Brett Arquette Books In Order

Hail Books In Publication Order

  1. Operation Hail Storm (2016)
  2. Hail Warning (2017)
  3. Hail Strike (2019)
  4. Hail Damage (2019)
  5. Hail Sting (2019)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Deadly Perversions (2002)
  2. Tweaked (2010)
  3. The Pandemic Diary (2010)
  4. Seeing Red (2010)
  5. Soundman for a B-Band (2016)

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Brett Arquette Books Overview

Deadly Perversions

Everyone has a secret…
What’s yours? Maybe it’s a weird trivial fetish other people would find peculiar, even perverted. It’s the age of the high speed internet and a company called Talon has created some of the most sophisticated Cybersex software the world has ever seen. Just log in, pop on the 3 D glas*ses and immerse yourself in decadence. Be anyone you want to be, but be careful. There’s something nasty out there, and it kills so quickly that some are still smiling when they go down! Everyone has a secret…
and those of you who say you don’t, probably have the most of all!


‘The Broken Heart Surgeon’ is what they call me. TV viewers loved seeing a top flight heart surgeon with a loving family, a man who had everything, make a single tragic mistake, something so minor that if I had done it in a bar I would have gottenlaid or bit*ch slapped. Who in the world would have ever thought it would have led to this. I know I didn’t. Doing twenty years in a maximum security prison. Surrounded by people I paid a great deal of money to live away from on the outside. So this is how it ended. Me behind bars. Explaining to you everything that happened in the middle will take awhile, but what the hell does it matter. Telling you howit all began is easy. I remember it like I remember my name, like the first time I made love to my wife, like the day my first child was born. It all started simply enough. It all started with just a little tweak.

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