Avery Stone Books In Order

Avery Stone is the new pen name of USA Bestselling Author Avery Song, in Dark Paranormal Romance. She is a new author who writes dark, steamy, suspenseful stories. She lives in New York City and graduated from Amherst College.

She has multiple bestselling series and aims to broaden her storytelling. Her books are filled with interesting characters and dynamic storylines. She is known for creating sassy, powerful hero*ines and detailed worlds. Her novels are addictive and provide adventure and romance.

All her works are M/F romances. Avery’s creations are catered to fans of Paranormal Romance, Dark Urban Fantasy, YA Adult Fantasy, and New Adult Academy Romances.

Avery Stone is a Brooklyn-based writer and culture journalist whose work has appeared in outlets like ELLE, The Cut, Billboard, GQ, VICE, Refinery29, DEPARTURES, Travel + Leisure, USA TODAY Sports, HuffPost, PAPER, and more. In her writing, Stone explores the intersections of culture and identity, often from a personal perspective.

Avery Stone is an author of highly-rated series of books, including The Rise of the Howling Shadowborns and Shattered Destiny of Alexandra Wolf novels. Her latest work is Demon Valley Marked: A Dark Paranormal Shifter Romance which was published in 2022. Stone’s books typically feature suspense, shapeshifters, urban fantasy and vampires tropes.

Rise of the Howling Shadowborns Books In Order

  1. Shifter Syndicate (2021)
  2. Shifter Shadowborns (2022)

Tainted Demons of Shifters Syndicate Books In Order

  1. Shadow Unleashed (2021)
  2. Shadow Untamed (2022)

Shattered Destiny of Alexandra Wolf Books In Order

  1. Rejected Queen (2021)
  2. Rejected Gambit (2021)
  3. Rejected King (2022)

Outcast Hollows Books In Order

  1. Marked By Rejection (2021)
  2. Marked By Salvation (2022)

Pretty Little Monster Trilogy Books In Order

  1. Demon Valley Pack (2021)
  2. Demon Valley Marked (2022)

Demon Court of Nightmares Books In Order

  1. Crowned Monster (2022)

Rise of the Howling Shadowborns Book Covers

Tainted Demons of Shifters Syndicate Book Covers

Shattered Destiny of Alexandra Wolf Book Covers

Outcast Hollows Book Covers

Pretty Little Monster Trilogy Book Covers

Demon Court of Nightmares Book Covers

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