Barbara Paul Books In Order

Marian Larch Books In Order

  1. The Renewable Virgin (1984)
  2. He Huffed and He Puffed (1989)
  3. Good King Sauerkraut (1989)
  4. You Have the Right to Remain Silent (1992)
  5. The Apostrophe Thief (1993)
  6. Fare Play (1995)
  7. Full Frontal Murder (1997)

Nightingale Books In Order

  1. A Cadenza for Caruso (1984)
  2. Prima Donna at Large (1985)
  3. A Chorus of Detectives (1987)


  1. The Curse of Halewood (1976)
  2. An Exercise for Madmen (1978)
  3. Pillars of Salt (1979)
  4. Bibblings (1979)
  5. The Fourth Wall (1979)
  6. Under the Canopy (1980)
  7. Liars and Tyrants and People Who Turn Blue (1980)
  8. The First Gravedigger (1980)
  9. Your Eyelids Are Growing Heavy (1981)
  10. Kill Fee (1985)
  11. But He Was Already Dead When I Got There (1986)
  12. In-Laws and Outlaws (1990)


  1. A New York State of Crime (1999)


  1. Jack Be Quick (1999)

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Barbara Paul Books Overview

Fare Play

Newly promoted NYPD lieutenant Marian Larch investigates the murder of an elderly gentleman who met his death on a crowded bus of passengers who saw nothing and begins to suspect that someone had hired a professional killer. PW.

The Fourth Wall

Other than a critic, who’d kill a Broadway play? Playwright Abigail James has long been fascinated by ‘revenge tragedies,’ those theatrical classics about getting even. But all of a sudden, she’s living in one: The set of her latest Broadway hit has been vandalized, actors horribly attacked, a designer blinded with acid, the brilliant director terrified into hiding. Clearly, they have all committed some grievous wrong, terrible enough to prompt this orgy of destruction. But whom did they wrong? The police are clueless, so James and her colleagues see only one option: They’ll examine their collective sins and pinpoint the injured party. And then they’ll exact some revenge of their own.

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