Billie Sue Mosiman Books In Order

Red Moon Rising Books In Order

  1. Red Moon Rising (2001)
  2. Malachi’s Moon (2002)
  3. Craven Moon (2003)

Vampire Nations Books In Order

  1. Legions of the Dark (2011)
  2. Rise of the Legend (2011)
  3. Hunter of the Dead (2011)

Tales of Dread Books In Order

  1. Sinister (2013)
  2. Sinister Tales of Dread 2014 (2014)


  1. Wireman (1984)
  2. Slice (1988)
  3. Deadly Affections (1990)
  4. Night Cruise (1992)
  5. Widow (1994)
  6. Stiletto (1995)
  7. Pure and Uncut (1996)
  8. Final Cut (2002)
  9. Dark Matter (2003)
  10. Bad Trip South (2004)
  11. Gold Rush Dream (2010)
  12. Unidentified (2011)
  13. Damaged (2011)
  14. Banished (2011)
  15. Killing Carla (2012)
  16. Moon Lake (2013)
  17. The Grey Matter (2014)
  18. Harper’s Darkness (2015)
  19. LOSTNESS (2017)


  1. Crypt Tales (2012)
  2. Life Near the Bone (2012)
  3. Creatures (2012)
  4. The Subway Collection 2 (2012)
  5. High Strangeness (2012)
  6. The Subway Collection (2012)
  7. The Power of Three (2012)
  8. DiaboliQ (2012)
  9. Shadowed Things (2013)
  10. Double Features (2014)
  11. Sinister-Tales of Dread 2015 (2015)
  12. The Sorrows (2017)


  1. Angelique (2011)
  2. Interview With A Psycho (2011)
  3. McMurdo Sound (2012)
  4. Sparkle (2012)
  5. Walls of the Dead (2012)
  6. Carnival Freak (2012)
  7. A Rip in Time (2012)
  8. Prison Planet (2012)
  9. Down by the Riverside (2012)
  10. The Fix (2012)
  11. A Little Life (2012)
  12. Mourning Mansion (2012)
  13. Quite Room (2012)
  14. 3am With the Jaguar (2012)
  15. Cyberchip (2012)
  16. Rabbit Hunter (2012)
  17. Zom Alive: 2110 (2012)
  18. Hell & Brimstone (2013)
  19. Out of the Sky (2013)
  20. Cursed (2013)
  21. Dying in L.A. (2013)
  22. Transformed: The Kindness of Strangers (2013)
  23. Unreliable (2013)
  24. White Skulls (2013)
  25. Skins of Our Fathers (2013)
  26. Hidden Monsters (2013)
  27. Sleep No More (2014)
  28. People of the Tower (2015)
  29. Creative Cursing (2017)

Anthologies edited

  1. August is a Good Time for Killing (1984)
  2. Never Shake a Family Tree (1986)
  3. Death in Dixie (1997)
  4. Blowout in Little Man Flats (1998)
  5. Armageddon (1998)
  6. The Fifth Grave (1998)
  7. Fright Mare (2016)

Non fiction

  1. Alabama Girl (2013)

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Billie Sue Mosiman Books Overview

Malachi’s Moon

Billie Sue Mosiman presents book two in the all new series that redefines the very nature of vampirism. Even Mentor, the most ancient of vampires, has reason to fear the powerful Predators who are on the brink of declaring war against vampires and humans alike. Only Malachi, born of a female vampire and a male human, can stop these Predators if the boy lives long enough to come into his own powers.


Love is a special thing for each of us. And for each of us, unique. Sully For Sully Torrance, love was a woman named Francine his wife, and the center and the locus of his soul. Till the day a deranged killer named Martin Lansing stole Frannie’s life in an orgy of sad*istic terror that left the woman dead in pieces, her blood covering the walls of their bedroom. Carla For Carla Cohen, love is family and heritage her dead sister, Francine; her brother in law, Sully, who helped raise her after her parents died in a tragic accident. And perhaps as much, for Carla, love is a thirst for revenge on the killer who stole her sister and turned Carla’s own life into a hellish nightmare. Lansing And for a deranged serial killer like Martin Lansing? For him, love is a woman named Carla Cohen a woman who wants to kill him. A woman he wants to kill.

Deadly Affections

SOUTHERN GORGEOUS SOUTHERN CHARISMA SOUTHERN PSYCHO Tye Dompier was the man that every girl wanted: from the white columns of his family’s mansion to his handsome face, he had it all, money, charm, a wild light in his ice blue eyes. He charmed pretty Angie Thornton the day she moved to Moon Lake, Mississippi, and set eyes on him. But Angie was young and innocent too young to get involved with a man as serious as Tye. So she refused his advances and learned the hard way that refusing Tye Dompier was a dangerous mistake. On the shores of the languid, fog shrouded lake, Tye came to stalk Angie and when he trapped her, there was no one to hear her cries. And no hope of Justice in a county his family had run for generations.

Death in Dixie

It’s a Mason Dixon line up! From the cypress swamps of Louisiana to the sunny coast of the Carolinas, from the neon glitz of New Orleans to the mist shrouded mountains of old West Virginia, Death in Dixie brings a most southern flavor to murder with stories from Edgar Award winner Julie Smith, Agatha Award winner Joan Hess and eleven other masters. Features stories by New York Times bestseller Sharyn McCrumb, Edgar winner Julie Smith, Agatha Award winner Julie Smith and John Lutz Single White Female Regional anthologies do particularly well

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