 hours 52 mins. As if she didn’t have trouble enough after her classmates discovered she has worn her brother’s underwear to school oh, the teasing, the humiliation! Jennifer Murdley has just stumbled into Mr. Elives’ Magic Shop, where she buys a toad named Bufo. Of course, the odds of buying a normal toad in that shop are zero, as Jennifer finds out when Bufo starts to talk to her. As it turns out, talking is the least of the toad’s strange talents. Before Jennifer’s adventures with him are over, she will have to mend an ancient tragedy, save her little brother from being a toad himself, and hardest of all come face to face with the fact that in a world obsessed with beauty, she is anything but. At least, not on the outside…

Goblins in the Castle

What moans at midnight in Toad in a Cage Castle? Toad in a Cage Castle was filled with secrets secrets such as the hidden passages that led to every room, the long stairway that wound down to the dungeon, and the weird creature named Igor who lived there. But it was the mysterious night noises that bothered William the most the strange moans that drifted through the halls of the castle where he was raised. He wanted to know what caused them. Then one night he found out…

The Monster’s Ring/Russell Troy, Monster Boy

Bruce Coville’s The Monster’s Ring did more than launch his career as a children’s novelist, it also introduced readers to the world of Mr. Elives’ Magic Shop, where boys hatch dragons, toads talk, skulls spout Shakespeare, and the heroes and hero*ines of Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher, Jennifer Murdley’s Toad, The Skull of Truth, and next year’s Juliet Dove, Queen of Love find enchantment, adventure, and insight. Now available in twentieth anniversary editions, each of these modern classics has been given a new afterword by the author and stunning new jacket art by Tony DiTerlizzi. Twist it once, you’re horned and haired;Twist it twice and fangs are bared;Twist it thrice? No one has dared! Russell is sure that the ring is just a silly magic trick, but he follows the instructions and twists the ring twice anyway and becomes a monster! ABA’s Pick of the Lists Children’s Choice Award Nominee in four states IRA Children’s Choice

The Skull of Truth

Now available in a twentieth anniversary edition, this modern classic has been given a new afterword by the author and stunning new jacket art by Tony DiTerlizzi. Charlie Eggleston is the biggest liar in town. But after he steals The Skull, he finds he can only tell the truth and now no one believes him! Children’s Choice Award Nominee in seven states A School Library Journal Best Book of the Year School Librarians International Honor Book

Juliet Dove, Queen of Love

Juliet Dove is a girl who doesn’t like to be noticed. But though she may be shy, she has a wickedly sharp wit. Whenever someone does take notice of her, she tears into the person with a savagery that’s earned her the nickname Killer.
Juliet ends up leaving Mr. Elives’ magic shop with Helen of Troy’s amulet that is, a virtual man magnet. Juliet doesn’t know what she’s got, but the boys in her class do they start to notice her. Soon every boy in town is swoony for her. Yet, much as she’d like to lose all the unwanted attention, she can’t: The amulet won’t come off!
A sidesplittingly funny, heartbreaking whirlwind of a book about the high cost of loving, from the award winning author of My Teacher Is an Alien and The Unicorn Chronicles.
Join the Full Cast Family as they romp their way through this dazzling tale of magic, myth, and love run wild. Seasoned with low comedy, high drama, and just a dash of poetry, Juliet Dove is story you re sure to fall in love with.

Charlie Eggleston’s Talking Skull

Mr Elives’ Magic Shop seems to appear from nowhere and disappears again just as fast! Never in the same place twice, it sells only the most exclusive wares! A talking toad, anyone? A dragon’s egg? There’s plenty to choose from! When Charlie stumbles into Mr Elives’ peculiar shop, he’s only looking for a phone to call his parents. What he finds is a wise cracking skull which compels people to tell the truth however uncomfortable. Normally a shameless liar, Charlie is horrified to discover he can’t keep the truth from popping out with hilarious and disastrous consequences!

Spirits and Spells

Trying out their new haunted house game, Spirits and Spells, in the creaky old Gulbrandsen place seemed like a cool idea to Travis, Tansy and their friends. That was before they found out what was in the attic…
and the baseme*nt…
and everywhere in between.

The Ghost in the Third Row

The Stage is Set…
For a Ghostly Scene!For sixth grader Nina Tanleven, trying out for a part in a play is pretty scary. But nothing can compare to seeing a ghost, a woman in white, sitting in the audience! Nina senses that she has nothing to fear from this apparition, but she is intrigued. Nina learns that fifty years ago, a beautiful actress was murdered on this very stage! According to legend, she has haunted the theater ever since…
. Strange things begin to happen scripts are ripped up, sets are knocked down, a costume is torn to pieces and everyone thinks that the ghost wants to stop the show from going on. Everyone, that is, except for Nina and her best friend, Chris, who decide to do some ghost hunting of their own. But only the Woman in White can lead them to the answer!

The Ghost Wore Gray

Nina and her friend Chris jump at the chance to go with Nina’s architect father to live in an old inn he’s restoring. The first night, they see a ghost that was believed to have hid his fortune in jewels on the property before he died. It’s up to Nina and Chris to find it before someone else does.

The Ghost in the Big Brass Bed

It’s the biggest ghostbusting adventure yet by the author of The Ghost in the Third Row and The Ghost Wore Gray.

The Dinosaur That Followed Me Home

There are nearly 1 million copies of Bruce Coville’s Minstrel titles in print, including My Teacher Is an Alien. Now comes his third fright filled Camp Haunted Hills novel, featuring the kind of chills and thrills that will scare young readers silly!

My Teacher is an Alien

When My Teacher is an Alien was first published no one expected it to become an international bestseller. But the combination of sassy humor, pulse pounding adventure, and unexpected bits of philosophy proved irresistible to kids, parents, and teachers around the world. Bowing to popular demand, author Bruce Coville created three more books about the lead characters books that were not mere sequels but new adventures that forged the entire series into a unified story that reaches a towering climax in the final volume, where all questions were finally answered, the mysteries unraveled, and the threads of the personal stories drawn into a satisfying knot as tears, belly laughs, and big ideas jostle for position. This tenth anniversary edition marks the first time the series has appeared in hardcover, and the first time all four books have been gathered in a single volume. It’s a must for collectors, and a perfect gift for young readers ready to reach for the stars.

My Teacher Glows in the Dark

Kidnapped in Space?Peter Thompson has had some pretty weird teachers in his time. By the time he discovers that his newest teacher glows in the dark, he’s flying away from Earth in a spaceship full of aliens, and there’s no one he can call. How do you report an alien to the FBI anyway?Before Peter can do anything, he’s taken on the strangest field trip of his life! His friends, his father, his school all are suddenly a million miles away!

My Teacher Fried My Brains

Brains are sizzling in the seventh grade…
The first day of seventh grade is probably the worst day of Duncan Dougal’s life. He knows that things are really bad when he finds an alien’s hand in a Dumpster and then gets plugged into an alien brain fryer! Can Duncan find out which of the four new teachers in his school is an alien before his brains get fried to a pulp or before the aliens try to fry the whole planet?

My Teacher Flunked the Planet

Alien Invasion of Earth!Peter Thompson, a typical seventh grader, finds himself touring the planet with his friends Susan Simmons and Duncan Dougal, and three aliens in disguise!Their mission? To file the final report that will determine Earth’s future in the universe. As the clock ticks away the hours before their meeting in space, the tour becomes weirder and weirder. The three friends come face to face with a plague of poots and ‘Big Julie’ the weirdest alien yet!Meanwhile Peter discovers a secret that was hidden for decades. Will his discovery save Earth, or isi it already too late to stop the aliens from destroying the planet?

Space Brat

After running off, Blork loses his way and lands in a strange place ruled by a grumpy man named Squat, a creature who, Blork discovers, is nastier and brattier than Blork.

Blork’s Evil Twin

Blork, the biggest brat on the planet Splat, has changed his bratty ways, but when Blork’s twin Krolb arrives, the citizens of Splat must deal with another rotten kid. By the author of Space Brat.

The Wrath of Squat

Seeking revenge against his old enemy, Blork, Squat teams up with his personal mad scientist and plans to embarrass Blork at the Galactic Celebration in front of the entire galaxy. By the author of My Teacher is an Alien.

Planet of the Dips

Finding himself and his crew on the silliest planet in the universe after a mischievous mad scientist fiddles with the spaceship wiring, Captain Blork is challenged to discover the planet’s strange secret.

The Saber Toothed Poodnoobie

Running into a prehistoric poodnoobie when they accidentally travel back in time to Splat, Blork and his friends learn how to survive in a world with enormous creatures that cannot wait to eat them. Simultaneous.’

Aliens Ate My Homework

Read by William DufrisTwo cassettes / 3 hours 19 mins. Between a bully who likes to mash bugs in his hair, a pair of twin siblings who are more than a double handful, and a long absent father, Rod Albright figures he has about all he can handle. That’s before the tiny spaceship Ferkel and its crew of five wacky aliens crashlands in a tub of papier mache in Rod’s bedroom. When it turns out that the ship’s enlarging ray is broken, the aliens decide to camp out in Rod’s bedroom. Before long, cranky Captain Grakker is demanding Rod’s assistance in tracking down an interstellar villain. By the time this wild and hilarious adventure is over, the fact that aliens really did eat his homework will be the least of Rod’s worries.

I Left My Sneakers in Dimension X

KIDNAPPED TO DIMENSION X! When Rod Allbright’s cousin Elspeth arrived for a visit the day after school let out for the summer, Rod thought his vacation was ruined. But after they are kidnapped to Dimension X by a monster named Smorkus Flinders, Rod realizes that Elspeth is the least of his problems. After all, what’s a bratty cousin compared to cranky monsters, furious aliens, and the discovery that you are stuck in the middle of an interstellar power play? And that doesn’t begin to take into account the horrifying personal decision that Rod will be forced to make before his adventures are over.

The Search for Snout

SOMEWHERE SNOUT IS WAITING. Rod Allbright and his alien friends face the biggest mystery of their lives: Where in the wide, wide galaxy is their missing friend Snout, the Master of the Mental Arts? Their death defying search for their friend leads them across the stars to the Mentat, the mysterious home of the Mental Masters. But the clues they uncover there only deepen the mystery and the danger. For Rod and his friends have stumbled into something far bigger and more dangerous than any of them had ever dreamed. At stake are their honor, their lives, their sanity, and just possibly the fate of the universe.

Aliens Stole My Body

BRING BACK ROD’S BODY! Rod Allbright has found his father but lost his own body! It’s been stolen by BKR, the most fiendish villain in the galaxy, which leaves Rod sharing the body of a one eyed, blue alien named Seymour. Alas, when it comes time to go after BKR, Rod is forced to stay behind so that the little villain won’t be able to get at the world destroying secret locked in Rod’s brain. Stranded on an alien planet with only Madame Pong, Seymour, Snout, and his annoying cousin Elspeth for company, Rod fumes at being left behind. Little does he know he’s about to be drawn into a web of alien plots that will test his courage to the utmost and ultimately bring him face to face with BKR.

Into the Land of the Unicorns

On a snowy night Cara and her grandmother are pursued into St. Christopher’s church by an unknown man. Clutching her grandmother’s mysterious amulet, and following the old woman’s instructions, Cara escapes their pursuer and falls into Luster, the world of the unicorns. Attacked by a monstrous little creature called a delver , Cara is rescued by a shambling, manlike beast called the Dimblethum. Soon Cara has also met a rebellious young unicorn named Lightfoot, and a ridiculous little creature known as the Squijum. With their help, Cara embarks on a journey across Luster to deliver a message from her grandmother to the queen of the unicorns. But to survive the trip, Cara must come face to face with her greatest hope, and her greatest fear.

A Glory of Unicorns

Compiled by the author of the Unicorn Chronicles, these twelve tales find unicorns in far reaching times and places, from the fantastical world of Luster and the mystical land of ancient China to modern day America.

Song of the Wanderer

Here is the mesmerizing sequel to INTO THE LAND OF THE UNICORNS, Book I of Bruce Coville’s popular Unicorn Chronicles series.’The Wanderer is weary,’ was the message that Cara brought to Luster, and what quickly became her mission. But it is more complicated than simply bringing her grandmother, the Wanderer, back to Luster: the ‘gates’ between Earth and Luster are only open at certain times and only found in particular locations. And haunting nightmares keep slowing Cara down: nightmares of Beloved, enemy of the unicorns; of the father whose legacy she turned against; and of the mother who deserted her. In order for Cara to complete her mission and accept her destiny it will take not only trust and belief, but the love of a surprising ally as well.

Dark Whispers

This is a tale of two quests: Cara Diana Hunter’s search for an ancient story that may unravel the secret of the long enmity between the unicorns and the delvers, and her father’s journey to free Cara’s mother from the Rainbow Prison. Cara’s journey leads her through the strange underground world of the delvers to the court of the centaur king, while her father must travel from mysterious India to the depths of the Rainbow Prison itself. This multi stranded story will intrigue and delight the legion of fans who have been clamoring for the next tale in this beloved series.

The Last Hunt

In the center if Luster stands an enormous tree called the Axis Mundi, the Heart of the World. But now that tree is wounded, pierced through by magic. And through that wound marches an army of Hunters, led by the sinister and vengeful Beloved. And they are all determined to destroy each and every unicorn. As the unicorns gather to defend their lives, the human girl, Cara, is sent on a mission to meet a ferocious and mysterious dragon. Faced with perilous danger, Cara must make a desperate decision that will change her life forever. With a deft hand and keen imagination, master storyteller Bruce Coville brings this riveting epic fantasy series to a rousing conclusion as the secrets of Luster are finally and satisfyingly unveiled.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

One night two young couples run into an enchanted forest in an attempt to escape their problems. But these four humans do not realize that the forest is filled with fairies and hobgoblins who love making mischief. When Oberon, the Fairy King, and his loyal hobgoblin servant, Puck, intervene in human affairs, the fate of these young couples is magically and hilariously transformed. Like a classic fairy tale, this retelling of William Shakespeare’s most beloved comedy is perfect for older readers who will find much to treasure and for younger readers who will love hearing the story read aloud.

Oddly Enough

Nine short fantasy tales bring readers into the worlds of angels, unicorns, werewolves, vampires, and monsters, where nothing is quite what it seems. SLJ. AB.

Odds Are Good

Beloved for his hilarious and unexpectedly moving novels, Bruce Coville is also a master of the short story. These two collections, in one volume for the first time, feature eighteen tales of unusual breadth and emotional depth. This omnibus is a perfect introduction to Bruce Coville’s magic for the uninitiated. Includes an introduction by Jane Yolen.

Oddest of All

Fans of Bruce Coville’s wonderfully weird storytelling will be thrilled to know that the expert of odd is back with a new collection of nine curious and thought provoking tales. From stories about a girl who learns the horrifying secrets about what s really at the bottom of a murky, desolate pond, a strange chemical factory causing mutations in frogs, and a Halloween mask that becomes a gruesome clue in the disappearance of a child, the odd adventures in this new collection are filled with terrifying and ghoulish details. In the eerie, surreal tradition of Edgar Allan Poe, these reveries are sure to linger in the minds of readers.

I Was A Sixth Grade Alien

He came from the stars and sixth grade will never be the same! The aliens have finally made contact! But when the first ambassador from another planet arrives, he insists that his son, Pleskit Meenom, be treated like any other citizen on Earth. Which is why Pleskit has become the first purple kid in Ms. Weintraub’s sixth grade class. For Tim Tompkins, who has been waiting his entire life to meet an alien, this is like a dream come true. But when Pleskit invites Tim back to the embassy and they stumble across a plan to sabotage the alien mission, Tim’s dream becomes a life threatening nightmare.

The Attack of the Two-Inch Teacher

approx. 2.5 hours 2 cassettesPleskit Meenom is tired of constantly being teased by Jordan Lynch. Pleskit and his friend Tim decide to teach Jordan a lesson and borrow a shrinking ray from the desk of Pleskit’s Fatherly One. Unfortunately, the plan backfires and it is Tim and their teacher Ms. Weintrab that get shrunk. If this gets out, it could ruin the alien mission. But how can you hide the fact that you’ve shrunk your teacher?

I Lost My Grandfather’s Brain

CALLING LOST AND FOUND HAVE YOU SEEN MY BRAIN? Some kids lose their homework. Some kids lose their math book, or their sneakers, or their lunch. Pleskit Meenom, first alien kid to go to school on Earth, has a bigger problem: He’s lost his grandfather’s brain! Of course, that’s not Pleskit’s only problem. He’s feuding with his best friend Tim. Someone is leaking stories about him to a sleazy supermarket tabloid. And sixth grade is turning out to be a bigger challenge than interplanetary navigation. But if Pleskit can’t find that missing brain, none of those other problems will matter, because his life won’t be worth a plug skeelrag!

Peanut Butter Lover Boy

IT’S A STICKY SITUATION! Pleskit’s quest to sample all things earthling especially earthling foods inevitably leads him to…
peanut butter. He adores it. There’s only one problem: He has an allergic reaction to the stuff that ends up making him feel incredibly romantic. Before long, the purple alien is chasing girls around the playground, trying to kiss them. He gets a slap in the face, which snaps him back to reality. But the damage has been done. The school is in an uproar, and unless Tim and Pleskit can find a way to convince Principal Grand that it’s not really Pleskit’s fault, the world’s first alien student may be looking for a new classroom on a new planet!

Don’t Fry My Veeblax!

ENDANGERED SPECIES When Percy the Mad Poet assigns Ms. Weintraub’s class to write poems about their pets, Pleskit decides he should bring his Veeblax to school. Not a good idea! When the little shapeshifter frightens one of Pleskit’s classmates, she freaks out and so do the newspapers. As the situation spins out of control, it becomes clear that Pleskit may lose his pet, his teacher may lose her job, and Earth may lose the benefits of the alien connection. Running away may be the only way for Pleskit to save the Veeblax. But where can you run to when you’re the only purple kid on the planet? And what do you do when something very strange starts following you?

There’s an Alien in My Underwear

HANG ON TO YOUR BOXERS! When Tim comes home and finds a two foot high orange alien named Beebo Frimbat sitting on his desk, he knows he’s in for a hard time. After all, Beebo is a dedicated mischief maker who thinks trouble is the spice of life. But even Beebo’s past pranks don’t prepare Tim for finding his underwear flying from the school flagpole. Still, it’s all in fun. Or is it? Do Beebo’s pranks have anything to do with the plan to derail the mission of the Fatherly One? And is it really just an accident when Beebo locks Pleskit’s faithful bodyguard into an alternate dimension populated by man eating monsters?

The Dragon of Doom

Edward is bored with life in the little town of Pigbone. Then Moongobble the Magician and his faithful toad, Urk, move into the cottage on the hill. Soon Edward has a job helping Moongobble. And Moongobble needs a lot of help because it turns out, he is not a very good magician. His spells keep turning things into cheese! Edward has never been so busy or so happy. But then someone threatens to stop Moongobble from ever casting another spell. Edward can’t let that happen. He’ll do anything to save his friend’s magic even face the deadly, dreaded Dragon of Doom! Funny and suspenseful, spiced with Bruce Coville’s special brand of wackiness and Katherine Coville’s warm, witty illustrations, this book is sure to cast a spell of delight on beginning readers.

The Weeping Werewolf

In The Dragon of Doom, Moongooble successfully completes his first Mighty Task collecting the Golden Acorns of Alcoona. So now it’s time for him to complete the second one. He must bring back a bottle containing the tears of The Weeping Werewolf! But werewolves are scary, dangerous creatures. How can Moongooble, a magician with a good heart but not much good at magic, collect the tears without being torn to shreds? Luckily Edward, Fireball the dragon, and Urk, Moongobble’s faithful toad, are all there to help him. Together, they go in search of The Weeping Werewolf and end up with much more than they bargained for! Funny and suspenseful, spiced with Bruce Coville’s special brand of wackiness and Katherine Coville’s warm, witty illustrations, this book is sure to cast a spell of delight on beginning readers.

The Evil Elves

Moongobble has successfully completed two of his three Mighty Tasks: He’s collected the Golden Acorns of Alcoona and bottled the tears of the Weeping Werewolf. There’s only one more Mighty Task to go, then Moongobble will become a member of the Society of Magicians. But this might be the most difficult one of them all. Moongobble must go deep into the Forest of Boodle to recover the Queen’s Belly Button, a magical stone that was plucked off an ancient statue by a band of elves. The Belly Button has the power to tempt its owner to do evil things and those elves have been causing trouble left and right.

Moongobble enlists the help of Edward, Urk, the Rusty Knight, Fireball the Dragon, and Arfur, an old friend. Even with their help, this task won’t be easy. Anyone who attempts to steal the Belly Button and fails will be turned into stone! Will Moongobble be able to successfully steal the stone and resist its powers?

The Mischief Monster

Sometimes when you get what you want, it’s not as good as you thought it would be. Ever since Edward’s good friend Moongobble became a full magician, life has been rather boring. No more adventures.

But then Snelly comes bursting into their lives. Snelly is small only a foot tall but she’s a bundle of trouble. She’s the daughter of the queen of The Mischief Monsters, and she has run away. Edward, Moongobble, and their friends learn that they must return Snelly to her home right away, or her mom will start a Mischief War. And that would be really annoying!

So Edward, Moongobble, Urk, and Fireball set off on another adventure, this time to return Snelly to her home in Monster Mountain. But when they get there they find a bigger surprise waiting for them than they ever could have imagined. And Edward won’t have to worry about being bored for a very long time!

The Naughty Nork

Edward and Moongobble are on a quest. They’re out to break the curse of the Oggledy Nork because Moongobble is convinced every curse can be broken. But when it comes to magic, things are never that easy.

The Oggledy Nork may appear to be a lumbering monster who breaks everything in his path, but he doesn’t mean to. His family was cursed generations ago by an old woman, and now Edward, Moongobble, and all their friends have to go to Flitwick City to find the cure.

But wouldn’t you know it, when they find the old woman, she has some demands before she will break the curse on the Oggledy Nork. So where Edward thought their troubles would end, they’re only just beginning!

Zombies of the Science Fair

MY BEST FRIEND IS A ZOMBIE! It’s science fair time again, and Tim Tompkins is in trouble. It’s only two days until the big event, and he hasn’t finished his project. In fact, he hasn’t even started it. Given Tim’s past history, this is no big surprise. But this year Tim has a new resource his alien friend, Pleskit Meenom. Surely with his super science, Pleskit can help Tim come up with a knockout project for the science fair. But Pleskit’s potent potion turns out to have side effects that not even an alien could have expected, and soon he’s desperately trying to answer the question: ‘What do you do when you’ve just amputated your best friend’s personality?’

Too Many Aliens

Maktel Geebrit, Pleskit’s pen pal from back home on Hevi Hevi, is finally going to visit him on Earth. Pleskit is excited, but a little nervous, too. How will Maktel get along with Pleskit’s new friend, Tim? And just how does a kid cope with having two best friends on the same planet, anyway? As if that question wasn’t hard enough, Pleskit’s Fatherly One also has an off world visitor an elegant trader named Ellico vec Bur. But is Ellico really a friend, or is the trader also a traitor…
the greatest menace that the mission to Earth has yet faced? The search for an answer plunges Pleskit, Tim, Maktel, and Linnsy into danger beyond their wildest dreams!

Snatched from Earth!

Tim Tomkins has always wanted to visit outer space but he didn’t plan to go as the captive of a mysterious alien!

But that’s just what Tim, Pleskit, Maktel, and Linnsy have become captives in an interstellar struggle for control of the galaxy. Can four kids from two very different planets learn to work together? They’re going to have to, if they want to survive on the strange new world where they’ve been trapped. But even if they do survive, how will they ever find their way back home?

Join Pleskit and his friends for a race against time and incredible danger with the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance!

The Revolt Of The Miniature Mutants

When the hamsters in Ms. Weintraub’s room start acting a little strange, everyone thinks the problem must be the alien vitamins that Pleskit has been feeding them. But even after Pleskit stops the vitamin treatments, the hamsters continue to get bigger and stronger and crankier. Clearly, something else is at work. But what? To answer that question, Tim and Pleskit will have to solve a mystery, track down an enemy, and defend themselves against a trio of the most dangerous hamsters the world has ever seen!

Farewell to Earth

Is this the end of the Alien Mission?

All things must come to an end — even sixth grade. But not all things end happily, and it looks as if Pleskit Meenom’s year as a sixth grade alien is about to end in catastrophe as Earth is swept by rumors that something horrible has happened at the alien embassy. Soon anti-alien demonstrations erupt outside Pleskit’s school.

Who is behind the rumors? Is there really a secret enemy on the embassy staff? What happens if the mission fails?

When Pleskit disappears, those questions take on new urgency. Desperate to answer them, Pleskit’s friends Tim Tompkins and Rafaella Cruz are forced to team up with Tim’s old enemy, Jordan Lynch, to save the mission…
and Earth!

Forever Begins Tomorrow

Preparing for a death defying showdown with the mysterious Black Glove, the A. I. Gang of kid geniuses are disgusted when the adult world refuses to take them seriously and are forced to save the planet by themselves.

Robot Trouble

Thinking that things could not be worse when an international superspy invades Ancoteague Island, the A. I. Gang of young geniuses decides to build a rocket that will launch Dr. Weiskopf’s singing robot into space.

The Foolish Giant

The adventures of a not very bright but friendly giant named Harry.

Sarah’s Unicorn

Black and white illustrations, children’s book.

The Dragonslayers

Bruce Coville with more than 6 million copies of his books in print offers a traditional fairy tale filled with very non traditional characters. It’s a funny, heartwarming adventure that will appeal to boys and girls alike a perfect introduction to Coville’s work.

Aliens Stole My Dad

Rod’s on the most important mission of his life to find his dad and bring him home from outer space. But it’s not going to be easy. First bratty cousin Elspeth hitches a lift aboard the space ship. Then horrible monster Smorkus Flinders escapes from the hold. Now Rod’s evil enemy BKR has enlisted Smorkus in a terrible scheme which means Rod will never see his dad again!

Armageddon Summer (With: Jane Yolen)

The world will end on Thursday, July 27, 2000. At least, that’s what Reverend Beelson has told his congregation. Marina’s mom believes him. So does Jed’s dad. That’s why they drag Marina and Jed to join the reverend’s flock at a mountain retreat. From the mountaintop they will all watch the Righteous Conflagration that will end this world and then they will descend and begin the world anew. But this world has only just begun for Jed and Marina, two teenagers with more attitude than faith. Why should the world end now, when they’ve just fallen in love? Told in alternating chapters from both Jed’s and Marina’s points of view, this first ever collaboration between two masters of children’s literature is a story about faith and friendship, love and loss…
and the things that matter most at the End of the World.

The Monsters of Morley Manor

What do you get when you mix together
werewolves, vampires, mad scientists, wizards, aliens, alternate dimensions, tiny people, Transylvania, ancient curses, giant frogs, evil clones, ghosts, lawyers, shape changers, fallen angels, journeys through hell, zombie warriors, body snatchers, and two clever kids in whose hands rests the fate of Earth?
The latest madcap adventure comedy fantasy mystery from bestselling novelist Bruce Coville, that’s what.

Thor’s Wedding Day

What could possibly make Thor the massive and mighty god of thunder and protector of all his people put on a bridal gown?

It all begins when the source of Thor’s power, his beloved hammer, is stolen. Unfortunately for Thor, the plan to get it back requires that he dress in fancy finery and be packed off to marry the king of the giants. Luckily, Thialfi the goat boy along with his snarky charges, Grinder and Gat Tooth have come along. Working behind the scenes, Thialfi just may be able to save the day…
which is only fair, since it’s his fault the hammer was stolen in the first place.

This book is a hilarious take on the only comedy in Norse mythology, complete with talking goats, cross dressing gods, and the warm wit that has made Bruce Coville beloved by millions.

The Prince of Butterflies

One summer morning, a flock of butterflies alights on John Farrington’s house and changes his life forever. Surrounding John in his yard, the monarchs ask for his help. They have lost their way. The green places are gone the meadows have become mini malls; the forests are now parking lots. Can John lead them to another refuge?
Passionate, moving, and inspiring, this glorious flight of fantasy from master storyteller Bruce Coville is a timely fable about the difficulties and the rewards of staying true to one’s heart.


There is arguably no work of fiction quoted as often as William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. This haunting tragedy has touched audiences for centuries. Now Bruce Coville makes this play the next of his dynamic adaptations of the Bard for the young. Once again, he expertly incorporates essential lines from the play into his own rich prose to tell the tale of the ill fated Prince of Denmark. Acclaimed artist Leonid Gore adds intense, dreamlike images in acrylic and pastel. His depictions of Hamlet, Ophelia, and the rest of the kingdom are revelatory and unforgettable, helping to make this masterful volume a treasure for Shakespeare enthusiasts old and new.

William Shakespeare’s: The Winter’s Tale

There is a disease that can twist men’s hearts and make them mad, and the name of that disease is jealousy. So begins this engaging retelling of one of William Shakespeare s last plays a fascinating and unique combination of intensity and whimsy. When King Leontes unfairly accuses his wife of infidelity, he sets off a terrible chain of events. But this is not one of Shakespeare s tragedies. It s a romance, and one with a healthy dose of fancy and surprise. A story of redemption and the strength of friendship and true love, The Winter s Tale is perhaps also Bruce Coville s most eloquent retelling yet, complemented masterfully by illustrator LeUyen Pham, whose rich and dramatic paintings are a revelation.

Hans Brinker

The story of Hans Brinker is a true classic, but few still read the novel, which was written in the 1860s. Now Bruce Coville and Laurel Long are reintroducing the charming tale in this glorious picture book version. Laurel Long’s paintings are breathtaking and luminous. And as he has done in his retellings of Shakespeare s plays, Bruce Coville has masterfully reshaped the sprawling story into a picture book that s fresh, engrossing, and faithful to the intent of the original. This is a tale of a family sticking together through hardship, and of wishes granted just in the nick of time. The race to win the silver skates is well known, but the mystery of the watch and the missing riches is equally enticing. This is the best kind of fairy tale, and kids will be riveted by its drama. For the winter holidays or anytime, this is a book to cherish.

Ribbiting Tales

Who doesn’t like frogs? So they’re green and well, slimy. Frogs have charisma, charm, and even a few stories to tell. With the help of eight of today’s most fanciful writers, frogs finally have their day. From New York Times best selling author Brian Jacques’s tale of a menacing frogbeast, to Janet Taylor Lisle’s story of the frog people of Quicksand Pond, to Jane Yolen’s Pied Piper take on our froggy green friends, these hilarious fables and touching fairy tales are for every reader who has ever rooted for the underfrog. ‘Release your inner frog with this kickin’ collection.’ Kirkus Reviews

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