Anne Oliver Books In Order


  1. Behind Closed Doors.. (2006)
  2. One Night Before Marriage (2006)
  3. Memoirs of a Millionaire’s Mistress (2009)
  4. The Morning After the Wedding Before (2012)
  5. The Price of Fame (2012)
  6. Marriage in Name Only? (2013)
  7. Mistletoe Not Required (2013)
  8. The Party Dare (2014)


  1. One-Click Buy: April 2009 Harlequin Blaze (2009)
  2. Irresistible Bosses & Expectant Mistresses Bundle (2010)
  3. Paradise Nights (2011)
  4. One-Amazing-Night Baby! (2011)
  5. Bedroom Seductions (2013)
  6. Out of Hours…His Feisty Assistant (2014)
  7. Hot Bed of Scandal (2014)
  8. It Started with a Wedding… (2014)
  9. Out of Hours…Boardroom Seductions (2014)
  10. Seduced by the Rebel (2014)
  11. By Request Collection 1 (2014)
  12. Harlequin KISS September 2014 Bundle (2014)
  13. Untamed Bachelors (2015)
  14. Scandal In The Spotlight (2015)
  15. Hot Christmas Nights (2016)
  16. Make Her Wish Come True Collection (2016)
  17. The Complete Red-Hot And Historical Collection (2018)
  18. The Red-Hot Collection (2018)
  19. Red-Hot Honeymoon (2018)
  20. Once Upon a Wedding / Bridesmaid Says, ‘I Do!’ / The Morning After the Wedding Before (2019)
  21. One Winter Wedding (2019)
  22. One Season And Dynasties Collection (2020)
  23. One Season Collection (2020)


  1. The Rich Man’s Rules (2010)
  2. Women of Moray (2012)

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Anne Oliver Books Overview

Memoirs of a Millionaire’s Mistress

Wealth. Power. Pure passion…

She’s about to experience it all! Cameron Black is everything that quirky artist Didi O’Flanagan loathes in a man – his arrogance, smooth charm and business tactics have her hackles rising. But when Cam offers her the commission of a lifetime Didi can’t refuse – even though it means she’ll be at his beck and call 24/7! Soon they are sharing hot nights in Cam’s luxury penthouse, and the chemistry is electric.

And though she started off despising him, Didi’s starting to wonder whether she’ll ever be able to give up her position as millionaire’s mistress…

The Rich Man’s Rules

Sexy bachelors stay single by making their own rules…
Virgins are strictly off limits. Grant Cortez is rich, famous and seriously sexy. He wants innocent Zoe badly, but knows he can’t have her. So Grant imposes some rules no kissing, and definitely no sex. But the temptation just keeps on growing! One night stands are for passion and pleasure, not forever. Carissa is looking for a single hot night and gorgeous Ben Jamieson is exactly the man to help. Despite their promise not to get involved, Carissa and Ben find they can’t keep their attraction at bay. Surely, just one night can never lead to marriage? No strings, no commitment and certainly no babies. Drake had made it clear throughout their steamy affair that commitment and children were not for him. Now Kate must break the news of her pregnancy to Drake. And when she sees him their intense attraction kicks in, begging to be indulged just once more. But some rules are just made to be broken!

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