August Derleth Books In Order

Judge Peck Books In Order

Sac Prairie Books In Order

  1. Evening in Spring (1941)
  2. Village Year (1941)
  3. Village Daybook (1947)

Wisconsin Books In Order

  1. Bright Journey (1940)
  2. The House on the Mound (1958)
  3. The Hills Stand Watch (1960)
  4. The Wind Leans West (1969)

Solar Pons Books In Order

  1. The Adventures of Solar Pons (1945)
  2. The Memoirs of Solar Pons (1951)
  3. The Return of Solar Pons (1958)
  4. The Reminiscences of Solar Pons (1961)
  5. The Casebook of Solar Pons (1965)
  6. Mr Fairlie’s Final Journey (1968)
  7. The Chronicles of Solar Pons (1973)


  1. Father Marquette and the Great Rivers (1955)
  2. Walden West (1961)
  3. The Beast in Holger’s Woods (1968)
  4. The Milwaukee Road (1969)
  5. Saint Ignatius and the Company of Jesus (1999)


  1. Someone in the Dark (1941)
  2. The Lurker at the Threshold (1945)
  3. The Survivor (1957)
  4. The Mask of Cthulhu (1958)
  5. The Trail of Cthulhu (1962)
  6. The Shuttered Room (1968)
  7. The Watchers Out of Time (1974)
  8. Harrigan’s File (1975)
  9. Dwellers in Darkness (1976)
  10. Quest for Cthulhu (1981)
  11. An August Derleth Reader (1992)
  12. Horror Gems, Volume Three (2012)

Anthologies edited

  1. Time to Come (1954)
  2. When Evil Wakes (1963)
  3. Over the Edge (1964)
  4. Sleep No More (1964)
  5. Travellers by Night (1967)
  6. Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos Volume 2 (1969)
  7. Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos Volume 1 (1969)
  8. The Horror in the Museum (1970)
  9. Dark Things (1971)
  10. New Horizons (1990)

Non fiction

  1. The Wisconsin (1942)
  2. St Ignatius and the Company of Jesus (1956)
  3. Concord Rebel (1962)
  4. Three Literary Men (1963)
  5. Emerson, Our Contemporary (1970)
  6. Thirty Years of Arkham House (1970)
  7. Writing Fiction (1971)
  8. The Letters to Arkham (2014)

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August Derleth Books Overview

The Return of Solar Pons

Only Watson himself could distinguish between the footsteps of Pons or Holmes. If you’ve not yet joined the chase, you are about to discover new joy in a tradition that, alas, has disappeared. Come, the game is afoot!

Father Marquette and the Great Rivers

A biography of the French Catholic priest who arrived in Canada in 1666 to serve as a missionary, and became part of the first group of white men to travel down the Mississippi River and back.

Walden West

Among the state’s most luminous assets is August Derleth, the internationally famous author of more than 150 books, many celebrating the Midwest and its people. Walden West, reissued here for the first time since its original publication in 1961, is considered by many to be Derleth s masterpiece. Derleth was a chronicler with his ear uniquely attuned to this northern region. In his Sac Prairie Saga, of which Walden West is the crowning volume, he captures the essences of midwestern village life with his distinctive combination of narrative and prose poetry. The book is a seamless series of anecdotes, meditations, character sketches, evocations of the landscape, and celebrations of its human and animal life. In sections such as The choir of the frogs, and Oh, the smell of the grass, and Mrs. Opal Kralz we meet, in all their small town particularity, rich symbols of America s rural origins and experience. In other sections The voices of the wind are endless in their variety and If there is one winter voice informed with wildness we are treated to the music of the land. And in others still Millie Pohlmann, Old Mrs. Block, The Buchenau Women we sample the inimitable melody the people bring to their places. In all cases it is a feast. Derleth himself called Walden West an exposition on three related themes: on the persistence of memory; on the sounds and odors of the country; of Thoreau the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. But one also comes away from these pages with a sense of the comedy and lyricism of the American rural experience, of the rootedness of its people to their land, and of the miraculous, teeming variety of the land itself. It is a gift to us all that the book is now available again.

The Milwaukee Road

From its incorporation in 1847 in Wisconsin Territory to its first run in 1851 twenty miles between Milwaukee and Waukesha to its later position of far flung power, the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul &Pacific Railroad Company had a vivid history. By 1948, The Milwaukee Road had more than 40,000 employees and maintained more than 10,000 miles of line in twelve states from Indiana to Washington. Also in 1948, August Derleth’s popular and well crafted corporate history celebrated the strength and status of this mighty carrier. On February 19, 1985, the railroad became a subsidiary of Soo Line Corporation and its identity vanished overnight. Nonetheless, it remains a romantic memory, and Derleth’s book remains the only complete history of this innovative and dynamic railroad.

Saint Ignatius and the Company of Jesus

This Vision book for youth 9 15 years old tells the exciting, dramatic story of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the order he founded, the Society of Jesus. As a young man, Ignatius had dreams of an adventurous life as a soldier. His dreams, however, did not come true the way he had hoped. Seriously wounded in battle, the soldier Ignatius had a profound conversion to Christ during his period of healing and recovery. He abandoned a promising career in the military and dedicated the rest of his life to the service of Christ and the Church. This book tells of his starting one of the most influential orders in the church, and gives a graphic account of his adventures his many encounters with popes, kings and emperors and the great work the Jesuits did in spreading the Gospel. Illustrated. Recommended in Seton Home Study Grade 4 Author: August Derleth Ages: 9 15 Format: 166 pages, paperback Publisher: Ignatius ISBN: 0 89870 722 6

The Lurker at the Threshold

He is not to open the door which leads to the strange time and place, nor to invite Him Who lurks at the threshold…
‘ went the warning in the old family manuscript that Ambrose Dewart discovered when he returned to his ancestral home in the deep woods of rural Massachusetts. Dewart’s investigations into his family’s sinister past eventually lead to the unspeakable revelations of The Great Old Ones who wait on the boundaries of space and time for someone to summon them to earth. Acclaimed cult horror writer H. P. Lovecraft’s notes and outlines for this tale of uncanny terror were completed by August Derleth, his friend and future publisher. Of the many Lovecraft Derleth ‘posthumous collaborations,’ The Lurker at the Threshold remains the most popular, having sold 50,000 copies in its previous edition alone.

The Trail of Cthulhu

No one but August Derleth could continue the Cthulhu Mythos cycle after the death of its creator, his friend H.P. Lovecraft. In a comprehensive fusion of Lovecraft’s fearful myth pattern, Dr. Laban Shrewsbury pursues his arcane investigations into the unspeakable secrets of the Ancient Ones to the drowned city of R’lyeh, where the ancient god Cthulhu waits dreaming.

The Watchers Out of Time

Venture at your own risk into a realm where the sun sinks into oblivion and all that is unholy, unearthly, and unspeakable rises. These rare, hard to find collaborations of cosmic terror are back in print, including Wentworth’s Day A fellow figures his debt to a dead man is null and void, until he discovers just how terrifying interest rates can be. The Shuttered Room A sophisticated gentleman must settle his grandfather s estate, only to find that the house shelters dark secrets. The Dark Brotherhood A beautiful woman and her companion meet the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, in a tale as terrifying as anything Poe himself ever created. Innsmouth Clay A sculptor returns from Paris to create a statue not entirely of this world and not at all under his control. Witches Hollow A new schoolteacher puts his soul in peril while trying to save one of his students from a ravenous creature.

Quest for Cthulhu

Brilliantly imagined by the late H. P. Lovecraft, the mythical cycle of Cthulhu is expanded and enriched in this one volume edition of tales that only August Derleth, Lovecraft’s friend and collaborator, could have produced. With the marvelously inventive novel The Trail of Cthulhu and the six remarkable stories of mythic horror included in The Mask of Cthulhu, Derleth maps the strange destinies intertwined in the quest for the ancient god Cthulhu. Under the spell of Lovecraft’s imagination, Derleth weaves new horrors like the hideous eldritch deity Yog Sothoth lurking in the New England wood of ‘The Whippoorwills in the Hills’ and the bodiless Lloigor who breaks an occult contract to terrifying effect in ‘The Sandwin Compact.’ And in ‘The Seal of R’lyeh,’ the dreadful link between the Massachusetts town of Innsmouth and the servants of the formidable Cthulhu is coded. With narrative threads from Lovecraft’s lore and some chilling mythic strands of its own, The Trail of Cthulhu tracks Dr. Laban Shrewsbury as he investigates the unspeakable secrets of the Ancient Ones. Terror mounts as he journeys from Massachusetts and halfway around an occult world to arrive finally at the drowned city of R’lyeh, where Cthulhu waits dreaming.

The Horror in the Museum

H. P. Lovecraft has yet to be surpassed as the twentieth century’s greatest practitioner of the classic horror tale. Stephen King Lovecraft s fiction is one of the cornerstones of modern horror. Clive BarkerSome tales in this collection were inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, others he revised, two he co authored but all bear the mark of the master of primordial terror. The Horror in the Museum Locked up for the night, a man will discover the difference between waxen grotesqueries and the real thing. The Electric Executioner Aboard a train, a traveler must match wits with a murderous madman. The Trap This mirror wants a great deal more than your reflection. The Ghost Eater In an ancient woodland, the past comes to life with a bone crunching vengeance. AND TWENTY MORE STORIES OF UNSPEAKABLE EVIL

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