Betsy Byars Books In Order

Bingo Brown Books In Order

  1. The Burning Questions of Bingo Brown (1988)
  2. Bingo Brown and the Language of Love (1989)
  3. Bingo Brown, Gypsy Lover (1991)
  4. Bingo Brown’s Guide to Romance (1969)

Golly Sisters Books In Order

  1. The Golly Sisters Go West (1985)
  2. Hooray for the Golly Sisters! (1990)
  3. The Golly Sisters Ride Again (1994)

Blossom Family Books In Order

  1. The Not-Just-Anybody Family (1986)
  2. The Blossoms Meet The Vulture Lady (1986)
  3. The Blossoms and the Green Phantom (1987)
  4. A Blossom Promise (1987)
  5. Wanted. . . Mud Blossom (1991)

Herculeah Jones Mysteries Books In Order

  1. The Dark Stairs (1994)
  2. Tarot Says Beware (1995)
  3. Dead Letter (1996)
  4. Death’s Door (1997)
  5. Disappearing Acts (1998)
  6. King of Murder (2006)
  7. The Black Tower (2006)


  1. The Dancing Camel (1965)
  2. Rama the Gypsy (1966)
  3. Trouble River (1969)
  4. Midnight Fox (1970)
  5. Perfect, the Pig (1970)
  6. The Summer of the Swans (1972)
  7. The House of Wings (1972)
  8. The Winged Colt of Casa Mia (1973)
  9. The T.V. Kid (1974)
  10. The 18th Emergency (1974)
  11. The Pinballs (1977)
  12. Good-bye, Chicken Little (1979)
  13. After the Goat Man (1980)
  14. The Night Swimmers (1980)
  15. The Cybil War (1981)
  16. The Animal, the Vegetable, And John D Jones (1982)
  17. TheTwo-Thousand-Pound Gold Fish (1982)
  18. The Glory Girl (1983)
  19. The Cartoonist (1984)
  20. The Computer Nut (1984)
  21. Cracker Jackson (1985)
  22. Coast to Coast (1992)
  23. McMummy (1993)
  24. Keeper of the Doves (2002)


  1. The SOS File (2004)

Picture Books

  1. The Lace Snail (1975)
  2. Go and Hush the Baby (1982)
  3. The Joy Boys (1996)
  4. My Brother Ant (1996)
  5. Ant Plays Bear (1997)
  6. Ant (2001)
  7. Boo’s Dinosaur (2006)
  8. Boo’s Surprise (2009)

Chapter Books

  1. Rama the Gypsy Cat (1976)
  2. Beans On the Roof (1988)
  3. The Seven Treasure Hunts (1991)
  4. Tornado (1996)
  5. Me Tarzan (2000)
  6. My Dog, My Hero (2000)
  7. Little Horse (2002)
  8. Little Horse On His Own (2004)
  9. Dog Diaries (2007)
  10. Cat Diaries (2010)

Non fiction

  1. The Moon and I (1992)

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Betsy Byars Books Overview

The Burning Questions of Bingo Brown

Introducing Bingo Brown, a young man ready for the first big step into adulthood if only someone would tell him what to do. ‘Byars does a superb job of presenting a boy just on the edge of maturity. Witty, offbeat, yet beautifully real, Bingo’s story scores.’ ALA Booklist. A School Library Journal Best Book of the Year.

Bingo Brown and the Language of Love

The return of a hopeless ‘romantic and a heart breaker to boot surely one of Byars’s most enduring characters.’ Publishers Weekly. ‘If there is such a thing as a typical American kid, Bingo Brown is it. He is funny and bright and lovable without being precocious…
.’ The New York Times Book Review. 11 line drawings.

Bingo Brown’s Guide to Romance

As soon as Cybil grins and crosses her eyes at Simon, he’s in love. But the road to Cybil’s heart is bumpy mainly because of Simon’s best friend, Tony, whose outrageous lies keep Cybil and Simon apart. ‘Young love, fifth grade variety, portrayed with warmth and humor and that extra, penetrating touch one expects of Byars.’ Kirkus Reviews. 10 illustrations.

The Golly Sisters Go West

Two sisters are heading West on a trip filled with adventures and antics of all kinds. Betsy Byars’ best selling story is now packaged with an audio tape featuring a lively reading by Kathryn Grody. ‘Byars applies her distinctive brand of quirky humor to two adventuresome women determined to dare the frontier with minimum experience. The dialogue and antics are convincingly like those of rivalrous young siblings anywhere on the block. The story lines are clever, and the old West setting adds flair.’ CBC Bulletin

Hooray for the Golly Sisters!

WELCOME MAY MAYWELCOME ROSEWelcome back to that zany pair, the Golly Sisters! May May and Rose’s traveling road show brings them across big rivers and through fearsome swamps on five hilarious new adventures. From magic pig tricks to ‘The High Wire Waltz,’ their antics are sure to set their whole audience yelling, ‘Hooray for the Golly Sisters! ‘Sue Truesdell’s clever, spirited pictures once again bring to life Betsy Byars’s lovable performers and their acts.

The Golly Sisters Ride Again

It’s show time!May May and Rose, those hilarious singing and dancing Golly sisters, return for five more zany adventures in which they find a talking rock, run into some bad luck, and take a vacation that’s pure Golly folly. Betsy Byars’ third book about his wacky pair, brought to life by Sue Truesdell, will have beginning readers laughing even louder as The Golly Sisters Ride Again.

The Not-Just-Anybody Family

When Junior Blossom wakes up in the hospital, his last memory is of crouching on the barn roof with cloth wings tied to his arms, and of Maggie and Vern in the yard below, urging him to fly. That had been just before Junior spotted a police car approaching the farm in a cloud of dust. Meanwhile Pap, the children’s grandfather, sits in disgrace in the city jail. He was arrested for disturbing the peace after his pickup truck accidentally dumped 2,147 beer and soda cans worth $107. 35 on Spring Street. With their mother away on the rodeo circuit, it’s up to Maggie and Vern to find a way to rescue Pap and Junior. How will they solve their family problems? This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. From the Publisher

The Blossoms Meet The Vulture Lady

Junior Blossom has set out to test his brand new invention, a coyote trap. How on earth does he end up lost in a cave with Mad Mary, a.k.a. ‘the Vulture Lady’ while his family attempts to find him in this suspenseful and sidesplitting Blossom Family sequel.

The Blossoms and the Green Phantom

The strength of family love triumphs in this adventurous third title of the best selling Blossom Family series by Newbery Medal winning author Betsy Byars. Junior Blossom has created the most spectacular invention of all time: a homemade UFO. The Green Phantom took all of the garbage bags and Day Glo paint Junior could find, but now it requires one more very special ingredient. Although Junior needs help, his family seems too busy to care about him. Then when Pap and his dog, Mud, don’t come home from town, the Blossoms are pulled apart even farther. Are Pap and Mud in serious trouble? Can a Blossom promise bring everyone back together again?

A Blossom Promise

The Blossom spirit endures as the family confronts the frailty of human life in Newbery Award winning author Betsy Byars’s fourth Blossom Family book. It’s a time of ups and downs for the Blossoms. Maggie is thrilled to be the youngest member of the rodeo circuit…
until she witnesses Mom kissing a handsome bull rider. Back at home, the family has weathered the worst flood in the state’s history. Now Vern and his friend Michael can’t wait to test their homemade raft down at Snake Creek, but they don’t count on the creek’s raging current. Hearing their screams, Pap lassos his old rodeo rope and runs to the rescue when suddenly a heart attack strikes. As Pap clings to life, the Blossoms must rely on the strength of their family and pull together as never before.

Wanted. . . Mud Blossom

Perfect for young dog lovers, this fifth Blossom Family title is a mysterious and touching finale to the best selling series by Newbery Medal winning author Betsy Byars. When Junior brings home the classroom hamster, Scooty, he decides to build the best hamster tunnel ever. But when Scooty goes missing, all evidence points to Mud. In the meantime, Mad Mary is missing, too although her bag and walking stick were found near the hgihway. When Mary later wakes up in the hospital, she realizes that the Blossom family might just have provided her with the strength she needs to pull her life back togeether. It’s anything but an ordinary weekend with the Blossoms!

The Dark Stairs

Mystery is in Herculeah Jones’s blood. How could it not be, with a father on the police force and a mother who s a private eye? So when Herculeah notices a man hanging around the ‘Dead Oaks’ mansion, she can t resist doing some investigating of her own. Legend has it the old estate was the site of a murder, and now it looks like there s something even more nefarious going on. Can Herculeah crack the case before the mystery man closes in on her?

Tarot Says Beware

Madam Rosa, the eccentric local fortune teller, has been brutally murdered, and the case has everyone baffled. Herculeah has a pretty good idea who the killer is, but someone else has a vision too and wants to make sure Herculeah won’t be around to see the future. ‘Byars grips the reader from the first sentence and doesn’t let go until Herculeah solves the case.’ The Horn Book

Dead Letter

hen Herculeah discovers a mysterious letter inside the lining of a secondhand coat, she suspects it’s a desperate cry for help. If so, what happened to the person who wrote it? Herculeah thinks she knows the answer. What she doesn’t know is that someone is watching her someone who will do anything to keep her quiet. Byars is in top form, providing cliffhanger after cliffhangerin this well crafted thriller fraught with danger and true villains. School Library Journal

Death’s Door

Herculeah Jones finds herself in the middle of another mystery when her best friend Meat barely escapes a hitman’s bullet. Someone must have mistaken Meat for someone else. But who? Herculeah is determined to solve the mystery, before the assassin comes after her!

Disappearing Acts

When Herculeah Jones’s best friend, Meat, decides to take a comedy class, he just expects to get a few laughs. But then he discovers a dead body in the bathroom, and realizes that there s nothing funny about murder. Things can t get any worse until the body disappears! Meat needs Herculeah s help to uncover the clues, but she s busy investigating a case of her own…
one that might just change Meat s life forever!

King of Murder

Together with her best friend and reluctant sidekick, Meat, Herculeah Jones meets a famous mystery author, Mathias King, aka the Murder King. King’s novels mirror gruesome, real life murders, particularly A Slash of Life, which is about an unsolved local stabbing. Some people believe Mathias King isn t making up the details could he actually be responsible for the crime? Herculeah s sure she can find out. But Meat seems too busy with his new girlfriend to give Herculeah much of a hand. Can Herculeah solve this mystery on her own, or will Meat s dating be this sleuth s downfall?

The Black Tower

At the eerie Hunt mansion, Herculeah Jones has been reading aloud to Lionus Hunt, an elderly stroke victim who can only communicate by blinking his eyes once for yes, twice for no. Mr. Hunt seems to be trying to tell Herculeah something, but his gruff nurse won t allow her to ask any questions. What is Mr. Hunt trying to say? Is it related to a murder that took place in the mansion’s black tower years ago? And who is the creepy old lady who lives in the mansion? Herculeah s friend Meat thinks she may be asking for trouble, but Herculeah Jones won t quit until she gets to the bottom of this mystery.

Trouble River

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. When he builds his raft, a twelve year old boy never dreams that it will serve as the sole means of escape for him and his grandmother when hostile Indians threaten their prairie cabin.

Midnight Fox

Time saving, inspiring lesson plans provide a comprehensive novel unit created by teachers for teachers. The legwork is done for you. The chapter by chapter guides incorporate research based, high order reading, writing, and thinking activities. This is NOT the paperback novel.

Perfect, the Pig

The adventures of Perfect the pig begin when his wish for a pair of wings is granted.

The Summer of the Swans

A classic coming of age story of fourteen year old, Sara, who lives in a small town in West Virginia. This Newbery Medal winner story centers on Sara and her troubled relationship with her remote father, her perfect older sister, and Joe Melby, a boy from school. All of these problems are quickly placed on the backburner when Charlie, her mentally disabled brother, wanders out of the house in the middle of the night and goes missing. While resolving this serious crisis, Sara discovers a great deal of herself, and when she and Joe find Charlie safe and sound, she comes to grips with the knowledge that she is comfortable with who she is and who she is becoming.

The House of Wings

Left with his grandfather until his parents are settled in Detroit, Sammy learns to respect and love the old man as they care for an injured crane together.

The T.V. Kid

Lennie is addicted to television. Even reruns are more exciting than real life, and Lennie likes to pretend he’s the one experiencing the drama. But Lennie’s daydreams lead him into a real situation that could cost him his life and suddenly he’s in trouble more terrifying and dangerous than anything he’s ever seen on TV. ‘Byars infuses the story with her special magic. Lennie is a likable, funny, moving, and always entertaining character.’ Publishers Weekly

The 18th Emergency

Benjie and his friend Ezzie have often discussed what they would do if an octopus or a crocodile attacked them but whatever is Benjie to do in the worst emergency of all, when Hammerman, the biggest boy in the school, is asking for a fight? The author also wrote ‘The TV Kid’ and ‘The Cybil War’.

The Pinballs

You can’t always decide where life will take you especially when you’re a kid.

Carlie knows she’s got no say in what happens to her. Stuck in a foster home with two other kids, Harvey and Thomas J, she’s just a pinball being bounced from bumper to bumper. As soon as you get settled, somebody puts another coin in the machine and off you go again. But against her will and her better judgment, Carlie and the boys become friends. And all three of them start to see that they can take control of their own Iives.

Carlie knows she’s got no say in what happens to her. Stuck in a foster home with two other kids, Harvey and Thomas J, she’s just a pinball being bounced from bumper to bumper. As soon as you get settled, somebody puts another coin in the machine and off you go again. But against her will and her beter judgement, Carlie and the boys become friends. And all three of them start to see that they can take control of their own lives.

Notable Children’s Book of 1977 ALA
1977 Children’s Book Award CSA
Best Books of 1977 SLJ
Notable 1977 Children’s Trade Books in Social Studies NCSS/CBC
Children’s Books of 1977 Library of Congress
International Year of the Child Special Hans Christian Andersen Honors List IBBY

1980 William Allen White Award Kansas
1980 Mark Twain Award Missouri Library Association
1980 California Young Readers Award
1982 Golden Archer Award Wisconsin
1978 79 Georgia Children’s Book Award
1980 Charlie May Simon Children’s Books Award Arkansas

Good-bye, Chicken Little

Jimmie Little is scared of life. Ever since his father died, the world seems frightening and unpredictable. Jimmie worries so much he’s even nicknamed himself Chicken Little. Then one day Uncle Pete has a terrible accident. Jimmie’s nightmares have come true; and, even worse, he blames himself. But when his mother gives a very unusual party for all the relatives, Jimmie begins to realize that his own zany, fun loving, and sometimes embarrassing family can help him say good bye to Chicken Little forever.

After the Goat Man

Life can be quite difficult if you have the kind of grandfather who is prepared to defend his home with a shotgun, and Figgy was very glad to find two friends who would help him try and sort things out. The author also wrote ‘The Eighteenth Emergency’, ‘The TV Kid’ and ‘The Midnight Fox’.

The Night Swimmers

With their mother dead and their father working nights, Retta tries to be mother to her two younger brothers but somehow things just don’t seem to be working right.

The Cybil War

As soon as Cybil grins and crosses her eyes at Simon, he’s in love. But the road to Cybil’s heart is bumpy mainly because of Simon’s best friend, Tony, whose outrageous lies keep Cybil and Simon apart. ‘Young love, fifth grade variety, portrayed with warmth and humor and that extra, penetrating touch one expects of Byars.’ Kirkus Reviews. 10 illustrations.

The Animal, the Vegetable, And John D Jones

Two sisters look upon a beach vacation with their father, his woman friend, and her son, as two weeks in the wrong place with the wrong people.

The Glory Girl

While the rest of her family enjoy the limelight as the Glory Gospel Singers, Anna Glory has to content herself with selling the Glory record albums. She feels lonely and left out. When their Uncle Newt is released from prison, it becomes clear that the Glorys will have nothing to do with him.

The Computer Nut

BB9’s main ambition in life is to make people laugh, which is why he chooses to contact Kate to help him with his mission. From her self portrait drawn on her father’s computer, it looks as if she has a sense of fun and would enjoy a good laugh. By the author of ‘The Cybil Wars’.

Cracker Jackson

Jackson Hunter has various problems in life, but when his beloved ex babysitter Alma sends him a note warning him to keep away, he knows something is terribly wrong and can think of nothing else. By the author of ‘The Computer Nut’, ‘The Cybil Wars’ and ‘The Glory Girls’.


While taking care of the greenhouse during Professor Orloff’s absence, Mozie encounters a humming, mummy shaped, human sized pod among the creepy oversized vegetables. By the author of Summer of the Swans. PW. C.

Keeper of the Doves

For aspiring writer Amen McBee, life at the end of the nineteenth century with her four older sisters Augusta, Abigail, and the ‘Bellas,’ twins Annabella and Arabella is full of adventure. There are visits from Grandmama, who teaches them how to use the new Kodak cameras, and there are plenty of places to explore on the family estate, the Willows. There is also a new baby to look forward to and everyone hopes Papa’s prayers will finally be answered and this time Mama will have a boy. The only trouble in Amen’s life is Mr. Tominski, the strange old man who lives in the woods and keeps a trained flock of doves. The Bellas warn Amen that the dove keeper is not to be trusted but Amen’s father insists that Mr. Tominski wouldn’t hurt a soul. Who is right?

The SOS File

Have you ever needed to call 9 1 1, but you couldn’t get to a phone? Have you ever needed to run, but your legs were like spaghetti? Have you ever needed to yell ‘help!’ but your throat was dry with fear?

Laugh, cry, and panic with Mr. Magro’s class as they listen to twelve exciting SOS tales

Throughout the year, twelve of Mr. Magro’s students have written about their biggest emergencies and tucked them into The SOS File. Now it’s time to read the stories out loud and try to guess whose contribution has not earned extra credit. Sit back and enjoy twelve humorously illustrated stories that are sure to keep your heart thumping.

Go and Hush the Baby

Will tries everything to quiet his crying baby brother.

My Brother Ant

Meet Ant, the little brother who’s big on laughs. In four upbeat stories, Ant and his big brother confront the monster under the bed, recreate the story of the three little pigs, and write a letter to Santa in July! Sometimes funny, always endearing, Ant is invariably entertaining. ‘A great storyteller and a great illustrator are at their very best in this tender, funny easy to read.’ Booklist, starred review

Ant Plays Bear

In this delightful follow up to My Brother, Ant, Anthony comes face to face with a growling bear, pretends to be a dog, and hears a giant tapping on the window. These enchanting stories capture the relationship between Ant and his brother with warmth and humor. ‘In the tradition of the award winning easy readers by Sendak, Lobel, and others, Byars and Simont continue to make simplicity a delight.’ Booklist, starred review

Boo’s Dinosaur

An early chapter book from Newbery Medal winner Betsy Byars When Boo brings home a dinosaur that only she can see, her brother Sammy, doesn t want to encourage her antics. Boo and her dinosaur are inseparable until Boo says good bye to the dino quite suddenly.
When Sammy sees how sad his sister is, he understands Boo’s need for her dinosaur more than he wants to admit. So much so that he almost believes it…
Betsy Byars has written many chapter books, including Little Horse and Little Horse on His Own. Her language, perfectly tailored to beginning readers, combines with Erik Brooks s charming illustrations to make a delightful book for children who are just starting to read.

Boo’s Surprise

A dinosaur! A new dinosaur! Boo shouted. This dinosaur left me a big surprise.

Boo is excited to receive a giant egg and to find out what’s inside! Her brother, Sammy, is not but he is still willing to help her after the egg hatches into a lovable baby dinosaur. Is it all Boo s imagination or not? The youngest chapter book reader will want to find out in this wonderfully imaginative sequel to Boo s Dinosaur.

Beans On the Roof

The Bean family take to writing poetry on the roof. Anna is confident that hers will be selected for a book by her school. When it is not she is heart broken, but Papa restores happiness by telling them how proud he is of his extraordinary family. The author has written over 16 novels for children including ‘The Night Swimmers’ winner of the 1981 US National Book Award, ‘The Eighteenth Emergency’, ‘The Burning Questions of Bingo Brown’ and the popular series about the Blossom family.

The Seven Treasure Hunts

The Hunt is On! On Saturday, Jackson and his O best pal, Goat, hide treasures for each other to find. It’s the Hunt for the Secret Treasure and it’s so much fun that the boys decide to do it all over again. This time, the hunts will be trickier, and the prizes will be outstanding. But everything goes wrong. The best treasure of all disappears from its hiding place. Only one person could be responsible: the ogre, also known as Goat’s older sister, Rachel. Can the two friends find the treasure before she gets the last laugh?


When Pete was a young boy, a Tornado struck his family farm, and brought with it a doghouse ‘complete with a dog inside! Now another twister is on its way, and as a new family of farmers takes shelter from the howling winds, Pete pas*ses the time with story after story about the amazing dog named Tornado. By the time the last story is told, the storm has passed’and Tornado has brought joy to anoher generation of farmers. An excellent book to read aloud, and dog lovers of any age will find it irresistible.’ALA Booklist. 00 01 Minnesota’s Maud Hart Lovelace Book Award Masterlist 00 Natn’l Christian School Assoc. Children’s Crown Classic Award

Me Tarzan

Nobody knew Dorothy could do such a tremendous Tarzan yell. Not Dwayne, Dorothy’s enemy, who wants the part of Tarzan in the class play more than she does. Not Mr. Mooney, their teacher, who has no choice but to give Dorothy the part. Not Dorothy’s parents, who are as uneasy as Mr. Mooney about it. Not even Dorothy! But when the uncontrollable urge comes over her the smell of the jungle, the sense of raw, primitive emotions, the wildness Dorothy lets out a Tarzan yell so loud, so effective, they all feel its incredible power. And so do the neighborhood animals.

More and more animals gather whenever Dorothy practices. Then the circus comes to town, and a puma escapes to Dorothy’s yard after one of her yells. What will happen on the night of the play which also happens to be the opening night of the circus when Dorothy is determined to give the yell of her life?

Betsy Byars’s lighthearted story is as exuberant and surprising as Dorothy’s Tarzan yell.

My Dog, My Hero

‘My Hero’ to Be Chosen: Eight finalists will compete tonight for the title My Hero. The winner will wear the coveted gold Hero medal. These brave and courageous dogs will each appear with their nominator who will tell their story. There’s Smiley, who fought a giant bull. Bear used his giant paws to save the life of another dog. Munchkin warned a gardener of a poisonous snake about to strike. Old Dog helped find people buried under rubble after a tornado. Buster pulled a baby carriage out of the path of a careening truck. Blue, who had never been known to bark, used his voice to bring help to his wounded master. Dopey’s constant barking saved the life of a baby left in a sweltering car. Little Bit brought love and companionship to a nursing home resident. Each story is told in the unique, sometimes humorous, but always Compelling voice of the person whose life was changed by the heroic action of a very extraordinary dog. Betsy Byars and her daughters Betsy Duffey and Laurie Myers have joined forces to create dog stories full of adventure and suspense. Loren Long’s paintings capture the heroic dignity of each of the dogs and heighten the drama of their special stories.

Little Horse

Can Little Horse find his place in the big world?After accidentally falling into a stream, Little Horse fights the swift current that carries him farther and farther from the valley where he was born. When he finally manages to scramble ashore, a giant bird swoops down on him. Little Horse runs for cover in a forest of flowers only to have a giant paw pin him to the ground. But a hand gently lifts him up and tucks him inside a warm cave just like the cave he used to share with his mother. This tender, fast moving tale, written by master storyteller Betsy Byars and enhanced by David McPhail’s beguiling illustrations, is a true cliff hanger.

Little Horse On His Own

Little Horse had never known the sky to be so black, the air so still. He heard the big horses whinny again. Little Horse’s fear grew. The adventures of Little Horse continue as he makes his way back to the valley of little horses and his mother The storm sets Little Horse free from the fence holding him captive, free to do what he has wanted to do since the day the river carried him around its bend and away from his home find his way back to the valley of the little horses and his mother. But where should he turn, and how will he ever return home alive with all of the obstacles facing him? Travel with Little Horse as he struggles against unfriendly horses, a malicious bird, a pouncing cat, a smoky fire, and more to find his way home.

Dog Diaries

What do dogs really think about their two legged companions?

It is the first annual meeting of the WOOF Society. Dogs of different backgrounds and breeds have gathered to hear the secret diaries of its members.
Abu is the ruler of ancient Egypt, but Miu, the Royal Cat, constantly irritates him except at night. Tidbit, born the runt of the litter, becomes a star singer at the Grand Ole Opry. Jip leads his blinded master back home from the Civil War. Mimi, a dog living in Paris, shares her tips on bathroom protocol and dinnertime etiquette.
These humorous and touching stories, complemented by Erik Brooks’s black and white illustrations, are sure to appeal to dog lovers of all ages.

Cat Diaries

At the annual gathering of the MEOW society, cats of all kinds convene to share their stories and those of their ancestors. Chico, the smallest cat in the world, recounts stopping a crime. The Pirate Cat tells of the fateful day when he discovered a treasure while hunting for mice. And Georgio shares his delectable and sometimes surprising recipes. In this winning companion to Dog Diaries, animal lovers will be wooed by the charm, strength, and wit of these feline friends.

The Moon and I

The Moon that inspires Betsy Byars’s memoir isn’t the one in the sky, but a huge, harmless blacksnake she finds in the rafters of her porch. This meeting begins an exploration of the writing process. With energy, wit, and delight, the Newbery medalist shows how ‘the good scraps’ of her life, from a bully named Bubba to a gift wrapped dime, weave into her work.

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