Barbara Faith Books In Order

Marocco’s Desert Books In Order

  1. Bedouin Bride (1984)
  2. Desert Song (1986)
  3. Flower of the Desert (1988)


  1. Kill Me Gently Darling (1978)
  2. The Moonkissed (1980)
  3. Choices of the Heart (1980)
  4. Enchanted Dawn (1982)
  5. The Sun Dancers (1982)
  6. The Promise of Summer (1983)
  7. Wind Whispers (1984)
  8. Awake to Splendor (1985)
  9. Islands in Turquoise (1985)
  10. Tomorrow Is Forever (1986)
  11. Sing Me a Lovesong (1986)
  12. Return to Summer (1986)
  13. Kiss of the Dragon (1987)
  14. Asking for Trouble (1987)
  15. Say Hello Again (1988)
  16. Beyond Forever (1988)
  17. In a Rebel’s Arms (1989)
  18. Heather on the Hill (1989)
  19. Capricorn Moon (1989)
  20. Danger in Paradise (1990)
  21. Lord of the Desert (1990)
  22. Echoes of Summer (1991)
  23. Mr. Macho Meets His Match (1991)
  24. The Matador (1992)
  25. Queen of Hearts (1992)
  26. Gamblin’ Man (1992)
  27. This Above All (1993)
  28. Cloud Man (1993)
  29. A Silence of Dreams (1993)
  30. Midnight Man (1993)
  31. Dark, Dark My Lover’s Eyes (1994)
  32. Moonlight Lady (1995)
  33. Scarlet Woman (1995)
  34. Long-Lost Wife? (1996)


  1. Summer Sizzlers 1996 (1996)
  2. By the Sheikh’s Command / Flower of the Desert (2006)


  1. Silhouette Summer Sizzlers (1988)

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Barbara Faith Books Overview

This Above All

Laurel Merritt’s assignment that sultry Georgia night should have been simple for a Southern belle: sweet talk elusive Christian Dumond into selling a tiny piece of his dusky tropical isle. Unfortunately, Christian’s dark, hypnotic sensuality prompted not a contract but a kiss…
and then, come morning, he was gone…

Dark, Dark My Lover’s Eyes

. Julie had come to tutor young Kico Vega, not marry his darkly fascinating father, Rafael. But somehow, in caring for his son, Julie had fallen under Rafael’s spell. And now she was married to a man who people whispered had killed his first wife. And once wed, her sense of danger increased. Julie found herself helpless to resist her husband, yet he held himself aloof from her. And the more she heard about Rafael’s first wife, the more she began to wonder about how and why she had died. Because strange and deadly things were happening to Julie…

Long-Lost Wife?

Married to a stranger? WAS HE REALLY HER HUSBAND? If so, why couldn’t she remember him? Annabel as he called her refused to believe she’d actually married Luis Alarcon. But how could she deny it, when she couldn’t even remember her own name? Powerless to resist him, Annabel was taken to his isolated home. There she was determined to uncover the truth about her past and about the accident that had stolen her memory. But most of all, she was determined to discover the truth about her marriage. What would Luis gain by claiming her as his long lost wife? And why did she want so much to believe it was true?

Summer Sizzlers 1996

In ‘All Around Cowboy Blues,’ a handsome cowboy sets his sights on marriage, while in ‘Gone Fishing’ an executive becomes a father, and in ‘The Sheikh’s Woman’ a distressed damsel is drawn to her mysterious protector.

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