Anthony Masters Books In Order

  • Pisces (1995)
  • Roadkill Books In Order

    1. The Beginning (1995)
    2. The Alliance (1995)

    Ghosthunters Books In Order

    1. Deadly Games (1996)

    Weird World Books In Order

    1. The Dark Side of the Brain (1997)
    2. Cloning Me, Cloning You (1997)

    Graffix Books In Order

    1. Biker (1997)
    2. The Haunted Surfboard (1999)
    3. The Horror of the Heights (2000)
    4. Ravens’ Revenge (2001)

    Comix Books In Order

    1. Hot Air (2002)
    2. Freddy’s Fox (2002)

    World War II Stories Books In Order

    1. War at Sea (2004)
    2. War on Land (2004)

    Danger Zone Books In Order

    1. Extreme Survival (2010)
    2. Held to Ransom (2010)
    3. Ocean Tomb (2010)
    4. Enemy Fire – Danger Zone (2010)


    1. Conquering Heroes (1969)
    2. The Donor (1970)
    3. The Dead Travel Fast (1971)
    4. The Emperor On Ice (1973)
    5. Birds of A Bloodied Feather (1974)
    6. Red Ice (1986)
    7. African Queen (1990)
    8. Shellshock (1990)
    9. Klondyker (1991)
    10. Traffic (1991)
    11. The Confessional (1993)
    12. Raven (1993)
    13. Hidden Gods (1995)
    14. I Want Him Dead (1996)
    15. Bypass (1996)
    16. Enemy Fire (1997)
    17. Kidnap (1997)
    18. Rescue (1997)
    19. The Men (1997)
    20. Dark Tower (1998)
    21. The Day of the Dead (1998)
    22. Tod in Biker City (1999)
    23. The Good and Faithful Servant (1999)
    24. The Curse of the Frozen Loch (1999)
    25. Stalker (1999)
    26. Bully! (2000)
    27. Finding Joe (2000)
    28. Macbeth (2000)
    29. Bicycle Blues (2000)
    30. The Drop (2000)
    31. Shock Waves (2000)
    32. Hamlet (2000)
    33. Terror at Sea (2000)
    34. Daring Escapes (2001)
    35. Mountain Horror (2001)
    36. Lifers (2001)
    37. Welcome Stranger (2002)
    38. Web of Terror (2004)
    39. The Desert Pirates (2007)
    40. Murder is a Long Time Coming (2012)
    41. The Seahorse (2013)


    1. Haunting Christmas Tales (1991)
    2. Greek Myths and Legends (1999)
    3. Ghost Stories To Tell In The Dark (2011)
    4. Scary Tales To Tell In The Dark (2011)
    5. Horror Stories to Tell in the Dark (2013)
    6. Werewolf Stories to Tell in the Dark (2013)


    1. Ricky’s Rat Gang (2002)


    1. Ghost Blades (2013)
    2. A Pocketful of Rye (2013)

    Anthologies edited

    1. Heroic Stories (1994)

    Non fiction

    1. The Summer that Bled (1972)
    2. The Natural History of the Vampire (1972)
    3. Bakunin (1974)
    4. Bedlam (1977)
    5. Nancy Astor: a life (1981)
    6. The Man Who Was M (1984)
    7. True Life Stories (1997)
    8. Super Scientists: Pictures Through the Air – the Story of John Logie Baird (2001)
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    Anthony Masters Books Overview

    The Dark Side of the Brain

    When Tim knocks himself out playing football he is taken to hospital for observation. He feels physically fine, but something very strange seems to have happened to him, he notices that he can hear other people’s thoughts in his own mind. Some thoughts are funny, some are frightening.

    The Haunted Surfboard

    Jack is unhappy about leaving his old home and he doesn’t think much of his new school. The one thing he does like about Cornwall is the sea now he can go surfing every day if he wants to. When he sees a surfer in trouble by the rocks he goes to save him. But when he gets there, the boy has disappeared without a trace. Could it be the ghost of the dare devil surfer who drowned there the previous summer? And, if so, what does he want?

    The Horror of the Heights

    Dean Lambert’s fear of diving escalates as he suspects someone is sabotaging the diving board at the fitness center.

    Ravens’ Revenge

    A series of graphic novels for 9 12 year olds. Each title uses comic strip conventions and cinematic devices such as panning shots, close ups and flashbacks. The storylines should appeal to older readers as well.

    Hot Air

    A Hot Air balloon ride seems pretty exciting for Steve, until his uncle collapses and the balloon loses control and drifts toward the ocean. Written in graphic novel format.

    Held to Ransom

    A series of true life adventures, with each book containing a dramatic story written in an accessible style. Complete with fact files, time lines and a comprehensive glossary. Each chapter is illustrated throughout with lively black and white line drawings. Ages 7 .


    Justin finds an injured fox and wants to help it, but the bullying Baxter brothers want to hurt it. He must hide the animal in the one place they wont go an old haunted barn.

    Dark Tower

    Ghosthunters is a spine tingling series of c ontemporary ghost stories set in East London. Identical twin’s Jenny and David can sense ghosts, and when they encounter paranormal visitations they must investigate and lay the spi rits to rest. ‘

    Tod in Biker City

    When his father disappears from their desert wasteland home where water is scarce, Todd must search for him while braving the elements and evading gangs of outlaw bikers.


    Written for ages seven to ten, The Shakespeare Collection is an irresistible retelling of Shakespeare’s most popular plays in storybook form. Written by experienced children’s authors, the stories have been reviewed by Kathy Elgin of the Royal Shakespeare Company and contain extracts from the original texts. Illustrated with full color and black and white drawings throughout, these lively books make Shakespeare accessible to a young audience, sparking a lifelong interest in the Bard and his world.

    Terror at Sea

    Three true life adventures of narrow escapes from watery graves.

    The Desert Pirates

    In the future, most of Earths fresh water has dried up. While searching for a single drop, Todd and his friend are captured by desert pirates. To save the planets most valuable substance, they must free themselves or risk the death of the entire world.

    Haunting Christmas Tales

    It is Christmas Eve and a group of friends are gathered around a fireside. The only light source is the fire the only sound the hiss of logs. Warmed by their intimacy a group of friends begin to tell ghost stories.

    Greek Myths and Legends

    Action, adventure, and magic are the elements of these five exciting tales of heroism, illustrated with striking full color artwork. Children enter enchanted worlds where heroes with superhuman strength fight monsters and dragons, where bizarre creatures roam, and where ships are wrecked in storms created by angry gods. Adventure stories that will appeal to children and reluctant readers. Magnificent original artwork. Stories retold by a well known children’s author.

    Ricky’s Rat Gang

    At night, when all the customers have left, Max, Molly, and Mel Mouse have fun nibbling treats in their supermarket home. But trouble and adventure are on the way when Ricky and his Rat Gang move in.

    Heroic Stories

    In this anthology, selections from diaries, memoirs, and biographies capture the dramatic adventures and exhilarating accomplishments of the famous as well as those of uncommon courage. Subjects include Anne Frank, Nelson Mandela, Neil Armstrong, Mother Theresa, Christy Brown, survivors from the Titanic, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

    The Man Who Was M

    ‘A fascinating study of a prominent M.I.5 officer and of how his private character affected his judgement not always for the good’ Graham Greene When Maxwell Knight died in 1968, millions knew him as a well loved British rado and television naturalist. Few, if any, were aware that this avuncular man with a brilliant rapport with animals had been one of the most important and mysterious figures in M.I.5. Maxwell Knight was a student of the occult, cricketer, jazz musician and naturalist. He was also a spy master and Ian Fleming’s model for ‘M’, James Bond’s shadowy boss. In the late 1930’s he gathered round him an elite group of young case officers in Department B5b M.I.5’s most secret outpost. Known as Knight’s Black Agents, these men and women made a crucial contribution to Britain’s readiness for the Second World War. Knight’s responsibility was counter subversion. He planted agents in the Communist Party of Great Britain, the British Union of Fascists and other pre war extremist groups. He exposed the Communist inspired Woolwich Arsenal Spy Ring in 1938, interned Oswald Mosley, the British Fascist leader, in 1940 and in the same year uncovered a Na*zi plot to prevent America’s entry into the war. His private life was a disaster: his first wife committed suicide and the two subsequent marriages were strained. Anthony Masters has tracked down and interviewed Knight’s surviving case officers and agents, now scattered all over the world some still in hiding. Together they have been able to piece together the fascinating story of an extraordinary man.

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