Arlene James Books In Order

This Side of Heaven Books In Order

  1. The Perfect Wedding (1993)
  2. An Old-Fashioned Love (1993)
  3. A Wife Worth Waiting for (1993)
  4. The Rogue Who Came to Stay (1995)

Everyday Miracles Books In Order

  1. With Baby in Mind (1994)

Richest Gals in Texas Books In Order

  1. Fortune Finds Florist (2012)
  2. Tycoon Meets Texan! (2004)
  3. Beautician Gets Million-Dollar Tip! (2003)

Eden, OK Books In Order

  1. His Small-Town Girl (2008)
  2. Her Small-Town Hero (2008)
  3. Their Small-Town Love (2009)

Chatam House Books In Order

  1. Anna Meets Her Match (2009)
  2. A Match Made in Texas (2010)
  3. Baby Makes a Match (2010)
  4. An Unlikely Match (2011)
  5. Second Chance Match (2012)
  6. Building a Perfect Match (2012)
  7. His Ideal Match (2013)
  8. The Bachelor Meets His Match (2014)
  9. The Doctor’s Perfect Match (2015)

Hobby Run Book Books In Order

  1. A Familiar Love Song (2015)
  2. A Hero’s Love Song (2015)
  3. The Healer’s Love Song (2015)
  4. Honor’s Love Song (2017)
  5. Fidelity’s Love Song (2019)
  6. A Courageous Love Song (2020)
  7. A Love Song in Quarantine (2020)
  8. The Liar’s Love Song (2021)
  9. A Forbidden Love Song (2021)

Prodigal Ranch Books In Order

  1. The Rancher’s Homecoming (2016)
  2. Her Single Dad Hero (2017)
  3. Her Cowboy Boss (2017)

Three Brothers Ranch Books In Order

  1. The Rancher’s Answered Prayer (2018)
  2. Rancher to the Rescue (2019)
  3. Winning the Rancher’s Heart (2019)


  1. City Girl (1982)
  2. No Easy Conquest (1983)
  3. Two of a Kind (1983)
  4. A Meeting of Hearts (1984)
  5. Proud Spirit (1984)
  6. A Wish for Always (1984)
  7. Partners for Life (1984)
  8. No Stranger to Love (1985)
  9. An Obvious Virtue (1985)
  10. Now or Never (1985)
  11. Reason Enough (1986)
  12. The Right Moves (1986)
  13. Strange Bedfellows (1986)
  14. The Private Garden (1987)
  15. The Boy Next Door (1987)
  16. A Delicate Balance (1988)
  17. Under A Desert Sky (1988)
  18. The Discerning Heart (1988)
  19. Dream of a Lifetime (1989)
  20. Finally Home (1989)
  21. Family Man (1990)
  22. A Perfect Gentleman (1990)
  23. A Man of His Word (1990)
  24. A Rumor of Love (1991)
  25. Tough Guy (1991)
  26. Gold Digger (1991)
  27. Palace City Prince (1992)
  28. Husband in the Making (1992)
  29. Marrying an Older Man (1999)
  30. In Want of a Wife (2000)
  31. So Dear to My Heart (2001)
  32. Her Secret Affair (2001)
  33. The Man with the Money (2002)
  34. His Private Nurse (2002)
  35. The Right Man? (2004)
  36. The Heart’s Voice (2004)
  37. To Heal a Heart (2004)
  38. Deck The Halls (2005)
  39. Family to Share (2005)
  40. A Love So Strong (2006)
  41. When Love Comes Home (2006)


  1. Fortune Finds Florist / Virgin’s Makeover (2004)
  2. Detective Daddy / Tycoon Meets Texan! (2004)
  3. A Mother’s Gift (2010)
  4. The Tycoon’s Desire (2010)
  5. The Heart’s Voice / A Family to Share (2011)
  6. A Love So Strong / When Love Comes Home (2012)
  7. Love Inspired January 2014 – Bundle 1 of 2 (2014)
  8. Love Inspired December 2014 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2014)
  9. Love Inspired July 2015 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2015)
  10. Yuletide Cowboys (2015)
  11. Harlequin Love Inspired September 2016 – Box Set 2 of 2 (2016)
  12. Harlequin Love Inspired March 2017-Box Set 1 of 2 (2017)
  13. Harlequin Love Inspired July 2017-Box Set 1 of 2 (2017)
  14. Christmas on the Ranch (2017)
  15. Deck the Halls / Upon a Midnight Clear (2017)
  16. Harlequin Love Inspired October 2018 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2018)
  17. Harlequin Love Inspired March 2019 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2019)
  18. Harlequin Love Inspired June 2019 – Box Set 2 of 2 (2019)
  19. Falling for the Rancher / Her Single Dad Hero (2019)
  20. Her Rodeo Cowboy / The Rancher’s Answered Prayer (2020)
  21. Rancher to the Rescue / A Cowboy in Shepherd’s Crossing (2021)
  22. Deck the Halls / His Christmas Bride (2021)


  1. Called to Love (2013)

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Arlene James Books Overview

The Perfect Wedding

Cowboy Rod Corley has lost his faith in everything and is afraid to share the secret he carries, until bridal consultant Layne Harrington prompts him to believe again through the power of love, in an inspirational romance.’

An Old-Fashioned Love

From the start, Wyatt Gilley and his red headed twin sons turned Traci’s peaceful world upside down. The handsome widower needed a woman’s touch in his life. And Traci longed to do just that, but when Wyatt insisted that he’d never marry again, Traci didn’t know where to turn. Each day brings new tests for the young Reverend Charles and his congregation. But with faith, they find miracles everywhere! .

A Wife Worth Waiting for

The widow Clarice Revere would never have imagined how profoundly Reverend Bolton Charles would change her life by befriending her fatherless son. Bolton’s unconditional love is like stepping from cold shadows into dazzling sunlight. But does she have enough faith in God and in herself to be a suitable minister’s wife? .

With Baby in Mind

The’ Everyday Miracles’ series continues with another story which follows Reverend Bolton Charles and his congregation on the path to faith and love. The emphasis on ‘family’ and growing up in rural Oklahoma are influences that lend Arlene’s stories the inspirational tomes and traditional values her readers have come to cherish. As she sends her youngest child off to college, Arlene’s need to write is greater than ever, a fact that frankly amazes her as she’s been at it since the eighth grade!.

His Small-Town Girl

Fast moving Texan Tyler Aldrich thought it a fate worse than death to be stuck in rural Eden, Oklahoma, overnight. Imagine the Dallas CEO settling in for homemade meat loaf at the Heavenly Arms Motel! Yet something about quiet Charlotte Jefford made Tyler want to leave his worries behind for more than one evening. Was it their differences that drew Tyler in? The small town girl was devoted to her family; he longed to escape his. Were they polar opposites thrown together by a wrong turn or had God actually set them on the right path?

Her Small-Town Hero

Help Wanted at the Heavenly Arms Motel

If only someone will take the job so oil rigger Holt Jefford can stop making beds and burning breakfasts. And then someone does: a lovely single mother with a baby boy and secrets.

Sweet, kind Cara Jane is scared of her own shadow why? Holt warns himself not to trust his skittish new employee, but watching her with her son and his old granddad breaks through his guarded heart. Holt senses she’s hiding out here in Eden, Oklahoma. Good choice, because the place comes with her own small town hero.

Their Small-Town Love

Her school reunion was just an excuse. New Christian Ivy Villard really returned to Eden, Oklahoma, to reconcile with her father, her sister…
and Ryan Jeffords, the high school boy she left behind. Ivy chased adventure in the big city, but she’s learned her lesson. Of all her mistakes, there’s nothing she regrets more than throwing Ryan’s love away. Now they have a second chance, if they’re brave enough to take it.

Anna Meets Her Match

Take one uncontrollable little girl. Add a home infested with bees. Toss in former childhood nemesis Anna Burdett, and what single dad Reeves Leland gets is one big headache! His trio of matchmaking maiden aunts aren’t helping matters. Neither is his attraction to Anna, now grown into a beautiful woman. The former wild child soon proves to be the perfect match for Reeves and his willful daughter. Could this reunion spark old memories and new possibilities for a future together?

A Match Made in Texas

Kaylie Chatam is a pediatric nurse she cares for babies and children. But her new patient is a very handsome man. One with a harrowing secret. Why is Stephen Gallow recuperating from a serious injury at her family home in Texas? And why has Kaylie been asked to nurse him back to health? Her dear maiden aunts seem to be playing matchmaker. But Kaylie isn’t expected to find true love and marry everyone knows that. Except Stephen who just may hold the cure for them both!

Baby Makes a Match

Stranded at a truck stop alone and in trouble, pregnant Bethany Carter desperately needs a ride to Buffalo Creek. Then along comes Chandler Chatam, a cowboy with a bad-boy smile and a heart of gold. But when they get to Chatam House, Chandler’s three maiden aunts assume he’s the father! Chandler’s honored to care for Bethany and her unborn child. Problem is, the more time he spends with sweet Bethany, the more he wishes he truly were the father-and her husband. What’s a rodeo cowboy to do but lasso the lady into his arms?

An Unlikely Match

High-powered lawyer Asher Chatam has no time for love. He’s far too busy with his career. Then his eccentric aunts summon him to Chatam House on urgent business. And introduce him to Ellie Monroe. The beautiful young teacher needs his help, and one look at her violet eyes and sunny smile leads Asher to take the case. Ellie’s laid-back attitude is a breath of fresh air in Asher’s smoggy world, and soon he realizes that man cannot live on work alone. And that even the most unlikely match can lead to true love.

Second Chance Match

Single mom Jessa Lynn Pagett is grateful for the old Victorian she’s fixing up. Now she can fulfill both her dreams: providing a safe home for her young son and opening a florist shop. But Garrett Willows insists he’s the rightful owner of the house and has dreams of his own for the place. With one look at her withdrawn son, the handsome man seems to know that she needs the house more. And his selfless solution will change everyone’s lives forever.

To Heal a Heart

Love’s Healing Touch While hurrying to catch a plane, widowed lawyer Mitch Sayer finds a single page from a handwritten letter, a letter offering forgiveness to an unknown recipient. But thoughts of its possible owner flee his mind when he meets his attractive seatmate, Piper Wynne. Guilt has driven Piper from her family, and her new job as an insurance investigator offers the prospect of starting over. Mitch’s discovery of her letter and his quest for its addressee make it difficult to continue to hid her past, especially as their new friendship deepens. Will Mitch’s love for Piper truly heal her heart?

Deck The Halls

Retrieving the mail from his old apartment brought more than just letters for Vince Cutler. When he opened the door on the lovely Jolie Wheeler and rooms he hardly recognized, he knew he’d found the person to fix up his bare new bachelor quarters. But behind their banter, he sensed a pain that his friendship couldn’t assuage. The warm embrace of Vince’s family reminded Jolie achingly of the nephew taken from her, and the sister she refused to see. Vince’s embrace made keeping the distance between them all the more difficult. And all the while the spirit of Christmas was working within Jolie’s heart to reconnect her with her family…
and with Vince suring this very special season…

Family to Share

A Necessary Proposal

All mortgage broker Kendal Oakes wanted was a stable, loving home for his daughter, Larissa. He was widowed, and his motherless little girl was prone to uncontrollable tantrums. But then single mom Connie Wheeler walked into the church day care center…
and their lives.

Connie had a way with Larissa the child’s only calm moments came when Connie was nearby. So she agreed to babysit with her own son in tow. The two children and adults got along perfectly. It was almost as if they could be a family.

But when Kendal popped the question Connie longed to hear, did he want the true marriage she’d prayed for, or simply a union of convenience?

A Love So Strong

In need of a wife, Pastor Marcus Wheeler was sure God would send him a good woman anyone except Nicole Archer. Though she was kind and beautiful, she was far too young and unconventional to be a proper minister’s wife. She couldn’t possibly be the one for him. But the more time he spent with Nicole, the more he marveled at her strength and spirit. Nicole made juggling school and family responsibilities seem easy, yet Marcus knew he could help ease her burdens and make her smile. Sometimes God’s plan isn’t what one expects .

When Love Comes Home

Paige Ellis’s prayers had been answered! Kidnapped by her ex husband, Paige’s son had finally come home. But their reunion was not the loving one she’d envisioned: her sweet little boy had turned into a resentful, surly teen. Desperate for help, she turned to the one man who’d rather not get involved. Attorney Grady Jones was clueless about women. Yet client Paige Ellis seemed not to notice. Her gentle beauty and strong faith touched the emptiness inside of him and brought him back to life and to love. But threats from Paige’s ex could destroy their newfound happiness…

A Mother’s Gift

Dreaming of a Family by Arlene James
Widowed mother Dixie Stephenson never stopped blaming herself for her late husband’s accidental death. And she didn’t expect any of her dreams to come true, especially since she had been dreaming of another man. But is Joel Slade, a wounded soldier, truly the answer to her prayers? Can he be the father her little boy needs, and the man who helps Dixie finally heal?

The Mommy Wish by Kathryn Springer
Julia Windham’s country house was her sanctuary–a quiet place where she could be left alone to grieve her shattered dreams. That all changed when handsome widower Nick Delaney and his precocious daughter, Beth, moved next door. Now there’s noise, laughter and maybe even hope for a future as a family.

The Heart’s Voice / A Family to Share

The Heart’s Voice

When Dan Holden lost his hearing, he also lost all hope. Now Becca Kinder needs help fixing her ramshackle house. And as the petite widow and her children work their way into his heart, faith can show them the way to an unexpected future-together.

A Family to Share

Kendal Oakes would do anything for his daughter, Larissa. He’ll even propose a marriage of convenience to single mom Connie Wheeler. But little Larissa isn’t the only one drawn to Connie’s nurturing ways. A real union is in reach-if they can forgive their imperfect pasts.

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