Anne O’Brien Books In Order

Faringdon Scandals Books In Order

  1. The Disgraced Marchioness (2005)
  2. The Outrageous Debutante (2005)
  3. The Enigmatic Rake (2006)

Compromised Miss Books In Order

  1. Compromised Miss (2009)
  2. Rake Beyond Redemption (2010)


  1. The Runaway Heiress (2004)
  2. Puritan Bride (2004)
  3. Marriage Under Siege (2005)
  4. Conquering Knight, Captive Lady (2008)
  5. Chosen for the Marriage Bed (2009)
  6. The Virgin Widow (2010)
  7. Devil’s Consort (2011)
  8. Queen Defiant (2011)
  9. The King’s Concubine (2012)
  10. The Forbidden Queen (2013)
  11. The Scandalous Duchess (2014)
  12. The King’s Sister (2014)
  13. The Queen’s Choice (2016)
  14. The Shadow Queen (2017)
  15. Queen of the North (2018)
  16. A Tapestry of Treason (2019)
  17. The Queen’s Rival (2020)
  18. The Royal Game (2021)


  1. Broken Vows, Mended Hearts (2006)
  2. Pirate’s Daughter / Disgraced Marchioness (2006)
  3. Regency High-Society Affairs Vol 9 (2009)
  4. Enigmatic Rake / Lord and the Mystery Lady (2009)
  5. Outrageous Debutante / Damnable Rogue (2009)
  6. Regency High Society Vol 5 (2010)
  7. Regency High-Society Volume 6 (2010)
  8. A Mutual Agreement (2018)


  1. Iron & Gold (2021)


  1. Battle-Torn Bride (2011)
  2. The Uncrowned Queen (2012)

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Anne O’Brien Books Overview

Puritan Bride

Marcus doesn’t believe love can be found within matrimony. But he does need to secure his claim to Winteringham Priory, and marriage to Katherine Harley is the key. With a reversal in her family fortunes, this spirited Puritan is at his mercy – although punishment is not his intent. In fact, given his unexpected response to her, perhaps their marriage needn’t be as bleak as he fears.

Conquering Knight, Captive Lady

Green eyes sparkling with fire, there is no way Lady Rosamund de Longspey has escaped an arranged marriage only to be conquered by a rogue!

Gray eyes as hard and flinty as his heart has become, Lord Gervase Fitz Osbern, weary of war and wanton women, will fight for what rightly belongs to him.

But Rose is not going to be ousted, and Gervase, a warrior to his fingertips, is not going to meekly withdraw. Instead he’ll claim his castle and just maybe a bride!

Chosen for the Marriage Bed

The Welsh Marches, 1460

In the eerie depths of Llanwardine Priory, Elizabeth de Lacy is about to take the veil when she is told she must wed her family’s sworn enemy!

Lord Richard Malinder must produce an heir, and a union with the de Lacy family could prove advantageous-if only to keep his enemies close….

The heat of anticipation rises as they make their way to the bridal chamber….

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