Barbara Hannay Books In Order

Southern Cross Ranch Books In Order

  1. The Cattleman’s English Rose (2004)
  2. The Blind Date Surprise (2005)
  3. The Mirrabrook Marriage (2005)

Baby Steps to Marriage Books In Order

  1. The Bridesmaid’s Baby (2009)
  2. Expecting Miracle Twins (2009)

Changing Grooms Books In Order

  1. Bridesmaid Says, ‘I Do!’ (2011)
  2. Runaway Bride (2011)


  1. The Wedding Countdown (1999)
  2. Borrowed Bachelor (1999)
  3. The Pregnancy Discovery (2001)
  4. The Wedding Dare (2001)
  5. A Bride at Birralee (2002)
  6. A Wedding at Windaroo (2003)
  7. A Parisian Proposition (2003)
  8. Her Playboy Challenge (2003)
  9. Princess in the Outback (2004)
  10. Her Secret, His Son (2004)
  11. Christmas Gift: A Family (2005)
  12. Claiming His Family (2006)
  13. Claiming The Cattleman’s Heart (2006)
  14. The Bridesmaid’s Best Man (2006)
  15. In the Heart of the Outback… (2007)
  16. Charlotte’s Choice (2007)
  17. Her Cattleman Boss (2009)
  18. The Cattleman’s Adopted Family (2010)
  19. A Miracle for His Secret Son (2010)
  20. Falling for Mr. Mysterious (2012)
  21. Zoe’s Muster (2012)
  22. The Cattleman’s Special Delivery (2012)
  23. Home Before Sundown (2013)
  24. Second Chance with Her Soldier (2013)
  25. Moonlight Plains (2014)
  26. A Very Special Holiday Gift (2014)
  27. The Secret Years (2015)
  28. Home On The Station (2016)
  29. The Husband She’d Never Met (2016)
  30. The Grazier’s Wife (2016)
  31. The Prince’s Convenient Proposal (2016)
  32. The Cattleman’s Journey (2017)
  33. Reunited by a Baby Bombshell (2017)
  34. The Country Wedding (2017)
  35. The Summer of Secrets (2018)
  36. Meet Me in Venice (2019)
  37. Sister’s Gift (2020)
  38. The Garden of Hopes and Dreams (2021)


  1. Husbands of the Outback (2001)
  2. Outback Weddings (2003)
  3. Bride at Birralee / Stormbound Surgeon (2004)
  4. Her Playboy Challenge / The Outback Bridal Rescue (2005)
  5. Her Nine Month Miracle (2005)
  6. Outback Proposals (2006)
  7. Wedding Vows (2007)
  8. Seduced by the Playboy (2007)
  9. High Society Weddings (2008)
  10. The Secret Baby Bargain (2009)
  11. Best of Bosses 2008 (2009)
  12. Her Outback Boss (2009)
  13. Claimed: Secret Royal Son / Expecting Miracle Twins (2009)
  14. Greek’s Long-Lost Son / Bridesmaid’s Baby (2009)
  15. Outback Bachelor / Cattleman’s Adopted Family (2010)
  16. Beauty and the Reclusive Prince / Executive: Expecting Tiny Twins (2010)
  17. In the Boss’s Arms (2010)
  18. Miracle for His Secret Son / Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle (2010)
  19. Blind Dates and Other Disasters (2011)
  20. Required: Three Outback Brides (2011)
  21. A Christmas Promise (2011)
  22. Falling for Mr. Mysterious / The Man Who Saw Her Beauty (2012)
  23. The Cattleman’s Special Delivery / The Surgeon’s Favorite Nurse (2013)
  24. The Brides of Bella Rosa (2013)
  25. Bella Rosa Proposals (2013)
  26. Miracle in Bellaroo Creek / Patchwork Family in the Outback (2013)
  27. Harlequin Romance December 2013 Bundle (2013)
  28. Second Chance with Her Soldier / The Maverick’s Chistmas Baby (2013)
  29. It Happened In Sydney (2014)
  30. Harlequin Romance November 2014 Box Set (2014)
  31. The Maverick’s Thanksgiving Baby / A Very Special Holiday Gift (2014)
  32. New Arrivals (2015)
  33. By Request Collection Part 3 (2015)
  34. He’s the One (2015)
  35. Six Australian Heroes (2015)
  36. Wedding Vows: With This Ring (2015)
  37. Having the Cowboy’s Baby / The Husband She’d Never Met (2015)
  38. Harlequin Romance January 2016 Box Set (2016)
  39. It Had To Be You (2016)
  40. The Man Behind The Mask (2016)
  41. Her Happy-Ever-After Family (2016)
  42. Harlequin Romance January 2017 Box Set (2017)
  43. Reunited by a Baby Bombshell / From Fortune to Family Man (2017)
  44. Harlequin Romance April 2017 Box Set (2017)
  45. The Wedding Party Collection (2017)
  46. Wedding Party Collection: Always The Bachelor (2017)
  47. The One Winter Collection (2018)
  48. Regency Bestsellers Collection / One Winters Collection (2018)
  49. One Winter’s Sunrise (2018)
  50. A Royal Proposal (2019)
  51. Australian Affairs: Wed (2019)
  52. Captivated By The Single Dad (2019)
  53. The Mills & Boon Favourites Collection (2019)
  54. Ultimate Romance Collection (2019)
  55. Once Upon a Wedding / Bridesmaid Says, ‘I Do!’ / The Morning After the Wedding Before (2019)
  56. One Winter Wedding (2019)
  57. Sexy Single Dads Collection (2019)
  58. One Season And Dynasties Collection (2020)
  59. One Season Collection (2020)
  60. Twins: Double The Love (2020)
  61. The Twins Collection (2021)


  1. Little Christmas Miracles (2009)
  2. Rags to Riches: Her Wish (2018)
  3. Under The Southern Cross (2020)
  4. Inheritance (2022)


  1. Meet Me at the Teahouse (2016)
  2. Coming Home (2017)

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Barbara Hannay Books Overview

The Blind Date Surprise

Dear Ask Auntie…

The loneliness of the Outback is driving me crazy. I’m two hundred kilometers from the nearest nightclub, and it’s so hard to meet guys. But now I’ve met a wonderfully warm, funny and clever man over the Internet and I’m in love. I want to dash off to the city to meet him, but all my life I’ve been accused of being too impulsive, so I’m seeking guidance. What do you advise?

Marooned in Mirrabrook

The Bridesmaid’s Baby

Getting noticed by the gorgeous best man is every bridesmaid’s dream. Especially if he’s her old crush. Lucy McKenty knows she should be wary of Will Carruthers. All she wants is to finally settle down and have a family and that’s a far cry from this globe trotting wanderer’s life plan .

Caught up in the swirl of confetti and romance, Lucy finds herself in Will’s arms. Discovering she’s pregnant thrills her but is Will going to stay to meet his baby?

Expecting Miracle Twins

After agreeing to be a surrogate mother for her best friends, Mattie Carey can’t wait to give them the biggest gift of all. She’s put aside her dreams of finding Mr. Right and has set her mind on her new role.

Moving to Sydney, the last person Mattie expects to meet is her perfect man. Jake Devlin, her temporary flatmate, is cheeky, charming, intriguing But it’s so not the right time for Mattie to fall in love .

Her Secret, His Son

When Mary Cameron left Australia she was carrying a secret with her that she has kept to herself for years. But now she’s forced to confront the choices she’s made. Tom Pirelli is back. Now it’s Mary’s chance to tell Tom the real reason why she left him…
and that he’s the father of her child. Mary has to make an earth-shattering decision – one that could change her life – and Tom’s – forever!

The Bridesmaid’s Best Man

Sundown in the Outback. As the shadows grow long and the sun melts behind the hills, it’s just another day for cattleman Mark Winchester. But nothing has been the same since he was best man at a wedding in London six weeks ago and met bridesmaid Sophie Felsham…
. A rainy morning in London. On the other side of the world, city-girl Sophie is about to make the most difficult phone call of her life. The one beautiful night she shared with rugged Mark has resulted in pregnancy–and now it’s time to tell Mark that he’s going to be the father of her child…

In the Heart of the Outback…

The image of Byrne Drummond has burned in Fiona’s mind ever since she first saw him in Gundawarra. A stoic, broad shouldered cattleman stricken by the wreckage her brother had wrought . Byrne has every reason to hate Fiona McLaren. Her reckless brother destroyed his family. But Fiona’s touch is the first to stir him in years. He wants to stay away, but she draws him like a moth to a flame who will get burned?

Her Cattleman Boss

When Kate Brodie inherits half a run down cattle station, she doesn’t expect to have a sexy cattleman boss to contend with!

Noah Carmody doesn’t need a city girl like Kate trying her pretty hand at Outback life, but he’s a single dad now, and Kate’s the only person within a hundred miles who’ll help him restore Radnor to its former glory. So he’ll grudgingly show her the ropes .

As they toil together under the Outback sun, romance should be the last thing on their minds shouldn’t it?

A Miracle for His Secret Son

Freya and Gus shared a perfect summer-until Gus left town for a future that couldn’t include Freya…. Now, twelve years on, Freya has a shocking revelation for Gus: they have a son, Nick, who needs a new kidney-a gift only his father can provide.

Gus is taken aback, but vows to help Nick. And despite everything, the connection between Gus and Freya is still strong. Can they make a life together and give Nick another miracle…a family?

Claimed: Secret Royal Son / Expecting Miracle Twins

Claimed: Secret Royal Son Marion Lennox A year ago Lily threw caution to the wind and became accidentally pregnant with Prince Alexandros’s baby. Now Alex wants to claim his son. Will Lily agree to Marrying His Majesty? Find out in part one of this new trilogy! Expecting Miracle Twins Barbara Hannay Follow surrogate mum Mattie’s Baby Steps to Marriage in the first of a new duet by this RITA winning author. It’s so not the right time for Mattie Carey to meet cheeky, charming, intriguing Jake Devlin ; she’s expecting twin trouble!

Greek’s Long-Lost Son / Bridesmaid’s Baby

The Greek’s Long Lost Son Rebecca Winters Now a self made millionaire, Theo Pantheras can have anything his money can buy. But there is just one thing his heart desires, his first love Stella. But before Stella will say I do, there s a little someone Theo has to meet The Bridesmaid s Baby Barbara Hannay Old friends Will and Lucy are thrown together again as best man and bridesmaid at Mattie and Jake s wedding, and unresolved feelings rush back. Their biological clocks might be ticking but Baby Steps to Marriage is the last thing they expect!

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