Anne Wingate Books In Order

Deb Ralston Books In Order

  1. Too Sane a Murder (1984)
  2. A Conspiracy of Strangers (1986)
  3. Murder at the Blue Owl (1988)
  4. Death Warmed Over (1988)
  5. Hal’s Own Murder Case (1989)
  6. Deficit Ending (1990)
  7. The Mensa Murders (1990)
  8. Hacker (1992)
  9. The Day That Dusty Died (1994)
  10. Inherited Murder (1994)
  11. Bird in a Cage (1995)
  12. Genealogy Of Murder (1996)
  13. The Thursday Club (1997)

Tommy Inman Mystery Books In Order

  1. A White Male Running (1985)
  2. Even Cops’ Daughters (1986)

Mark Shigata Books In Order

  1. Death by Deception (1988)
  2. The Eye of Anna (1990)
  3. The Buzzards Must Also Be Fed (1991)
  4. Exception to Murder (1992)
  5. Yakuza, Go Home!: A Mark Shigata Mystery (1993)


  1. Darling Corey’s Dead (1984)

Non fiction

  1. Scene of the Crime (1992)
  2. Amateur Detectives (1996)

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Anne Wingate Books Overview

Deficit Ending

Detective Deb Ralston is jolted out of her maternity leave when she witnesses a bank robbery turned murder and decides to juggle her baby’s 2:00 a.m. feedings with crime scenes to stay on the trail of the murderers. AB. LJ.

Bird in a Cage

Investigating the suspicious death of a trapeze artist who fell when her cables snapped, Fort Worth detective Deb Ralson is unable to find anyone who would benefit from the murder, until she uncovers a decades old tragedy. PW. K. LJ.

Scene of the Crime

Provides information on how evidence is measured, collected, identified, and analyzed, the timetable of activity at a crime scene, and technical terms and professional techniques used.

Amateur Detectives

Never before has such specialized information been so thoroughly compiled and easily accessible to writers! Each book is written by a professional in their respective field, providing the inside details that writers need to weave a credible and salable story.

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