Avram Davidson Books In Order

Vergil Magus Books In Order

  1. The Phoenix and the Mirror (1966)
  2. Vergil in Averno (1986)
  3. The Scarlet Fig (2005)

Kar-Chee Books In Order

  1. The Kar-Chee Reign (1966)
  2. Rogue Dragon (1966)

Doctor Eszterhazy Books In Order

  1. The Adventures of Doctor Eszterhazy (1969)
  2. The Enquiries of Doctor Eszterhazy (1975)

Peregrine Books In Order

  1. Peregrine: Primus (1971)
  2. Peregrine: Secundus (1981)


  1. Joyleg (1962)
  2. And on the Eighth Day (1964)
  3. Mutiny in Space (1964)
  4. The Fourth Side of the Triangle (1965)
  5. Masters of the Maze (1965)
  6. Rork! (1965)
  7. Clash of the Star-Kings (1966)
  8. The Enemy of My Enemy (1966)
  9. The Island Under the Earth (1969)
  10. Ursus of Ultima Thule (1973)
  11. Marco Polo and the Sleeping Beauty (1988)
  12. The Boss in the Wall (1998)


  1. Rocannon’s World / The Kar-Chee Reign (1966)


  1. Or All the Seas with Oysters (1962)
  2. Strange Seas and Shores (1971)
  3. Investigations of Avram Davidson (1972)
  4. The Redward Edward Papers (1978)
  5. The Best of Avram Davidson (1979)
  6. Collected Fantasies (1982)
  7. The Avram Davidson Treasury (1990)
  8. The Other Nineteenth Century (2001)
  9. Limekiller! (2003)
  10. Devil’s Ways (2020)


  1. King’s Evil (2014)

Anthologies edited

  1. Magic for Sale (1983)
  2. Adventures in Unhistory (1991)

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Avram Davidson Books Overview

Rogue Dragon

Rogue Dragon is the latest addition to the growing New Classics of the Fantastic library, a series dedicated to bringing great Sci fi stories to a new generation of readers. Jon Joras came to Earth to oversee arrangements for a dragon hunt to amuse his king. The dragons, brought to Earth centuries earlier as pets of an alien race, were powerful but slow witted until now! Now, Jon Joras finds himself caught in the middle of an uprising that could shake the powers of the galaxy! Featuring an Introduction by Harlan Ellison, Avram Davidson’s classic, Rogue Dragon, is reprised in this attractive package.

And on the Eighth Day

MysteryLarge Print EditionIts April 1944 and Ellery Queen has been working for the military making films in Hollywood. Driving through Death Valley on his way home, his car breaks down. Stumbling over a rise in the desert, he encounters an odd man who seems to come from an earlier time, and is welcomed into his community as a sort of prophet. Queen must root out a growing corruption while operating within the limits of an alien world and comes to the realization that evil can invade the most guarded of peoples hearts and societies.

Mutiny in Space

Mutiny in Space began as a novella entitled ‘Valentine’s Planet,’ which appeared in the August 1964 issue of Worlds of Tomorrow. ‘To space opera of the time, the character of the captain was as important as that of the king was to Shakespeare. He the captain was always a ‘he,’ even when the author was female was the model and exemplar for society, the man with the right stuff, he who made the tough decisions and enforced discipline?

Clash of the Star-Kings

Set during the reign of the Aztecs in Mexico, two alien forces, dormant for centuries, enter a confrontation on a remote mountain that will decide Earth’s fate. The Great Old Ones benevolently ruled before the cruel Aztecs were shaped by the Huitzil, who came from the Evil Stars and taught the Aztecs how to conquer and demanded endless human sacrifice.

The Enemy of My Enemy

Jerrod Northi, pirate and rogue, is desperate for the Craftsman to transform his appearance. It costs 100,000 units, steep for even Northi to pay, but because of his powerful enemies he’ll find a way. Since being attacked by deadly leeris, he knows the cost of missing this opportunity for refuge in Tarnis may cost his life.

The Avram Davidson Treasury

Avram Davidson was one of the great original American writers of this century. He was erudite, cranky, Jewish, wildly creative, and sold most of his wonderful stories to pulp magazines. They are wonderful. Now his estate and his friends have brought together a definitive collection of his finest work, each story introduced by an SF luminary: writers like Ursula K. Le Guin, William Gibson, Poul Anderson, Gene Wolfe, Guy Davenport, Peter S. Beagle, Gregory Benford, Thomas M. Disch, and dozens of others. This is a volume every lover of fantasy will need to own.

The Other Nineteenth Century

Avram Davidson, who died in 1993, was widely regarded as one of the most outstanding authors of short fantasy fiction of our time. The Other Nineteenth Centuryfocuses on his distinctive historical fantasies, tales of strange Mitteleuropas, of magic in Victorian England and on the American frontier. Witty, whimsical, dark and strange, these tales of times and places that almost were, will leave even the most jaded readers amazed. No one has ever written like Avram Davidson, before or since.

Adventures in Unhistory

Where did Sinbad Sail?
Who Fired the Phoenix?
The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
The Great Rough Beast
Postscript on Prester John
The Secret of Hyperborea
What Gave All Those Mammoths Cold Feet?

And many more fictional? authoritative? fantastic? deadpan? investigations into the real, the true and the things that should be true


Although the wombat is real and the dragon is not, nobody knows what a wombat looks like and everyone knows what a dragon looks like.

Not a novel, not a book of short stories, Adventures in Unhistory is a book of the fantastic a compendium of magisterial examinations of Mermaids, Mandrakes, and Mammoths; Dragons, Werewolves, and Unicorns; the Phoenix and the Roc; about places such as Sicily, Siberia, and the Moon; about heroic, sinister, and legendary persons such as Sindbad, and Aleister Crowley, and Prester John; and revealed at last the Secret of Hyperborea.

The facts are here, the foundations behind rumors, legends, and the imaginations of generations of tale spinners. But far from being dry recitals, these meditations, or lectures, or deadpan prose performances are as lively, as crazily inventive, as witty as the best fiction of the author, a writer praised by Gardner Dozois as one of the great short story writers of our times.

Who, on the subject of Dragons, could write coldly, dispassionately, guided only by logic? Certainly not Avram Davidson. Certain facts, these facts, deserve more than recitation; they deserve flourish, verve, gusto, style the late, great Avram Davidson’s unique voice. That prose which, in the words of Peter S. Beagle s Preface to this volume, cries out to be read aloud.

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