Ardath Mayhar Books In Order

Kyrannon Books In Order

  1. How the Gods Wove in Kyrannon (1979)
  2. The Seekers of Shar-Nuhn (1980)

Tyrnos Books In Order

  1. Soul-Singer of Tyrnos (1981)
  2. The Runes of the Lyre (1982)

Burr Henderson Books In Order

  1. Medicine Walk (1981)
  2. Medicine Dream (2009)

Tales of the Triple Moons Books In Order

  1. Warlock’s Gift (1982)
  2. Lords of the Triple Moons (1983)

Macaque Cycle Books In Order

  1. Monkey Station (1989)
  2. Trail of the Seahawks (1987)

Mesa Books In Order

  1. People of the Mesa (1992)
  2. Island in the Lake (1993)
  3. Towers of the Earth (1994)

Exiles of Damaria Books In Order

  1. Riddles and Dreams (2003)
  2. The Exiles of Damaria (2009)

Washington Shipp Mystery Books In Order

  1. Death in the Square (2009)
  2. The Body in the Swamp (2009)
  3. Frost Line (2018)


  1. Khi to Freedom (1983)
  2. Exile on Vlahil (1984)
  3. The Saga of Grittel Sundotha (1985)
  4. The World Ends in Hickory Hollow (1985)
  5. Carrots and Miggle (1986)
  6. Makra Choria (1987)
  7. The Wall (1987)
  8. Feud at Sweetwater Creek (1987)
  9. Bloody Texas Trail (1988)
  10. Two Moons and the Black Tower (1988)
  11. A Place of Silver Silence (1988)
  12. The Absolutely Perfect Horse (1989)
  13. Hunters of the Plains (1995)
  14. High Mountain Winter (1996)
  15. Timber Pirates (1997)
  16. A Road of Stars (1998)
  17. The Snowlost / Exile on Vlahil (2000)
  18. Closely Knit in Scarlatt (2004)
  19. The Tulpa (2005)
  20. Prescription for Danger (2007)
  21. Witchfire (2007)
  22. The Heirs of Three Oaks (2007)
  23. Deadly Memoir: (2009)
  24. The Door in the Hill (2009)
  25. The Dropouts (2009)
  26. The Fugitives (2009)
  27. The Lintons of Skillet Bend (2009)
  28. Lone Runner (2009)
  29. Messengers in White (2009)
  30. A Planet Called Heaven (2009)
  31. The Clarrington Heritage (2009)
  32. Shock Treatment (2009)
  33. Vendetta (2009)


  1. Born Rebel / Guns of Livingston Frost (2010)


  1. Slewfoot Sally and the Flying Mule (1984)
  2. Crazy Quilt (2009)
  3. Strange Doin’s in the Pine Hills (2009)
  4. A World of Weirdities (2009)
  5. The Loquat Eyes (2010)
  6. The Methodist Bobcat (2010)
  7. The Ardath Mayhar MEGAPACK (2017)
  8. The Second Ardath Mayhar MEGAPACK (2017)

Non fiction

  1. Through a Stone Wall (1996)
  2. Strange View from a Skewed Orbit (2009)

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Ardath Mayhar Books Overview

How the Gods Wove in Kyrannon

When the Tyrant seizes power in the city of Lirith, capital of Kyrannon, his ambition for conquest and his need for the great horses of Fallowden create a vortex of conflict and powers. Into this the Raithes of Fallowden Tisha the Wise and her daughter Cara, Lengalyon the hermit of the heights, and even the infant Ashraf, son of Shanah ni Raithe do Raithe are drawn. Five Raithes survive the battle with the Tyrant’s troopers. Each flees in a different direction and performs a different vital task. These combine to weave a complex pattern aimed at bringing down the Tyrant and freeing the people of Kyrannon. In the end, even Those Who Wait, the spirits of the Raithes who have died in defending their home, play their part in this intricate web. ‘Mayhar’s first published book shows all the hallmarks of her later work: believable characters, the grand themes of life and death, and the backdrop of a strange new world that actually seems to live and breathe before our eyes. A great read!’ Robert Reginald. Watch for the other books in this series: Lords of the Triple Moons, The Seekers of Shar Nuhn, and Warlock’s Gift.

The Seekers of Shar-Nuhn

The mage Kla-Noh and his foster son, Si-Lun, are ‘Seekers After Secrets.’ In their fantasy adventures, they aid a woman from another dimension, calm a Weatherwitch, and heal the Beast in the Barrens, among others. Classic fantasy in the tradition of Lord Dunsany and Jack Vance, part of the Tales of the Triple Moons series.

Soul-Singer of Tyrnos

Yeleeve, a young woman who can sing the image of a soul onto the wall behind her, to commend or condemn the owner, discovers that a powerful evil is overcoming her country and only she can help.

The Runes of the Lyre

Created by the powerful Hasyisi, yet missing for centuries from its home world, the Lyre just hangs in a willow tree, waiting . Hasyih, the Heart of the Worlds, links contiguous dimensions, many worlds invisible to each other, yet accessible through doors on Hasyih, one of the keys to which is the Lyre. Now danger threatens both Hasyih and Ranuit, the only inhabited worlds in the group, and when a young girl takes the Lyre from the willow tree, a set of interlinked activities is set into motion. Moving from world to world, going into the hands of the one who needs it most at the time, the Lyre reveals its nature as not only a Key, but also as a Weapon, an Enigma, an Answer, and a resolution, affecting both Hasyih and Ranuit. And the girl Queen Yisri is the center of it all.

Medicine Walk

It was not to be a long flight, the trip to grandfather’s. And they had plenty of time. Why not fly over the Petrified Forest, Burr suggested to his father, who was piloting their small plane. So the two went off their flight plan; and when the accident happened, when Burr’s father had a heart attack and died, after bringing the plane to a landing in a desert draw, there was no way anyone would know where to look for them.

Medicine Dream

Young Burr Henderson, who survived an airplane crash in the Arizona desert in Medicine Walk, returns to fight for the ranch that he inherited from his father, and must survive another encounter with death in the unforgiving wasteland.

Warlock’s Gift

When Lantirion is usurped by a renegade wizard, Prince Karas must use all his skills and powers to challenge the Warlock at the heart of his lair. Part of the Tales of the Triple Moons series.

Lords of the Triple Moons

The Old Lords of Rehannoth have been overthrown by rebel leaders who use the powers generated by the great machines to maintain their brutal rule. Only the two surviving children of the Lords, Johab and Ellora, can restore the balance and free their people. But first they must free themselves from captivity and find the Chasm of Genlith!

Monkey Station

A plague is devasting mankind. Deep within the Amazon jungle, scientists have altered the genetic makeup of macaque monkeys, making them self aware and giving them the power of speech. Only by working together can the two races man and monkey find some common road to a future earth.

People of the Mesa

Uhtatse becomes the ‘One Who Smells the Wind’ for his Anasazi clan, and sends his mind searching outward for enemy tribes in the Great Plains. When he finally senses peril, he fails to convince his Elders to seek shelter. The attack, when it comes, decimates the Anasazi, forcing them finally to build their cliffside cave dwellings at Mesa Verde.

‘Ardath Mayhar is superb at creating an alien world from another time and place’ Robert Reginald.

Island in the Lake

The Nadicha, also known as the Mound Builders, lived in the westernmost outpost of their kind in the woods and swamps of what is now East Texas. The Turtle Woman, their healer and seer, was disturbed when the Alligator Man appeared in their forest home, doing his best to ingratiate himself with her people, particularly with the children. Although she had no proof, she had a deep feeling that he meant them no good and she was right! A child escapee from an Aztec sacrificial ceremony far to the south, Ootenec has taken refuge on an island in a large lake, where he hunts alligators in personal combat and intends to create a tribe of his own based around his mythos…
if, that is, his recurrent madness doesn’t destroy the children first! ‘Another superb vision of preshistoric AmerIndian America by a master writer. Great reading!’ Robert Reginald.

Towers of the Earth

They were called the Geh i nah, and they were dying. First it was the plague, forcing them from their ancestral homes in the east. Then the terrible journey itself took its toll upon the tribe. And when they found a seeming refuge in the mountains of present day New Mexico, they were attacked again and again by a relentless enemy, and their ranks steadily diminished.

Only Ayina, medicine woman of the Geh i nah, could find a way of preserving their heritage. Only her wisdom, her strength, and her intelligence can keep their culture alive.

‘Ms. Mayhar creates the vibrant portrait of a prehistoric AmerIndian woman and her society. We live, we breathe, we feel the hardships and joys of these people who turn out to be not so different, really, from ourselves. We laugh and we cry with Ayina. A tour de force of the historical genre.’ Robert Reginald.

Ardath Mayhar is the author of sixty books, including science fiction, fantasy, western literature, poetry, and young adult tales, many of them being published by Borgo Press. She lives and works in Eastern Texas.

Riddles and Dreams

The Ancient Race has ruled in Damaria for three thousand years, since arriving there from their old homeland in the south. Long lived, yet not very prolific, the Kings of Damaria have brought several animal species to a point at which they are nearly human. A son, by one of these people, of the present King, Armor, was sent south for his education. On his return he foments a revolution against the Ancient Race, resulting in the deaths of all of that family except Riddle the Poet and his very young nephew Lute, as well as the theft of the Orb, an instrument that made possible manipulations of the different species in Damaria.

Riddle and his nephew flee to the forest, where they join with the Turnig, burrowers now hunted by the New People for their fur. Together, they hope to travel north and west to the City in the Mist, where they will be able to take ship for the Western Islands, refuge of many of the Ancient Race over the millennia. They are joined by Moonlight the Dreamer, and Gorhoz the Goremin, along with Kilelli, one of the primate descended beings. Together the strangely assorted group of beings wins its way through perils, blizzards, and soul endangering encounters before reaching their goal at last, though they pay a dreadful price before the journey is completed.

Death in the Square

The upper class inhabitants of the locked gate community called Holroyd Square in Templeton, Texas, are used to their sedate, private lives and the equally private secrets that each of them keeps hidden from the others. But when a vicious blackmailer rudely interrupts their existence, and then is found murdered in the Square, the police must be called, and only Assistant Chief Wash Shipp can uncover the killer and save their tattered reputations. A psychodrama in the best Agatha Christie tradition!

The Body in the Swamp

When two bodies are spit out by the local swamp, Police Chief Washington Shipp knows he has a drug problem–and the druglords will do ANYTHING to retrieve their missing stash. Only Wash, together with an unlikely crew of swamp denizens and misfits, stand in their way. They don’t stand a chance–do they?

Khi to Freedom

A fascinating examination of the British Justice System between the two World Wars, with a particular focus on the notorious Savidge murder case.

The Saga of Grittel Sundotha

Seven foot tall Grittel, daughter of the Lord of Sundoth, has refused the impossible marriage arranged by her domineering mother. Now an embarrassment to her family, she is sent forth to make her own way in the world. But Grittel Sundotha is no shrinking maiden. Along the way she castrates a noble noted for his lechery; defeats the assassins he sends after her; and, having been trapped by a sorceress in an enchanted forest, winds up boiling the witch in her own cauldron, taking with her the spell book she finds there. This proves invaluable, for she finds that she has an innate gift for sorcery. When she meets a space ship’s crew whose vessel has been pulled from their own dimension where magic is impossible, into Grittel’s where technology does not work, she attempts to prove her abilities by ‘clearing’ the Captain’s head and instead, inadvertently makes it invisible. She knows that she must find the wizard whose spell has trapped the ship, for only he can send the vessel home. But not all mages on this world practice white magic!

The World Ends in Hickory Hollow

When the bombs fell and Western civilization ended, the residents of Hickory Hollow, Texas, scarcely noticed the difference. They were already used to fending for themselves growing their own food, helping their neighbors survive, keeping their rural life going, much as before.

But when the Ungers a band of renegade thieves, murderers, and ne’er do wells began raiding the nearby plots, looting and killing everyone in sight, it was time to take action!

‘I was reminded constantly of George R. Stewart’s classic post holocaust novel, Earth Abides. The gentle rhythms of country existence, the sense that the world will continue with or without us, the joy of living close to the earth, the nature of community itself, all combine for a poignant tale celebrating the best of what it means to be human. In Mayhar’s perceptive eyes, the World Begins in Hickory Hollow.’ Robert Reginald.

Carrots and Miggle

After the Ramsdens lose their father, Charlotte ‘Carrots’, her brother, her young sister, and her mother continue to operate their East Texas dairy farm. Then their cousin from Eastern Europe, Emiglia ‘Miggle’ is orphaned, and is forced to come live with them. When she arrives, she’s shocked to find her relatives engaging in manual labor, which her late parents considered fit only for peasants. But as the two girls begin to find some common ground, they discover that they’re becoming a real family after all.

Makra Choria

The hereditary rulers of Sherath have psychic powers that can bring great good or evil to their people. When the Makra Theora murders her father and seizes his throne, her sister, the Makra Choria, raises an army, captures her sibling, and removes the ‘Gift’ from both of them. Then Choria tries to undo the damage that her sister has done to Sherath and the surrounding states and to fix Theora herself, if that’s possible.

Feud at Sweetwater Creek

THE GREED OF THE RAILROAD BARONS! George Fitch, an ex Civil War soldier, is summoned to his parents’ New Mexico homestead. He arrives accompanied by an ancient Indian medicine man and two trappers, to find that his mother’s cousin, on a neighboring homestead, is methodically depopulating the valley. The great railroad barons are stealing huge tracts of land, using imported gunslingers to run off or murder the legitimate homesteaders. Only George, his three friends, his mother, his father lamed by a previous attack, and a very old and determined black lady remain to defend the Fitch ranch. Using inventiveness, skill, and pure grit, this small group rallies what help can be found and faces down the opposition. It’s do or die as the Feud at Sweetwater Creek finally comes to a head. ‘A fantastic western, with well drawn characters, a strong sense of the post Civil War environment, and plenty of shoot ’em up action. Once again Mayhar just blows us away!’ Robert Reginald. Ardath Mayhar is the author of more than sixty books, including science fiction, fantasy, western literature, poetry, and young adult tales, many of them being published by the Borgo Press imprint of Wildside Press. She lives and works in Eastern Texas.

Two Moons and the Black Tower

Two Moons in the Sky, an Iroquoian warrior woman and Dreamer, is transported into the strange world of medieval Britain by a dark sorcerer, Lallius, who lives in a black tower. Lallius wants to enslave his captive, whom he regards as primitive, but little does he realize that Two Moons has magic of her own! ‘A highly original fantasy with a strong and capable female protagonist’ Robert Reginald

A Place of Silver Silence

Ten year old Andraia fights with the government not to destroy the planet where she is working alone, because of an intelligent life form she has discovered there.

The Absolutely Perfect Horse

When Annie is forced to resettle from Los Angeles to an East Texan farm, she saves her money to buy the ‘Absolutely Perfect Horse.’ But the nag she actually gets is a 35 year old Appaloosa nicknamed ‘Dogmeat.’ In the end, though, this worn out old steed proves his valor when a pack of wild dogs attacks the farm. ‘I defy anyone to read this story without a tear springing to one’s eye!’ Robert Reginald.

Hunters of the Plains

At a time when volcanoes were being born in what is now New Mexico, clans of hunter gatherers were already living in the Great Plains. Primordial beasts roamed the land: creatures like the giant sloth, the flat faced bear, the woolly mammoth, and the dire wolf hunted there, often coming into conflict with their two legged prey. When Do na ti reaches adulthood, he slays the badger for his ceremonial cloak. By wedding E lo ni, he unites their clans. Together they must face battle with dire wolves, a stampede of mammoths that destroys their lodge, and the birth of a new volcano, fulfilling an old woman’s prophecy and Do na ti’s conviction that his son must become brother to the mountain. ‘Mayhar has a way of drawing the reader seamlessly into her historical narratives. You can smell the breath of the dire wolf as it closes in for the kill!’ Robert Reginald

Timber Pirates

The Hartleys live on Texas land an ancestor received in a grant from the king of Spain, and they value their trees only slightly less than the members of their family. Beau Hartley continually has run ins with Gaitor Morfew, youngest of a clan of troublemakers, who accuses Beau’s brother Andy of being the timber pirate troubling the area. Beau joins Andy in searching for an illegal logging crew, but when Andy disappears in the same swamp that claimed the life of their Dad, Beau is left with a series of unanswered questions. Who’s pirating the timber on their land, and how can he clear Andy’s name of the crime? It takes a devastating forest fire to resolve his dilemma.

A Road of Stars

The greatest dancer of her generation, slowly dying from cancer, finds herself transported into the worlds displayed on paintings of the roads, paths, and streets that she never had time to explore throughout her demanding career. This helps her reconcile with her hostile relatives, and helps her to find peace before her own passing.

Closely Knit in Scarlatt

Olive is the most unlikely of secret agents, a professional assassin in her sixties who’s known only as ‘The Knit Lady.’ When Islamic terrorists take control of the cruise ship on which she’s traveling, Olive decides to fight back, with knitting needle, scalpel and plastic explosives. Don’t underestimate Little Old Ladies!

The Tulpa

Araminta Palomer, the oversheltered child of a wealthy family, enlivens her life by imagining a near invisible animal playmate Willbe. But ‘Minta’ possesses an unsuspected psychic talent, and so she unwittingly creates a tulpa, an envisioned being that gradually becomes tangible, first to herself and then to others. Willbe seems a loving companion at first, but as Minta matures, he changes into an increasingly perilous and unreliable friend. Learning to un create Willbe becomes Araminta’s lifelong ambition, as he threatens her governess, her family and even herself! ‘Mayhar is a master at creating fantastical situations and strange creatures embedded within the everyday lives of attractive, recognizable characters. Her fans will love this new fantasy!’ Robert Reginald. First Publication in Book Form!

Prescription for Danger

TEXAS GUNSMOKE! When Dr. Nicholas Blasingame joins his cousin Alicia and her husband in East Texas, he is scarred from political battles in Baltimore, where he lost his efforts at reform. In this new place he hopes to practice medicine and rebuild his life without conflict. Unfortunately, he finds political corruption as deeply entrenched in Moreno, Texas, as it was in Baltimore, this time in the hands of the elected officials, including the sheriff. Joining Alicia and Bart in their efforts to prevent abuse and outright theft, he finds himself threatened along with his kin. The only way he can handle this is by forgetting his life long reluctance to take up arms and to accept the help of some unlikely allies. ‘I’m continually amazed at Mayhar’s ability to draw the reader seamlessly into her historical narratives. You can smell the gunpowder in this one!’ Robert Reginald. Ardath Mayhar is the author of more than sixty books, including science fiction, fantasy, western literature, poetry, and young adult tales, many of them being published by the Borgo Press imprint of Wildside Press. She lives and works in Eastern Texas.


A brand new thriller from the minds of sci fi Master, Ardath Mayhar, and horror pulp writer, Ron Fortier. With Illustrations by DC/Marvel Artist, Rob Davis. ‘As a young child, Morgan Rein was taught by Mother Kalavela the curative powers of White Witchcraft. Ancient Arts and skills employed in the service of mankind. The greatest of these elemental talents is the ability to control fire. Now, from out of her tortured past, comes a deadly threat in the form of a psychotic warlock bent on murder and destruction. A cruel, sad*istic soul who also happens to be her brother. It will take all of Morgan’s arcane skills, and the aide of a wisecracking cynical scientist, to control the Dark Forces unleashed against her. To survive she will have to summon the purest flame of all, Witchfire!’

The Heirs of Three Oaks

When Robert Willingham, alias Robert Evans, came to Dry Wells, Texas, he was answering a job advertiseme*nt. Jed Cobb, a rancher, had chosen Robert because of his name on a WANTED poster which told Robert now an ex con man that the old Texan probably needed some shady business done. He didn’t dream that this included the murder of Cobb’s two nephews in order to secure title to the ranch they had inherited from their aunt, Cobb’s long dead wife. But Evans was no murderer, and he concocted a plot of his own, complicated by the intrusion of the vengeful Comanche leader, Buffalo Hump. Can he save the lives of the two innocent boys and preserve the heritage of the Three Oaks Ranch? ‘Mayhar’s novel gives you a genuine feeling for the old west, from the cadence of the language to the situations themselves. A grand adventure with real people in a western setting!’ Robert Reginald.

Deadly Memoir:

When Margaret Thackrey, ex government agent and writer, decides to pen her memoirs, she unwittingly gets the attention of a vicious assassin a man whose nefarious deeds she’d nearly uncovered during her service. Now he must stop the publication of her book before his true character is revealed. He murders her husband, and stalks her from Oregon to Texas. There she must finally confront her past and a determined, stone cold killer!

‘A first rate thriller the almost unbearable suspense just ratchets up, chapter by chapter.’ Robert Reginald.

The Door in the Hill

When twins Bud and Lindy discover that the Little People the Turnipins are real, they must fight to preserve their wee friends’ tree home from the ravages of modern developers.

The Dropouts

When their parents are killed, Nick and Nita find themselves destitute. Only an uncle they’ve never known offers them a refuge on his East Texas farm. The culture shock is intense for Nita, but Nick takes to farming, learning how to plow with a mule, bale hale, milk cows, and tend gardens. ‘Mayhar’s roots in East Texas are never more evident than in this lovely tale of teenagers forced to re evaluate their lives. Poignant and moving.’ Robert Reginald.

The Lintons of Skillet Bend

As the Civil War lurches to a close, the Lintons of East Texas are waiting anxiously for their menfolk to return. But the stranger Finis Krim is attempting to extort land from the local women by claiming fraudulent commitments from their absent husbands. Krim’s agent, Joshua Birdsong, is sent to the Linton home to search for relevant documents to wrest their farm away. Then Fate, in the person of five year old Julia, intervenes.

Lone Runner

When Katharine’s father dies in 1864, leaving her destitute, her cousin ‘sells’ her to the beastly One Eye Murray. She then flees west into the wilderness, but One Eye hires Sun Shot O’Neill to track the girl across the wasteland to ‘save’ his investment. ‘A classic tale of survival against all odds, Lone Runner is a superb cat and mouse western suspense tale filled with tension, poignancy, and gritty realism’ Robert Reginald.

Messengers in White

Colonized and left to its own devices, the planet on which Lehnik the horsemaster lives has, over a thousand years, reached a medieval level. Sent with an orphaned child to the hold of the Sisters of Silence, the soldier learns that their order exists to guard the very sophisticated and perilous weapons left to them by their Terran ancestors. When Garrouche invades Trans Kell, after its ruler has overcome the Order in his own country and stolen its weapons, Lehnik joins the Order in Trans Kell. and undertakes a hazardous journey to find and destroy the devices that could wreak havoc on their world. ‘One of Mayhar’s best. Lehnik, a cynical professional soldier, tranforms himself by joining a contemplative order of philosopher agents, seeking to save their civilization from advanced weaponry left by their Terran ancestors. A great premise marvelously realized!’ Robert Reginald

A Planet Called Heaven

Stranded on a Hell planet ironically named Heaven, the Thomas family must flee their protective biodome in order to have any chance of survival on this strange new alien world.

Born Rebel / Guns of Livingston Frost

Two short novels published for the first time: ‘Born Rebel’ tells the story of a woman in 1825 who’s sold by her father to the neighboring farmer, and flees to Texas with her beau, with a hunter killer dogging their every step. ‘The Guns of Livingston Frost,’ the third Washington Shipp mystery, finds Sheriff Shipp investigating a series of brutal crimes against antique gun dealers in East Texas.

Slewfoot Sally and the Flying Mule

TRUE, FANTASTIC STORIES FROM THE AWARD WINNING FANTASY AUTHOR’S CHILDHOOD! These stories are based on things Balrog Award winner Ardath Mayhar saw and heard of growing up in the Piney Woods of East Texas. They are all based on true events, but in the tradition of her native Texas, the author has stretched each a bit. As she writes, ”The Backfire’ is based on a tale told me by a friend about a doctor in the old days in Nacogdoches, Texas. ‘The Dullshooter’ is another story was told me by a friend about someone they knew personally. The caged in grave is supposed to be in a small cemetery near Frankston, Texas. Its tenant actually dug himself out twice before he stayed put. I do hope he didn’t try the third time! ‘The Possum Cats’ adventure was the work of my own grandfather Ellington and two of his brothers. They were the ones who chased those cows along the frozen creek, too. In fact it was my granddad who was whipped every morning before school began, in the certain knowledge it would have to be done and it was better to get it over with. The crippled boy is patterned after my shirttail kin, Jack Windham, who was, for many years, a doctor in Shelby County, Texas. ‘Cow in the Canefield’ happened to a friend from Appleby, Texas. My younger brother and I roamed the woods, fished in the ponds, waded in the creeks, and learned the ways of the Piney Woods in the way that sticks with you forever. That was a world that has gone as completely as ancient Rome. Too bad it was a hard life but a satisfying one. You may realize by now that it is very hard to make up anything much stranger or more outre than what actually happens here in the Piney Woods.’ These 23 stories are amusing, frightening, and even thought provoking.

Crazy Quilt

‘Ardath Mayhar is a neglected writer, and that is criminal. She is one of those born storytellers and natural writers who has done so much so well that it is easy to take her for granted. Trust me, as the spider said to the fly: read Ardath’s work. Be captivated by her worlds. They will never let you go. Promise.’ from the Introduction by Joe R. Lansdale.

Strange Doin’s in the Pine Hills

Subtitles, ‘Stories of Fantasy and Mystery in East Texas,’ this volume collects the best of Ardath Mayhar’s SF and Fantasy work set in and around East Texas. Introduction by Robert Reginald.

A World of Weirdities

A new collection of 29 scintillating tales of horror and fantasy, many of them never before published.

‘I’ve edited the Borgo Press Imprint of Wildside Press for three years now. Ardath Mayhar is one of my great ‘finds.’ Her work is uniformly excellent, uniformly unique, uniformly unexpected. Her stories and novels are treasures to be savored. This new collection of 29 tales, many of them previously unpublished, includes classic horror, regional fiction, vampire stories, traditional high fantasy, and pieces that defy any attempt at even rough classification. They share a quality of writing and a quality of observation that most writers could not attain in a millennium of trying.’ Robert Reginald

Through a Stone Wall

One of the best ‘How To’ books on writing ever published. Learn how to create characters that become real to the reader, and plots that offer interest, dramatic impact, and challenge. Includes many examples for both the beginner and the professional.

Strange View from a Skewed Orbit

This is the story of a young girl who grew up on a dairy farm in rural East Texas, and who found a way to explore the stars and the far reaches of fantasia through her vivid imagination and to employ her developing skills as an author to display the facets of her unique vision to hundreds of thousands of fans and readers young and old. This is the story of how a writer becomes a writer, of how a writer uses every piece of his or her personal history and experiences to create the tales and images that fascinate and intrigue us. This is the story of Ardath Mayhar.

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