Barbara Dunlop Books In Order

Chicago Sons Books In Publication Order

  1. Sex, Lies and the CEO (2015)
  2. Seduced by the CEO (2015)
  3. A Bargain with the Boss (2016)
  4. His Stolen Bride (2016)

Colorado Cattle Barons Books In Publication Order

  1. A Cowboy Comes Home (2012)
  2. A Cowboy in Manhattan (2012)
  3. An Intimate Bargain (2012)
  4. Millionaire in a Stetson (2013)
  5. A Cowboy’s Temptation (2013)
  6. The Last Cowboy Standing (2014)

Dynasties: The Lassiters Books In Publication Order

  1. The Black Sheep’s Inheritance (By:Maureen Child) (2014)
  2. From Single Mom to Secret Heiress (By:Kristi Gold) (2014)
  3. Expecting the CEO’s Child (By:Yvonne Lindsay) (2014)
  4. Lured by the Rich Rancher (By:Kathie DeNosky) (2014)
  5. Beauty and the Best Man (By:Maureen Child) (2014)
  6. Taming the Takeover Tycoon (By:Robyn Grady) (2014)
  7. Reunited with the Lassiter Bride (2014)
  8. From Single Mom to Secret Heiress (By:Kristi Gold) (2014)
  9. Dynasties: The Lassiters (By:Yvonne Lindsay,Robyn Grady,Kristi Gold) (2020)

Gambling Men Books In Publication Order

  1. The Twin Switch (2019)
  2. The Dating Dare (2020)
  3. Midnight Son (2022)
  4. Husband in Name Only (2022)

The Highest Bidder Books In Publication Order

  1. Gilded Secrets (By:Maureen Child) (2012)
  2. Exquisite Acquisitions (By:Charlene Sands) (2012)
  3. A Silken Seduction (By:Yvonne Lindsay) (2012)
  4. The Rogue’s Fortune (By:Cat Schield) (2012)
  5. A Precious Inheritance (By:Paula Roe) (2012)
  6. A Golden Betrayal (2012)

Hotel Marchand Books In Publication Order

  1. In the Dark (By:Judith Arnold) (2006)
  2. The Setup (By:Marie Ferrarella) (2006)
  3. The Unknown Woman (By:Laurie Paige) (2006)
  4. Damage Control (By:Kristi Gold) (2006)
  5. Bourbon Street Blues (By:Maureen Child) (2006)
  6. Some Like It Hot (By:Lori Wilde) (2006)
  7. Love Is Lovelier (By:Jean Brashear) (2006)
  8. Unmasked (By:Ingrid Weaver) (2006)
  9. Her Summer Lover (By:Marisa Carroll) (2006)
  10. A Secret Life (2006)
  11. A Second Chance (By:Kara Lennox) (2006)
  12. The Legacy (By:Shirley Jump) (2007)
  13. Her Summer Lover (By:Marisa Carroll) (2007)

The Hudsons of Beverly Hills Books In Publication Order

  1. Blackmailed Into a Fake Engagement (By:Leanne Banks) (2008)
  2. Tempted Into The Tycoon’s Trap (By:Emily McKay) (2009)
  3. Transformed Into the Frenchman’s Mistress (2009)
  4. Bargained Into Her Boss’s Bed (By:Emilie Rose) (2009)
  5. Propositioned into a Foreign Affair (By:Catherine Mann) (2009)
  6. Seduced into a Paper Marriage (By:Maureen Child) (2009)

Match Books In Publication Order

  1. An Unlikely Match (2014)
  2. An Impractical Match (2014)
  3. An Extraordinary Match (2014)
  4. An Astonishing Match (2014)
  5. An Unpredictable Match (2016)

Montana Merricks Books In Publication Order

  1. The Bull Rider’s Redemption (2017)
  2. The Rancher’s Secret Son (2018)

Montana Millionaires: The Ryders Books In Publication Order

  1. Seduction and the CEO (2010)
  2. In Bed with the Wrangler (2010)
  3. His Convenient Virgin Bride (2010)

Paradise, Alaska Books In Publication Order

  1. Match Made in Paradise (2021)
  2. Finding Paradise (2021)
  3. Strangers in Paradise (2022)

Tall, Dark and Restless Books In Publication Order

  1. Flying High (2005)
  2. High Stakes (2005)

Texas Cattleman’s Club: Heir Apparent Books In Publication Order

  1. Back in the Texan’s Bed (By:Naima Simone) (2021)
  2. At the Rancher’s Pleasure (By:Joss Wood) (2021)
  3. Blue Collar Billionaire (By:Karen Booth) (2021)
  4. The Trouble with Bad Boys (By:Katherine Garbera) (2021)
  5. Texas Tough (By:Janice Maynard) (2021)
  6. Trapped with the Texan (By:Joanne Rock) (2021)
  7. How to Catch a Bad Boy (By:Cat Schield) (2021)
  8. Bidding on a Texan (2021)

Whiskey Bay Brides Books In Publication Order

  1. From Temptation to Twins (2017)
  2. Twelve Nights of Temptation (2017)
  3. His Temptation, Her Secret (2018)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Forever Jake (2001)
  2. Next to Nothing (2002)
  3. Too Close to Call (2003)
  4. Out of Order (2004)
  5. Thunderbolt over Texas (2006)
  6. The Perfect Boyfriend (2006)
  7. The Billionaire’s Bidding (2007)
  8. The Billionaire Who Bought Christmas (2007)
  9. Beauty and the Billionaire (2008)
  10. The Ceo’s Accidental Bride (2010)
  11. His Jingle Bell Princess (2016)
  12. Jingle Bells and Wedding Vows (2019)
  13. Kiss Me in the Summer (2020)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Snow Day (2013)

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Barbara Dunlop Books Overview

In the Dark (By:Judith Arnold)

The most beautiful hotel in New Orleans, and someone’s out to destroy it. The party at the Hotel Marchand is in full swing when all the lights suddenly go out. What does head of security Mac Jensen do first? He’s torn between two jobs protecting the guests at Hotel Marchand and keeping Julie Sullivan safe. Mac knows Julie has no idea that he took the job at the hotel in order to act as her bodyguard. But now he feels a loyalty to both the hotel and the Marchand women who run it. As for Julie, she’s being harassed by someone from her past…
and what Mac feels for her is anything but professional. A woman to protect. A hotel to secure. And no idea who’s determined to harm them.

The Setup (By:Marie Ferrarella)

A bohemian artist is everything Jefferson Lambert never knew he wanted in a woman The minute he meets his date for the night, Jefferson Lambert knows someone tampered with his matchmaking profile. How else would a conservative lawyer end up with a gorgeous, spirited woman like Sylvie Marchand? At first it looks as if the match will never work. But an unexpected blackout changes everything. With Sylvie at his side, life is suddenly one big adventure. Two paintings go missing from the Marchand family gallery, and it’s up to Sylvie and Jefferson to find them. Life might be falling apart for Sylvie, but Jefferson feels as if it’s just beginning. Perhaps the matchmaker knew exactly what she was doing…

The Unknown Woman (By:Laurie Paige)

They were supposed to be tourists, not detectives There’s a dead woman in Matt Anderson’s hotel room and he has no idea how she got there. When Kerry Johnston appears from next door to help, both she and Matt recognize the woman as a local waitress and practitioner of voodoo. That’s all anyone seems to know about her, but it’s not enough for Matt and Kerry. While alive, this woman had sensed a hidden sadness in the two strangers and directed each of them to a special healing ceremony. As Matt and Kerry investigate her death, something strange starts to happen: the sadness lifts, replaced by a growing certainty that the two of them are meant to be together.

Damage Control (By:Kristi Gold)

He’d loved her and left her, and now he was back When Hollywood director Pete Traynor walked out on the movie Renee Marchand was producing, his departure ended up costing her the job she loved. Now he’s checked into her family’s New Orleans hotel and Renee is finding it hard to maintain her cool. His arrival triggers a lot of memories and just as many questions. Why did he disappear with no explanation? And why hasn’t Renee been able to forget the night they spent together? It doesn’t take long before she has at least one answer. Pete Traynor is still the most appealing man she’s ever met. Now she has to decide what to do about it.

A Secret Life

As far as Joan Bateman is concerned, life as she’s known it is over. For years she’s lived with a dual identity. The people of Indigo know her simply as their neighbor, but to crime mystery readers, she’s the bestselling author Jules Burrell. But once her secret is leaked, the media, her fans and Anthony Verdun, her New York agent, all descend on the sleepy little town. Anthony is bent on using the publicity to promote Joan’s latest book, but it’s when the plot turns out to be more fact than fiction and the murderer sets his sights on Joan that the relationship between author and agent becomes much more personal.

A Second Chance (By:Kara Lennox)

The only person who can keep Luc Carter in the little town of Indigo is Loretta Castille. She’s also the reason he has to leave. A single mom and local baker who supplies Luc’s B and B, Loretta has had a no dating policy since discovering the man she married was a criminal. Bending the rules for Luc is a possibility, but not if she finds out he’s on probation. Luc will soon be a free man and his record expunged, but there’s no pleasure in freedom when it means giving up the woman he loves.

Blackmailed Into a Fake Engagement (By:Leanne Banks)

Years after she d fled Hollywood, former actress Gwen McCord now faced her toughest role. Film industry big shot Luc Hudson a man she had never met before had announced to the world that they were engaged! What was worse, he was moving in. Forced into the charade to protect her troubled sister, Gwen was quickly swept back into Luc’s world of movie premieres and celebrity power plays. But the real danger lay in being swept away by her passionate, persistent PR man…

Tempted Into The Tycoon’s Trap (By:Emily McKay)

Cece Cassidy was used to writing the story, not being it. Yet somehow the tabloids had figured out her passionate history with Jack Hudson…
and his connection to the dark haired little boy she’d ‘adopted.’ Too bad her baby’s father was the last to know. Now Jack was going all caveman on her, forcing her into a lavish Tinseltown wedding with none of the marital…
benefits. The movie mogul had stomped on her heart yet again, but she couldn’t help craving his touch and wishing she could give their tempestuous romance a Hollywood ending…

Transformed Into the Frenchman’s Mistress

If there was anything Charlotte Hudson had learned in her twenty five years, it was how to be proper. So how had the ambassador’s granddaughter ended up on a wild movie assignment, ensconced in a centuries old Proven?al castle with notorious French playboy Alec Montcalm? While her relatives from Hudson Pictures were busy filming at Chateau Montcalm, the real drama was going on behind the antique wooden doors beneath satin sheets. Charlotte knew their crazy, scandalous secret liaison wouldn’t last. And then she discovered she was pregnant…

Bargained Into Her Boss’s Bed (By:Emilie Rose)

In the fastpaced, cutthroat world of Hollywood filmmaking, producer Max Hudson was a master at getting it done. With a movie deadline breathing down his neck, he wouldn’t let anyone get in his way, especially not his longtime assistant, Dana Fallon. Her tantalizing curves had wreaked havoc on his mind and his libido. But her sudden resignation caused chaos, and no amount of money would sway her. Luckily, Max had other means of persuasion…

Propositioned into a Foreign Affair (By:Catherine Mann)

Publicly, Bella Hudson had the world at her feet. But privately, her life was in turmoil: a humiliating breakup, paparazzi at her heels…
. The Hollywood starlet needed to escape. Then she found a night of pleasure media free in hotel magnate Sam Garrison’s bed. Only Sam wanted more. As her escort to her new film’s premiere, he’d buffer her from the press. In exchange, she’d continue their passionate affair. For although he wouldn’t admit he’d fallen for Bella, he wasn’t done with her. Not by a long shot.

Seduced into a Paper Marriage (By:Maureen Child)

No one ever denied Devlin Hudson. The COO of Hudson Pictures could have any woman he wanted, but what he wanted was a woman who made no demands. He’d thought Valerie Shelton was that woman.

But his prim, proper wife had walked out on their matrimonial merger, and now Devlin was pulling out all the stops to get her back. He vowed to win over winsome Val the old fashioned way in bed. Then he discovered his ‘shy’ young bride had a passionate side and a romantic agenda that would rock his world .

His Convenient Virgin Bride

He never imagined the incredible beauty would be a virgin! Yet just weeks after their roll in the hay, Stephanie Ryder was expecting his baby. Now millionaire Alec Creighton’s once orderly world was slipping out of his control. Especially when her older brothers demanded that he propose to their sister. With the ceremony imminent, how would Alec wheel and deal his way out of it…
or should he? Knowing the delights his bride offered, would having her in his bed be a pleasure he could afford?

The Billionaire’s Bidding

Scrambling to save her family’s company, Emma McKinley was shocked when billionaire hotel magnate Alex Garrison tossed her a lifeline baited with an heirloom engagement ring and a pre nup an inch thick. It was a textbook marriage of convenience: he calls off her creditors; she gives him half her company. But the elaborate game of make believe soon became more intoxicating than either of them expected. Could a marriage built on a lie withstand the test of true passion?

Beauty and the Billionaire

Beyond business
Billionaire Hunter Osland can’t believe it. One of the employees in the company his family just bought happens to be his one night stand, Sinclair Mahoney. With their passion filled encounter still fresh in his memory, Hunter wants to rekindle their connection. But Sinclair’s sudden wariness of tangling with her new boss sets the CEO on a different course of action. First he’ll show Sinclair how desirable she is in the boardroom…
then he’ll prove it in the bedroom.

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