Betty Hechtman Books In Order

Crochet Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. Hooked on Murder (2008)
  2. Dead Men Don’t Crochet (2008)
  3. By Hook or by Crook (2009)
  4. A Stitch in Crime (2009)
  5. You Better Knot Die (2010)
  6. Behind the Seams (2011)
  7. If Hooks Could Kill (2012)
  8. For Better or Worsted (2013)
  9. Knot Guilty (2014)
  10. Seams Like Murder (2016)
  11. Hooking for Trouble (2016)
  12. On the Hook (2018)
  13. Hooks Can Be Deceiving (2018)
  14. One for the Hooks (2021)

Writer For Hire Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. Murder Ink (2021)
  2. Writing a Wrong (2021)

Yarn Retreat Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. Yarn to Go (2013)
  2. Silence of the Lamb’s Wool (2014)
  3. Wound Up in Murder (2015)
  4. Gone with the Wool (2016)
  5. A Tangled Yarn (2017)
  6. Inherit the Wool (2018)
  7. Knot on Your Life (2019)
  8. But Knot for Me (2021)

Blue Schwartz Books In Publication Order

  1. Blue Schwartz and Nefertiti’s Necklace: A Mystery with Recipes (2006)

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Betty Hechtman Books Overview

Hooked on Murder

Craft lovers and mystery readers alike will flock to this great new craft based cozy FIRST IN THE CROCHET MYSTERY SERIES Delicious Recipe and Crochet Pattern Included!When bookstore event coordinator Molly Pink stumbles across the dead body of a crochet group’s leader, her complicated past with the woman makes her a prime suspect. But while Molly s fending off a detective with a personal grudge and navigating the pitfalls of crochet group politics, the real killer remains at large. And it s up to her to catch the culprit before she winds up in a tight knot.

Dead Men Don’t Crochet

When a member of Molly Pink’s crochet group is suspected of murder, it s up to Molly and her pals to pick up the dropped stitches and catch a killer.

By Hook or by Crook

Meet the happy crafter who believes every mystery should be unraveled. Meet the happy crafter who believes every mystery should be unraveled.

Molly Pink’s crochet group has a new mystery on their hands when they find a paper bag that contains a note that speaks of remorse, a diary entry of the sorrow of parting, and a complicated piece of filet crochet that offers an obscure clue in pictures. Things get even more complicated when they find the talented crocheter murdered by a box of poisoned marzipan apples.

A Stitch in Crime

Summer’s wrapping up — and it’s time for the annual creative retreat hosted by the bookstore where Molly Pink works. This year, her boss has dropped out at the last minute, dumping all the responsibility on Molly. But even with the stress of organizing, it should be an exhilarating weekend out on the Monterey Peninsula, complete with crochet clas*ses and campfires. Unfortunately for one teacher, though, the breathtaking scenery is where she’ll take her last breath…

You Better Knot Die

Her crochet group, The Tarzana Hookers, is working overtime for the holidays but Molly Pink is having trouble finding time to crochet so much as a snowflake. The bookstore where she works is adding a yarn department, and planning a huge launch party where the mysterious author of a popular series will reveal his or her true identity. But before the author appears, another person disappears. The husband of Molly’s neighbor is missing. When a suicide note arrives, it appears the husband has jumped off the Catalina Ferry but Molly smells something fishy. Despite the protestations of her detective boyfriend, Molly’s soon hooked on unraveling another mystery. She better watch out or her sleuthing may get her on someone’s naughty list…

Blue Schwartz and Nefertiti’s Necklace: A Mystery with Recipes

Thirteen year old Blue Schwartz and her best friend Yvonne know she’s innocent. There’s just no way she would’ve taken a necklace from the man whose kids she babysits for let alone Nefertiti’s necklace! To make things even worse, her teacher is giving her a hard time about her project about soybeans even though Blue usually loves to cook, when all she can concentrate on is finding out who stole the necklace. Time is running out…
her school project is due and the man is about to call the police! A suspenseful, entertaining mystery for middle readers from 10 up.

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