B J Oliphant Books In Order

Shirley McClintock Books In Order

  1. Dead in the Scrub (1990)
  2. The Unexpected Corpse (1990)
  3. Deservedly Dead (1992)
  4. Death and the Delinquent (1992)
  5. Death Served Up Cold (1994)
  6. A Ceremonial Death (1995)
  7. Here’s to the Newly Dead (1997)

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B J Oliphant Books Overview

Dead in the Scrub

Struggling to put a wounded deer out of its misery, intrepid rancher Shirley McClintock stumbles over a human skeleton half buried in autumn leaves. Then she discovers a second murder, accomplished with the same arrow that had pierced the body of the deer. The crimes are apparently unrelated, but McClintock catches the same rotten stench in both. Only proof is lacking, but that, when she finds it, cannot be used. Not without putting the person nearest her heart into mortal danger.

Deservedly Dead

The new owner of the Jewell place has drained the wetlands, poisoned the scrub, and destroyed the wildlife. Neighbor Shirley McClintock is just about ready to kill. So when someone does kill the ruthless greenhorn easterner, Shirley is the prize suspect. But she wasn’t the only one to bear the deceased a grudge. There is a wealth of suspects and Shirley better narrow them down fast, before she takes the rap herself!

Death Served Up Cold

When a mysterious guest dies at Shirley McClintock’s Santa Fe guest house, the other guests are blissfully unconcerned. The crazy lady in Ditch House goes her crazy way; her drunken companion continues to drink; and the middle aged pair continue to enjoy the gentle landscape. But Shirley senses something wicked just around the corner. Like cold blooded murder. And a terrifying evil coming closer and closer to her peaceful abode…

A Ceremonial Death

Shadow Dancer Was Readying Her Hogan For A Healing Ceremony and Her Own Terrible Death…
. And the beautiful cosmic healer, nee Bridget McCree, had not been dead long when her neighbor Shirley McClintock found her viciously mutilated body. Was the murder the work of extraterrestrials, as recent cattle mutilations in the Santa Fe area are believed to be? Shirley’s investigation into Shadow Dancer’s torrid romances and tangled family affairs suggests more traditional motivations: greed, lust, and envy. So after a second sordid killing and sly rumors that Shirley and her family are somehow involved in both crimes, she goes on the warpath: straight toward the unexpected truth and a head on confrontation with Shadow Dancer’s murderous last client…

Here’s to the Newly Dead

WHEN MURDER PAYS A VISIT, THE HONEYMOON IS OVER. They were scarcely more than children, these lovebirds lying dead in a New Mexico canyon. Shirley McClintock, owner of the Santa Fe guest ranch where they were staying, is baffled by the tragedy. Especially when almost everything about the couple turns out to be false, except the thousand dollar bills they spent so lavishly. Who were these mysterious newlyweds, and why are so many people looking for them? Shirley finds out the hard way after more murder and the resurrection of an excruciating tragedy from her own past…
.’Shirley’s a winner, and so is Ms. Oliphant.’ The New York Times Book Review

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