Brian Callison Books In Order

Brevet Cable Books In Order

  1. A Plague of Sailors (1971)
  2. A Frenzy of Merchantmen (1977)

Edward Trapp Books In Order

  1. Trapp’s War (1974)
  2. Trapp’s Peace (1979)
  3. Trapp and World War Three (1988)
  4. Crocodile Trapp (1993)
  5. Trapp’s Secret War (2007)


  1. A Flock of Ships (1970)
  2. The Dawn Attack (1972)
  3. A Web of Salvage (1973)
  4. A Ship Is Dying (1976)
  5. The Judas Ship (1978)
  6. The Auriga Madness (1980)
  7. The Sextant (1981)
  8. Spearfish (1983)
  9. The Bone Collectors (1984)
  10. A Thunder of Crude (1986)
  11. The Trojan Hearse (1990)
  12. Ferry Down (1998)
  13. The Stollenberg Legacy (2000)
  14. Redcap (2006)

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Brian Callison Books Overview

Trapp’s Secret War

The new Edward Trapp adventure 1943. World War Two. A Russian convoy fights its violent, wreckage strewn course across the Arctic Circle towards Murmansk. Only one ship survives the coffin ship Charon and her complement of misfits, captained by the buccaneering Edward Trapp: professional scoundrel, blackguard without merit. The Charon staggers from one sub zero crisis to the next in the captains pursuit of ignominy and golden cargo, to the enduring embarrassment of the British and United States Navies…

The Stollenberg Legacy

An entertaining tale of detection and maritime adventure in an action packed mystery surrounding Na*zi war treasure from the acclaimed author of A Flock of Ships and Ferry Down. The myth of the Stollenberg convoy was one of the most enduring of World War II. As the Third Reich began to crumble, orders were sent out from Berlin to find hiding places for the countless treasures that had been looted from all over Europe. According to the myth, the most precious item was entrusted to an SS officer, Manfred Stollenberg, but before it reached its destination it mysteriously disappeared. Ever since, rumours of the treasure’s existence have fascinated military historians and treasure hunters alike. Merchant sailor Michael Kyle first learns about the story from his historian flatmate Dr David McDonald, who was obsessed with the case. When Kyle returns from a spell at sea only for McDonald to die in an unusual accident, he refuses to believe the official explanation. The more he looks into the recent out of character activities of his old friend, the more convinced he becomes that there is a connection with the Stollenberg myth and that his own life is in grave danger.


A new title from this bestselling author set in Cyprus and Germany Cyprus, 1957. Bill Walker is a veteran Royal Military Police staff sergeant something of a legend within the Corps, albeit a tarnished one. Major Steadman is a murderous psychopath who has sworn to kill him. Walker has no hard evidence, despite Steadmans killing of an unarmed child. But when a further atrocity occurs, Walker can no longer turn a blind eye…

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