Anne McAllister Books In Order

Quicksilver Season Books In Order

  1. A Quicksilver Season (1985)
  2. A Chance of Rainbows (1985)
  3. Body and Soul (1987)
  4. Marry Sunshine (1988)
  5. Gifts of the Spirit (1988)

Imagine Books In Order

  1. Imagine (1990)
  2. I Thee Wed (1991)
  3. MacKenzie’s Baby (1992)

Code of the West Books In Order

  1. Cowboys Don’t Cry (1995)
  2. Cowboys Don’t Quit (1995)
  3. Cowboys Don’t Stay (1995)
  4. The Cowboy and the Kid (1996)
  5. Cowboy Pride (1996)
  6. A Cowboy’s Tears (1997)
  7. The Cowboy Steals a Lady (1997)
  8. The Cowboy Crashes a Wedding (1998)
  9. The Stardust Cowboy (1999)
  10. Cowboy on the Run (1999)
  11. A Cowboy’s Secret (2000)
  12. A Cowboy’s Gift (2000)
  13. A Cowboy’s Promise (2001)
  14. The Great Montana Cowboy Auction (2002)
  15. The Cowboy’s Christmas Miracle (2002)
  16. A Cowboy’s Pursuit (2002)

New York! New York! Books In Order

  1. Finn’s Twins! (1996)
  2. Fletcher’s Baby! (1997)
  3. Gibson’s Girl (1999)
  4. Rhys’s Redemption (2000)
  5. The Inconvenient Bride (2001)
  6. Nathan’s Child (2003)

Mcgillivray’s of Pelican Cay Books In Order

  1. McGillivray’s Mistress (2003)
  2. In McGillivray’s Bed (2004)
  3. Lessons from a Latin Lover (2005)


  1. Dare to Trust (1985)
  2. Lightening Storm (1985)
  3. Dream Chasers (1987)
  4. The Marriage Trap (1987)
  5. Once a Hero (1989)
  6. Out of Bounds (1990)
  7. Island Interlude (1991)
  8. Call Up the Wind (1992)
  9. A Cowboy for Christmas (1992)
  10. Catch Me If You Can (1993)
  11. The Alexakis Bride (1994)
  12. The Playboy and the Nanny (1998)
  13. Savas’ Defiant Mistress (2009)
  14. One-Night Mistress… Convenient Wife (2009)
  15. The Virgin’s Proposition (2010)
  16. Hired By Her Husband (2010)
  17. Breaking the Greek’s Rules (2012)
  18. The Return of Antonides (2015)
  19. Valentine Charms (2018)


  1. With This Ring (1991)
  2. Home For Christmas (1996)
  3. Christmas Celebration (1996)
  4. New Years Resolution: Family (1997)
  5. Wedlocked (1999)
  6. Christmas Presents (1999)
  7. Blood Brothers (2000)
  8. Do You Take This Cowboy (2000)
  9. Christmas Weddings (2001)
  10. Even Better Than Before (2002)
  11. His Majesty, MD / A Cowboy’s Pursuit (2003)
  12. Dare to Trust / Call Up the Wind (2004)
  13. Greek Millionaires (2004)
  14. Marry Me… Maybe? (2004)
  15. Love in the City (2005)
  16. Way Home / Cowboy’s Christmas Miracle / Because a Husband is Forever (2005)
  17. Their Little Miracles (2007)
  18. His Child (2008)
  19. Cattleman’s Woman (2008)
  20. One-Click Buy: April 2009 Harlequin Blaze (2009)
  21. One-Click Buy: November 2009 Harlequin Presents (2009)
  22. Blogger Bundle Volume II (2009)
  23. The Greek Tycoons’ Takeover (2010)
  24. One-Click Buy: September 2010 (2010)
  25. In Bed With Her Tall, Sexy Handsome Boss (2011)
  26. His Chosen Wife (2012)
  27. Her Secret, His Child (2013)
  28. Luxury Escapes (2013)
  29. The Snow Bride (2013)
  30. Love Me Always (2014)
  31. Out of Hours…Boardroom Seductions (2014)
  32. Innocent Surrender (2014)
  33. One Night of Passion (2014)
  34. Six Greek Heroes (2014)
  35. His After-Hours Mistress (2015)
  36. The Wedding Night Debt / The Return of Antonides (2015)
  37. Harlequin Presents October 2015 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2015)
  38. Modern Romance October 2015 Books 5-8 (2015)
  39. Billionaire Bosses (2015)
  40. Billionaire Bosses Collection (2016)
  41. Calhoun Women and Billionaire Bosses Collection (2016)
  42. Irresistible Greeks Collection (2016)
  43. Irresistible Greeks: Secrets and Seduction (2016)
  44. Greek Mavericks: Seduced Into The Greek’s World (2019)
  45. Gorgeous Greeks: A Greek Affair (2020)
  46. Christmas Brides Collection (2020)


  1. My Valentine (1993)
  2. Marry Me Cowboy (1995)
  3. Valentine Affairs (1999)

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Anne McAllister Books Overview

The Cowboy Crashes a Wedding

Cash Callahan wasn’t opposed to marriage. It was fine for other people. For everybody else, in fact, except Milly Malone who just happened to be going to marry someone else on Saturday! Some women had no patience! Just because she’d been waiting five years for Cash to pop the question…
did that mean Milly had to change the locks? Start dating a steady, dependable number cruncher? Agree to marry the jerk? Of course not. But she had. And when all Cash’s good sense and rational arguments couldn’t change her mind, he knew there was only one way to save Milly from disaster he’d have to marry her himself!

A Cowboy’s Pursuit

‘Let Celie get away? No, sir! That’s why cowboys invented lassos!’ Jace Tucker, wife wranglerRodeo heartthrob Jace Tucker fell for Celie O’Meara the day they met. But she was his buddy’s girl. Then his buddy jilted Celieand she blamed Jace!And why not? Celie thought. As a role model for reckless, footloose charmers, Jace had no equal. So when he came close, she ran a thousand miles!Jace packed his battered Stetson and went after her. He’d convince Celie they were meant for each othereven if he had to follow her to the ends of the earth. He never believed he actually would!

Nathan’s Child

He’s back to claim his child…
and his bride!When Nathan Wolfe discovers that he’s a father, he decides that marriage is the only way to mend the past. Carin Campbell had good reasons for keeping Nathan’s Child a secret. But now he’s demanding that they marry. Carin knows he’s proposed out of duty, not love. Besides, he isn’t the type to settle down. That was then, Nathan says. Now he’s determined to prove her wrong…

In McGillivray’s Bed

Hugh McGillivray is stunned when he fishes a sexy woman out of the ocean. But even Pelican Cay’s most determined playboy is tempted by beautiful Sydney St. John…
. Sydney needs to escape her deeply unattractive business partner, who’s demanding that she marry him. What if she agrees to Hugh’s solution pretend to be his wife? But that means they have to act married, and share a bed!

Lessons from a Latin Lover

‘You want me to what?’ Wealthy jet setter Joaquin Santiago can’t believe his ears. He’s flown to the tranquil island of Pelican Cay to escape from screaming hordes of adoring women. And now the most unlikely candidate has asked him to teach her how to seduce a man…
!Molly McGillivray doesn’t want Joaquin to…
she needs him to! Molly just isn’t a girly girl but she thinks it’s time to get married. And who better than sexy Spaniard Joaquin to teach her how to become a mistress in the art of love…

Catch Me If You Can

Three years after the death of the Sandman, the crazed serial killer she helped bring to justice, ex policewoman Cori O’Connor fears that the Sandman is back from the dead and back in business.

Savas’ Defiant Mistress

The friction between Sebastian Savas and his new employee is instant. But unfortunately, the lusciously curvy Neely Robson is also the tenant in the property he just added to his portfolio. Neely cannot share her home with iceman Savas: the tension is palpable! On the surface she can take it, but underneath, Sebastian is making her quiver! Living and working with Neely, Seb realizes he’s made an error. But the benefits of discovering Neely’s inexperience in the bedroom far outweigh the annoyance of being wrong!

One-Night Mistress… Convenient Wife

As a teenager, Natalie was utterly humiliated when rich, debonair Christo Savas rejected her clumsy advances…
. Now, suddenly, she finds herself at the brilliant businessman’s beck and call! And she’s sure he sees through her aloof manner to her frantically beating heart…
. So the little firecracker has grown up! Christo will take what she offered all those years ago one night to satisfy his desire…
. ‘But one night is never enough!’

The Virgin’s Proposition

Anny Chamion isn’t used to acting out of the ordinary not when her regal position dictates that she behave sensibly and with decorum. But a chance encounter with the infamous Demetrios Savas has this princess desperate to throw the royal rule book out of the window!Demetrios Savas’s heart is empty that’s the way he likes it. So how has this delectable stranger left him reeling? And why he is craving to taste such deliciously forbidden fruit once more?

Hired By Her Husband

Once, Sophy and George Savas were happily married…. Then Sophy woke up and realized that her blissful marriage was a sham. She’s never looked back-until the day she learns her husband has been critically injured, and her world is shaken….

Now, though he’s stubborn and proud, George wants Sophy’s help. He knows she won’t come willingly, so he hires her to be his wife for as long as he needs her! But playing happy families is dangerous, and soon George realizes that his need for Sophy runs deep and strong….

Marry Me Cowboy

Janet Dailey, Margaret Way, Susan Fox, and Anne McAllister offer four brand new stories of romance on the range, featuring tough talking cowhands and the savvy women who know how to steer them into tying the knot.

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