Annette Mahon Books In Order

St. Rose Quilting Bee Mystery Books In Order

  1. A Phantom Death (2000)
  2. An Ominous Death (2006)
  3. Bits and Pieces (2010)
  4. St. Rose Goes Hawaiian (2012)
  5. Bright Hopes (2014)
  6. Slay Bells (2016)


  1. Above the Rainbow (1995)
  2. Lei of Love (1996)
  3. Maui Rose (1996)
  4. Chase Your Dream (1997)
  5. Just Friends (1998)
  6. The Secret Admirer (2001)
  7. The Secret Wedding (2002)
  8. The Secret Santa (2003)
  9. The Secret Beau (2004)
  10. The Secret Wish (2005)
  11. Dolphin Dreams (2007)
  12. The Secret Correspondence (2008)
  13. Holiday Dreams (2008)

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Annette Mahon Books Overview

An Ominous Death

Maggie Browne and the members of the St. Rose Quilting Bee are back, attempting to solve a mystery as they work on their quilts. Sometime Bee member Candy Breckner is at the Palo Verde Care Center to recover from an auto accident; with two broken legs, she cannot manage on her own. Maggie and the Bee decide to visit, taking her a lap quilt they’ve made especially for her. Pattern included Candy breaks down when she sees them, saying that she’s afraid there’s an ‘angel of death’ at work in the facility. Dismissing her story as a side effect of medication, the women begin to have second thoughts when she dies suddenly. Especially when police questioning seems to indicate an unexpected interest in Bee member Louise Lombard, who discovered the body. Using their own unique style of investigating, Maggie and the others find the proper mix between quilting and investigative work. But will it be enough to save Louise…
and another potential victim? Annette Mahon is an avid reader who always wanted to write novels of her own. She is also a quilter, and enjoys including quilts and quilters in her novels. A native of Hilo, Hawaii, she now resides in Arizona.

Lei of Love

Lei of Love is Annette’s second book for Avalon. Her first, Above the Rainbow, is also available from AVALON.

Maui Rose

Maui Rose is Annette’s third book for AVALON. Her first two novels, Above the Rainbow and Lei of Love, are also available from AVALON.

Chase Your Dream

Chase Your Dream is Annette’s fourth book for AVALON. Her first three novels, Above the Rainbow, Lei of Love, and Maui Rose are also available from AVALON.

The Secret Admirer

Emma Lindsey thinks her life is dull, dull, dull. Then on Valentine’s Day a dozen yellow roses are delivered to her at work from a secret admirer. Suddenly, her days are as exciting as those of a hero*ine in a romance novel. But why doesn’t her secret admirer call and identify himself? Matt Correa is Emma’s confidante, neighbor, and best friend. She relies on him for advice in all areas of her life. She already ruled him out because he just isn’t romantic and there is no ‘spark’ between them. Not Matt, who she’s known forever. So why do so many people in their small town believe otherwise?

The Secret Wedding

Luana Young is the new wedding consultant at the posh Kukui Wana’ao Resort, a dream job. Or is it? One of her first clients is Jake Lawrence, a handsome, personable man who wants her to plan a wedding for a couple whose identities he refuses to reveal. With the bride absent, Luana finds her task more difficult than she ever bargained for. What she doesn’t expect, though, is the way Jake opens her eyes to the wonders of her own island and helps her to have fun despite her stresses at work. As the plans proceed, they become closer and closer and soon their feelings deepen as well. Suddenly, word about the wedding leaks out to the press and Luana feels the heat from her boss. When Jake isn’t as supportive as she would like him to be about her innocence, the romance is quickly put on ice. Can their new and fragile romance survive the suspicions and the accusations?

The Secret Santa

It’s the month of December and Mele Pitman is receiving little surprises at the oddest moments. Sweet, inexpensive gifts in her locker and in her car. ‘It’s just like The Secret Santa at school, Aunty Mele,’ her twin nieces tell her. But Mele knows she hasn’t exchanged names with anyone. Especially not a certain handsome cowboy because she never consorts with cowboys. Ben Mendoza used to spend his summers visiting his great uncle’s ranch. Now he finds himself the unexpected owner of the neglected ranch. He loves the old place, but he’s working himself into exhaustion. Except for Friday and Saturday nights, when he drives into Malino and eats at the small caf . The food is great, but the waitress is out of this world. Will Mele figure out who the mystery Santa is before Christmas? Old fashioned courting is no doubt the perfect method to win Mele’s heart. But it eventually takes the whole town to pull it off.

The Secret Beau

Kim Ascension is in need of a date. But this is a special occasion, requiring a very special date. In order to salvage any remaining shreds of dignity, Kim must not only hold her head high as her old roommate marries her ex; she must also do it in style on the arm of her small town’s most eligible bachelor. Greg Yamamoto, an ambitious young veterinarian, has returned home ‘temporarily’ to attend to his sick mother, yet all the charms of ‘home’ eventually begin work their magic. As Greg begins to appreciate everything he left behind, including a certain small town bank teller, he feels obliged to stay. The town is delighted when he joins the staff of the animal clinic, and he is happy to rediscover his niche in the community. Kim and Greg are surprised to see each other. What is even more surprising is Kim’s sudden invitation for Greg to be her escort to the dreaded Valentine’s Day wedding. Romance is definitely in the air the question is whether Kim can put aside old heartaches and give love another try, and whether or not Greg can lower his defenses and his need for practicality, and surrender to the mysteries of love.

The Secret Wish

Eleven years have passed since Abby Andrews left Malino, Hawaii, but she never forgot her friends and the beauty of the town. Now at twenty three, she decides it is time to leave Los Angeles to return to start a new life there. Her lifelong dream of owning her own salon is coming true. She bought the old Malino beauty parlor and has plans to renovate and reopen the landmark cottage. Her godmother, and guardian angel, enlists the help of her childhood buddy turned hunky fireman, Kevin Palea. Together they begin renovating the old beauty parlor into a hip new salon with bright colors, larger rooms, and a cozy lounge area. Abby remembered Kevin as her first crush in the second grade and now that he is such a handsome and nice man she secretly wishes he’d notice her. But he seems so aloof…
Kevin has waited a lifetime for the right woman. He wants someone who will be happy in the small town he loves and although he likes Abby a great deal, he’s not sure she’ll last out the year. Secretly he wishes she’d show some signs of attraction but she is always so busy…
Together through the renovations and beyond, the feelings they have for one another grow so strong they are forced to face them, even though both are afraid of what may happen.

Dolphin Dreams

Jade Kanahele has a great family, a brand new degree, a new condo, and her dream job marine behaviorist at Dolphin Life Research at a resort in west Hawaii. What more could a girl want? Her mother presents her with a beautiful heirloom quilt which she claims will help her meet her true love, but Jade has serious doubts until things start to change. Adam Donovan, whose family specializes in high end resorts in tropical locations, is in west Hawaii looking into the purchase of the resort which houses Dolphin Life Research. But with his thirtieth birthday rapidly approaching, he’s feeling restless and wonders about the path his life has taken. He is impressed with Jade and her sunny outlook on life. As the two become friends, Jade’s positive disposition seems to rub off on Adam, and he begins to view his life and career with new eyes. And strangest of all, Jade is experiencing some odd dreams, dreams that seem to come when she’s sleeping with her antique quilt.

The Secret Correspondence

Julie Wong has a dilemma. Her next door neighbor, Claudia Smith, has broken her leg and moved into the care center where Julie works. Claudia has told everyone that she doesn’t want her son Ned to know about her accident. He’s busy with work, and this news will only worry him. Julie, however, thinks he should be informed and decides to take matters into her own hands. Unbeknownst to Claudia, she initiates a secret email correspondence to let Ned know what has happened. Ned Smith isn’t sure what to make of Julie and her email. It’s his busiest time of year at work, and he doesn’t need any outside complications or concerns. But he sends off a short note acknowledging her post and, before long, Julie and Ned are hooked on daily emails. When the time comes for Ned to pay a visit to his mother, both he and Julie are unsure how their correspondence will translate into real life. But one thing’s for sure: with Claudia and her nosy friends around, their growing relationship isn’t likely to stay a secret for very long.

Holiday Dreams

When Momi Kanahele shows up, sopping wet, at the door to her building supervisor’s apartment, she can’t believe that his careless maintenance has cost her a great Halloween costume. Momi loves the holidays and goes all out to celebrate. This year, she has just inherited the fabled family ‘matchmaker quilt’ and believes that it will bring her true love. But by the holiday season, Momi doesn’t seem to be meeting anyone special. And no matter what her sisters think, her building supervisor is not ‘the one.’ Rick Mahoney hates the holidays and doesn’t like the decorations that his new tenant insists on draping throughout the building. But he’s taken with Momi’s spirit and her love for her family and soon enough, he finds himself attending to more than ‘routine’ maintenance at her apartment. Even the family’s ‘magical’ quilt may not be strong enough to bring these two together!

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