Barry N Malzberg Books In Order

Horseplayer Trilogy Books In Order

  1. Overlay (1972)
  2. Underlay (1974)

Lone Wolf Books In Order

  1. Night Raider (1973)
  2. Bay Prowler (1973)
  3. Boston Avenger (1973)
  4. Desert Stalker (1973)
  5. Havana Hit (1974)
  6. Chicago Slaughter (1974)
  7. Peruvian Nightmare (1974)
  8. Los Angeles Holocaust (1975)
  9. Miami Marauder (1974)
  10. Harlem Showdown (1975)
  11. Detroit Massacre (1975)
  12. Phoenix Inferno (1975)
  13. The Killing Run (1975)
  14. Philadelphia Blow-Up (1975)


  1. Oracle of the Thousand Hands (1968)
  2. Screen (1968)
  3. The Empty People (1969)
  4. Dwellers of the Deep (1970)
  5. Gather in the Hall of the Planets (1971)
  6. Universe Day (1971)
  7. The Falling Astronauts (1971)
  8. Confessions of Westchester County (1972)
  9. Beyond Apollo (1972)
  10. Revelations (1972)
  11. Phase IV (1973)
  12. Herovit’s World (1973)
  13. In the Enclosure (1973)
  14. The Men Inside (1973)
  15. The Destruction of the Temple (1974)
  16. On a Planet Alien (1974)
  17. The Sodom and Gomorrah Business (1974)
  18. The Day of the Burning (1974)
  19. Guernica Night (1974)
  20. Tactics of Conquest (1974)
  21. Galaxies (1975)
  22. The Gamesman (1975)
  23. Conversations (1975)
  24. Chorale (1976)
  25. The Running of Beasts (1976)
  26. Down Here in the Dream Quarter (1976)
  27. Scop (1976)
  28. The Last Transaction (1977)
  29. Acts of Mercy (1977)
  30. Prose Bowl (1980)
  31. The Cross of Fire (1982)
  32. The Remaking of Sigmund Freud (1985)
  33. Lady of a Thousand Sorrows (2020)
  34. Horizontal Woman (2020)
  35. The Spread (2020)
  36. A Bed of Money (2020)


  1. Lady of a Thousand Sorrows / Confessions of Westchester County (2018)
  2. The Spread / Horizontal Woman (2019)
  3. New Man in the House / Her High-School Lover (2019)
  4. Screen / Cinema (2020)
  5. Oracle of the Thousand Hands / In My Parents’ Bedroom (2021)
  6. Fire / Machine (2021)
  7. The Man Who Loved the Midnight Lady / In the Stone House (2021)
  8. A Way With All Maidens / A Satyr’s Romance (2022)


  1. Best of Barry N Malzberg (1975)
  2. The Man Who Loved the Midnight Lady (1980)
  3. The Passage of the Light (1994)
  4. In the Stone House (2000)
  5. Problems Solved (2003)
  6. On Account of Darkness (2004)
  7. The Very Best of Barry N. Malzberg (2013)

Anthologies edited

  1. Final Stage (1974)
  2. Arena (1976)
  3. Dark Sins, Dark Dreams (1978)
  4. Neglected Visions (1979)
  5. The End of Summer (1979)
  6. Night Screams (1979)
  7. Shared Tomorrows (1979)
  8. Bug-Eyed Monsters (1980)
  9. The Giant Book of Horror Stories (1981)
  10. Great Tales of Mystery and Suspense (1981)
  11. Classic Tales of Horror and the Supernatural (1981)
  12. The Arbor House Treasury of Mystery and Suspense (1982)
  13. Uncollected Stars (1986)
  14. Mystery in the Mainstream (1986)
  15. Crime and Crime Again (1990)
  16. Great Tales of Horror and the Supernatural (1994)
  17. The Best Time Travel Stories of All Time (2003)
  18. Masters of Horror and the Supernatural (2010)

Non fiction

  1. The Engines of the Night (1982)
  2. Breakfast in the Ruins (2007)
  3. The Business of Science Fiction (2010)
  4. The Bend at the End of the Road (2018)

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Barry N Malzberg Books Overview

Phase IV

Movie tie in. British edition with different photo cover than the U.S.

The Sodom and Gomorrah Business

Death and Disorder 104. Institute courses told a grim story about the Network that savage world beyond the closely guarded Institute gates. But they wanted to see for themselves. They had to know. Were there really females there? Would their training as mercenaries prepare them for the wild bands of grisly subhumans? They set out on a journey of discovery only to become the unwitting agents of forces that threatened to destroy the only world they’d ever known.

The Day of the Burning

The Earth is blissfully unaware that the fate of the entire human race lay in the shaking hands of George Mercer, an insignificant and slightly neurotic employee of New York’s Department of Welfare. He has only 12 hours to prove to the Galactic Overlords that Earth is worthy!

Guernica Night

A rash of suicides has sent shock waves through a tightly organized society that officially frowns on such an act but privately makes it unavoidable. How else could people endure in a world carefully calculated to rob its citizens of self respect and dignity? One man struggles against the overpowering temptation to take his own life, because he realizes that he must survive or else give the strange unseen rulers final victory. The characters in this extraordinary novel of the future share a host of psychiatric disturbances. One is haunted by strange visions in the night; another can reach sexual climax only in the confines of an old jalopy; others share schizophrenic fantasies that give frightening insight into the nature of their anguish.

The Passage of the Light

The Recursive Science Fiction of Barry N. Malzberg. Contains all the author’s stories written about science fiction. Cover illustration by Merle Insinga.

In the Stone House

In an ‘Alternate Kennedys’ history where Joe Kennedy lives to become president, things go horribly wrong as the rivalry between ex president Joe and his now president brother Jack turns violent. Hugo Award Nominee

Problems Solved


Today, Bill Pronzini is famed for his private eye stories about the ‘Nameless Detective’ and for his Shamus award winning short stories, and Barry N. Malzberg is one of America’s premier science fiction writers, but back in their salad days they collaborated on a number of stories, which have now become legendary. Many fans have heard of them, but very few have had the privilege of reading them until now. Problems Solved collects all their crime and mystery collaborations, mostly written during the 1970’s and early 1980’s, and a few recent collaborations including two new stories written especially for this volume. The stories range from suspense ‘Night Rider’ to irony ‘What Kind of person Are You?’ to twists in the tale ‘Problems Solved‘ to science fictional detection, including three stories about an unnamed Luna Immigration Inspector. Others emphasize sports ‘What s a Chicago Cub?’ asks an entrepreneur of the future, and one, ‘Another Burnt Out Case,’ is ! in Bill Pronzini s words, ‘a weird comic Hitchcockian crime fantasy with a carnival setting, whose last two lines elicit gleeful chortles from both of us to this day.’

The cover design, illustrating both ‘Another Burnt Out Case’ and ‘Night Rider,’ is by Juha Lindroos, a Finnish artist working in the United States.

On Account of Darkness

Bill Pronzini is one of the most highly acclaimed mystery authors writing today. Barry N. Malzberg exploded onto the science fiction scene in the 1970s with incendiary novels and short stories that took the craft of speculative fiction to a completely different level. When these two master authors come together to collaborate on fiction, the result is literary dynamite. On Account of Darkness and Other Stories brings together for the first time every science fiction story that Bill and Barry wrote together during their long careers, featuring a brand new introduction. These short, sharp stories, each a paradigm of the craft of science fiction, are prime examples of two authors working at the height of their collaborative powers, resulting in a collection of truly speculative fiction. Barry N. Malzberg is the author of some forty science fiction novels and collections. Bill Pronzini has been a full time professional writer since 1969. 20021201

Great Tales of Mystery and Suspense

Great Tales of Mystery and Suspense 1981. An anthology of stories edited by Martin H Greenberg, Barry N Malzberg and Bill Pronzini. Includes stories by Cornell Woolrich, John. D. MacDonald, Lawrence Treat, William Campbell Gault, Georges Simenon, Francis and Richard Lockridge, Jack Ritchie, Michael Gilbert, Edward D. Hoch, Susan Dunlap, Pronzini with Jeffrey Wallmann and Ed McBain.

The Best Time Travel Stories of All Time

Fourteen classic time travel stories, selected by award winning author Barry N. Malzberg. Features ‘The Battle of Long Island’ by Nancy Kress, ‘The Man Who Came Early’ by Poul Anderson, ‘A Little Something for Us Tempunauts’ by Philip K. Dick, ‘3 RMS GD VIEW’ by Karen Haber, ‘Hawksbill Station’ by Robert Silverberg, and ‘Time Tipping’ by Jack M. Dann.

Masters of Horror and the Supernatural

A spellbinding collection of the best stories in the genre of horror and the supernatural. With works by Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Robert Silverberg, H.G Wells and dozens more, this indispensable compilation will show that anything can happen in these tales of unworldly terror and heart stopping horror. A truly definitive volume that will stand the test of time!

Breakfast in the Ruins

Barry N. Malzberg reflects back over four decades of writing science fiction, giving an insider?s view of the field during that time which few can match, both for its authority and for the sharp and witty way he describes the highs and lows of one science fiction writer?s career. He also writes vivid profiles of writers and editors, ranging from the titans who transformed the field, such as John W. Campbell, to once popular writers who are now all but forgotten, such as Hugo Award-winner Mark Clifton. ?If there is any particular cachet to my perspective,? he writes, ?it comes because my career is, perhaps more than some, metaphoric.? The original, shorter version of the book was widely praised, as by the San Francisco Chronicle: ?Contains literary criticism ranging over the whole history of the field…
. this is a mordant, brilliant book,? and by The Washington Post Book World: ?Malzberg makes persuasively clear that the best of science fiction should be valued as literature and nothing else.? Breakfast in the Ruins is an indispensable book for every science fiction reader.

The Business of Science Fiction

Two prolific and award winning science fiction writers, Mike Resnick and Barry N. Malzberg, have been publishing a ‘Dialogue’ in every issue of the SFWA Bulletin, official publication of the Science Fiction Writers of America, for more than a decade. These collected columns explore every aspect of the literary genre, from writing to marketing to publishing, combining wit and insight with decades of experience in 25 topics.

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