Brad Taylor Books In Order

Pike Logan Books In Publication Order

  1. One Rough Man (2011)
  2. All Necessary Force (2012)
  3. Enemy of Mine (2013)
  4. The Widow’s Strike (2013)
  5. The Polaris Protocol (2014)
  6. Days of Rage (2014)
  7. No Fortunate Son (2014)
  8. The Insider Threat (2015)
  9. The Forgotten Soldier (2015)
  10. Ghosts of War (2016)
  11. Ring of Fire (2017)
  12. Operator Down (2018)
  13. Daughter of War (2019)
  14. Hunter Killer (2020)
  15. American Traitor (2021)
  16. End of Days (2022)

Pike/Taskforce Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. The Callsign (2012)
  2. Gut Instinct (2013)
  3. Black Flag (2013)
  4. The Dig (2014)
  5. The Recruit (2015)
  6. The Target (2016)
  7. The Infiltrator (2017)
  8. The Ruins (2018)
  9. Exit Fee (2019)

Pike Logan Book Covers

Pike/Taskforce Short Stories/Novellas Book Covers

Brad Taylor Books Overview

One Rough Man

Vince Flynn and Brad Thor, move over: introducing a pulse pounding new international thriller series by a former Delta Force commander. They call it the Taskforce. Their existence is as essential as it is illegal. Commissioned at the highest level of the U.S. government. Protected from the prying eyes of Congress and the media. Built around the top operators from across the clandestine, intelligence, and special forces landscape. Designed to operate outside the bounds of U.S. law. Trained to exist on the ragged edge of human capability. Pike Logan was the most successful operator on the Taskforce, his instincts and talents unrivaled until personal tragedy permanently altered his outlook on the world. Pike knows what the rest of the country might not want to admit: The real threat isn’t from any nation, any government, any terrorist group. The real threat is one or two men, controlled by ideology, operating independently, in possession of a powerful weapon. Buried in a stack of intercepted chatter is evidence of two such men. The transcripts are scheduled for analysis in three months. The attack is mere days away. It is their bad luck that they’re about to cross paths with Pike Logan. And Pike Logan has nothing left to lose.

All Necessary Force

Retired Delta Force officer Brad Taylor whose debut thriller, One Rough Man, was a national bestseller continues his electrifying Pike Logan series. A terrorist hit is coming. The CIA, FBI, and Department of Defense systems have spiked, but traditional intel is going nowhere. It falls to the Taskforce a top secret team that exists outside the bounds of U.S. law and is charged with finding and destroying asymmetric threats to stop the unknown conspirators. A shadowy trail leads the Taskforce through Asia and into Egypt, where an attack leaves one hardened Taskforce member dead and another barely breathing. Pike Logan and his partner, Jennifer Cahill, are forced to helm the increasingly convoluted and dangerous mission a mission that tests Jennifer’s ability to justify means for an end and Pike’s tenuous ability to stay in control. Sifting their way through the opposing plots of two terrorist organizations will turn out to be the least of their problems when a weapon of unthinkable power touches American soil…
the only country in which Taskforce members are forbidden to operate, and the only country that Pike Logan may be unable to save. Told with unparalleled realism informed by Taylor’s decades of experience in the U.S. Army Infantry and Delta Force, All Necessary Force takes readers on a terrifying journey that ends at our own front door.

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