Barbara Delinsky Books In Order

Something Forever Books In Publication Order

  1. Special Something (1984)
  2. Forever Instinct (1984)

Victoria Lesser Books In Publication Order

  1. The Real Thing (1986)
  2. Twelve Across (1987)
  3. A Single Rose (1987)

Crosslyn Rise Books In Publication Order

  1. The Dream (1990)
  2. The Dream Unfolds (1990)
  3. The Dream Comes True (1990)

Blake Sisters Books In Publication Order

  1. Lake News (By:Jeanette Olender) (1999)
  2. An Accidental Woman (2002)

Rebels and Rogues Books In Publication Order

  1. The Private Eye (By:Dani Sinclair) (1991)
  2. The Outsider (1992)
  3. The Private Eye (By:Jayne Ann Krentz) (1992)
  4. The Last Honest Man (By:Leandra Logan) (1992)
  5. The Mighty Quinn (By:Candace Schuler) (1992)
  6. The Stormchaser (By:) (1997)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Surrender by Moonlight (1981)
  2. Passionate Touch (1981)
  3. Sweet Ember (1981)
  4. Sensuous Burgundy (1981)
  5. The Ardent Protector (1982)
  6. Whispered Promise (1982)
  7. Lilac Awakening (1982)
  8. Amber Enchantment (1982)
  9. Knightly Love (As: Billie Douglass) (1982)
  10. Search for a New Dawn (1982)
  11. Sweet Serenity (As: Billie Douglass) (1982)
  12. A Time to Love (1982)
  13. An Irresistible Impulse (1983)
  14. Fast Courting (1983)
  15. The Carpenter’s Lady (1983)
  16. Lover From the Sea (1983)
  17. Beyond Fantasy (1983)
  18. Flip Side of Yesterday (1983)
  19. The Silver Fox (1983)
  20. Passion and Illusion (1983)
  21. Gemstone (1983)
  22. Moment to Moment (1984)
  23. Bronze Mystique (1984)
  24. Finger Prints (1984)
  25. Secret of the Stone (1985)
  26. Chances Are (1985)
  27. First Things First (1985)
  28. Variation on a Theme (1985)
  29. Threats And Promises (1986)
  30. Within Reach (1986)
  31. First, Best And Only (1986)
  32. Jasmine Sorcery (1986)
  33. Straight from the Heart (1986)
  34. Heat Wave (1987)
  35. Cardinal Rules (1987)
  36. Twilight Whispers (1987)
  37. T.L.C. (1987)
  38. Commitments (1988)
  39. Fulfillment (1988)
  40. Through My Eyes (1989)
  41. Heart of the Night (1989)
  42. Montana Man (1989)
  43. Facets (1990)
  44. Having Faith (1990)
  45. A Woman Betrayed (1991)
  46. The Stud (1991)
  47. The Passions of Chelsea Kane (1992)
  48. Suddenly (1993)
  49. More Than Friends (1993)
  50. For My Daughters (1994)
  51. Together Alone (1995)
  52. Shades of Grace (1996)
  53. Three Wishes (1997)
  54. Father Figure (1997)
  55. A Woman’s Place (1997)
  56. Coast Road (1998)
  57. The Vineyard (2000)
  58. The Woman Next Door (2001)
  59. Flirting with Pete (2003)
  60. The Summer I Dared (2004)
  61. Looking for Peyton Place (2005)
  62. Family Tree (2007)
  63. The Secret Between Us (2008)
  64. While My Sister Sleeps (2009)
  65. Not My Daughter (2009)
  66. Escape (2011)
  67. Sweet Salt Air (2013)
  68. Blueprints (2015)
  69. Before and Again (2018)
  70. A Week at the Shore (2020)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Sunlight and Joy (2011)
  2. Amber’s Embrace (2012)
  3. Call My Name (2012)
  4. Silken Sands (2012)
  5. Don’t Tempt Me (2012)
  6. The Right Wrong Number (2013)
  7. What She Really Wants (2015)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Eternity (2012)
  2. Love Songs (2013)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Uplift: Secrets from the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Survivors (2001)
  2. Does a Lobsterman Wear Pants? (2005)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Family Passions (2002)

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Barbara Delinsky Books Overview

The Real Thing

They were complete strangers searching for the same thing – solitude. But thanks to a matchmaking friend, Deirdre Joyce and Neil Hersey found themselves stranded on an island off the coast of Maine. Forced to coexist, they discovered there was no escaping the inevitable -irresistible attraction. The idea of living alone again was unimaginable, and so a marriage of ‘convenience’ seemed like the perfect solution – he would run her family’s company and she would pursue her career. But could their feelings survive the forces of the outside world?

Twelve Across

Garrick Rodenheiser crashed, burned and found a second chance when he crawled away from the wreckage of his life four years ago. And while he hasn t exactly escaped his past, he’s kept it far enough away. Until trouble in the form of a rain soaked, bleeding woman comes banging on the door of his remote cabin. True, she doesn t look like a reporter. But the word trust simply isn t in Garrick s vocabulary anymore. Crossword puzzle creator Leah Gates has a few words of her own for her reluctant savior: querulous, adamantine…
irresistible. She isn t sure if it s cabin fever, loneliness or just plain fate that drew them so magically together. But she does know that falling in love is the easy part. Trusting the future is a different challenge entirely. One of today s quintessential authors of contemporary fiction…
Ms. Delinsky is a joy to read. Romantic Times

A Single Rose

Swept away…
A Caribbean treasure hunt wasn’t Shaye Burke’s usual style, but here she was on a beat up old sloop with no engine. It also meant spending two weeks with the rugged and sexy Noah VanBaar, who watched her like a predator. He challenged and confused her, pitting primal need against her vaunted self control. Shaye was afraid of being swept away by this all consuming passion and she was afraid not to be…

The Dream

Jessica is prepared for the bittersweet challenge of saving her family’s home but she isn’t prepared to add insult to injury by sharing the project with a man she loathed. Yet, Carter Malloy refuses to back away from the job. Rebuilding Crosslyn Rise will offer him more than just an exciting opportunity. It’s a chance to win Jessica’s forgiveness and make amends for the past.

The Dream Unfolds

The Crosslyn Rise Trilogy, Book 2 A New York Times Bestselling Author Gideon Lowe has been hired to develop the once majestic estate of Crosslyn Rise into an elegant condominium community. But he just can’t work with Christine Gillette, one of the country’s top interior designers. They mix like oil and water. But good old fashioned lust can turn even the worst adversaries into lovers.

The Dream Comes True

Book 3 in The Crosslyn Rise Trilogy A New York Times Bestselling Author Nina Stone, real estate agent, knows there’s no limit to what she can do for the secluded complex with her aggressive sales tactics. No limit, that is, except one John Sawyer. An investor in Crosslyn Rise, John refuses to go along with Nina’s far fetched ideas. He’d rather convince her to share in his own.

Lake News (By:Jeanette Olender)

With this powerful story, Barbara Delinsky, the bestselling and acclaimed author of Coast Road and Three Wishes, has written her richest and most exciting novel yet. At its center is Lily Blake, a talented singer who shuns the limelight and cherishes her privacy. Tricked by a devious reporter into unwittingly giving an interview about her friendship with a distinguished churchman a newly appointed Cardinal she finds herself accused of having had an affair with him. Shocked and dismayed, Lily becomes a pariah and suffers the brutal, ultimate violation of her privacy as headlines all across the country proclaim her guilt. Hounded by the press, fired from her job, deprived of all public freedom, Lily has no choice but to flee. She returns in secret to her hometown of Lake Henry, in a remote, beautiful part of New Hampshire. But, idyllic as it may look, Lake Henry, too, has its secrets. Some were the cause of her leaving home in the first place, so returning to her birthplace and her family is not without its own stress and pain. Driven by the need to exact justice and, for herself, some kind of closure from the media that changed her life forever, Lily forms an uneasy alliance with John Kipling, a journalist who was born and raised in Lake Henry’s poorest neighborhood. His successful career as a big city reporter has ended disastrously, and John has come back home to edit the local newspaper, Lake News. At first he sees Lily as a victim, as well as a subject for the book he hopes to write. But soon she becomes someone whose appeal and cause he cannot deny, even at the risk of taking on his former colleagues in her defense. Set against the physical beauty of New Hampshire and against the complex web of family life and relationships in a small town, Lake News moves triumphantly toward a surprising and deeply satisfying conclusion. Barbara Delinsky’s bestselling Three Wishes was praised by Publishers Weekly for its ‘spare, controlled, and poignant prose that evokes the simplicity and joys of small town life.’ Those same qualities are abundant in Lake News, which offers an intimate look at the complex relationship between an enigmatic man and a vulnerable, besieged woman, both struggling to find a new sense of community in a strange place they once called home.

An Accidental Woman

‘New York Times’ bestselling author Barbara Delinsky returns to the town of Lake Henry, New Hampshire, scene of her beloved earlier novel ‘Lake News,’ with an unforgettable story that explores the ways in which we limit our own chances for happiness and the accidents of fate that can set us free. Heather Malone has made her home in Lake Henry for the last fourteen years. Known for her kind, gentle nature, she lives with Micah Smith, a widower, and his two young daughters. When the FBI takes her into custody on charges of flight to avoid prosecution, purportedly for a murder that took place in California, the local reaction is stunned disbelief. Yet, when those closest to her, including Micah, think back over the time they have known her, they realize that they have learned virtually nothing about her earlier life. Poppy Blake is Heather’s closest friend. A lifelong resident of Lake Henry, Poppy is confined to a wheelchair, the result of a snowmobile accident nearly a dozen years prior that left her a paraplegic and killed her male companion. Since then, she has worked hard to rebuild her life. Currently, she runs a local telephone messaging service out of her specially equipped house on Lake Henry. Fiercely independent, Poppy refuses to let her physical limitations break her spirit. However, it is her guilt over past mistakes, more than her present disability, which is holding her back from pursuing a future that includes a husband and family. Writer Griffin Hughes originally traveled to Lake Henry to investigate a national news story involving Lily Blake, Poppy’s older sister. What keeps him coming back is his attraction to Poppy. However, a chance comment made tohis brother, an FBI agent, provides the thread that leads the law to Heather. To redeem himself, Griffin is compelled to solve the mystery of Heather’s past. Along the way, he becomes key to freeing Poppy from her own past and helping her see the possibilities of a richer future. Setting her story against the backdrop of a picturesque New England town during the maple syrup harvesting season, when the harshness of winter yields to the sweet promise of spring, and when the whole town is involved in the race to process the sap before the thaw sets in, Barbara Delinsky has written a tightly knit and compelling story that celebrates the values of community, friendship, and the redemptive power of love.

The Outsider

Living on a tiny island, Summer Van Vorn takes on the role of healer, much as her mother and grandmother did before her, until the arrival of Cameron Divine, a mysterious man of extraordinary ability, intrudes into her peaceful and solitary existence. Reissue.’

Sweet Ember

A classic love story by New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky, back in print for the first time in years and guaranteed to delight her fans, old and new. Stephanie Wright was just 19 the first time she ran, heartbroken and angry, out of Douglas Weston’s life. She and Douglas, a devastatingly handsome tennis camp instructor, shared a summer marked by a gentle love, capped by one night of sensuous passion followed by a terrible, unforgivable betrayal that sent her fleeing. Eight years later, upon her return to the camp, Stephanie must fight the feelings that first drew him to her And now there is Melissa, her beautiful seven year old daughter; who smiles up at her tennis teacher with gray eyes that mirror his own.

Sensuous Burgundy

From New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky comes an emotional battle of wits, will, and passion, first published in 1996. A legal powerhouse, Assistant District Attorney Laura Grandine stares across the aisle at her opponent, Maxwell Kraig, the renowned big city lawyer imported to her small Massachusetts town to act as the defense for the accused. Tough and talented, Laura has always fought hard for every victory, and she knows that she has found a worthy adversary in the skilled and charismatic Kraig, a man whose fiery spirit and need to win match her own. But their intense passions will not be confined to the courtroom as outside, a furious contest rages between them, one that could lead to incomparable joy…
or unbearable heartbreak. Because, beneath her hard exterior, Laura Grandine is a woman who aches to love and be loved. But it must be on her own terms.

Search for a New Dawn

New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky touches the heart and spirit with this charming story, first published in 1982, of a young woman’s search for passion and renewal. No one could have imagined na ve and pampered Rory Matthews in the wilderness of the Yukon Territory least of all Rory herself. But arriving unexpectedly to join her brother on a scientific expedition was Rory’s way of putting her spoiled, rich girl ways behind her. Though she came prepared for the rough challenge of the land, she wasn’t ready for the raw power of nature she discovered in the arms of Eric Clarkson. As majestic and rugged as the land around her, Eric was a man who perplexed her as much as he intrigued her…
a man who infuriated her even as he offered a passionate, fulfilling new beginning to her life.

A Time to Love

New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky demonstrates her incomparable talents for capturing the deepest desires of the human heart in this breathtaking story, first published in 1982, of misunderstanding, fulfillment, and love. It is the ultimate in luxury and privacy a villa nestled amid brilliant sunlight and gently waving palm trees on a secluded Caribbean beach. There Arielle Pasteur hopes to find the solitude she desperately craves. Instead she ends up sharing her sensuous surroundings with a man who sparks memories of a painful past she thought she’d put behind her. Devastatingly handsome fashion photographer Chris Howe seems like an overbearing, egotistical chauvinist. Yet behind the glittering celebrity fa ade lurks a tenderness that begins to soften Arielle’s protective shell. But before she can trust him with her fragile heart, she must learn to trust herself.

An Irresistible Impulse

New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky understands the power of the human heart as few others and she shares that gift in this touching novel of acceptance and fulfillment, first published in 1983. Sitting in a Vermont jury room, Abby Barnes is happy to be empaneled. The trial is a sensational headline grabber, and the thought of being sequestered for a few weeks is appealing. The time away from a relationship that fails to excite her will give her a chance to think…
and to make a long overdue decision. Then she meets fellow juror Ben Wyeth, a witty and charming college professor who shows Abby just what she’s been missing. But although they share grueling days of grisly testimony and long nights of passion, there is a part of Ben that he can never share with Abby, or any woman. Just as the fate of an accused man lies in the balance, so too does Abby’s, as she decides whether what Ben can give is enough…
enough to last her a lifetime.

Fast Courting

Description Journalist Nia Phillip’s latest assignment is to write an in depth feature on the East Coast’s five most eligible bachelors. But her research runs into problems when she meets number five on the list, the head coach of Boston’s professional basketball team. Daniel Strahan, with his deep rooted mistrust of the media, will have nothing to do with the feature, and Nia finds her work cut out for her. Although Daniel refuses her request for an interview, he is instantly drawn to Nia’s quick intelligence and dark beauty. While Nia finds Daniel both alluring and intriguing, she also knows that a man like Daniel who lives and breathes basketball and is constantly on the road is no man for her. But then, love doesn’t always take these things into account…

The Carpenter’s Lady

Shaken by a painful divorce, successful television writer Debra Barry leaves New York for the beautiful countryside of New Hampshire, where she hopes to find peace and solitude to mend her wounded heart. The old house she’s bought, though, needs as much repairing as her own shattered emotions. To make it the home she’s always wanted, she seeks the help of master cerpenter Graham Reid, a compellingly enigmatic man seemingly as hard as granite itself. Hiding from his own bitter past, Graham reluctantly agrees to take the job, not suspecting that his own life is about to be altered as well. As the house begins to come together, he and Debra unexpectedly find themselves laying their own emotional groundwork. Drawn together by desire, can these two wounded lovers find the courage to tear down the walls between them and build on the promise of new love?

Passion and Illusion

New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky captures the magic and truth of love in this delightful tale, first published in 1983, of opposites attracting. A controversial Boston radio talk show host, Monica Grant is a strong, willful, and independent woman. She wants an equally strong man. Someone like the heroes in the romance novels she’s addicted to…
someone like Michael Shaw. A cop with the heart of a poet, Michael is looking for that special someone, too an old fashioned, feminine woman. And for some reason he thinks Monica just might be the one. By turns infuriatingly chauvinistic and irresistibly attractive, Michael demands something from Monica that she doesn’t know if she can give or even wants to. With Michael, can she find the happy ending of her own love story?


New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky shares her special magic in this poignant tale, first published in 1983, of past mistakes and second chances. It’s been eight years since Sara McCray has seen her ex husband, Jeff Parker, after she fled their San Francisco mansion and stifling life controlled by his domineering mother. But the naive young bride has returned a confident woman with her own business. Jeff, too, has changed. Since his mother’s death he’s become his own man, masterfully in control of the family business and estate. When they meet, the strong attraction that brought them together long ago is reawakened. But when Jeff asks Sara to stay, his offer has little to do with romance. Now Sara must decide: Does she dare be just a business partner with a man she’s never stopped loving? Or does she turn her back on what may be her one chance for happiness?

Moment to Moment

New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky delights with a compelling story of chance, fate, and perfect timing, first published in 1998. Russ Ettinger doesn’t know why the delicate young woman he found gasping for breath at the side of the road disappeared so abruptly or even what her name is. What he does know is he must find her again somehow. There has to be a deeper purpose behind his Samaritan act, because never has anyone so powerfully and immediately filled him with such an overwhelming desire to cherish and protect. But Dana Madison is tired of being protected. What she wants is to be respected and loved as the strong, vital, independent woman she has worked so hard to become. And so she flees from a chance first meeting with a considerate stranger, a man who could possibly play a very important role in her future…
and maybe find a permanent place in her heart.

Bronze Mystique

Workaholic author Sasha Blake makes a lucrative living from passion and intrigue even though her life is completely devoid of romance. But when she crashes her motorcycle into designer Doug Donahue’s car, Sasha’s ordered life suddenly begins to resemble one of her own novels. The sparks between Sasha and Doug are real and incredibly intense. And maybe the hero of Sasha’s new novel is starting to resemble Doug. But when strange incidents occur each more threatening than the last Sasha realizes she’s no longer just writing romantic suspense she’s living it!

Finger Prints

New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky displays her deep understanding of the desires and fears that move us all in this poignant story, first published in 1984, of danger, love, and trust. Once upon a time she was Robyn Hart, a journalist who saw too much and wasn’t afraid to expose it. But that courage nearly cost Robyn her life. Under the protection of the Witness Relocation program, she now has a new identity Carly and a new job. But the terror of the past still lingers, and Carly lives in fear that her enemies will find her. Though she tries to wall herself off from the world, one determined man breaks through her defenses successful young attorney Ryan Cornell. And though she yearns to give him her heart, Carly doesn t know if she can. While loving him offers a happiness she thought she’d forever lost, trusting him could cost her everything.

Secret of the Stone

Paige Matheson is reputed to be as beautiful as the alabaster sculptures she creates and just as cold. An intensely private person, she is perfectly happy living by herself, her only passion her work. That is, until drifter Jesse Dallas walks into her life.

Chances Are

Liz Jerome is an expert at public relations. Well, at least in business. When she is hired to do some damage control for a company owned by Donovan Grant, the dividing line between professional and personal suddenly disappears. Donovan catches her off guard with his subtle come ons and his humorous teasing. But being his playmate isn’t on Liz’s agenda. She is determined to block his every move, to resist the sweet confusion he arouses in her. Donovan threatens her safe, isolated world…
making her want things she can never have.

Variation on a Theme

New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky enthralls millions of readers with emotionally powerful stories that vividly demonstrate the heart’s, power to love. Here, first published in 1984, is an unforgettable story of a woman who must discover who she is before she can give herself to the man she loves. Although he’d already heard a great deal about Rachel Busek, nothing prepared Jim Guthrie for the beautiful flutist’s gentle grace. A rough hewn private investigator, Jim is nearly overwhelmed with the urge to love and protect her. And Rachel is both amazed and delighted at the ease with which Jim slips into her life. Yet as quick passion gives way to leisurely love, Rachel finds herself holding back. Troubling pieces of her past remain a mystery even to her, and keep her from trusting her heart. Now, she must either discover the truth about her past or risk losing the first man in her life worth keeping.

Threats And Promises

Certain that someone is trying to kill her, businesswoman Lauren Stevens begins to suspect Matt Kruger, the man who claims to be a close friend of Lauren’s brother. Reissue.

Within Reach

New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky captivates with a magnificent story of loving friendship and desperate acts, first published in 1992. The lovely vacation house on the Maine coast was meant to be a glorious retreat for Danica Lindsay and her husband Blake, a place where they could mend the wounds of a damaged and tired marriage. Instead, she finds herself mostly there alone while Blake’s political star is rapidly rising back in Boston. Were it not for the cherished companionship of her new neighbor, gentle and caring Michael Buchanan, Danica would surely be overcome by loneliness and despair. But a friendship that is strong, uplifting, and real is slowly transforming into something less innocent, more passionate something that could easily be called ‘love.’ For the first time in her life, a chance for true happiness may be in Danica’s reach. But how can she grab onto it when she remains another man’s wife, bound by her marriage vows to a union plagued by doubt and pain…
and by secrets so shocking an entire nation will take notice?

First, Best And Only

A moving tale of love and forgiveness by bestselling author Barbara Delinsky.

When she was just seventeen, Marni Lange loved Brian Webster with a consuming passion. Then a tragic accident tore them apart. Brian’s broken body mended, but he never forgave himself for the accident that killed Marni’s brother. Marni, her world equally shattered, was forced to choose between honoring her powerful, wealthy family…
and the man she loved.

Now, fourteen years later, Marni is a successful businesswoman about to be profiled by a world famous photographer…
Brian Webster. Suddenly they find themselves face to face with the past that has haunted them. As a teenager, Marni couldn’t defy her family. But now she’s a formidable woman in her own right, willing to fight to hold on to what matters most: her family, her legacy and a second chance at love.

Straight from the Heart

Heather Cole had an urgent reason for seeking Robert McCrae. But the renowned heart specialist kept distracting her from her purpose with his marvellous bedside manner. In no time they were dating steadily. Every time Heather saw Rob, she felt more vibrantly alive. His devilish smile, his every touch filled her with a wanton hunger. And soon, his kiss was all the medicine Heather needed.

Cardinal Rules

Rule 1: Never Get Involved.

Corrine Fremont has always lived by this rule. Determined not to become like her irresponsible and selfish parents, Corinne has never dropped her guard in her professional or personal life. She’s all business all the time. That is, until she gets an opportunity too enticing to ignore…

Rule 2: Never Resist Temptation.

Maverick businessman Corey Haraden conducts his love life the same way he does business with enthusiasm. Corinne isn’t like the women he usually dates, but she intrigues him. That’s why he offers her a job she can’t refuse to tempt her…

Rule 3: Rules Are Made to be Broken.

Twilight Whispers

January 2005 Dear Reader, Twilight Whispers was a challenge for me. At the time I wrote it – 1987 – I wanted to push myself as a writer. The result: a book that was longer and more complex than anything I had written before then. In many respects, it is my first mainstream novel. Here is the story of three families: the Warrens and the Whytes, wealthy, powerful, and connected by the marriage of Deborah Warren and Mark Whyte; and the not-so-wealthy Morells – Cassie, the loyal housekeeper for the Warrens, and her daughter, Katia, who grew up with and adores the Warren and Whyte children. The story opens with the funeral of Deborah and Mark, who have been murdered. In the course of his investigation, Robert Cavanaugh, the detective assigned to the case, traces the rise of the families to power and uncovers secrets and scandals aplenty. He also comes to admire – and I hope you will come to love – Jordan Whyte and Katia Morell, whose futures are irrevocably linked. Twilight Whispers is part family saga, part murder mystery, and part love story. Re-reading this book in anticipation of its reissue, I was enthralled by its characters just as strongly as I was when the book was first published so many years ago. It stands the test of time. I highly recommend it! Truly, BARBARA DELINSKY


A New York Times Bestselling Author It wasn’t the best time for Karen to visit her elderly friend. With a burning fever and a broken down car, she shuddered to think what could have happened if Brice hadn’t pulled her from the drifts. As a doctor, his healing instincts took over. But being snowbound with the man who once tried to have her jailed was dangerous territory. Sometimes fate offers the chance to heal, forgive, and understand that things happen for a reason.


Writer Sabrina Stone had married wealthily and unwisely. Her husband’s refusal to love their handicapped son added more strain to an already failing relationship. Yet Sabrina feels a commitment to her marriage one that she has vowed to honor. Then one day, she encounters an investigative reporter named Derek McGill who is writing a story on parents of special children. They speak for only a few minutes, but it is long enough for the two of them to feel a desire that stuns them…
a desire they both assume must remain unfulfilled. Eighteen months later, Sabrina’s husband is divorcing her and Derek McGill is in prison for murder. Following an impulse, Sabrina travels to Derek’s prison to tell him that she believes in his innocence. What started as an act of compassion will turn into a dangerous and passionate test of her courage as she tries to uncover who is responsible for Derek’s conviction. And she will discover the meaning of one of the most important Commitments of all the one a woman makes to herself. The one that will determine the course of her life…
and the fate of the dreams she has for her child.


New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky brings readers a magical tale of unexpected love and perfect Fulfillment.

Diandra Casey and Gregory York are childhood rivals and long term adversaries. With both of them vying for the same powerful position at the posh Casey and York department store, the competition between them has only intensified. So they are shocked to find themselves confined together! for one week in an elegant Boston town house, cataloging and storing a priceless collection of antiques, in an effort to determine who’s best for the job.

Now, away from the pressures of corporate life and alone with each other, their feelings suddenly take unexpected twists and turns. Does the old house hold a surprising fate that they cannot resist? Dare they surrender to the pull of its mystery and the lure of a legend that binds their two families together, a legend too powerful and magnificent to understand…
or deny?

Through My Eyes

Sometimes a single glance changes everything…
Since her husband’s death, Jill Moncreiff has lived alone in a small, coastal Maine town, pursuing her career as an artist. She cherishes her simple, uncomplicated life, surrounded by a few close friends, and she doesn’t want anything to change. But her best friend is in trouble and needs legal advice. And that counsel comes in the form of the best lawyer Jill can find. Peter Hathaway is big city, big name and big money everything Jill rejected years ago. She knows she needs his help, but she isn’t prepared to like him. Nor does she expect to start imagining a new kind of life…
one filled with desire, family and love.

Heart of the Night

Dear Reader, When I think of Heart of the Night, I think of one of the characters in the book, late-night disc jockey Jared Snow. So do many of my readers, if the mail they send me is any indication. It’s his voice – always his voice – there on the radio, as soothing as a massage and twice as sexy. For me, Jared Snow is also a concept, the idea that a single voice on the radio is heard by many different people, with a different effect on each. I wrote Heart of the Night in 1988. I was still writing category romances at the time, but this book is different. In the solving of the kidnapping of a society wife, it has a strong element of mystery. In the relationship between twins Savannah and Susan, it explores the issue of sibling rivalry. And yes, it has a love story, but one that is deeper, stronger, and hotter than I had been allowed by the constraints of the genre. How does Jared Snow fit in? As Savannah and Susan look for the missing woman, the trail they follow leads to one desperate voice, that of an anonymous caller who pours out her heart to a certain radio personality. My writing style has changed since I wrote this book, but the heart and soul of my characters have not. The emotional intensity here is the very same that marks my current work. Please enjoy Heart of the Night as much as I did then -and do now. Warmly, Barbara Delinsky

Montana Man

A single mother…
A terrifying blizzard…
A scorching stranger! Lily Danziger wanted more than the shallow life she’d been living in so called New England society. She wanted more security than money could buy. So she packed up her newborn daughter and headed for a new start until a blizzard stopped them in their tracks and she had to ask a stranger for help, the rugged traveler their one chance for survival. He led them to a temporary refuge, but could he also hold the key to a future Lily has only dreamed of?


Dear Reader, Book titles can stymie an author. Finding the right one is like hitting stride in a long distance race: The sooner you do it, the better the run. Facets was Facets from the opening shot, a natural when the book was first published in 1990 and a natural today. This is a many sided book in several regards. Think of a gem. On one side, there is Hillary Cox, a writer; on another, Pamela St. George, a jewelry designer. On a third, there is Pamela’s brother John, a mining magnate; and on a fourth, Cutter Reid, once a devil may care tourmaline miner, now as sophisticated as John. In setting, Facets ranges far as well, from the glitz of New York to the elitism of Boston to the nitty gritty of the small Maine mining town of Timiny Cove. Likewise personalities: Facets pits the arrogant, self centered John against the newly vengeful Hillary, the creative and sensitive Pamela, and the doggedly self made Cutter. Spanning three decades, Facets is as much a family drama as any I ve ever written. My writing style may have changed since 1990, but the heart and soul of my characters have not. Please enjoy Facets as much as I did then and do now. My thanks and best wishes, Barbara Delinsky

Having Faith

Representing opposing clients in a complicated and messy divorce case, Faith Barry and Sawyer Bell find their long time friendship blossoming into romance, a situation that causes Faith to question everything she ever wanted. Reissue.

A Woman Betrayed

New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky is known for her evocative, emotionally resonant books. Now, for the first time in hardcover, comes her classic novel A Woman Betrayed, a tale with all the hallmarks of her impressive talent. Laura and Jeff Frye have a happy twenty year marriage and two terrific kids. With a successful catering business as well, Laura has everything she could ask for. Then Jeff mysteriously disappears, and Laura’s picture perfect life is shattered. Laura maintains that the Jeff she knew would never leave voluntarily. But what about the Jeff she didn’t know? As her husband’s many secrets come to light, Laura left with a surprising picture of the man she married. Shaken to the core, Laura looks for ways to hold her family together and rebuild her life. What she finds is a strength she never knew she had and a love she thought she had lost forever. With an utterly compelling plot and writing that unerringly goes straight to the essential matters of the heart, this unforgettable story delivers everything that readers have come to love in Barbara Delinsky’s novels.

The Stud

A New York Times Bestselling Author Not something that the president of a large chain of successful department stores is used to asking for and certainly not from her best friend’s older brother. But then, Jenna McCue has never gone looking for ‘Stud’ services before. And yet, when you think about it, is it really such a big favor?

The Passions of Chelsea Kane

After the death of her adoptive mother, thirty six year old Chelsea Kane is consumed by the need to uncover her biological heritage. Taking a break from her successful architecture career, she arrives in the New Hampshire town where she was born, determined to learn the truth, her only clue a tarnished silver key.

One of her first discoveries, however, is something quite unexpected: the irresistibly attractive Judd Street. Buoyed by love and resolution, the determined Chelsea slowly begins to uncover the dark mystery of her past. But as she inches closer to the truth, she realizes that someone is trying to stop her, first by scaring her, then by trying to harm her. The danger escalates until one terrifying night when all secrets are laid bare.

With memorable characters and writing that will stir the hearts and minds of all readers, The Passions of Chelsea Kane is the kind of compelling narrative that has earned Barbara Delinsky an ever widening readership.


From the New York Times bestselling author of More Than Friends comes an emotionally charged novel that reflects upon the consequences of one irrevocable act. In the idyllic small town of Tucker, Vermont, life flows at a rhythmic pace for pediatrician Paige Pfeiffer. But when Mara O’Neill, her best friend and medical partner, inexplicably kills herself, Paige’s comfortable life is Suddenly shattered. Temporarily caring for Mara’s newly adopted baby daughter while she comes to grips with her grief, Paige clings to the hope that, in time, her orderly life will return. What she hadn’t counted on were the unexpected pleasures that often come with change, including the touch of a man who offers Paige things she never thought she wanted. She hadn’t counted on finding the meaning of life in the death of a friend. For everyone who has ever made a choice between what is and what could be, Barbara Delinsky unveils a truly moving gift from the heart that captures one woman’s story and ultimately speaks to us all.

More Than Friends

Friendship, Love and ForgivenessAward winning author Barbara Delinsky creates a spellbinding novel that explores the most powerful emotions within the human heart and soul. The Maxwells and the Popes are two families whose lives are interwoven like the threads of a beautiful, yet ultimately delicate, tapestry: the women were college roommates, their husbands are partners in the same law firm, their kids have grown up next door to each other, and they share both vacations and holidays. But when their idyllic lives are unexpectedly shattered by a moment that can never be erased or forgotten, their faith in each other and in themselves is put to the supreme test. Their story is one that strikes a chord in all of us, embracing as it does the universal passions that life has to offer…
a story only Barbara Delinsky could tell.

For My Daughters

A Barbara Delinsky classic, first published in 1994, For My Daughters is a poignant and unforgettable story of the enduring power of love and the tenacious strength of family from the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author. Estranged sisters Caroline, Annette, and Leah St. Clair have spent their lives trying to escape the legacy of their wealthy, aloof, social climbing mother, Virginia each losing a certain part of herself in the process. Now, on the eve of her seventieth birthday, Virginia has asked them all to help her get settled into her magnificent new estate on the rocky coast of Maine, a request each sister reluctantly agrees to, thinking it may be her mother’s last. But it is Virginia who has something to give to the daughters she neglected in childhood. For amid the glories of a New England summer, three sisters will finally learn the answers to the questions that have troubled them for years…
and new truths that will stay with them forever.

Together Alone

New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky weaves a stunning and intricate tapestry of life, love, and acceptance. With their daughters off to college, the time has come for forever best friends Emily, Kay, and Celeste to redefine themselves as women. Once half of a perfect marriage still suffering from a terrible loss Emily hardly knows her workaholic husband, Doug, anymore, and is drawn instead to what is offered by a new neighbor. A dedicated teacher who loves her job, Kay is confused and troubled by husband John’s unfamiliar demands. And Celeste, long divorced and ecstatic with freedom, sees her electric new life dimmed when her child is endangered. As the three friends struggle to navigate this uncharted territory, they find themselves redefining their dreams, desires, and what it means to each of them to be a woman. But before they can bring about change, they must learn the hardest lesson of all: how to love themselves.

Shades of Grace

Grace Dorian is The Confidante, America’s favorite advice columnist. Her wisdom has helped to guide two generations including her daughter, Francine, and granddaughter, Sophie, who manage the vast Dorian empire and oversee the thousand details of Grace’s world.

But a national treasure is losing her brilliance. Her once razor sharp mind is showing strain; her columns have begun to wander. Concerned about Grace’s health and future, Francine must step in to fill her legendary mother’s shoes and somehow also live her own life which now suddenly includes her confusing feelings for Grace’s handsome doctor and new worries about tempestuous Sophie, who needs more guidance than Grace’s public.

Shades of Grace is a touching and heartfelt story in which love and devotion are put to the ultimate test a classic from New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky.

Three Wishes

When a surprise October blizzard hits Panama, Vermont, blanketing the sleepy little town with several feet of snow, it creates a scene so tranquil no one suspects the tragedy to come, least of all Bree Miller. Slipping and sliding as she walks home from the diner where she works, she barely has time to notice the runaway truck skidding toward her until it is too late. She awakens in the hospital, remembering little of the accident or the hours thereafter, except for a very bright light, a beatific smile, and a mystical nonvoice granting her Three Wishes. Tom Gates is the accident’s only witness. New to town, he is a bestselling author who turned his back on his family for the sake of fortune and fame. Now, rejected by both family and friends, he is in Panama to rethink his life. Bree becomes his cause. For self sufficient, independent Bree, life changes dramatically. Suddenly within her grasp are those things she always wanted most a home, a soul mate, a family. But there is unfinished business the mother who abandoned Bree when she was an infant, the family Tom misses deeply, the child doctors say Bree can never have. And there are still those Three Wishes. But are those wishes real? And if they are, at what price?

A Woman’s Place

Everything Claire Raphael has she’s earned. On her own. The hard way. She built her part time business up from nothing and made it successful through her imagination, creativity, and hard work. She has two great children and Dennis, a husband she loves completely.

Then, one evening, when Claire returns from a difficult business trip, Dennis hands her divorce papers along with a court order to vacate their house. Claire is devastated. She had no idea her marriage was on the brink of disaster, that Dennis had been planning this ambush for weeks, if not months, or that her hectic but happy life was about to come crashing down around her.

Claire doesn’t know where to turn or whom to trust. But in a few short weeks she learns what so many women have had to discover that when the going gets tough, a woman’s as tough as she needs to be.

Coast Road

Coast Road. Where life’s greatest gifts come to us by accident. Barbara Delinsky has always had a gift for creating tales of extraordinary emotional power and depth. Now this New York Times bestselling author of Three Wishes surpas*ses herself once again in a novel that takes readers on a journey as richly textured, colorful, and poignant as the northern California landscape in which the book is set. Rachel Keats and Jack McGill were artists, deeply in love when they married, until the rush of life took its toll. After ten years of marriage, they divorced and went their separate ways. Jack stayed in San Francisco. Rachel moved with their two young daughters to Big Sur. Six years later, an alarming middle of the night phone call demands that Jack put aside his own busy life and career as a leading architect to rush to his ex wife’s hospital bed. While she lies lifeless, Jack maintains a bedside vigil and finds himself getting to know Rachel better than he ever did through their daughters, her friends, and, even more revealingly, through her art. Meanwhile, the beauty and grace of the redwood canyon where she has made their home also work their own special alchemy upon Jack. He begins to see Rachel, his daughters, and the story of his marriage with new eyes. Coast Road celebrates those things in life that matter most the kinship of neighbors, the companionship of friends, and the irreplaceable time spent with children and family. In this masterful new novel, Barbara Delinsky depicts with exquisite accuracy the ties that bind each of us to those people and places we hold most dear.

The Vineyard

In The Vineyard, New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky Lake News, Coast Road, Three Wishes has written her most complex and emotionally rewarding novel: a story of two women, a generation apart, each of whose dream becomes bound with the other’s. To her family, Natalie Seebring is a woman who prizes appearances. She is exquisitely mannered, socially adept, a supportive wife, and head of a successful wine producing enterprise. So when she announces plans to marry a vineyard employee mere months after the death of her husband of fifty eight years, her son and daughter are stunned. Faced with their disapproval, Natalie decides to write a memoir. There is much that her children don’t know about her life about her love of The Vineyard, her role in fighting to build it up, and the sacrifices she made for her family. Olivia Jones is a dreamer, living vicariously through the old photographs she restores. She and her daughter, Tess, have no one but themselves, so they cling to the fantasy that a big, happy family is out there somewhere, just waiting to welcome them home. When Olivia is hired by Natalie to help with her memoir, a summer at Natalie’s beautiful vineyard by the sea seems the perfect opportunity to live out that fantasy an elegant home by the shore, a salary that allows her to hire a tutor for her dyslexic daughter, a job that is creative, hours spent with a woman who has led a charmed life. But all is not as it seems, Olivia and Tess discover when they arrive at Asquonset, The Vineyard in Rhode Island. While welcoming, Natalie is not quite the mothering type, as is quickly evident in the hostility her daughter and son have toward her it’s a hostility that Olivia must buffer. Another dose of stark reality comes in the form of Simon Burke, who runs The Vineyard‘s day to day operation and sees in Olivia and Tess an unwelcome reminder of the wife and daughter he tragically lost. And then there is the cruel reality of Olivia’s own life the mother who never wanted her, and a career that has floundered. Natalie’s story, intended for her own children, enlightens Olivia as well. The lives of these two women of different generations, parallel in so many ways, become, in The Vineyard, a powerful and moving story as the fantasy of an idealized life, complete with perfect romance, crashes headlong into reality.

The Woman Next Door

In ‘The Woman Next Door, New York Times’ bestselling novelist Barbara Delinsky delivers her most engaging novel to date, a story of trust, jealousy, and the struggle to keep love alive. On a charming cul de sac in suburban Connecticut, three close knit couples find their long cherished harmony undone when a lovely, younger neighbor, widowed a year ago and presumably still unattached, becomes pregnant. Who is the father? Could it be one of the husbands? One by one, the couples turn inward, taking stock of their marriages and of the loyalties that perhaps have been taken too much for granted. In each case this close scrutiny reveals a weakness, and for each wife the situation becomes the kind of crisis that forces her to make a decision, one that will result in either the strengthening or the dissolution of her marriage. Filled with suspense, surprises, and the kind of insights into the minds and hearts of her characters that have won Barbara Delinsky a huge and loyal following, ‘The Woman Next Door‘ is an ingenious portrait of suspicion and deception, faith and love.

Flirting with Pete

In Flirting with Pete, bestselling author Barbara Delinsky weaves together two fascinating narratives that merge in a dramatic, highly emotional, and totally unexpected conclusion, as a daughter’s struggle to win the approval of the father she never knew becomes a journey of self discovery. Casey Ellis has arrived at a lonely place in her life. Her mother remains in a comatose state several years after a terrible accident and now her father has died. Although Casey didn’t really know him never met him, in fact she had held out an oblique hope that someday this man, Dr. Cornelius Unger, a celebrated psychologist, might acknowledge her. In an attempt to please him, she even went into his field and became a counselor, to no avail. It comes as a shock, therefore, when she learns that he has left her his beautiful townhouse in Boston’s exclusive Beacon Hill section. She is of half a mind to sell it and use the money to care for her mother, but then she visits the townhouse and finds it enchanting. In fact, any chance she might have had of resisting the house is lost when she falls in love with the hidden garden out back. Sweetening the deal is the maid, a woman close to her age, who cooks and cleans and wants only to please her; and the gardener, a man who is as enigmatic as he is handsome. Yet always in Casey’s mind is the question of why Cornelius Unger chose to acknowledge her in this way. Sensing that he had an ulterior motive, she searches the house and finds the first part of a manuscript that could be a novel, a journal, or a case study of one of her father’s clients. The manuscript tells the harrowing story of a young woman named Jenny who was sexually abused by her father and emotionally abused by her mother. When her mother was murdered, her father was sent to prison. Now, after only six years in jail, he is about to be released, and Jenny knows she has to escape. Her way out appears in the form of a mysterious stranger, a dream of a man named Pete, who shows up on his motorcycle and offers to whisk her away. Convinced the story is true even more, that her father has left this manuscript as a message for her Casey sets out to find the rest of the pages. With the discovery of each additional segment, she learns more about Jenny, about herself, and about Cornelius Unger, who she realizes has planned this journey for her, actually begun the first day she set foot in his house. The manuscript proves to be the key to understanding not only her father’s past but also that of the man she has come to love. Flirting with Pete reaches its climax with a startling twist, one that explores the role of imagination in our everyday lives. Through Jenny’s story, Casey gains insight into her own life as she vacillates between what she wants to be true and what actually is. With unflinching grace, Barbara Delinsky delves into the human psyche as it colors contemporary family life. Flirting with Pete is sure to touch a personal chord with readers and win her even more dedicated fans.

The Summer I Dared

WHAT COMES AFTER THE MOMENT THAT FOREVER CHANGES YOUR LIFE? This is the question that haunts Julia Bechtel, Noah Prine, and Kim Colella, the only survivors of a terrible boating accident off the coast of Maine that claimed the lives of nine other people. Julia, a forty year old wife and mother, has always taken the path of least resistance. Pigeonholed by her controlling family and increasingly distant husband as ‘loyal’ and ‘obedient,’ she realizes in the aftermath of her brush with death that there is more to her and to the world around her than she ever imagined. Feeling strangely connected to Noah, the divorced, brooding lobsterman who helped save her life, and to Kim, a twenty one year old whose role in the accident and subsequent muteness are a mystery, Julia begins to explore the unique possibilities offered by the quiet island of Big Sawyer, Maine. Suddenly, things that once seemed critical lose significance, and things that seemed inconsequential take on a whole new importance. With each passing moment, each new discovery, Julia grows more sure that after coming face to face with death, she must have more from life. Resolving to make things right for the future and drawing on an inner strength she never knew she possessed, Julia passionately awakens to a new world, fearlessly embracing uncertainties in a way she couldn’t have imagined only a few weeks ago. Set in a beautifully rendered island off the coast of Maine, where lobstermen leave with the tides each morning to haul and reset their traps, and neighbors gather each night to feast on the catch of the day, Barbara Delinsky’s The Summer I Dared is a deeply moving story of the risky but rewarding search for self, a story of survival, and of the irrepressible ability of the human spirit to rebound from disaster and to create life anew.

Looking for Peyton Place

For Annie Barnes, going home to Middle River means dealing with truths long hidden, some of which she buried there herself. But it is a journey she knows she must take if she is to put to rest, once and for all, her misgivings about her mother’s recent death. To an outsider, Middle River is a picture perfect New Hampshire town. But Annie grew up there, and she knows all its secrets as did her idol Grace Metalious, author of the infamous novel Peyton Place, which laid a small town’s sexual secrets bare for all the world to see. Though Grace actually lived in a nearby town, the residents of Middle River have always believed she used them as the model for her revolutionary novel, and some even insist Annie’s grandmother was the model for one of Grace’s most scandalous characters. With these rumors and whispers about Peyton Place haunting her childhood, Annie came to identify so closely with the author that it was Grace and her bold rebellion against 1950s conformity that inspired Annie to get out of Middle River and make a life for herself in Washington, D.C. It’s been a good life, too. Annie Barnes is now a bestselling author, reaching that level with only her third novel. Success has given her a confidence she never had as a young girl in Middle River and it has given the residents of that town something new to worry about. When they hear Annie is returning for a lengthy visit, everyone, including Annie’s two sisters, believes she’s coming home to write about them. Though amused by the discomfort she causes in Middle River, Annie has no intention of writing a novel about the town or its people. It is her mother’s death under circumstances that don’t quite add up thathas brought her back, and soon her probing questions start to make people nervous. When she discovers evidence of dangerous pollutants emanating from the local paper mill poisons that she comes to believe contributed to her mother’s fatal illness Annie finds herself at odds with most of the town’s inhabitants, including her sisters, both of whom are seemingly unfazed by the incriminating evidence she uncovers. Because the mill is the town’s main employer, everyone is afraid of what might happen if Annie digs deeper, and their fears soon start to turn ugly. For Annie, though, there is no turning back, as passion and rage propel her forward in a determined quest. Coming face to face with decades of secrets and lies, she knows she must find the strength to move beyond the legacy of Grace Metalious, defying her past to heal the wounds of the town and her own family.

Family Tree

Dana Clarke has always longed for the stability of home and family her own childhood was not an easy one. Now she has married a man she adores who is from a prominent New England family, and she is about to give birth to their first child. But what should be the happiest day of her life becomes the day her world falls apart. Her daughter is born beautiful and healthy, but no one can help noticing the African American traits in her appearance. Dana’s husband, to her great shock and dismay, begins to worry that people will think Dana has had an affair.
The only way to repair the damage done is for Dana to track down the father she never knew and to explore the possibility of African American lineage in his family history. Dana s determination to discover the truth becomes a poignant journey back through her past and her husband s heritage that unearths secrets rooted in prejudice and fear.
Barbara Delinsky s Family Tree is an utterly unforgettable novel that asks penetrating questions about race, family, and the choices people make in times of crisis choices that have profound consequences that can last for generations.

The Secret Between Us

Nothing will break this mother daughter bond. Not even the truth. Deborah Monroe and her daughter, Grace, are driving home from a party when their car hits a man running in the dark. Grace was at the wheel, but Deborah sends her home before the police arrive, determined to shoulder the blame for the accident. Her decision then turns into a deception that takes on a life of its own and threatens the special bond between mother and daughter. The Secret Between Us is an unforgettable story about making bad choices for the right reasons and the terrible consequences of a lie gone wrong. Once again, Barbara Delinksy has delivered a riveting study of family and a superbly crafted novel, perfectly targeted to reading groups and fans of provocative fiction. From the Paperback edition.

While My Sister Sleeps

Following the success of The Secret Between Us, a book the Boston Globe hailed as one of her best, Barbara Delinsky returns with another moving and deeply satisfying novel, this one about the unique and emotionally complex world of siblings. Molly and Robin Snow are sisters, and like all sisters they share a deep bond that sustains them through good times and bad. Their careers are flourishing Molly is a horticulturist and Robin is a world class runner and they are in the prime of their lives. So when Molly receives the news that Robin has suffered a massive heart attack, she couldn t be more shocked. At the hospital, the Snow family receives a grim prognosis: Robin may never regain consciousness. As Robin’s parents and siblings struggle to cope, the complex nature of their relationship is put to the ultimate test. Molly has always lived in Robin s shadow and her feelings for her have run the gamut, from love to resentment and back. The last time they spoke, they argued. But now there is so much more at stake. Molly s parents fold under the devastating circumstances, and her brother retreats into the cool reserve that is shattering his own family. It s up to Molly to make the tough decisions, and she soon makes discoveries that destroy some of her most cherished beliefs about the sister she thought she knew. Once again New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky brings us a masterful family portrait, filled with thought provoking ideas about the nature of life itself, how emotions affect the decisions we make, and how letting go can be the hardest thing to do and the greatest expression of love all at the same time.

Not My Daughter

A pregnancy pact between three teenaged girls puts their mothers’ love to the ultimate test in this explosive new novel from Barbara Delinsky, a first rate storyteller who creates characters as familiar as your neighbors. Boston Globe When Susan Tate’s seventeen year old daughter, Lily, announces she is pregnant, Susan is stunned. A single mother, she has struggled to do everything right. She sees the pregnancy as an unimaginable tragedy for both Lily and herself. Then comes word of two more pregnancies among high school juniors who happen to be Lily’s best friends and the town turns to talk of a pact. As fingers start pointing, the most ardent criticism is directed at Susan. As principal of the high school, she has always been held up as a role model of hard work and core values. Now her detractors accuse her of being a lax mother, perhaps not worthy of the job of shepherding impressionable students. As Susan struggles with the implications of her daughter’s pregnancy, her job, financial independence, and long fought for dreams are all at risk. The emotional ties between mothers and daughters are stretched to breaking in this emotionally wrenching story of love and forgiveness. Once again, Barbara Delinsky has given us a powerful novel, one that asks a central question: What does it take to be a good mother?From the Hardcover edition.


In her luminous new novel, Barbara Delinsky explores every woman’s desire to abandon the endless obligations of work and marriage and the idea that the most passionate romance can be found with the person you know best. Emily Aulenbach is thirty, a lawyer married to a lawyer, working in Manhattan. An idealist, she had once dreamed of representing victims of corporate abuse, but she spends her days in a cubicle talking on the phone with vic tims of tainted bottled water and she is on the bottler s side. And it isn t only work. It s her sister, her friends, even her husband, Tim, with whom she doesn t connect the way she used to. She doesn t connect to much in her life, period, with the exception of three things her computer, her BlackBerry, and her watch. Acting on impulse, Emily leaves work early one day, goes home, packs her bag, and takes off. Groping toward the future, uncharacteristically following her gut rather than her mind, she heads north toward a New Hampshire town tucked between mountains. She knows this town. During her college years, she spent a watershed summer here. Painful as it is to return, she knows that if she is to right her life, she has to start here. From the Hardcover edition.

Uplift: Secrets from the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Survivors

Bestselling author Barbara Delinsky, whose life has been shaped by her mother’s breast cancer as well as her own, has created the book she wished had existed when she went through her treatment. ‘Uplift is a one of a kind collection of anecdotes and advice, told in the words of everyday women of all ages who are part of the ever growing sisterhood of breast cancer survivors. You won’t find medical advice or technical matters discussed here. But you ‘will find all the little things that only someone who’s been there can tell you about. What kind of deodorant can I use during radiation? Are there certain foods that really satisfy on treatment days? How do I address my surgery with my coworkers? Is it really okay to lean on my friends? How can I still feel feminine? Is there romance after breast cancer? What can I do to feel more in control of my body and my life?But ‘Uplift isn’t only for those with breast cancer. Friends and family can read it to find out what they can best do to help. And men? ‘Uplift contains quotes from them, too. They share what worked best and how they felt as they helped the women in their lives through it all. Practical, warm, funny, reassuring, supportive, personal…
the insights by the contributors to ‘Uplift reveal how they faced their fears and came through their ordeal ready to get on with life and love, career and family and how you can too. If there is one book you’ll want to keep close at hand as a nightstand support group, ‘Uplift is it.

Does a Lobsterman Wear Pants?

While researching background on the lives of Maine lobster fishermen’s families for her recent novel The Summer I Dared, best selling novelist Barbara Delinsky was captivated by all the interesting, amusing, and surprising information she turned up. She collected much of it in this little book, arranged in an entertaining question and answer format. She will be donating her proceeds to the Barbara Delinsky Charitable Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.

Family Passions

The Family Way by Jayne Ann Krentz Expecting a baby was supposed to be the most incredible thing in her life, but for Pru Kenyon, it was bittersweet. Her relationship with live in love Case McCord was both exciting and satisfying. But she knew Case wasn’t willing to take it to the next level of commitment. So she did the only thing she could…
She walked away from the love of her life. ‘Jayne Ann Krentz entertains to the hilt.’ Catherine Coulter The Stud by Barbara Delinsky Jenna McCue had never gone looking for ‘stud’ services before. But since Spencer Smith was a professional adventurer, he might look on this favor as just another adventure to notch on his belt. Only a few minutes for a routine clinical procedure. But Spencer had other ideas. If he agreed to father a baby, it would be the old fashioned way. Now that was an adventure! ‘An excellent storyteller.’ Publishers Weekly Presumed Guilty by Tess Gerritsen Miranda Wood had been accused of murdering her ex lover. She had a motive and the opportunity. So she was shocked to learn she’d been released on bail. Would she have time to clear her name, or was someone manipulating her into the secret world of a murdered man, where everybody’s presumed guilty? ‘Gerritsen’s romances are thrillers from beginning to end.’ Portland Press Herald

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