Barbara McCauley Books In Order

Hearts of Stone Books In Publication Order

  1. Texas Heat (1995)
  2. Texas Temptation (1995)
  3. Texas Pride (1995)

Secrets! Books In Publication Order

  1. Blackhawk’s Sweet Revenge (1999)
  2. Secret Baby Santos (1999)
  3. Killian’s Passion (1999)
  4. Callan’s Proposition (2000)
  5. Gabriel’s Honor (2000)
  6. Reese’s Wild Wager (2001)
  7. Sinclair’s Surprise Baby (2001)
  8. Taming Blackhawk (2002)
  9. In Blackhawk’s Bed (2002)
  10. That Blackhawk Bride (2003)
  11. Miss Pruitt’s Private Life (2004)
  12. Blackhawk Legacy (2004)
  13. Blackhawk’s Betrayal (2006)
  14. Blackhawk’s Bond (2006)
  15. Blackhawk’s Affair (2007)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Woman Tamer (1991)
  2. Man from Cougar Pass (1992)
  3. Her Kind of Man (1993)
  4. Whitehorn’s Woman (1993)
  5. Man Like Cade (1993)
  6. Midnight Bride (1996)
  7. The Nanny and the Reluctant Rancher (1997)
  8. Courtship in Granite Ridge (1998)
  9. Small Mercies (1998)

Crown and Glory Books In Publication Order

  1. The Princess Is Pregnant! (By:Laurie Paige) (2002)
  2. Her Royal Husband (By:Cara Colter) (2002)
  3. The Princess and the Duke (By:Allison Leigh) (2002)
  4. Royal Protocol (By:Christine Flynn) (2002)
  5. The Princess Has Amnesia! (By:Patricia Thayer) (2002)
  6. Searching For Her Prince (By:Karen Rose Smith) (2002)
  7. The Royal Treatment (By:Maureen Child) (2002)
  8. Taming the Prince (By:Elizabeth Bevarly) (2002)
  9. Royally Pregnant (2002)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Passionate Secrets (2006)

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Barbara McCauley Books Overview

Blackhawk’s Betrayal

All Kiera Blackhawk wanted was to learn the truth about her heritage. She hadn’t counted on falling, and falling hard, for her compelling new boss, Sam Prescott. His touch ignited her body and his ever watchful gaze was almost able to pierce through the secrets she was desperate to keep. Kiera could not submit to the hotel magnate’s powerful seduction.

For what would Sam whose loyalty lay with the very family she might destroy do when he discovered that she’d been lying to him about everything?

Blackhawk’s Bond

When he’d purchased a rare thoroughbred from the Blackhawk ranch, Texas millionaire D.J. Bradshaw had also gotten Alaina Blackhawk in the bargain. She refused to leave the expensive horse’s side, so D.J. gave her two weeks to prepare the animal…
but those weeks would be spent at D.J.’s home. And if the lone star loner had his way Alaina would be in his bed before time was up. But if the infamous horse tamer thought she would tame this confirmed bachelor…
she was in for the ride of her life.

Blackhawk’s Affair

For eight years Alexis Blackhawk believed her youthful, clandestine marriage to Jordan Grant was null and void. But the millionaire oil man had never filed the papers and she was still bound to the man she openly detested and secretly desired. She demanded Jordan let her go once and for all. But as the time came to leave her husband, would Alexis be able to walk away?

The Nanny and the Reluctant Rancher

THE BACHELOR AND THE NANNYFrom the first moment Kat Delaney walked through his door, single dad Logan Kincaid knew his life was about to be turned upside down. There was something decidedly unsettling about his daughter’s new nanny, but he vowed to ignore her smoldering good looks even if it took every ounce of willpower the cowboy had. Taking off to Texas to play nanny to a nine year old girl was the perfect escape for Kat until she laid eyes on the motherless little girl and her sexy dad. It didn’t take long for her to fall hard for the most confirmed bachelor in Texas, but did she dare risk her heart when it was impossible to tell the truth?

Small Mercies

Sisterhood, childhood, and facing the irreplaceable loss of a sister are at the core of this insightful memoir with its meticulous and compassionate description of an American life, one small observable truth at a time without trying to explain, excuse, or provide easy answers. McCauley’s exquisite writing, the difficult subject of sibling suicide, and a rare honesty that neither romanticizes or assigns blame combine to elevate this memoir to the rank of a classic.

Taming the Prince (By:Elizabeth Bevarly)

ARE YOU MY PRINCE?For Sara Wallington, escort for the man who was just possibly the heir to the throne of her native country, the answer was a resounding I doubt it. Because Shane Cordello aka the possible prince of Penwyck was hardly the regal and serene figure she was expecting. Why, he was too tall, too handsome, too…
everything for her to believe that he was in fact the missing royal. Shane was equally unraveled by the lovely Sara and his feelings became more complicated as they were swiftly brought together under the most volatile of circumstances. Soon Shane found himself having to fight for a birthright and a nation he wasn’t even sure were meant to be his. But the woman by his side now that was a different story…

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