Brian Jacques Books In Order

Redwall Books In Publication Order

  1. Redwall (1986)
  2. Mossflower (1988)
  3. Mattimeo (1990)
  4. Mariel of Redwall (1991)
  5. Salamandastron (1992)
  6. Martin the Warrior (1993)
  7. The Bellmaker (1994)
  8. Outcast of Redwall (1995)
  9. The Pearls of Lutra (1996)
  10. The Long Patrol (1997)
  11. Marlfox (1998)
  12. The Legend of Luke (1999)
  13. Lord Brocktree (2000)
  14. Taggerung (2001)
  15. Triss (2002)
  16. Loamhedge (2003)
  17. Rakkety Tam (2004)
  18. High Rhulain (2005)
  19. Eulalia! (2007)
  20. Doomwyte (2008)
  21. The Sable Quean (2010)
  22. The Rogue Crew (2011)

Redwall Books In Chronological Order

  1. Mossflower (1988)
  2. Redwall (1986)
  3. Mattimeo (1990)
  4. Mariel of Redwall (1991)
  5. Salamandastron (1992)
  6. Martin the Warrior (1993)
  7. The Bellmaker (1994)
  8. Outcast of Redwall (1995)
  9. The Pearls of Lutra (1996)
  10. The Long Patrol (1997)
  11. Marlfox (1998)
  12. The Legend of Luke (1999)
  13. Lord Brocktree (2000)
  14. Taggerung (2001)
  15. Triss (2002)
  16. Loamhedge (2003)
  17. Rakkety Tam (2004)
  18. High Rhulain (2005)
  19. Eulalia! (2007)
  20. Doomwyte (2008)
  21. The Sable Quean (2010)
  22. The Rogue Crew (2011)

Tribes of Redwall Books In Publication Order

  1. Badgers (2001)
  2. Otters (2002)
  3. Mice (2003)
  4. Hares (2006)
  5. Squirrels (2006)

A Tale of Redwall Books In Publication Order

  1. Redwall: The Graphic Novel (2007)

Redwall Picture Books In Publication Order

  1. The Great Redwall Feast (1996)
  2. A Redwall Winter’s Tale (2001)

Redwall Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Redwall Map & Riddler (1997)
  2. Redwall Abbey (1998)
  3. Redwall Friend and Foe (2000)
  4. The Redwall Cookbook (2005)

Flying Dutchman Books In Publication Order

  1. Castaways of the Flying Dutchman (2001)
  2. Angel’s Command (2003)
  3. Voyage of Slaves (2006)

Urso Brunov Picture Books In Publication Order

  1. The Tale of Urso Brunov (2003)
  2. Urso Brunov and the White Emperor (2008)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales (1991)
  2. The Ribbajack (2004)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Ribbiting Tales (2000)
  2. Midnight Feast (2007)

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Brian Jacques Books Overview


Read by the author and a full castThree cassettes / 3 hours 5 mins. When Redwall was published in 1987 it catipulted author Brian Jacques to international stardom. Ans small wonder! This enthralling tale is jam packed with the things we long for in a great adventure: danger, laughter, hairbreath excapes, tragedy, mystery, a touch of wonder, a truly despicable villain, and a hero we can take to heart. That hero is Matthias, a young mouse who must rise above his fears and failures to save his friends at Redwall Abbey. The villain is Cluny the Scourage, one of the most deliciously despicable rats of all time. The unforgettable cast of supporting characters includes the stalwart badger Constance, an irrepressible hare named Basil Stag Hare, and the elderly wisemouse Brother Methuselah. But most of all there is Matthias, seeking his true destiny in a journey that will lead through danger and despair to true wisdom.


Mossflower, prequel to Redwall, is widely acknowledged by fans as one of the most memorable volumes of the bestselling Redwall series. It is now available in a special format, with six all new, full page illustrations and a brand new map by David Elliot illustrator of Triss and The Angel’s Command, and winner of the 2003 New Zealand Post Children s Book Award. Fans will be eager to add it to their collections, and those new to the Redwall series will want to pick it up to find out how the grand epic got its start.


In the magnificent tradition of Waershop Down, an extraordinary tale of corageous adventure from the author of Redwall and Mossflower. In the summer of the Golden Plain, the cunning fox, Slagar the cruel, and his evil henchmen sneak into Redwall Abbey to kidnap the woodland children including Mattimeo, son of the great warrior mouse Matthias. Now Matthias and a handful of brave followers must abandon their home to the mercy of General Ironbeak’s invading ravens in order to rescue their stolen little ones. But on the road to a dread kingdom and certain slavery, an unexpected hero will be born and the captive mouse child Mattimeo will prove himself worthy at last to wield the sword of his illustrious father.

Mariel of Redwall

In the stunning tradition of Watership Down comes a magnificent tale of treachery, destiny, courage and sacrifice from the author of Redwall, Mossflower, and Mattimeo. Dire peril awaits the innocent mousechild Mariel on a voyage with her father across tempest tossed waters. For Gabool the Wild, King of the Searats, greedily eyes their unsuspecting vessel hungry for plunder…
and destruction. Mercilessly cast overboard by the evil rodent, Mariel is washed ashore near Redwall Abbey barely alive…
with no memory. But with the aid of a small yet hardy band of Woodlanders, the courageous mousemaid is determined to reclaim her identity…
and to enact a rightful vengeance on the bloodthirsty pirate and his terrible minions.


The inhabitants of Redwall relax in the haze of summer but as they do, the neighboring stronghold of Salamandastron lies besieged by the evil weasel army of Ferhago the Assassin. Worse still, Mara, beloved daughter of Urthstripe, Badger Lord of the Fire Mountain, is in terrible danger. Then a lightning bolt uncovers the sword of Martin the Warrior, and young Samkin embarks on an adventure that leads him to Mara. Can the good creatures triumph over the villainous Assassin?

Illustrated by Gary Chalk

Martin the Warrior

On the shore of the Eastern Sea, in a cold stone fortress, a stoat named Badrang holds dozens of innocent creatures as slaves, part of his scheme to build an empire where he will rule as unquestioned tyrant. Among those slaves is a mouse named Martin who has a warrior’s heart and a burning desire for freedom freedom not only for himself, but for all of Badrang s victims. There is no risk he will not take, no battle he will not fight, to end the stoat s evil reign and in the process regain the sword of his father, Luke the Warrior the sword that Badrang stole from him when he was but a lad! /Content /EditorialReview EditorialReview Source Amazon. com Review /Source Content Bedrang the Stoat has his evil eyes set on ruling over his own empire, and will do anything to make sure that his ultimate fantasy is fulfilled. But little does he realize that the quiet, nameless mouse he is holding captive will one day turn out to be the heroic and fearless Martin the Warrior.

Brian Jacques uses the full force of his stunning storytelling talent to unravel the mystery and adventure that unfolds in this tale of Redwall as a quiet little mouse refuses to bow down to a tyrant and bids to fight for freedom at any cost. Brim*ming with cutthroat skullduggery and intellectual intrigue, Martin the Warrior is a mountainous tale that introduces the ethos and passions of Redwall with a host of well drawn characters, each with their own Achilles’ heel, making them feel as real as they are magical. Susan Harrison

The Bellmaker

It has been four seasons since Mariel, the warrior mouse daughter of Joseph The Bellmaker, and her companion, Dandin, set off from Redwall to fight evil in Mossflower. Nothing has been heard of them since. Then one night, in a dream, the legendary Martin the Warrior comes to The Bellmaker with a mysterious message. Clearly, Mariel and Dandin are in grave danger. Joseph and four Redwallers set off at once to aid them. As they push over land and sea, they cannot know the terrible threats they face. Will The Bellmaker and his companions arrive in time to help Mariel and Dandin? /Content /EditorialReview EditorialReview Source Amazon. com Review /Source Content Vicious Foxwolf, Urgan Nagru a fox who long ago discovered the body of a wolf and skinned it to wear as his own is holding the young Mariel and Dandin captive. The pair are at the mercy of the evil despot and have only one hope of survival. But can they really count on the legendary freedom fighter, Martin the Warrior, to come to their rescue?

The Bellmaker fairly boils over with passion, intrigue, and adventure. A true page turner, the heat is immediately turned to high, and never cools until the close of the very last chapter. Brian Jacques’s skill lies in creating fantastical yet believable characters, placing them in an extraordinary yet convincing setting and then letting loose with a flood of imagination that takes the breath away. One of the best writers of our time, Jacques comes through once again for his readers in this remarkable tale of good triumphing over evil. Susan Harrison

Outcast of Redwall

Abandoned as an infant by his father, the evil warlord Swartt Sixclaw, Veil is raised by the kindhearted Bryony. Despite concerns from everyone at Redwall, Bryony is convinced that Veil’s goodness will prevail. But when he commits a crime that is unforgivable, he is banished from the abbey forever. Then Swartt and his hordes of searats and vermin attack Redwall, and Veil has to decide: Should he join Swartt in battle against the only creature who has ever loved him? Or should he turn his back on his true father? /Content /EditorialReview EditorialReview Source Amazon. com Review /Source Content When ferret Swartt Sixclaw and his arch enemy Sunflash the Mace swear a pledge of death upon each other, a young creature is cruelly banished from the safety of Redwall. As he grows, he seeks revenge on the people of Redwall and finds himself embroiled in a hostile battle with far reaching consequences.

An epic tale of Redwall from the pen of master storyteller Brian Jacques, Outcast of Redwall is a kaleidoscope of color, range, and emotions that culminates in a bitter contest between good and evil. None of the passion of the earlier Redwall titles is lost, as some of the most cherished landscapes and best loved characters from previous books are revisited, with a wisdom and clarity that has developed and endured.

On a basic level, this is a marvelous fantasy adventure story. Look deeper and you will find that Outcast of Redwall, along with the other titles in the series, has a divine, enduring quality that ranks it among he best in children’s literature. Susan Harrison

The Pearls of Lutra

The Tears of All Oceans are missing. Six magnificent rose colored pearls, which inspire passion and greed in all who see them, have been stolen and passed from hand to hand, leaving a cryptic trail of death and deception in their wake. And now Ublaz Mad Eyes, the evil emperor of a tropical isle, is determined to let no one stand in the way of his desperate attempt to claim the pearls as his own. At Redwall Abbey, a young hedgehog maid, Tansy, is equally determined to find the pearls first, with the help of her friends. And she must succeed, for the life of one she holds dear is in great danger…

The Long Patrol

The murderous Rapscallion army is on the move. Dealt a humiliating defeat by Lady Cregga Rose Eyes, the Badger Lady of Salamandastron, who still pursues them, the Rapscallions are heading inland to take an even greater prize: the peaceful Abbey of Redwall. The elite fighting unit of hares, The Long Patrol, is called out to draw them off. At the forefront is the young hare Tammo, the lead sword in one of the most ferocious battles Redwall has ever faced ready to fight to the death! Jacques is a masterful storyteller…
. As in the other Redwall books, the combination of an absorbing plot, robust characterization, and detailed description make the novel a page turner. The Horn Book


A villainous new presence is a prowl in Mossflower Woods: the Marlfoxes. And when they ruthlessly steal the most precious treasure of all, the tapestry of Martin the Warrior, it takes the children of warrior squirrels to follow in their fathers’ heroic footsteps to recover it…

‘A richly imagined world in which bloody battles vie for attention with copious feasting and tender romancing. Where males and females are heroes and warriors. Where the young triumph and the old endure. Where intelligence is as valued as strength and wit is frequently more important than size.’ The Cincinnati Enquirer

‘A grand adventure story…
breathtaking.’ Chicago Sun Times

The Legend of Luke

In this twelfth book in the masterful Redwall epic, storyteller Brian Jacques goes back in time to the days before Redwall, revealing with dramatic poignancy the legend of the first of the magnificent Redwall warriors Luke, father of Martin. It is that legend Martin hopes to discover when he embarks on a perilous journey to the northland shore, where his father abandoned him as a child. There, within the carcass of a great red ship he uncovers what he has been searching for: the story of the evil Pirate stoat, Vilu Daskar, and the valiant mousewarrior who pursued him relentlessly over the high seas, seeking to destroy Vilu at all costs, even if it meant deserting his only son. Brian Jacques reaches a new pinnacle in storytelling, imparting the story behind the story of the greatest Redwall warrior of them all.

Lord Brocktree

The bestselling Redwall series has gained new fans through the beautifully animated series that began airing nationwide on public television in April…
and now the adventure continues. The mighty badger warrior Lord Brocktree with the help of the spirited young haremaid Dotti must reclaim the mountain land of Salamandastron from the army of a villainous wildcat…
‘Completely drawn and full of surprises as the complex subplots. Jacques is an old fashioned storyteller. His tale is layered and detailed and it twists as tightly as the winding corridors and hidden passages of Salamandastron, until readers are completely immersed in his world.’ The Cincinnati Enquirer


In the fourteenth Redwall adventure, by New York Times bestselling author Brian Jacques, the clan of Sawney Rath kidnaps one of Redwall’s own a baby otter, who they believe is destined to become their Taggerung: the warrior hero of ancient legend. But as the young Taggerung grows, he rebels against his destiny and goes off in search of the place he was born a home he can barely remember. As the young otter journeys to distant lands, a member of Sawney’s clan is close on his heels, out to destroy the deserter and claim for his own the title of Taggerung. With a new friend, a feisty little mouse named Nimbalo, the rugged warrior staves off the avenging vermin, but can he find his way back to Redwall and to the family from whom he was separated so long ago?


Triss, don’t be foolish, no beast ever escaped from Riftgard an’ lived to tell of it. You’ve got to ferget those mad ideas!’ The gripping story of Triss, a young squirrelmaid, who escapes a life of misery as a servant to the tyrannical ruling ferret family in Riftgard and sets off to find her way to the Abbey of Redwall. But will she reach her destination, and are the inhabitants of the Abbey safe from outside forces anyway? A thrilling combination of Mervyn Peake, Terry Pratchett and Narnia, Brian Jacques is truly a storyteller for all ages. /Content /EditorialReview EditorialReview Source Amazon. com Review /Source Content Wot, Wot?! Could it be another epic Redwall tale tail? thick with high adventure, heavy accents, and leek and turnip pasty from the beloved beast master himself, Brian Jacques? It is indeed, happy readers. Triss, the 15th book in the distinguished and wildly popular animal fantasy series, chronicles the exploits of a brave squirrel maid who travels from the bonds of slavery to the meeting of her destiny as a warrior at Redwall Abbey. Triss the squirrel, Shogg the otter, and Welfo the hedgehog, all slaves to the bloodthirsty royal ferret family of Riftgard, filch a ferret boat and sail away from the murderous clutches of Princess Kurda and her malevolent father, King Agarnu. Swearing revenge, Kurda sets out to recapture her slaves, her evil Ratguard troops reinforced by the pirate fox Plugg Firetail and his band of criminal Freebooters. At the same time, the badger Sagaxus and his bosom friend Bescarum the hare also set sail from Salamanstrom, to seek adventure on the high seas. Meanwhile, back at the abbey, the Redwall inhabitants are being plagued by a mystery that involves a hidden door, a secret code, and three stinking, sinister snake siblings that are picking off the gentle forest folk one by one. Any ardent fan of Redwall knows that what comes next will include sword fights, feasting, raucous good humor, and a thrilling climax. Jacques’s fervent followers are rewarded with the author’s usual swashbuckling good storytelling, while the newly initiated will read with wide eyes, and quickly go back to hungrily devour the rest of the series. Ages 10 and older Jennifer Hubert


The sixteenth full length Redwall novel sheds light on the Abbey’s ancient origins in a thrilling adventure. Loamhedge, the deserted Abbey, has been forgotten for countless seasons. What secrets do its ruins hold? When it becomes clear that wheelchair bound Martha might be cured by a formula buried there, two old warriors are inspired by the spirit of Martin the Warrior himself to go on a quest for the ancient Abbey and three young rebels are determined to go with them. Meanwhile, the giant badger Lonna Bowstripe thirsts for vengeance as he relentlessly pursues Raga Bol and his murdering crew of Searats…
who are on their way to attack Redwall itself! The valiant Abbeybeasts must defend their home, but how can they, when their boldest warriors are away on their quest? Will Redwall fall to vermin invaders at last? A rare glimpse into Redwall’s history makes this volume a memorable addition to Jacques’ epic. Fans will not be disappointed, and new readers will be eager to jump on board.

Rakkety Tam

A dark force is rampaging through the forests of Mossflower. Gulo the Savage, wolverine, flesh-eater and brutal killer, has come across the seas in search of his brother, Askor. Askor stole the famous walking stone that will make one of them king of the lands of ice and snow – and Gulo wants it back. Anybeast who gets in Gulo’s way is dead meat. Literally. Rakkety Tam McBurl is a brave border warrior, travelled south in search of adventure. But when his army is attacked by Gulo’s flesh-eating band, adventure finds him. Gulo is heading for the ancient Redwall Abbey – and Rakkety Tam is determined not to let the savage Gulo destroy the peaceful ways of Redwall.

High Rhulain

The otters of Green Isle have long been enslaved to the Wildcat Riggu Felis and his catguards, who torture the otters at every opportunity. The otters trudge on, waiting for the day their savior will arrive the prophesized High Rhulain, who will lead them in battle and a return to glory. Meanwhile, young Tiria Wildlough, an ottermaid at Redwall Abbey, pines for her chance to learn the ways of the warrior,much against the wishes of her father. But when an injured osprey arrives at the Abbey, seeking help for its wounds and carrying tales of an embattled clan of otters, young Tiria knows what she must do…
. The latest tale of Redwall from New York Times bestselling writer Brian Jacques is an empowering story of adventure and heroism sure to keep readers riveted through the final page.


Lord Asheye of Salamandastron has a prophecy: a new Badger Lord will soon reign over the legendary badger fortress, one who ‘shuns both armour and sword’. But who is he and how is he to be found? A young haremaid from the Long Patrol regiment is dispatched on a dangerous mission to find him but the unsuspecting future Badger Lord has been captured by a murderous gang of Sea Raiders, intent on conquering Redwall Abbey. While the fate of many creatures, both good and evil, are caught up in the saga, somehow the young ruler must escape and find a way to defend Redwall, for only then will be able to fulfil his destiny as leader of Salamandastron. The award winning ‘Redwall’ series has captured the hearts and minds of readers all over the world.


On a moonless night, two rats follow hypnotic lights into the forest, never to be seen again. Such is the power of the Doomwytes, sinister ravens led by the deadly Korvus Skurr. And when the young mouse Bisky persuades the creatures of Redwall Abbey to go in search of a fabled treasure, hidden long ago by one of the abbey’s most notorious thieves, they do not suspect Skurr and his ravens will be vying for that very treasure. Bisky and his fellow Redwallers must summon all their courage to face the evil horde of slithering snakes and vicious ravens. From underground tunnels to the tops of trees, the fearless Redwallers, with the help of their woodland friends, battle some of their most vicious enemies yet in an exhilarating, terrifying treasure hunt.

The Sable Quean

He appears out of thin air and vanishes just as quickly. He is Zwilt the Shade, and he is evil. Yet he is no match for his ruler, Vilaya The Sable Quean. Along with their hordes of vermin, these two have devised a plan to conquer Redwall Abbey. And when the Dibbuns go missing, captured one by one, their plan is revealed. Will the Redwallers risk the fate of their Abbey and all of Mossflower Wood to save their precious young ones from imprisonment? Perhaps Buckler, Blademaster of the Long Patrol, can save the day. He has a score of his own to settle. And fear not, these Dibbuns are not as innocent as they appear. After all, they re from Redwall.

The Rogue Crew

Redwall Abbey has never seen a creature more evil or more hideous than Razzid Wearat. Captain of the Greenshroud, a ship with wheels that can sail through water as well as the forest, this beast is a terror of both land and sea, traveling Mossflower Country, killing nearly everything and everyone in his path. And his goal? To conquer Redwall Abbey. From Salamandastron to the High North Coast, the brave hares of the Long Patrol team up with the fearless sea otters of The Rogue Crew to form a pack so tough, so rough, only they can defend the abbey and defeat Razzid Wearat once and for all.


The Tribes of Redwall series takes an exciting new look at the wealth of clans the Badgers, the moles, the shrews that make up the legendary life of Brian Jacques’ best selling series. In this first guide, readers can learn about and celebrate the hidden world of the badger Lords and the badger warrior spirit. In the tradition of Redwall Map and Riddler and Redwall Friend and Foe, the packet features a detailed 16 page booklet, complete with a wealth of information on Badgers, several puzzles, and a quiz to test the knowledge of Redwall fans old and new. Also included is a stunning full color pullout poster illustrating the badger heroes and hero*ines profiled in the booklet. Complete with an introduction by Brian Jacques himself, Tribes of Redwall is a must for any Redwall enthusiast!


Getting to know the tribes of Redwall is essential to any avid Redwall Abbey fan. In this, the second guide in the series, readers can learn about and celebrate the hidden worlds of the otter clan. Just like the popular Tribes of Redwall: Badgers, this packet will feature a detailed 16 page booklet with history, puzzles, and a quiz about these favorite Redwall creatures. There is also a stunning full color pull out poster featuring the otter heroes and hero*ines featured in the booklet. Complete with an introduction from Brian Jacques himself, Tribes of Redwall is a must for any Redwall enthusiast! Illustrated by Jonathan Walker.


Getting to know the tribes of Redwall is essential to any avid Redwall Abbey fan. In this, the third guide in the series, readers can learn about and celebrate the hidden worlds of the mice clan. From the legendary Martin the Warrior, to Matthias and other mice heroes whose courage far outweighed their size, this packet celebrates them all in a detailed 16 page booklet, complete with a wealth of information, puzzles, and a quiz to test the knowledge of Redwall fans old and new. There is also a stunning full color pull out poster.

Complete with an introduction from Brian Jacques himself, Tribes of Redwall is indispensable for any Redwall enthusiast!

Redwall: The Graphic Novel

It was meant to be: The classic fantasy adventure that began the Redwall phenomenon is finally available in a cool graphic format. Illustrated by renowned comics artist Bret Blevins, Redwall: The Graphic Novel brings to life all the battles, all the heroes, and all the villains in a fun new format perfect for reluctant readers, those just entering the Redwall world, or the countless existing fans of the series.

The Great Redwall Feast

The creatures of Redwall the abbeymice and hares, otters and moles are planning a surprise feast in their dear Abbot’s honor. There is cake to be baked, marchpane to be rolled. Stirring and sifting, smoothing and brewing. Can everything be finished in time? And how can the Redwallers keep such a grand feast from their Abbot’s keen eyes? Fans of Brian Jacques’s beloved Redwall books will delight in seeing their old friends, brought to life by Christopher Denise’s witty, cozy art.

‘Spirited and humorous…
Denise’s affectionate, detailed watercolors bring all the action to life.’ Kirkus Reviews

A Redwall Winter’s Tale

On the last day of autumn, the Redwallers are preparing for some special guests: a troupe of traveling players who promise an evening of entertainment in exchange for a grand feast. The merriment continues far into the evening, until it’s time for sleepy Dibbuns to be tucked in their beds with a story: the tale of Snow Badger, Lord of Wintertide, who comes on the first night of winter, bringing snow across the land. As they did in The Great Redwall Feast, Christopher Denise’s warm pastel illustrations and Brian Jacques’ magical words take young readers straight to the heart of Redwall. Fans, young and old, will be enchanted by this delightful winter’s tale, spun by a master storyteller.

Redwall Map & Riddler

Escape into the land of Redwall with this beautifully illustrated full color fold out map. Explore the treacherous terrain, legendary landmarks, and wondrous sites which Brian Jacques has made famous in his Redwall tales. Then, test your Redwall knowledge with ‘The Redwall Riddler’ full of riddles, quick fire suggestions, and baffling word puzzles .

Redwall Abbey

Create this one of a kind model of Redwall Abbey and unravel the mystery of the legendary Warrior’s Code. With the help of the press out characters of Redwall and the story in the accompanying booklet, discover the clues hidden within the Abbey walls themselves. No cutting or gluing is required to assemble the wonder filled Abbey.

Redwall Friend and Foe

In the world of Redwall, knowing your friend from your foe can mean the difference between life and death! Celebrate Redwall’s loyal heroes Martin, Matthias, Mariel, and more and condemn its villainous vermin with this new presentation from Brian Jacques’ best selling series. This one of a kind pack contains a pull out color poster featuring Redwall’s fiends and favorites, plus a booklet filled with puzzles, quizzes, information about key characters, and a fantastic introduction from Brian Jacques himself.

The Redwall Cookbook

Ever read a Redwall novel and wonder exactly what Abbot’s Special Abbey Trifle is? Or how to make Shrimp N Hotroot Soup, that delicacy of otters everywhere? Or Mole s Favourite Turnip and Tater Deeper N Ever Pie? From the simple refreshment of Summer Strawberry Fizz to Great Hall Gooseberry Fool, they re all here, along with dozens of other favorites sure to turn young hands into seasoned chefs, illustrated in full color with all the charm and magic that is Redwall. A gift like no other for fans of the series, old or new.

Castaways of the Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman! The legend of the wind tattered ghost ship and its mad sea captain, cursed to sail the seas forever, has been passed down throughout the centuries. But what of the young boy and his dog who were trapped aboard that ship? What became of them?In this, one of Jacques’ most original adventures, the castaway boy and dog set off on an eternal journey of their own, braving icy wind and waves to arrive at strange shores, and explore new places and times. The unlikely Chapelvale village is their first destination, a Victorian town under siege. If Ben and his dog, Ned, can help the townspeople figure out the clues and riddles hidden beneath floorboards and deep inside wells perhaps they can save Chapelvale and its people as well. Brian Jacques as you have never seen him before!

Angel’s Command

The new Castaways novel comes alive Redwall fashion with a magnificent romp on the sea, and another in the robber filled mountains of Spain! Ben and Ned, the boy and dog who were sent on an angel’s errand in Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, find themselves on board a Frenchman’s pirate ship, pursued by not one but two ships an English privateer and a Spanish buccaneer. They finally escape into the Pyrenees, only to stumble into an even more challenging adventure that takes them into very heart of the mountains, where they and their new companions, a painter and a gypsy girl must face the most evil robber of them all: the legendary Maguda Razan. This is Jacques at his swashbuckling best. His editor says: This is as good as it gets as good as Redwall!

Voyage of Slaves

Adrift in the Mediterranean Sea, Ben falls captive to a band of slave traders and their leader Al Misurata. With his faithful dog Ned at his side, Ben must plot escape as the ship of scoundrels sails up the Libyan coastline toward Italy, where a trap awaits. Ruthless enemies and hard times appear around every bend, but Ben and Ned have quick wits to rely on and, just as important, one another. Fans of the New York Times bestselling Castaways of the Flying Dutchman series will only want more after this latest installment a rousing yarn that’s full of high seas adventure!

The Tale of Urso Brunov

This tall tale from Redwall creator Brian Jacques features a brand new hero: Urso Brunov, the Little Father of All Bears. The strongest, wisest, bravest bear in the world, he is also the smallest, no bigger than the size of your thumb. Other animals of the forest stand in awe of him except one: a mustached monster who captures four of Urso’s bears and puts them in his zoo, but who learns all too soon that the Little Father is truly a force to be reckoned with. On his way to rescue the lost bears, Urso Brunov matches wits with a tribe of boars, teaches manners to a billygoat, skims across the Deep River on a wooden flute, and finally confronts the Lord of All Sands. He’ll get those bears back, never fear believe him, for he is Urso Brunov!

Urso Brunov and the White Emperor

In the middle of a wintry night, deep in the forest, Urso Brunov hears a cry for help carried over the cold winds. Wolves are on the prowl and two young polar bears are lost in the forest. Though he may be the size of a thumb, who is Urso Brunov if he is not the Little Father of All Bears? Traversing snow laden forests on the backs of stags and crossing wide seas atop a whale, this tiny yet brave hero returns the two lost polar bear cubs to the Land of Rainbow Lights and is treated to a grand celebration in the land of ice before returning home in a wondrous moonlit flight on the back of a goose. In the age old tradition of tall tales, Redwall author Brian Jacques shows us storytelling at its finest in this spirited adventure.

Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales

Redwall fans will love the ghostly side of Brian Jacques!

Filled with humor, adventure, and imagination, these seven short stories go from the lighthearted to the bizarre. From a teenager who drives a museum curator to mummify him for signing Phantom Snake an anagram of his name all over his exhibits, to a boy who’s dared to visit the tomb of a vampire at midnight only to discover that the vampire boy he meets has a mother who nags just like his own, the eerie and chilling settings and characters will captivate readers.

‘Well crafted and smoothly written…
While suitable for reading aloud, the tales are even better under the covers with a flashlight.’ Booklist, starred review

‘Brian Jacques, author of the Redwall books, proves to have a surprising gift for amusing, sometimes horrifying, sometimes quite poignant ghost stories…
. An excellent choice for reading aloud.’ The Horn Book

The Ribbajack

What if revenge were a monster of your own creation? If all you needed to summon this monster was enough hatred and enough imagination? Which of you would really be the monster? One boy is about to find out.

The New York Times bestselling author Brian Jacques Loamhedge; The Angel’s Command spins six all-new tales of horror and suspense. Read on, but be careful of what brews in your heart. You may just find yourself the next victim of The Ribbajack

Ribbiting Tales

Who doesn’t like frogs? So they’re green and well, slimy. Frogs have charisma, charm, and even a few stories to tell. With the help of eight of today’s most fanciful writers, frogs finally have their day. From New York Times best selling author Brian Jacques’s tale of a menacing frogbeast, to Janet Taylor Lisle’s story of the frog people of Quicksand Pond, to Jane Yolen’s Pied Piper take on our froggy green friends, these hilarious fables and touching fairy tales are for every reader who has ever rooted for the underfrog. ‘Release your inner frog with this kickin’ collection.’ Kirkus Reviews

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