Betty Levin Books In Order

Claudia and Evan Books In Order

  1. The Sword of Culann (1973)
  2. A Griffon’s Nest (1975)
  3. The Forespoken (1976)

Moss Books In Order

  1. Away to Me, Moss! (1994)
  2. Look Back, Moss (1998)
  3. That’ll Do, Moss (2002)

Thorn Books In Order

  1. Thorn (2005)
  2. The Forbidden Land (2010)


  1. The Zoo Conspiracy (1973)
  2. Landfall (1979)
  3. The Keeping Room (1981)
  4. A Binding Spell (1984)
  5. Put on My Crown (1985)
  6. The Ice Bear (1986)
  7. The Trouble with Granary (1988)
  8. Brother Moose (1990)
  9. Mercy’s Mill (1992)
  10. Starshine and Sunglow (1994)
  11. Fire in the Wind (1995)
  12. Gift Horse (1996)
  13. Island Bound (1997)
  14. Creature Crossing (1999)
  15. The Banished (1999)
  16. Shadow-Catcher (2000)
  17. Shoddy Cove (2003)
  18. The Unmaking of Duncan Veerick (2007)

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Betty Levin Books Overview

Away to Me, Moss!

Everything in Zanna’s family seems to be on hold. Her father is far away. She lives with her sister and mother in a house that doesn’t belong to them; all their furniture is crammed into one room and covered with sheets. Is that why Zanna is drawn to Moss? He is a Border Collie, a working sheepdog whose life is on hold, too, since his owner was paralyzed by a stroke and cannot speak. No one else on the farm his time for Moss, so he is kept on a chain in the back of the old cow barn. Zanna tries to befriend Moss, to free him and restore his spirit. But he cares only for his master, who can no longer respond to him. Both man and dog teach her about the power of trust and determination. But who has the power to keep Moss from being sold and sent away? Betty Levin’s answer comes as a welcome and totally satisfying surprise, and Zanna and Moss will find a warm place in the hearts of young readers.

Look Back, Moss

In this stirring sequel to Away to Me, Moss, Moss the Border Collie finds himself far from home and badly hurt after a disastrous rescue attempt by a well meaning team of animal activists. The team’s plan was meant to liberate. But the result is mayhem, and Moss nearly pays the ultimate price. Only the gritty resolve of a young boy who is drawn to the wayward dog will determine whether or not Moss will be able to return to the work he was bred for and be reunited with his broken hearted owner.

That’ll Do, Moss

The Border Collie Moss spends his days lying beside stacked bags at the Pragers’ Garden Center, looking like a statue. He watches intently every time a car pulls into the parking area and occasionally even climbs into a stranger’s vehicle. Diane, the Pragers’ baby sitter, knows Moss is searching for someone, missing someone. She longs to help him. She wants to return him to the exuberant dog she knew a year ago, before he was injured and disappeared. She feels responsible for the change in him. Diane has a hunch that if she can convince the Pragers to let her prepare Moss for sheepherding competitions, that’ll perk him up again. He needs to work. But can the Pragers find time in their busy days to train Moss and Diane? Even if they do, will Moss work for Diane? Will he accept her?And how will he and Diane deal with the frightening chain of events that is set in motion when Diane stumbles upon a skunk acting strangely twirling, snapping, staggering dizzily, even attacking a car…


Set in a prehistoric postapocalyptic world, this tale examines the relationship between past and future, history and fate.

The Forbidden Land

The uncles want new, unflawed infants to take the place of the births that have failed. Willow notices the eyes of the uncles following her while she performs her daily tasks. The uncles are already sorting out which of them should father the next child. But Willow has other plans. She is building a boat out of reeds, which she’ll use to escape from the People of the Singing Seals. She feels as if her whole life has been a preparation for the launching. When the boat is destroyed, Willow has no alternative but to head inland. Against the advice of her friends, Crab and Thistle, Willow follows the path of her mentor, Great Mother, who was banished into The Forbidden Land before she could finish teaching Willow their people’s Story. Accompanied only by a wild dog, Willow embarks on a journey that will bring her a new life…
or death in the wilderness. Set in a stark post-apocalyptic world, The Forbidden Land tells the story of a young woman who risks solitude and danger to escape a life of servitude, drudgery, and bleakness.

Fire in the Wind

One dry October, with wildfires blazing all across the state of Maine, Meg Yeadon keeps having to put out fires of her own the fights she gets into defending her ‘backward’ cousin Orin and her shy brother Paul. Separated from the grown ups, Meg and Paul must rely on Orin to help them survive the inferno bearing down on their farm. But what are they to make of the sight of Orin setting fire to the fields himself?

Island Bound

Chris Fossett can’t resist a dare to spend a week alone on rocky, isolated Fowlers Island off the coast of Maine. He expects to spend his time hunting for food not ghosts. But there’s no denying an eerie presence in the fog, and Chris recalls his grandfather’s tales of a girl who was left behind on the island. A fierce girl…
who may still be there. Joellen Roth, who comes to the island’s bird cliffs with her scientist father and his new girlfriend, wants nothing to do with Chris nor he with her. But when the two stumble upon a hidden journal, the pages reveal a story strikingly similar to one that Joellen is writing. Together, Chris and Joellen set out to solve the


It is 1892, and Jonathan Capewell, a farm boy who dreams of becoming a big city detective, is sent from home to look after his mysterious grandfather. Grandpa is a traveling photographer, and his independent ways have never included family members certainly not his youngest grandchild. After a grueling journey, Jonathan and Grandpa shoot an image of a puzzling struggle on a raging river in the Maine woods. At first they don’t suspect it’s anything more than a logging accident. But later the scene comes back to haunt them when a stranger shows an uncommon interest in the undeveloped negatives. Who is this over friendly stranger? Why does he seem so determined to have those pictures? The clues point to something that Jonathan has already begun to suspect: what happened on the rapids that day was no accident…
. Books for the Teen Age 2001 NYPL

Shoddy Cove

Clare’s summer has been ruined. With Dad away, Clare is forced to accompany her mother to the Cossit Island Village living historical museum. Every day she has to wear long, awkward 1830s style dresses and card wool in the hot, gloomy Grimes homestead. Then two children appear a boy who knows how to spin wool without even using a spindle and his little sister who throws a fit in the middle of a funeral reenactment. They are not ordinary tourists. Clare sees them day after day. Who are these strange children? What are they doing at Cossit Island Village? As Clare tries to unravel their story, she stumbles upon a second mystery, nearly two hundred years old, and just as intriguing and suspenseful as the first…

The Unmaking of Duncan Veerick

Duncan has no intention of getting involved with the crazy lady who lives down the street. But when she has a stroke, his parents insist that he go down and take care of her ratty little dog. And that’s when things start to go bad.

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