Annette Broadrick Books In Order

Choices Books In Order

  1. Choices (1986)
  2. Heat of the Night (1986)

Duncan Books In Order

  1. That’s What Friends (1987)
  2. Come Be My Love (1988)

Max Books In Order

  1. Irresistible (1989)
  2. A Love Remembered (1989)
  3. The Gemini Man (1991)
  4. Where There Is Love (1992)

Donovan-Sheldon Books In Order

  1. A Loving Spirit (1990)
  2. Candlelight for Two (1990)

Sons of Texas Books In Order

  1. Love Texas Style! (1992)
  2. Courtship Texas Style! (1992)
  3. Marriage Texas Style! (1992)
  4. Temptation Texas Style! (1994)
  5. Rogues and Ranchers (1996)
  6. Callaway Country (2000)

Daughters of Texas Books In Order

  1. Megan’s Marriage (1996)
  2. Instant Mommy (1996)
  3. The Groom, I Presume? (1996)

Crenshaw Books In Order

  1. Lean, Mean and Lonesome (1999)
  2. Tall, Dark and Texan (1999)

Secret Sisters Books In Order

  1. Man in the Mist (2003)
  2. Too Tough to Tame (2003)
  3. MacGowan Meets His Match (2003)

Crenshaws of Texas Books In Order

  1. Branded (2004)
  2. Caught in the Crossfire (2004)
  3. Double Identity (2005)
  4. Danger Becomes You (2005)
  5. Man from Stallion Country (2008)


  1. Provocative Peril (1985)
  2. Unheavenly Angel (1986)
  3. Strange Enchantment (1987)
  4. Made in Heaven (1987)
  5. Adam’s Story (1987)
  6. Mystery Lover (1987)
  7. Momentary Marriage (1988)
  8. With All My Heart (1988)
  9. A Touch of Spring (1988)
  10. Christmas Magic (1988)
  11. Married? (1990)
  12. Impromptu Bride (1994)
  13. But Not for Me (2002)
  14. The Man Means Business (2006)
  15. Married Or Not? (2007)


  1. Silhouette Christmas Stories 1988 (1990)
  2. Summer Dreams (1991)
  3. Solution Marriage (1993)
  4. Silhouette Summer Sizzlers 1994 (1994)
  5. Undercover Lovers (1994)
  6. Missing Memories (1995)
  7. Silhouette Summer Sizzlers (1995)
  8. Help Wanted–Angel! (1995)
  9. Wanted: Mother (1996)
  10. Runaway Brides (1996)
  11. Destined for Love (1998)
  12. Do You Take This Man? (1998)
  13. The Man She Married (1999)
  14. A Mum for Christmas (1999)
  15. Daughters of Texas (2000)
  16. Love Child (2000)
  17. Maximum Marriage (2000)
  18. Matters of the Heart (2001)
  19. Take 5, Volume 4 (2001)
  20. Secret Agent Groom (2002)
  21. At Her Service (2002)
  22. Western Rogues (2002)
  23. Snowy Nights (2003)
  24. Man in the Mist / Practice Makes Pregnant (2004)
  25. Branded / Fire Still Burns (2004)
  26. Expecting! / MacGowan Meets His Match (2004)
  27. Double Identity / Sleeping Arrangements (2005)
  28. Conveniently Married (2005)
  29. Verdict / What’s A Dad to Do? / Father Factor (2005)
  30. Memories of You (2006)
  31. Man Means Business / Devlin and the Deep Blue Sea (2007)
  32. Ian’s Ultimate Gamble / Married or Not? (2008)
  33. Married or Not? / Ian’s Ultimate Gamble (2008)
  34. One-Click Buy: January 2009 Silhouette Desire (2009)
  35. His Virgin Wife (2010)
  36. Billionaires Fake Engagement / Man from Stallion Country (2010)
  37. Totally Tempting (2011)


  1. Spring Fancy (1993)
  2. Getaway (2003)
  3. Beckett’s Convenient Bride / New Year’s Baby / Danger Becomes You (2005)
  4. A Lover for Christmas (2006)
  5. One-Click Buy: December Silhouette Desire (2007)
  6. One Night with a Cowboy (2009)

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Annette Broadrick Books Overview


After being tragically blinded, Damon Trent confronts a new and terrifying world of darkness, with his only solace being the soft voice and gentle touch of Elise Brandon, but he faces a new challenge in trying to convince Elise of his love. Reissue.


Major Quinn McNamara risks his life to infiltrate a dangerous rebel camp in North Africa to rescue Jennifer Sheridan, the kidnapped daughter of a wealthy senator, and finds himself falling for the courageous and beautiful young woman.’

Instant Mommy

DAUGHTERS OF TEXASBundles of JoyA COWBOY AND A BABY Horses and cattle were one thing, but when it came to baby bottles and diapers, widowed rancher Deke Crandall was a real greenhorn. He didn’t want to raise his baby daughter alone, but what was a cowboy to do?NEED A WIFE AND A MOM!For years Mollie O’Brien had secretly loved Deke from afar. Now, suddenly, the man was asking for her hand! The position of Instant Mommy was strictly no strings attached, but Mollie was hoping it wouldn’t stay that way . DAUGHTERS OF TEXAS: The hardest working women in the land, the O’Brien sisters Megan, Mollie and Maribeth are three brides waiting to lasso the hearts of their very own cowboys!Bundles of Joy: Sometimes small packages lead to the biggest surprises!

Man from Stallion Country

He thought his life was complete. As owner of a successful Texas horse ranch, and soon to be married, Jordan Crenshaw had everything in order. So when gorgeous city gal Janeen White stayed on his ranch for a few days, Jordan was positive that any attraction he might have felt for her was pointless. Until he suddenly found himself single once more. Now all bets were off.

The Man Means Business

The Last Barlow?

David Buford/Barlow has finally found his long lost family, but the joy he feels at being reunited with his brother and sisters is complicated by his growing feelings for his ‘cousin’ Alexandra. Will Alex ever be able to look at David as more than a protector and start thinking of him as a man even a potential husband?

It turns out David doesn’t have much to worry about Alex already knows he’s the one for her. The trouble is, they don’t have the courage to tell each other their feelings. Luckily, David’s new family is there to step in and give these would be sweethearts some help!

But David and Alex aren’t the only ones being gently pushed toward the altar!

Married Or Not?

STILL A HUSBANDGreg Hogan thought he’d achieved all his life’s goals. Then everything changed when he received the call that his ex wife had been injured. Though Sherri denied needing his help, Greg knew he couldn’t turn her away. Impulse drove him to bring her back to his house, desire pushed him to act on the passion that still burned between them. Yet for Greg to keep Sherri in his home, his bed…
his life, he’d have to risk revealing the secrets that had once torn them apart.

Summer Dreams

3 books in 1! That’s What Friends Are For, Come Be My Love, and A Love Remembered. Summer Dreams presents three classic tales by this cherished author three stories of love that blooms during all seasons, yet continues to remain as warm and wonderful as a summer dream!

Do You Take This Man?

This special three in one edition celebrates the 10th anniversary of Silhouette Desire’s Man of the Month with the book that started it all, plus two brand new stories of sexy, superb heroes. Say ‘I want’ to a seductive, reluctant father, say ‘I will’ to a most desirable husband for hire, and say ‘I do’ to an utterly attractive adventurer.

Snowy Nights

A holiday bonanza of compelling tales about the power of family, homecomings and love! The Christmas Bride by New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham It started out as a platonic skiing vacation, but one impulsive touch changed everything! Always and Forever by Lindsay McKenna She was the only woman the fighter pilot could never have…
The Greatest Gift by Marilyn Pappano They had one more chance to make it would it be enough? Christmas Magic by Annette Broadrick Their teenage marriage hadn’t lasted but now they were about to meet again!

Spring Fancy

A collection features three separate spring romance novelettes ”Surprise, Surprise,” ”Chance Encounter,” and ”Simon Says” in which three confirmed bachelors find love in unexpected but familiar places.

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